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@Shadow Not a duplicate; the target is a separate request filed in March 2013; this one was resolved in February 2012: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/109263/…
12:43 AM
This will either remedy or drastically degrade Stack Overflow's stability. Tune in tomorrow. https://twitter.com/marcgravell/status/968586894325047297
fun things to wake up to...
@bwDraco heh, what happens in kansas vegas should stay in vegas...
handled, and rather ironically, your copy is the only one here ;)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Is it true that the price of diamonds is based on a monopoly? by Dr Ivanka on money.SE
still non existing ...
not here either
can we meet programmers most fundamental needs first??
1:27 AM
@TelautonomousKitty I heard of a remote developer who lived on agricultural land and also took care of a farm
I like that thought ...
I'm staying out of the space battle...
You could start off by capitalizing I and putting (at least one) space between your sentences. This question is off-topic here, and should be asked on Meta Stack Overflow instead. — Ano 36 secs ago
@Ano Deleted
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2:41 AM
Hey @Ano You around?
@Catija Why?
@Ano Looks like I'm going to get the stickers around spring break... you were concerned about how slow the shipping is... did you say you were going home? You want me to send them there?
@Catija No, sending them within Austin is fine...apparently it's gotten speedier since last year.
Ah. OK. Will do.
3:11 AM
speaking of stickers, anyone heard anything about swag?
apparently after the initial email about a month ago, I have not heard of anything about swag since ...
animuson's been updating the swag answer he posted here on MSE.
Q: What happened to that contest swag I was promised?

hairboatWe've run a couple of large-scale swag-yielding events around these parts lately. So far we haven't had a good way of keeping track of each one's status, short of long comment chains on the individual contest posts (or random other meta posts). This question will serve to aggregate all of that in...

Could be a April fools day present :p
4:04 AM
It's March already...
hey, still one more day. Don't be in a rush.
from experience (unless they changed the way they do things) - the package is tracked soooo
6-8 weeks? ;p
@JourneymanGeek Yep. They send out emails with tracking info and a list of contents.
no list of contents IIRC
The Charcoal sticker packs included a list of contents.
4:16 AM
are the charcoal sticker packs official? 0_0
the mod one did
The sticker packs that were sent to charcoal users in honor of the nth spam post deleted or whatever.
if custom clearance is not an issue I would like to donate some roosters to SE
my 100k one didn't
@JourneymanGeek Huh... in Charcoal they were saying theirs did.
<3 the mug.
4:19 AM
I didn't get them yet... I told JNat to hold onto mine and send them with the hat prizes (if it was easier) to save them some postage.
I suppose that where they're being sent may affect what information you get.
Its always been shipped from the same place as long as I can remember
somewhere in Mass IIRC
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5:31 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, username similar to website in answer: Trigger VS Process Automation by svrtechnologies on salesforce.SE
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Q: Editor toolbar layout broken in IE 10

AndersThis happened in maybe the last week or so and the toolbar is now vertical which makes it really annoying to use. I'm stuck with IE 10 so hopefully whatever CSS changes that have been made can be reverted or worked around. Possibly related to editing buttons (hyperlinks) disappear (on Firefo...

Is IE10 still supported? Apparently, yes: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/56161/…
@Ano alas, presumably
but that and safari are kinda the problem children
5:53 AM
Q: Should we stop supporting Internet Explorer 10?

AnoAs of January 12, 2016, Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported on consumer versions of Windows (with Windows 7 users updating to IE11, and Windows 8 users upgrading to 8.1 which includes IE11). The last update was in December 2016, to fix a critical security bug. We are beginning to face bu...

