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12:00 AM
@TelautonomousKitty Einstein had plenty of help though, albeit perhaps not the classical definition of a team, he worked with various clubs when he was at Cambridge (along with little known Max Planck), as well as having what we will generously call light reading while working at the patent office. Not to say he wasn't at the highest end of the genius scale (176?).
12:31 AM
Um... anyone have edit/rollback privileges on SO? I'm pretty sure the edit here adding a link to MSE is probably non-kosher: stackoverflow.com/a/2674466/4548692
Eh, never mind... I misread the link.
12:50 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer: How to get more flavor out of dried herbs? by audery on cooking.SE
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3:11 AM
@FTP zat guy
A: How do you draw a quarter rest with a pen/pencil?

blankthis was completely useless for me props to anyone that did it write

Argh, so close to the classic.
it was absolutely useless. Thanks
3:26 AM
@FTP write Japanese hiragana's so () in italic...
Nice answer @Jou on Hinduism Meta SE. :-)
@TheLittleNaruto At some point, who knows, I might actually post on hinduism main ;p
You should be participating on main site
Would love to check your answers there.
I'm not really a subject matter expert
and the well, path I take's kinda very unusual/relaxed ;p
So, the site's not really for me
3:42 AM
Sure I can see that..
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6:18 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (batch report: post 1 out of 2): Exam class: answerspace for students same space as printed answers by frank on tex.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (batch report: post 2 out of 2): Exam class: answerspace for students same line in front of the question by frank on tex.SE
7:15 AM
7:31 AM
@ArtOfCode I'd be willing
As long as it doesn't need to happen in like a day
@Derpy I'd tell you that, but I forgot the language.
Unrelatedly there's something vaguely frustrating about hitting 195 rep
8:21 AM
in Shadow's Den, 14 secs ago, by Shadow Wizard
poor @Kenny is borked... and @rene isn't pingable... :( :( :(
@rene ^
8:57 AM
Someone killed kenny?
9:18 AM
someone voted for the Nabeshin afro hat.
9:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yes. The internet.
@JourneymanGeek yup. So sad.
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11:27 AM
Seems most of the room has switched to Luna's lyfestyle. Everyone is sleeping during the day.
11:48 AM
puts a small Malayan tapir near @ShadowWizard
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Hello world с пустой функцией main by Руслан on ru.stackoverflow.com
> I have the same problem but lubuntu is so good I thole (slang for put up with) it.
Is this some Ubuntu specific slang? Never heard.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Чат в реальном времени by Руслан on ru.stackoverflow.com
A: How do I ask the question "Where is it made?" or "Where is it made in"?


