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12:02 AM
I can confirm that working with @DavidFullerton is a lot like working with Grand Moff Tarkin — hairboat ♦ 1 hour ago
12:23 AM
Pretty sure this is trolling: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/307366/…
@Shadow ^^
1:13 AM
@TelautonomousKitty "SO classifieds" ? ;p
I mean, SO is already doing advertising ...
but only low level advertising ... you need to be where the money is ... </trollololo> :p
1:55 AM
Is it just me or are link to comments disabled now?
e.g, https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/307356/#comment-999631 should auto-scroll to linked comment, but it seems it gets blocked somehow.
2:41 AM
sometimes I am not sure whether I am trolled
@Kaiido worked for me, but given the mysterious intermittent issue with SE/SO recently, I'd call...
Feb 20 at 4:56, by Shog9
Yeah, looks like a bogus error
also wondering late wave of trolling questions - are they from several unrelated trolls or is it just one troll (who I suspect visits tavern sometimes)
@HTTP interesting, now that I tested on Safari I can confirm it works there, but neither on FF nor chrome on osX...
So far this year, there were 9 insufficient-rep post feedback votes on Meta, per SEDE. (Most of feedback is from anonymous visitors).
All 9 were upvotes. :)
2:50 AM
@ShadowWizard ha, bjbot and its WolframAlpha integration!
Down here, it's our time.... Aging on his own time, Sean Astin turns 47 today.
@HTTP for reference, it started from here
3:33 AM
Ah, good times. My favorite:
Apr 10 '15 at 6:38, by Jan Dvorak
So... BJB lives 3 meters East of Cincinnati?
4:29 AM
I see the bug with the textarea being prefilled with a really old ping isn’t fixed still.
If SO run match making service, I would say we stuff Jeff Adtwoods inbox with Evan Carroll's info and Evan's inbox with Jeff's info. They are a match made in heaven.
then SO can try to sell them a husky
> Congratulation, you got a match with Community♦!
4:52 AM
I'm terrified the service might tell me "Why don't you go and love yourself"
> Congratulation, you got a match with John Dvorak!
ok, that's creepy...
@HTTP 50 shades of grey style too ..
sweet innocent 1337 tr011 bullied by the mass
5:52 AM
@Feeds Shouldn't be long before someone comes up with a related Programming Puzzles & Code Golf challenge.
6:17 AM
3 messages moved to Chimney
6:34 AM
Huh.. what happened with the revision history here? Revision number 2 is missing the change from its review here. Seems to have never made it into the post?
@Rob there is another review: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/18037565 that has the same change but is rejected
looks like a race condition of some sort
6:50 AM
Googling the ID of that question + stackoverflow returned... (un)interesting URL...
(I should have added FRHC there... but anyway... posts/[postid]/ivc/[someid?])
(it seems it's sending something... mod/staff tool!?)
@rene Yep.. but that rejected edit happened 10 minutes after the first one was approved. And it's not the same text
Q: Career courses opportunities after 12th in digital marketing

user383459Career courses opportunities after 12th in digital marketing :By nowadays many students are getting focused for doing best in their life but they cant decide that what best they want to do they got education from best schools and many of them get good marks in 12th but many of them stuck because ...

