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6:00 AM
That's okay, I hear Taco Bell is hiring...
@pizza No fries with that.
@pizza You mean the bit about the First Post / Late Answer actions?
6:00 AM
Yes, and general idea of "better safe than sorry", "overcautious", etc.
@bjb568 Night
Oh I see the connection now, I think I'm tired. Hmm, that seems super overcautious, but I guess makes sense.
@bjb568 Writing history and calc in C is quite troublesome...
Man, I was trying to make a query to generate activity over time graphs for a user, I got everything on the activity page except reviews :/
6:07 AM
Let's try this again, bjbot.
He must have disabled it...
!comp 2+2
!comp timezone
!comp Wingull
name | Wingull
Japanese name | \:30ad\:30e3\:30e2\:30e1 (Camome)
Pokédex number | 278
type | flying | water
Pokédex color | white
generation | Generation III
icon |
footprint |
!comp xkcd
6:08 AM
name | xkcd.com
location | Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
coordinates | 33° 40' 7"N, 111° 49' 25"W
Wait, what..? Pokedex on W|A?
!comp devdoodle
noun | a simple cartoon or doodle, whose contents are given a humorous description
My my myyyy... morning!
!comp Stack Exchange
founding date | 2008 (6 years ago)
sector | public relations
company type | private
headquarters | New York City, New York, United States
website | stackexchange.com
6:11 AM
Public relations, huh.
!comp how many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?
How gender-specific of you.
!comp weather
Is he dead
6:15 AM
!comp my parking ticket
no slept
!comp wake up
name | Wake Up
artist | Shalamar
release date | August 24, 1990
runtime | 57 minutes 54 seconds
!comp weather
bjb cares not for the weather.
6:16 AM
Is he not using WA any more?
!comp who's your daddy now
!comp this site
Now you're being scary.
name | Wolfram Alpha LLC
location | Champaign, Illinois, United States
coordinates | 40° 6' 54"N, 88° 16' 25"W
6:17 AM
Slower than a human. sighs
!comp parsons
rank | 453rd
fraction | 1 in 4075 people (0.025%)
number | 66203 people
(based on 2000 United States Census)
!comp infinite recursion
Uh. Okay.
!comp test
6:18 AM
1 | verb | put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to
2 | verb | test or examine for the presence of disease or infection
3 | verb | examine someone's knowledge of something
4 | verb | show a certain characteristic when tested
5 | verb | achieve a certain score or rating on a test
6 | verb | determine the presence or properties of (a substance)
7 | verb | undergo a test
8 | noun | trying something to find out about it
(13 meanings)
!comp why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side.
(ha, ha)
!!comp weather
!comp weather
@bjb568 hahahahaha...
!comp nearest hospital
6:19 AM
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (0.2 miles ENE)
!comp current weather
temperature | 72 °F (wind chill: 72 °F)
conditions | partly cloudy
relative humidity | 69% (dew point: 61 °F)
wind speed | 15 mph
(27 minutes ago)
!comp how many roads must a man walk down
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.
(according to the song written by Bob Dylan and released on his 1963 album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan)
There we go.
6:20 AM
!comp airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
!comp Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything
25 mph (miles per hour)
(asked, but not answered, about a general swallow in the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
(according to Douglas Adams' humorous science-fiction novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
!comp where am i
Hmm. Do I eat no-bean five-pepper chilli for breakfast, or not?
IPv4 address |
IPv6 | ::ffff:4a53:eb4
(as seen by Wolfram|Alpha)
6:20 AM
@J.Steen As gender-specific as the lyrics to the song were. :P
@JasonC I know. Banter!
Now, for that chilli...
!comp all your base
...are belong to us.
(according to the video game Zero Wing)
!comp AstroCB
!comp make me a sandwich
6:23 AM
1 | verb | make into a sandwich
2 | verb | insert or squeeze tightly between two people or objects
3 | noun | two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them
!comp what is your favorite color
Blue. No yel-- Auuuuuuuugh!
(asked by the bridgekeeper and incorrectly answered by Sir Galahad in the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
Man, they've got so much less impact with the attribution note.
!comp where have all the flowers gone
Girls have picked them every one.
(according to the 1960s folk song by Pete Seeger and Joe Hickerson)
Makes it less random-seeming.
6:25 AM
!comp Yahoo Answers
Speaking of which, time to trawl the LQ review queue.
YHOO | $45.63 (YHOO | NASDAQ | April 9, 2015)