@Ano its worth remembering there's folks who can't upgrade
@JourneymanGeek But IE10 is special. It was short-lived and only included with an unpopular version of Windows, the original Windows 8. Windows 7 likely either has the original 8 or 11, not 9 or 10.
eh, you may have a point there
@JourneymanGeek Even Windows RT users like me could upgrade to 8.1 and get IE11.
6:09 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: WooCommerce remove billing detail completly by Themehigh on wordpress.SE
6:25 AM
Is there a chat room star feed or something?
there's an RSS feed...
I'm an idiot. Thxs I see it now.
7:13 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly non-Latin answer: UK coastline shapefile? by Perarasan on gis.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in body, bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body, pattern-matching website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: One day, my exercise center mentor prescribed me by Heved19 Virk on graphicdesign.SE
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SE accepts 13 years old, but some sites don't seem to be 13-year-old-friendly? Alcohol.SE? Poker.SE? Philosophy.SE? (the last site is with tongue-in-cheek)
well the age limit's for vaguely legal reasons...
and presumably you can be irresponsible and immature at any age
yeah, like stackoverflow is really 13 yo kid friendly :p
coding... its a slipper slope.
then you find yourself... A DEVELOPER
the age limit is cause of a (entirely well meaning) law called COPPA in the US
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) is a United States federal law, located at 15 U.S.C. §§ 6501–6506 (Pub.L. 105–277, 112 Stat. 2681-728, enacted October 21, 1998) The act, effective April 21, 2000, applies to the online collection of personal information by persons or entities under U.S. jurisdiction about children under 13 years of age. It details what a website operator must include in a privacy policy, when and how to seek verifiable consent from a parent or guardian, and what responsibilities an operator has to protect children's privacy and safety online including...
(my brain's hurt from reading the Philosophy.SE HNQ...)
1 hour later…
@HTTP you forget the ongoing arguments on multiple sites about allowed content ( sample )
9:11 AM
First off, kids grow up freaking fast these days. If a 13 year old kid is browsing SE on their own they have probably already seen the worst the internet has to offer in other places. Nay, you say? "They can't access that other bad stuff"! Doubtful. If they were completely sheltered, then they would more than likely also be browsing under some sort of screening software in that case. Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about the content level at small Stack Exchange sites.
9:23 AM
can't say I totally agree on this but that is SE choice, not mine.
I certainly don't speak for SE, that is just my interpretation here.
I have to say though, I honestly have not come across any NSFW material at Stack Exchange as a whole which wasn't quickly removed. Chat is a different story, much more wild west type of situation in some rooms.
@TravisJ chat is ... pretty hard to moderate globally
Chat gets the weirdest people...
I mean, there's kind of rough guidelines, but its pretty hard to moderate without a ton of assistance from the users, and a few strong personalities with the "right" intentions...
Yup, it is a whole complex ball-o-wax, but overall no one really looks at chat much. And the worst stuff usually sometimes gets removed.
9:35 AM
or no one notices till its too late.
We used a trash bin for the bad stuff. The trash bin room itself is a scary place... you won't find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy
you're no fun ...
@JourneymanGeek that's IMHO is not completely true. In may opinion there are two problems: first, on the chat the % of people fighting to have no moderation is by far superior to the small amount of people doing the same on the main sites. Second, the chat is far less visible so the ones posting bad content get to live a longer live before the staff find them and annihilate them.