in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 3 mins ago, by Suraj Rao
https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/307377/career-courses-opportunities-aft‌​er-12th-in-digital-marketing spam? no link though
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by tripleee
@SurajRao they fumble occasionally, this is clearly spam even without the promotion link
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by angussidney
@SmokeDetector but is that really spam? It's... weird, and very off topic, but no link or product name to make it spam
It looks almost like history was redacted, judging by this review but that makes no sense. And as far as I know, only CMs have access to that functionality.
And if that is the case, then history redaction is broken if there's an attached review
@Rob the question also has an edit related to removing critical info, but doesn't seem redacted
7:01 AM
Yeah, but there's no change
And that happened a day later
@angussidney spam for me, because I had to google the first line and got a link to this, posted on the same day
Not sure if it's worth posting a bug report, but cc @Shog9 - chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/6720572#6720572
Like rene mentioned; it smells like a race condition, by the events aren't really close enough when looking at the timeline
since @Shog9 is already pinged, I'd also be curious about /posts/[postid]/ivc/[id?]
8:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: what is stack app? by xerox printer customer support on stackapps.com
3 hours later…
11:14 AM
@Ano Rouge already switched. Quick, change your username to Celestia!
@Derpy Can't do so right now. Plus, I'm always Sonic.
@Derpy I have a universal name too you know :D
@PrincessLuna Zoe? But that's similar to "gparyani" for me.
11:25 AM
That's one of the two. Discord has the other, it's on my website on github linked from my se account and I'm at the top of the hill so i gtg
@Ano ^ ?
@Derpy What?
I was referring to @PrincessLuna's global username "Zoe".
This Zoe?
@Derpy I'm not a normal human. I'm the fastest thing in the world.
@Ano I meant to ask if the name Zoe was based on this specific Zoe.
11:30 AM
@Derpy How am I supposed to know? Only @PrincessLuna knows.
I assumed you knew :P
@Derpy Did you search to see if I've asked?
@Derpy no
@Rob and mods but it's a bit complicated
11:44 AM
@JourneymanGeek since you're here...
5 hours ago, by HTTP
since @Shog9 is already pinged, I'd also be curious about /posts/[postid]/ivc/[id?]
know anything about that URL pattern?
On a side notice, anyone in the room played the new Shadow of the Colossus remake?
(probably I could ask at the Bridge)
@Derpy only have PC :/
I was just wondering if they "completed" the part that seemed unfinished in the original.
@Derpy pokemon?
@PrincessLuna Digimon
11:50 AM
The art style was similar
There is a whole ongoing war about who copied who between Digimon and Pokemon. And probably neither did.
@HTTP alas ni
No even
thanks... it's strange because without the [id], I got 404, but with the [id], it seems... doing something
(where [id] = random number)
12:09 PM
But there is a second name. Cc @ano @Derpy
2 hours later…
2:00 PM
@Catija Say, during your time at UT have you seen cats walking around campus?
The return:

Proposed Q&A site for people practicing or interested in Pastafarian philosophy, teaching, and practice.

Currently in definition.

At my local Starbucks and it looks like I'm the only Windows user here. Everyone here is using a Mac, with one Chromebook.
@Shog9 Now that the weekend is over, can you please tell me why you declined my flag with a simple "No."?
how does one define the tangled bowl that is pastafarianism? How does one question a meatball?
2:17 PM
@JourneymanGeek subscribe to the proposal and find out.
@Derpy naw
@Derpy What do you mean, "subscribe"?
@JourneymanGeek All the lore about our lord and savior the flying spaghetti monster
I may be biased because I'm technically a priest of the church of pastafarianism
2:26 PM
@ShadowWizard Naw, I was just being pedantic for fun that time
@Ano good! Hope you enjoyed it. ;)
@Rob Two mods can redact too
Currently (not) in definition: Flat Earth
@ShadowWizard Pasta? :P
2:29 PM
@HTTP Oooh, what kind of questions would be asked there?
@Ano Disc World
Awesome books
@PrincessLuna yummy
@Ano Would Mike Hughes survive if the rocket had left earth and gone to the space?
@ShadowWizard There's already a coffee site, why not have a pasta site? xD
@HTTP You're not supposed to answer questions in the comments, so I can't answer that
@PrincessLuna also a beer site, yeah
@HTTP Mike who?
2:33 PM
@ShadowWizard Mike Hughes
@ShadowWizard that exists?
@HTTP lol
Think it used to be just "beer" then changed
2:38 PM
Q: Propose a new name for Beer SE!

Andrew CheongAs initiated in Shaken, not stirred; let's expand the site!, Beer SE is expanding to include a variety of topics not limited to wine and spirits! What should the new site's name and subdomain be? Please submit ONE proposal per sitename or URL. If you feel that your name or URL pairs better with...

