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12:01 AM
@hichris123 the first one is a great comment written by someone who cares. The latter probably wears out his Ctrl C and V :p
@JonEricson Sent. I will say this though, it is hard not to react when a group is coordinating like this.
@hichris123 I tend to inline images even if I close/downvoted
Me too, copyediting first post review, then CV it
12:38 AM
@ShadowWizard :P
12:49 AM
@YvetteColomb looks awesome :) if you raise horses from baby, would they get more attached to you?
1:07 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, fairly good summary of it.
1:56 AM
Suggested edit changed the title from "I can't read or wright to the registry" to "I can't read or right to the registry". :-/
2:09 AM
@jon how come I have still not received swag, I should according to the Dec hat question ...
3:15 AM
@TelKitty possibly
@bro Ironically... he is in that image
4:23 AM
I want to find a gif to describe an action being too slow, but instead I found this:
Posted a comment with my alt account cause I'm convinced OP will get angry and cuss me out
Clearly at this point I should just get aibo deletion rights on SU and use that to VTD ;p
2 hours later…
6:08 AM
Are there some sites other than SO that use triage? (I gather that at the time of the post the answer was no.)
still no
and I don't seem to think there's any plan to?
SO just has unique scaling issues
some sites have probably requested it on their meta sites, but still no
Indeed, I found this post by gnat on one meta: Is there a plan to test Triage review at Programmers?
6:27 AM
what if your horse turn into this? @yvette
7:44 AM
Q: Should the "ask about own post" feature be enabled here on Stack Overflow?

gparyaniIn March 2016, a new feature was introduced to Stack Exchange sites: the ability for users without enough rep to participate in meta to ask about their own posts. When it was rolled out initially, it was enabled on most sites, but disabled on localized sites (due to a lack of translations) and he...

Sounds like the idea to replace MSO as SOs kitchen sink :-(
Oh god, please no! — Martin James 2 mins ago
@πάνταῥεῖ sink? That's optimistic... it doesn't smell...
tbh, its something that makes a ton of sense to me
The ask about your own question is something very few super casual users would know about
and using it means they're engaged in trying to grok things
Back to balancing the need: how often it is succesful though?
You aren't very experienced with SO, are you? @Journey
7:55 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ I suspect he gets enough crap on "his" site as well. ;)
@TelKitty hehe they already are
Maybe not as much as on SO, but still... enough to know how it is.
@πάνταῥεῖ no? :p
@Journeyman is experienced with User Overflow... :D
I agree it's considerably an ideal feature request, and I don't want to be pesimistic, but... when users don't read the tour/help center already, giving this feature will just make MSO busier...
8:04 AM
Aww, not that silly argument again:
Well been a rude person isn't good, i'm no longer need this ( Stack OverFlow or Code Review help since a lot of toxic people are around downvoting your posts and doing useless comments .. you can delete whatever the comment / post / account i no longer care. — Jada Developer 11 mins ago
Imagine putting "ask about own post" on this question, will it end happily?
I won't suspect so, and even have doubts it will end happily at SECR, taken the OPs attitude into consideration.
Not to mention I had a bit of bad experience at SE German Language recently.
8:21 AM
assuming they even know you can do that
the barrier of entry is that you need to know you can do that
I wonder, what's the kitchen sink to toilet ratio in most houses?
@JourneymanGeek Even when I don't, yes.
I mean, there could be multiple toilets in the house but only 1 kitchen
@TelKitty That's a rough assumption. There can be even more kitchens in a house, unusual though.
here, house code says only 1 kitchen per house/unit
8:24 AM
Apparently I misunderstood the feature request then. I thought it asked to enable on SO and inform new users about this feature when their questions got closed. Because otherwise, new users won't know about that already (and the barrier between "cannot post on meta" is only 1 question upvote)
but you can have as many toilets as you want, and from my observation, usually house price is proportional to the amount of toilets it has
Combine the kitchen with toilet... and also bedroom
I didn't realised it let new people know that there was such a feature
TBH, I don't know since I haven't tried it myself...
8:27 AM
@HTTPS In german that's called "Wohnklo". Popular amongst students :-D
Nor do I
I'm too lazy to create a new account and post an obvious off-topic question -_-
combining toilet and bedroom is common in prison cells
and you don't have to pay for accommodation
or answers. But my last sock HNQed
8:35 AM
I just read the underlying MSE post, it seems you're right that the entry barrier is to know the existence of meta and press that "Ask Question" button there.
@HTTPS Please see edits to my question. Are those correct?
Hello, Omega
Makes sense
@SonicWizard well, if I didn't misinterpret that MSE post... because it's talking about message on "meta participation", which I believe is never shown on main site.
I got captchaed.
On the internet no one's supposed to know yer a dog.
8:41 AM
Please see question edit. I don't believe users are actually told about this feature unless they actually attempt to ask a question here, and judging by the low (but regular) instances of questions about own posts being asked on MSE, I don't think it's a huge burden. — gparyani 6 mins ago
8:56 AM
Anyone of you aware where that could be asked?
@πάνταῥεῖ It’s because the problem was with my Bose headphones, rather than my Apple devices. — iProgram 2 mins ago
@πάνταῥεῖ there's no consumer electronics site
so nothing that would work well
(anyway, stumbled upon that question when searching migrated:yes is:q on MSO. I couldn't find anyone asking "how to improve my question what'z wrong with my question!?!?!" on anywhere that got migrated to MSO in recent times...)
many industries has this incestuous frenemyship within ... I mean, I should know because I am on the edge of a few industries
So, the argument about "piling MSO" is probably a weak argument. OTOH, they re-asked their question verbatim on MSE, instead of asking "how/why" there though...
9:19 AM
@HTTPS imo it's a non argument
9:33 AM
Today's "Earth day", aha. What else do they think it should be? Martian day?
Industry code has 5 digits on Australian company tax return ... I mean not every combination is used but still, it's an indication of how many industries there is ... there are pig farmers and colorectal surgeons, if anyone even has a brain the size of a pygmy monkey, one should copy and steal from a totally unrelated industry instead ...
also we have too many special days, it's getting too crowded, we need to convert them into special hours instead - like labour hour, earth hour, national hour etc
I think you got my point TK
Telkitty's Day
9:41 AM
@TelKitty I am living at that one earth, every day, every hour. And I mostly care to care ...
2 hours later…
11:32 AM
Q: Let users refresh their chat profiles