Also, about the "rough guidelines"... it seems we have plenty of user that find it wise to play like they really didn't understand them. And then proceed to post surprised posts every time Shog or any other staff member has to personally step in and close a room.
I agree with what you are saying @Derpy, but isn't that kind of also agreeing with what Journeyman just said?
@Derpy Well - on better run chats, you'd have some degree of self moderation. Certain persistant trolls aside, I rarely have to do more than have a polite word on many of the chats I'm on.
and room closures are kind of a case of an extreme break down in the social contract.
but ya, on a site, you have full visibility of everything
and a few folk have this strange idea that users not on their chat room absolutely shouldn't moderate their rooms, which is bull...
and ya, hence me saying you need the room co-operating, and folks there, well, enocouraging the right, not the wrong sorta content
Someone made a school shooting joke when I was asleep...
I got up, let the user know its not ok, deleted it...
9:51 AM
@TravisJ not completely. What I mean is that - again, IMHO - there is a quicker way to improve chat moderation... start gifting repeating offender users nice free network ban packages instead of weekly suspensions.
Show. Them. The. Door.
Barkin' up the wrong tree buddy. I am all for that.
The main problem is users who know how to stay in the grey area though. Who troll without actually posting offending content. Kickmute works at first, but eventually they learn how to avoid getting kicked while still managing to stay and troll.
@Derpy oh, we do that.
@TravisJ Yep, I wasn't disagreeing with you. I was just saying that they could somehow make "chat more easy to moderate" by becoming more open to permanent ban.
I once wrote an automated kickmute userscript, which worked essentially as a manual ban. It would kick the user and then bin their message automatically. Got in trouble for being a little too heavy handed though...
@TravisJ that's why chat moderation is hard ;p
9:56 AM
The inverse ban is the best approach I have seen used.
The room is placed in gallery, all users present are automatically added to the approved talk list, minus the troll.
@TravisJ Start a "you know you can ignore users" campaign. And then only the mods have to see them.
this reminds me of some newbie moderators
long long ago, far far away, there was a lounge in another universe ...
@Derpy I don't even want to be associated with that content though. Being in the room and posting a message in the transcript that shows up next to random terribru content is not my idea of a good time.
@TravisJ obviously the ignore only works so that other don't fall for the various flame baits that the trolls will post.
The bad content still have to be cleaned up, but at least less people will reply to it
10:00 AM
@TravisJ thats when flagging works
imagine a room full of bad hats
@JourneymanGeek Not for grey area content.
Heh, you mean, "recall that room full of bad hats"
and that is the point. The room full of 'our room culture is different' people never should have come in existence in the first place.
It is unsustainable, mostly that type of behavior just burns itself out.
It just sucks that it can't be stopped sooner.
@TravisJ sadly, it seems that sometime they manage to sustain it for far longer than I would expect.
10:11 AM
gosh ain't that the truth
Basically until Shog awakes in the room, either by chance or manual summoning spell.
( Create a "Trogdor" staff user account that will be used to perform burination activities across the network ).
What tags could possibly exist network-wide that would require urination?
Sorry, your typo reminded me of this meta post and I couldn't help myself
Q: Change the name of "Burninate"