11:55 AM
NAA though, right?
Insomnia ppl, unite!!!
I am not one of those Insomnia ppl, though.
5 hours ago, by Tel autonomous Kitty
omg autonomous keyboard is sending random typing behind my back!!!
12:06 PM
Verb: thole (third-person singular simple present tholes, present participle tholing, simple past and past participle tholed)
  1. (intransitive, dated) To suffer.
  2. (transitive, now Northern England, Northern Ireland, Scotland) To endure, to put up with, to tolerate.
Noun: thole (uncountable)
  1. (regional) The ability to bear or endure...
12:34 PM
while viewing a QA, I saw this person is suspended for rule violations for 1 year. Looks like he have a good history of flags, edits, etc.
Wonder what's the rule violation
Let's storm the meta with accusatory tone to find out ;P
Dear SO mods, I bet you won't reveal the reason here.
I have 78,3 hours worth of mod work in pending flags on SO
based on an estimate I got once that a serial voting flag takes 20 minutes
@balpha hey, can you please tell if chat profile update/synchronize is done on random intervals?
not really
it's made once per hour, assuming the user is present IIRC
@balpha so how come sometimes I see the changes take place after few minutes only?
Sometimes I wonder how the reversal script exactly works so it misses so much
@ShadowWizard I assume once an hour means 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30 etc
@ShadowWizard maybe because whatever change you're observing took place 58 minutes after the last chat sync?
something like that
12:44 PM
@ShadowWizard This one was after changing the parent user, those are forced instantly, while updates on the parent (i.e. having SO as the parent on SE chat) follows the regular interval
@Magisch It's actually 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, etc. tested twice to validate
I don't understand how stuff like this doesn't trip the script: stackoverflow.com/users/6803997/…
@balpha oh so there's a single sync task that synchronizing all chat profiles? Nice... :)
It's literally 10 votes in a few minutes.
When a user is seen (i.e. makes a request), we check how long it's been since the last refresh. If it's more than an hour -- sync.
(again: IIRC)
12:47 PM
@Magisch probably different users, looks like that person got some serious voting ring, or some very good friends.
@ShadowWizard But I can see it clear as day that it's serial voting - I'm but a user
surely a script with access to the backend could do significantly better
@Magisch but if all votes are from different users, system shouldn't assume serial voting, IMO.
e.g. Jon Skeet might get legit 10 upvotes from different people on different answers in 2 minutes.
@ShadowWizard So you think getting 10 votes spread across all of your posts within a few minutes when that doesn't happen naturally and you're not a high activity user is fine and unconspicous?
If my third grader impression of TSQL skills can filter that out using publicly available data, then so can the script
@Magisch thing is "high activity user"... there's a limit what auto script can and should check.
Maybe at best raise some alarm.
@ShadowWizard I'd hazard a guess that limit is significantly higher then the SEDE timeout. And it runs once a day, so it only has to contend with a day's worth of data. There aren't that many users with that kind of voting activity going on
I can sum / query / aggregate the vote data for weeks at a time in sede in less then 10s of processing power. SE has very powerful servers, I don't think performance is a concern with that script
12:52 PM
@Magisch well... if you can convince SE developers, be my guest... :)
@ShadowWizard Like hell I could
"Make your script better" is completly unuseful. And I don't have any way of improving it either beyond what I'm doing now, which is already submitted as a ticket but has been pending since mid august / september (not sure anymore at this point)
just venting some is all
@rene when you have time, can you please use your hammer to clean up the old dupe notice here?
(I already voted to close it, so can only reopen)
1:16 PM
@ShadowWizard re-open you mean?
I'm closing you as unclear
If it was Jason... "ur mom is unclear"...
yes, mums can be sophisticated ...
2:02 PM
@rene no no... reopen and close again
@HTTP rofl!
missing @JasonC
@rene same as I did here for example
@GnomeSlice that's what you listen to? ;)
@ShadowWizard done
@rene thanks!
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6:07 PM
> This application was created by another user, not by Google.
The warning used to sit in the footer, now it's on top of every Google Script-served page like script.google.com/macros/s/…
We just can't have any nice things on the Internet.
> 2017 called, but I couldn't understand what they were saying over all the screams. xkcd.com/875
Ah yes, perhaps a bit much yelling on the assorted media for Randall's 2011 ears.
I am trying to figure out why my account was blocked from asking questions on stack overflow. I can not figure out why or what I need to do to fix it. I asked the chat in stack overflow and they sent me here since they could not figure out what I did wrong.
6:38 PM
@BrandonTurpy We didn't sent you here I think. We suggested to ask on Meta Stack Overflow but that came with a strong warning for good reasons. I don't think asking on meta will help your case, it might even worsen it.
@BrandonTurpy short answer: the system thinks it's a bad bet. You've asked 85 questions, with a cumulative score of -3 and an average score of -0.04
Or what he ^ says
Longer answer: your questions aren't bad, but there's a pretty good chance that other folks experiencing the same problems that led you to ask are struggling to find them
For example, put the generic form of the error message here in the title - "Procedure or function expects parameter which was not supplied"
that's what I'd search for (and I'd guess what you searched for), so if anyone else is gonna find the question useful that's probably what they'll search for too
If explicit bans were (mostly) replaced by limited visibility, there'd be less to explain. By default, only questions by users with "prior quality" score of X are shown; one can adjust X.
...in particular, adjust it so that first posts are excluded.
7:17 PM
Thanks for your time... wish I was able to fix it and continue using the service. I did not realize I was such a bad use on the site.
7:46 PM
@BrandonTurpy you are and can
7:57 PM
@Catija Spotted the white-haired squirrels again!
yesterday, by Ano
@Shog9 Now that the weekend is over, can you please tell me why you declined my flag with a simple "No."?
We've already discussed this at length.
I've spent time digging through logs on a Friday from a dentist and a Saturday while plants sat waiting.
Not going to put any further effort into it.
Either you get the picture or you don't.
Also, stop raising multiple flags on the same post when the first one doesn't get the response you want.
Handled another one of those today.
8:16 PM
How do you tell an answerer that you think their answer needs work? is so meta that it overflows and becomes on-topic for main site.
SO post IDs are now over 49000000, approaching the 50M milestone.
@FTP Making a meta comment about that here in a chatroom for discussing the network meta site and me reading it ... brain explodes
8:37 PM
I used to stalk SO employees on Twitter, but Jon found such an effective repellent that I stopped looking at the entire list.
@FTP Field testing my jokes isn't working for you? :-P
@JonEricson I love your Spiderman Jokes.
Oooh. More dad jokes. scribbles
I made up one at dinner the other night and I just can't stop thinking of them.
I liked your line about suing people who steal them so that you can pay for the rights to print them.
8:54 PM
How often do you see a column-major photo gallery? A Fortran fan must be running the site.
@FTP Can you connect the dots? What does FORTRAN have to do with it?
In computing, row-major order and column-major order are methods for storing multidimensional arrays in linear storage such as random access memory. The difference between the orders lies in which elements of an array are contiguous in memory. In a row-major order, the consecutive elements of a row reside next to each other, whereas the same holds true for consecutive elements of a column in a column-major order. While the terms allude to the rows and columns of a two-dimensional array, i.e. a matrix, the orders can be generalized to arrays of any dimension by noting that the terms row-major and...
Column-major order is typically associated with Fortran, it's often called Fortran order.
Ah. Array subscripts.
Shows you how long it's been since I've looked at anything in FORTRAN.
Both have merits as far as memory layout is concerned, but a webpage layout is a different thing.
9:01 PM
A page is pretty much guaranteed to have vertical scrolling, and no horizontal scrolling. So, column major => scrolling up and down all the time, looking for a person.
@SmokeDetector more dad jokes
@Shog9 Not from me.
Chat moderation question. Is this flaggable?
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 17 mins ago, by rahuldottech
Q. If Billy has a ASR assault rifle and has 400 rounds of ammunition, how many people will he be able to kill before police arrest him, given that according to data collected from the past two dozen school mass shootings an average of three persons is killed every 17.6 seconds (in which 33 rounds are fired) and that the average response time of the NYPD is 13.6 minutes and that the first officer is a coward so calls in for backup which takes an additional 7 minutes??
Looks like something that should be moved away. Not really a Super User topic.
9:10 PM
@bwDraco probably bad taste but flagable ..meh
I would propose this in the flag description.
I would not flag offensive.
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 7 mins ago, by bwDraco
@rahuldottech I was very tempted to flag that. Given the recent mass shootings, it's insensitive and hurtful to victims and their families.
There are always recent mass shootings.
I didn't flag it, but I could see why someone would do so.
Nice one
@MetaEd Anything that starts out talking about how magical sesame balls are... is a win for me.
ha! :-)
11:16 PM
my middle finger is injured :'( I should type less :'(

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