AdámHow long does it take for chat profiles to update? says it can take up to an hour. This can be quite annoying for a new user who joins chat and then wants to customise their appearance. Please add a button where one can refresh one's profile using the same technology as what the moderators can us...

11:44 AM
I am a markdown wizard. He, he ...
@πάνταῥεῖ :p
@PrincessLuna Certainly not. It's too good, and I will stay with it ;-)
I considered to change it to "Van Helsing" or such for a few seconds yesterday :-D
12:05 PM
I'm awaiting a complaint like: "But our professor didn't show us how to do this yet."
"What I missed??" Stepping through your code line by line with your debugger. — πάντα ῥεῖ 2 hours ago
2 hours later…
2:03 PM
Looks like PPCG.SE wanted "refresh chat profile" feature so badly :/
@HTTPS See my recent comment :-P ...
@HTTPS You're backpinging yourself? Well, that's a niche problem. And even to ask the devs would be a waste of time and efforts.
only to link related message to give context ;p
and yes, I agree it's a very niche problem, or even non-existential
2:20 PM
The latter probably
If such arises for me at my desk, that's a critical sign that the PM had failed to do their job :-P
2:53 PM
Hmm, did we just lose a chat server? Things just went read-only in a few rooms.
Oh... Apparently I've been booted, didn't get a message on that, my bad.
Iirc there's a message for being kicked tho
3:11 PM
"read-only in a few rooms"... I don't think "boot" means "kicked", but probably "force logged out"... but only apaul knows...
or, kicking from 1 room could affect other rooms?
(anyway, now feeling really sleepy, compared to yesterday's insomnia...)
3:29 PM
Is there a way to know which tags are merged and which are synonymised?
4:01 PM
Posted a question 15 minutes ago, last seen 30 minutes ago... O_O?
Gentle reminder on survey about Smokey's behavior on self-deletion after FP feedback.
Personally, I'd end this survey on Wednesday, 25th. (please unpin after that)
Otherwise, it's a waiting game and nothing is concluded.
4:33 PM
Yesterday we talked about the SO welcome email with "fear-free guide". Turns out Gmail has one too, but with a fake-personal twist, it's sent from "Andy".
The SO version could be [email protected]
4:55 PM
uhh.. Andy, the Android? (android... bot...) :/
Fortunately SE uses "Community" for their bot; [email protected] ...
also, posting an answer on meta before sleeping is probably a bad idea... silenced the smartphone
I prefer to do just that: post and go do something else, not engaging in back and forth.
Learned it from Joel. :)
5:11 PM
Not deleted, just migrated spam.
someone upvoted that ...
7:14 PM
Some people love ducks
@rene long time no Chimney, is it abandoned?
Since there are only few Smokey reports guess it's not really fatal, it's not noisy. :)
@HTTPS don't you always silence it before going to sleep?
113 messages moved to Chimney
@ShadowWizard nope ;)
@bro it's old... and Andy is real:
This is Andy from Google. Human. :D
7:51 PM
Foggy night yesterday in Austin. You can just barely see the tower
Normally I get a pretty good shot of downtown Austin and the Dobie tower from this spot, but...
\o/ 500 accepted answers on SO. Under 1600 users achieved that.
8:14 PM
@bro congrats
Apr 17 at 21:20, by Sonic Wizard
Someone please remind Peter Mortensen again about editing posts closed within five days (those edits push posts into reopen queue)