So yeah, Pasta.SE is possible. :D
3:23 PM
Been thinking to migrate to Linux for a while now, yet the malware paranoia cannot seem to shake off completely.
3:41 PM
Congrats for name change, @Taryn! Is this your real name? Will @Shog be next? @Josh is as easy to remember so guess it's all good. ;)
^ kicked x3
3:57 PM
@Magisch I think the guy who performed my wedding is, too.
@Ano I remember white squirrels, not cats.
@ShadowWizard maybe, and no comment
@ShadowWizard i don't think so... I called him "Josh" once in an email (to a different CM) and was corrected to "Shog".
please, tell me that Taryn means "blue footed bird that looks almost quite but not fully unlike a penguin" in some forgotten language.
@Derpy It does! I'd tell you the name of the language, but it's been forgotten for so long the name is forgotten :>
4:15 PM
I mean, this is heresy. Switch back, @Taryn. Think of the memes. All the blue-related jokes. You have responsibilities! Who will I call "penguin" (or prinny...) if you switch your name? ;_;
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly dots in body: k3[Fe(CN)6\] , HCL by FriendlyM on chemistry.SE
@Catija well, I remember from the team page it is Josh for sure... But not sure about @bluefeet's. :(
@Catija Ah, yes. The famed albino squirrel. They hang out near the new computer science building.
@ShadowWizard Oh, I know that it is... It's been public on the site before.
1 hour later…
5:26 PM
Thread: > I have feelings about the idea of community donations. -- Jason Punyon, yes it's just my name is that ok? at 8:09 AM - 26 Feb 2018
And no, using own name isn't ok. None of the cool kids are doing it.
@TimPost hey! Is there any chance you could do an updated version of the graph on /help/mod-spam?
@ArtOfCode I'm wondering, could we get and do we want, with CM help, a list of R/A-deleted questions that weren't captured by Smokey?
We could ask
Any particular purpose in mind?
Unless there's some stronger work put into making sure stuff is getting flagged correctly, I'm not convinced that R/A stuff should be picked up or any effort to increase the amount that's picked up should be enforced.
5:31 PM
@ArtOfCode to generate new regexes to catch them if they recur
sorry; I meant S/A
primarily the S part
@Catija yeah, s|R/A|spam|
Good :D
yeah, we could ask and see what happens
@ShadowWizard CM nicks are supposed to be something not extremely common. I think.
not sure I personally have the time to work through a giant list making regexes, but if someone does then we could
5:36 PM
I read it somewhere on Meta ages ago, don't know how seriously this is taken.
Anyway, a good practice for people who get pinged a lot, considering chat ping rules.
If nothing else, I'm curious how many we have missed
6:12 PM
@Ano There's a world of difference between your account and this users' account. Your account has a few downvoted questions mixed in with even more well received questions. You not only have more well received questions than poorly received questions, but your well received questions have a much more positive feedback than your negative questions have negative feedback. The OP here doesn't have a single well received question. There are six poorly received questions and no good questions to offset them. Hence why I'm not at all surprised that there are no deleted questions. — Servy 3 hours ago
6:26 PM
@Rob redacted
A: Allow moderators to hide a revision

TarynUp until last week, moderators would have to contact the Community Managers to redact private information from a post, but thanks to Jarrod this is now been turned on for moderators to handle. By going to the post revision page, mods will now see a redact option: Choosing this, you'll be...