Why is it that shit questions think they fly under the radar by addressing people as sir?
!comp who let the bots out
!comp who let the dogs out
Wasn't me.
6:28 AM
!comp who let the asdf out
@James They don't think that. They just don't give a shit about quality standards.
!comp flip coin
!comp roll dice
(assuming fair 6-sided dice)
6:30 AM
No dice!
@bjb568 You're doing it wrong!
!comp factorial 99
!comp factorial 999
6:31 AM
!comp Wolfram Alpha API Rate Limit
!comp quadratic fit {10.1,1.2},{12.6, 2.8},{14.8,7.6},{16.0,12.8},{17.5,15.1}
0.192026 x^2-3.2684 x+14.2907
That account does nothing but post exam/quiz/contest questions.
!comp roll 6-sided dice
6:34 AM
(assuming fair 6-sided dice)
@J.Steen Blacklist it then
!comp roll 1-sided dice
(assuming fair 1-sided dice)
!comp towns Jackson, Memphis
| Jackson | Memphis
city population | 175437 people (country rank: ~~141st) (2012) | 655155 people (country rank: 20th) (2012)
urban area population | 292637 people (Jackson (MS) urban area) (country rank: 108th) (2000) | 972091 people (Memphis urban area) (country rank: 39th) (2000)
metro area population | 545394 people (Jackson (MS) metro area) (country rank: 95th) (2011) | 1.326 million people (Memphis metro area) (country rank: 41st) (2011)
6:36 AM
Is this all we're going to do today?
!comp nearest city
Cincinnati (0.002 miles W)
!comp 0.002 miles to meters
3.22 meters
!comp integration [//math:exp(75*x)*exp(-35*y-((-y + 0.001283464)^2)/0.0001468898)//] [//math:dx dy//] for x from [//math:-2.5//] to [//math:min(0,y)//] for y from [//math:-2//] to [//math:2//]
6:37 AM
So, close.
@Qantas94Heavy What syntax is that?
So... BJB lives 3 meters East of Cincinnati?
No idea, copypasted it from some question about WA that's supposed to exceed the time limit
Rather, the abstract center of Cincinnati is 3 meters west of... the center of Cincinnati.
!comp solve dy/dx (1/3)x^3 + 0.5x^2 + 4x^(3/2)
6:39 AM
first-order linear ordinary differential equation
Gee, thanks.
@AstroCB Are you in diff.eq class now?
@pizza Calc AB
I see, this was supposed to be a derivative, not a differential equation.
6:40 AM
I miss math classes.
Then d/dx, not dy/dx.
!comp derivative of (1/3)x^3 + 0.5x^2 + 4x^(3/2)
@pizza Oh; that's what I meant to type.
!calc derive f(x)^g(x)
6:41 AM
!comp integral of (1/3)x^3 + 0.5x^2 + 4x^(3/2)
I think the formula output isn't returned by text-only API.
!comp it's a shame
The same command works in website interface.
I wonder
!comp slope field x^2
Didn't think so
!comp x^2
6:42 AM
!comp x^3 critical points
x = 0
!comp (x-1)*(x+1)
!comp derivative (arcsin(x))/(sqrt(1-(x^2))
hello rate limit
6:43 AM
!comp Braiam
!comp microsoft analyst ratings
1 | noun | that part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skull; continuous with the spinal cord
2 | noun | mental ability
3 | noun | that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason
4 | noun | someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality
5 | noun | the brain of certain animals used as meat
6 | verb | hit on the head
7 | verb | kill by smashing someone's skull
(7 meanings)
moderate buy (mean score: 2.20) (Thursday, April 9, 2015)
7 | verb | kill by smashing someone's skull
6:44 AM
@bjb568 7th meaning.. wut?
#4 seems correct.
To brain someone.
yeah, have you not heard that?
its correct
Or, in this case, to Braiam someone.
You just got Braiam'd
6:45 AM
sounds very painful
Especially for Braiam.
is that like
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: High Resolution Screenshot by Tracy on superuser.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
6:49 AM
@James Blacklisted user.
!xkcd 221
lol that user has rep on Software Recommendations
Well, the search API works.
@Qantas94Heavy The spammers know how to make recommendations.
6:50 AM
Ironically, product spam is on topic on rec.
Mar 27 at 14:40, by Woodface
Perhaps there isn't. Then it becomes a question of which spam posts should be kept and upvoted...
Also another post on Ask Different
@Qantas94Heavy flag/other: we routinely nuke this user's "contributions" on other sites. Maybe you'd like to do the same
In a rec-thread.
6:51 AM
Wow; the search API is actually really nice.
inb4 a spam account earns an assoc bonus on SR, then starts wreaking havoc across the entire network, then SR gets a stern warning a Shog ultimatum
@Qantas94Heavy Cursing in post text
matched /shit/
6:54 AM
Who knew software-rec would be a breeding ground for product spam. cough
Should !xkcd find return the most relevant result, or a list of possible matches?
@AstroCB First. Just so it one-boxes.
@Unihedro That's what I was thinking.
7:03 AM
Could we just, y'know, nuke that account?
Q: We need to improve the quality of our spam!