\o/ My Feb 22 NAA flag on elementary OS is now exactly 2 months old.
I'm not worried about +1 helpful flag, this is just interesting as an example of extreme (non) moderation.
What if Feeds fed the Tavern with new meta questions? There is an option for that.
8:19 PM
@SonicWizard I still lack the Steward badge for the reopen review so I'm not going to ask him ...
We'd know to go flag to close as OT / duplicate, or discuss if it's interesting.
@bro aren't we all by definition watching the active tab?
Like Wz's proposal for network wide title block. I think it makes sense, but the ROI may be low.
The magic editor has an feature to remove those tags from a title. But that is after the fact. It would help somewhat but it might also cause new pr0blams
My comment bot was dual purpose: it could comment on such posts and/or post them in a chatroom for review / voting.
8:25 PM
Unrelated: it's sad how stackexchange.com/about has 2015 data. Collecting dust and cobwebs...
Trivia: exactly one SE site has a comma in its name.
8:41 PM
@bro messages?
Anything to interrupt @Sha
@bro hey, that's a historical monument
Like I dunno, Joel holding a torch thingy besides New York
9:05 PM
I spent some time typing and erasing "tying" and "tieing", unable to decide which one is a word. :( Now neither one looks like a word to me.
9:49 PM
^ SE sites, joined if they share a moderator.
This is only the main connected component, the one with SO. It has 55 sites.
Excluding isolated sites, there are 18 connected components of sizes 2-55. They have 101 sites in total.
10:11 PM
^ the other nontrivial components. Most notable: Languages component, Unix component, and Math component.
The fact that User Experience and SharePoint are connected is some cruel irony.
@bro Where do your usernames come from?
The diameter of the SO component is 12: there are 12 degrees of separation between Space and any one of {Martial Arts, Fitness, Lifehacks}.
10:23 PM
However, the 6 degrees of separation holds in the weaker sense: the radius of the component is 6. Every site can be connected to Stack Overflow by at most 6 steps.
@yvette Hmm, I had some bad recent experience with comments flagged for rudeness. It seems to touch a cultural problem also what's concerned being rude and what not.
Guess who started blaming and complaints.
@HTTPS They've nuked that user now, THX for backing me up.
I think a logic similar to chat messages could be good. One validated rude-flag => a relatively short timeout from comments, to defuse the situation.
I've recognized the temporary part of the request
@bro Apparently some people receive even asking for clarification as rude or offensive.
It has to be validated...
@bro Mods are human :-/
There's space for failure.
10:38 PM
@bro What would you do if every time you changed your username, I changed it to the same thing, but with "Sonic" at the beginning? (e.g. "Sonic bro", "Sonic SFTP", etc.)
11:10 PM
Um... is this a good thing or a bad thing, WordPress?
11:56 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ well there is that. It's really not that hard for people to figure out what's rude - if people keep telling them they're being rude, perhaps take note of it ;)
@YvetteColomb I took note, but there wasn't any rudeness involved in that whole case from the beginning (mod discussion confirmed)
Now it's that OP themselves being rude, or at least offensive .

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