@HTTP IVC stands for "increment view count"
...that probably shouldn't be indexed
Yesterday someone upvoted my review assistance script on stack apps.
looks like moar People want to bypass review audits
6:58 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer, blacklisted user: Tool to recover Excel 2007 file password by Jone Parkar on softwarerecs.SE
1 hour later…
8:21 PM
@Ano Don't forget that closure adds in as well. That user has several closed posts. Just to do some simple math, I will speculate on some of the metrics that could be used in the ban algorithm (maybe I shouldn't, but oh well). Net Question Score: -5, Total Closure: 2, Total Dupe: 2, Question Count: 13, Accepts: 10.
Weighting each to show wasted community effort: -1*((Closure*RelativeAnswerCount*10) + (Dupe*RelativeAnswerCount)) / Count) + Net Score + Accepts = -50/10 + -5 + 0 + 10 = 0. There is no ban present given this metric. However, you can see how close they are.
Literally any action negatively effecting that rating will probably get them into negative territory and trigger the banning metric. This is all conjecture though, probably terribly formed and in no way should be used to guess at how the ban is calculated.
It also lacks deletion accounting and time between posts and stuff too.
@Shog9 - Hopefully your weekend respite was beneficial?
spent most of it taking care of plants
Yeah, that can be restful, or not. My full time job is to make sure plants are taken care of so perhaps I have a different interpretation of that. Hopefully your plants are doing well :)
We have about 2 million plants on site, mostly fruit or nut trees smaller than 6 inches.
8:37 PM
@Shog9 I think my least favorite part of having a vegetable garden (and probably why I don't do it much) is thinning out the plants.
it's just tedious
like many other things
gives time for reflection
@TravisJ no kidding? Which site is this?
@Shog9 Our work site, its in Southern California, we operate at a 25 acre location. I like my psuedo-anonymity here or I would give you a link. If you are really interested in it you can email me and I will show more details.
9:10 PM
if I'm ever down in Southern California, I'll ping you
Okay, we are about a 90 minute drive north from LAX
9:39 PM
> Don't comment on your downvote. If you think this post can be improved, please offer specific guidance. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/307414
Is this new? Or just a new message for the old -1 block?
The latter
Magento primary began, 19 candidates. The last time any site had that many was the Fall 2015 election on SO (also 19). Since then, SO had 12 candidates in 2016, and 12 again in 2017.
10:00 PM
1576 reviews, 59 downvotes
2961 reviews, 23 downvotes
2347 reviews, 4 downvotes
2548 reviews, 30 downvotes
3842 reviews, 4 downvotes
Magento looks like the happiest SE site of all.
Everything posted is just fine.
Ignoring the candidates with < 10 CS, because too many.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching email in answer: Was the aid in the Marshall Plan a loan? by charles florence on economics.SE
10:07 PM
> I am best, I answer all questions 24/7/365 (24/7/687 if at our Mars office)

> Vote for me. No questions asked. Cat in my profile is a great friend, vote for me if you like cats.
@FTP or maybe their users suck at moderating?
Well, maybe. These are the stats of their mod candidates.
10:21 PM
1000+ reviews... looks like Magneto (magnet→robot, geddit?) instead of Magento...
or abundantly overflowing posts
Heh, now we just need SMTP, IMAP, and POP user names :P
no love for x.400?
> An X.400 address consists of several elements, including:

> C (Country name)
ADMD (Administration Management Domain), usually a public mail service provider
PRMD (Private Management Domain)
O (Organization name)
OU (Organizational Unit Names)
G (Given name)
I (Initials)
S (Surname)
10:36 PM
And then people discovered weird things about Chinese, Hungarian, and Spanish names amond others.
if memory serves, practical use of these addresses consists of throwing away pieces of them until you're able to find a match
so that is where tinder started
Just one more thing we can blame on Microsoft Exchange
Stack Overflow Exception: Microsoft Exchange blame list index out of range at Int32.MaxValue.
I am fond of insomnia on the internet, they can be online 24/7
10:57 PM
Despite my best wishes, I still do sleep occasionally
grumbles something about organ failure
Organs are overrated. They're just oversized bagpipes.
There's really something thrilling about hearing a full pipe organ in a well-designed space.
However, there is nothing thrilling about hearing one's organs imitating a pipe organ.
11:03 PM
me & piglets share a lot of in common, including our love for food and sleep :p
I love sleep, but it is such a waste of time.
@Shog9 Righto - thanks. Is it a bug/known issue that suggested edit reviews contain the redacted content?
@Ano Ah yes, I forgot about the 2-mod system. Thanks
@Rob I believe it is known, yes
sleep might use time but enhances efficiency
This semester I sleep 5 nights a week, spending two of them on overnight buses.
11:09 PM
Getting close to xkcd.com/320
11:19 PM
A new religious thesis from Hinduism meta: Its great to be god, but not so great to be victimized by god.
Let's discuss team work ... is it for non genius people? ... I mean from Newton to Einstein, from Marie Curie to Gauss, do you see a team contribute to a major discovery?
Quite an active meta, with 19 threads so far this month
stackoverflow.com/teams Something used to be here, and something yet may be.
the word 'talent' seems to have an incredulously low bar nowadays

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