UndoRecently, I've noticed a downhill effect in the quality of spam posted on Stack Exchange websites. Take this as an example (found on Space.SE): There are a great many things wrong with this artifact: There is not one capitalized letter in the entire post. (-1 grammar point.) The only pun...

@J.Steen only if you can convince an SR mod that it's spam. @undo?
And an AskDiff mod...
does accepted one longest answer ever ?
7:06 AM
meta.stackexchange.com/a/210452/177257 is this one longest answer ever ?
I'm not even sure that askdiff answer is valid - it's WINDOWS software...
... with an ubuntu screenshot.
!comp time in California
12:09:04 am PDT | Friday, April 10, 2015
!comp time in UK
7:09 AM
8:09:13 am BST | Friday, April 10, 2015
!comp time in New York
3:09:25 am EDT | Friday, April 10, 2015
!comp time in hell
9:10:22 am CEST | Friday, April 10, 2015
7:10 AM
!comp hell
city population | 1418 people (country rank: ~~282nd) (2009 estimate)
@bjb568 So you mean, that I live in hell?
... Haha
My timezone too.
7:11 AM
!comp weather in hell
1418 people are in hell.
Seems like a small number.
2009 estimate current is 2015 :P
!comp Shog
Strange. I thought the catholics orchestrated a much bigger human transport than that.
7:16 AM
!comp time in heaven
I think bjbotling doesn't have access to heaven.
!comp time in earth
bjb's running for mod, of course they only have access to hell.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: When to Expect Results? by dedinajuriya on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Want the best for me the other higher by anthony childress on meta.stackexchange.com
something must be wrong
Q: How to not show some strings with android with certain condition

user3867627I have a simple yet a problem that I cannot solve. What I want to do with the program is to show the parethesis only when the string length is greater than 1 or when not null, however, the condition doesn't work . Is there some problem in my code ? String _name = json.getString("name"); ...

Wow. They even failed to make a url.
@SmokeDetector tpu gone
7:25 AM
@Qantas94Heavy Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@Qantas94Heavy Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@DroidDev Looks like the usual lazy debugging crap to me.
@J.Steen nope, actually it is very rare, "Basics not clear" crap
but still....its on a different level
I don't get it.
7:28 AM
@J.Steen show the parethesis only when the string length is greater than 1
Yes - like I said, lazy debugging crap.
As in, they want us to debug the code they're too lazy to read themselves.
51 question and 3 answers.
And dat comment.
Ready for something cool?
!xkcd find cool
7:31 AM
Well, that was an interesting find.
@DroidDev Just vote to close, I guess? =)
!xkcd find random
!xkcd find death
7:34 AM
lol, that's my recent favourite :D
Email regex is wrong. =D
is that a false positive?
Or, not complete.
But, so few fps that it doesn't matter.
And yes. That's an FP.
@SmokeDetector fp
7:37 AM
@ProgramFOX Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
I wonder if one could write a complete regex for that...
And not get more fps.
!xkcd find regex
A meta-reference.
7:40 AM
!xkcd find meta
"Error, overflow"
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Where to buy OxyGenius Wrinkle Cream? by Rozi Rawat on superuser.com
!xkcd find Google
7:42 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@James Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
!xkcd find speed
!xkcd find mother
7:47 AM
nope, not this.
well...they are xkcd, what else did you expect?
!xkcd find Mom
not even this....
!xkcd find Exploits of a Mom
7:49 AM
!xkcd find little bobby tables
How about just find bobby tables
Little Bobby Tables always takes the cake.
I imagine an Irish accent.
7:52 AM
Her daughter is named Help I'm trapped in a driver's license factory.
The quota is 100 requests/day; there are 79 requests left at this point. It would be good if you guys could burn through all of them to see if the handler I put in place works.
You can do it in the Botlings room if you don't want to destroy the transcript.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website, url in title: http://www.strongmenmuscle.com/revtest/ by ricobush23 on meta.stackexchange.com
!xkcd find api
@JanDvorak Unrecognized command. Use !xkcd commands for a list of commands.
@JanDvorak Google has no way of tracking your quota through anything other than their GUI dashboard, which is strange.
7:58 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@James Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
Wow; I didn't think that it would work with edited messages.
!xkcd find joke

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