William JockuschI don't like the word. It looks too much like "Urinate". I wish that didn't appear on my screen on many of my visits to SO. Can we come up with a different name for this?

@TravisJ eh, hardly
@Derpy amusingly, Trogdor was an early SU mod
@JourneymanGeek Takes like 6 months though per troll.
yay, I get to use my magic button.
10:17 AM
@TravisJ I mean, they don't usually burn out
@Derpy lol
@JourneymanGeek I have seen more burn out than not. Although there are those are few who just will not stop.
@TravisJ I've been suspending/nuking a persistant troll for years ;p
but I was talking more 'toxic' channels
Yeah, well, some are hard to get rid of.
10:33 AM
chat culture is a largely different beast
seems almost like a plurality of people are adverse to any form of moderation in chat
10:46 AM
on an unrelated notice, trying to learn linux basics.
It is hard
To many ways to do the same things
to much paranoia "are these really doing the same thing"
10:58 AM
like cough ifconfig and ip ? ;p
11:09 AM
@JourneymanGeek not even close to that level yet. Just the basic.
that's... pretty basic
for example, as now I am pretty confused over sudo apt-get, packet manager and software manager. I assume they are the same thing with different levels of control and that is fine....
but then I don't get why people usually suggest to "Never remove any application that's part of the default installation of Ubuntu or Linux Mint"
The packet manager seems pretty smart in managing dependencies (unlike SharePoint, which can't even count how many WSP deployed the same assembly to the gac...)
so why should I worry that removing Pidgin damages the system???
ah hah!
so, basically "package manager" is a class of software
apt's the one on debian and ubuntu
and there's GUI's for specific desktop environments
from experience, if you're asking about that, you're probably unlikely to know enough to hurt yourself.
personally I recommend using "apt" on the command line
but any of those methods use the same software repos, and underlying back ends
@Derpy cause... sometimes people get too carried away, and ends up they know just enough to hurt themselves...
(also, apt is a 'newer' command and does the same as apt-get ;p)
but slightly nicer/more modern text UI
11:27 AM
@JourneymanGeek my point is. Software manager can show installed application. But it only shows applications YOU installed, not the default ones. Yet, you can search a default app and it will show you a remove button. If you right click the app in the "start" menu (the one in the bottom left corner of the desktop) you get a remove option. I assume it does the same thing. And I assume I could go to the packet manager and remove Pidgin from there too. Or use apt-remove.
@Derpy well, the default applications are literally "what the guy who built the OS felt were needed"
and I've routinely torn out my browser and reinstalled a new one.
and yeah, removing pidgin should be harmless...
since source claim that removing a default app can be harmful, the only explanation I can find is that they fear that removing the app can remove other dependencies and / or break other apps that depends on the removed one.
When I chose a package in the package manger, the property pages shows its dependencies and all the package that depends on it.
or they just don't want people to remove things, then complain things are broken
.... which is dumb, you learn by breaking things...
@JourneymanGeek has this account spammed anything on SU: stackexchange.com/users/13038326/… (they used did on SO)
Basically, I would assume that the system should be able to warn you that "you are removing xyz! Warning: your other app "abc" depends on it! Are you sure?"
11:31 AM
@rene yup
looks like it got smokeyed
@Derpy it should
This brings me to wonder. Am I stupid or am I missing something on the commands? Like, you can specify a "warm me" option in the comand line apt-remove but the gui does not use it?
@JourneymanGeek does those account get nuked automagically, network wide? Or does that need some action?
@rene it needs action
still somehow confused. Probably it will be clearer with time.
and we see them less often than we should
11:33 AM
but I want to remove that torrent client now, I don't need it.
(We literally don't see 90% of the spam flags)
@Derpy do it
Nor I need that Mono thing.
you might need mono
Expecialy the Mono thing.
some DE's have stuff that relies on it
11:34 AM
DE =?
desktop environments
ah, ok. I don't think that Linux Mint actually needs Mono, found a lot of articles suggesting its removal.
I'd explicitly suggest leaving it alone
its a dependancy for... things and will be removed if no longer needed
@JourneymanGeek Isn't it also a dependency for ... Windows bloat?
ah, but do you know which windows bloat its a dependancy for specifically?
11:47 AM
Just back from work-related thingy... Apparently I missed the conversation related to 13-years and chat moderation
Oh, and Linux is hard
But Mac is also hard...
@JourneymanGeek my paranoia basically boils down to "I moved away from Wincrash just because I wanted something with less security holes (or at least whose security holes get actually addressed in a reasonable time). Why should I bring .Net with me on my trip?"
well, I guess the question is "Are you fine with that breaking..."
I donno banshee, nepomuk...
and its kind of .net but open source, so... security holes get addressed in open sourcey time frames
Use Kali instead :\
I'll.... bite you...
@HTTP "If (fellow_hacker) return else destroySystem()"?
oh. I see now. It is sandboxed
I guess that at least partially answer my question - "why is Wine commonly regarded as an instrument of the devil while no one says the same about Mono"
12:03 PM
I think people just hate those cause "its like windows"
@JourneymanGeek well, wine does indeed seems like a magical gate for getting windows malware running on linux...
its not that compatible
and they will actually consider that a feature ;)
12:29 PM
Feature: run Wannacry on linux systems?
2 hours later…
2:17 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: How to create a responsive web design? by Anna on graphicdesign.SE
2:48 PM
2 hours later…
4:21 PM
... annnnnd now someone had the idea to apply neural network face generation to anime characters.
I am tempted...
Should I go to the Anime chat board to drop the link there, quickly leave and then watch the transcript while eating pop-corn?
@Derpy Needs work.
4:37 PM
as for every neural network generator, the times it will produce random noise exceeds by far the times it will produce good results.
What I like about this one is it's almost a facepalm.
Which is sort of meta.
yet I bet the ones at Anime would probably play with it for days.
Which could turn out to be an interesting social experiment
almost meta too.
Like watching people playing Twitch Plays Pokemon and wonder why they are still there.
@Derpy I know I will. But that's because I can trigger my daughter with the results.
4:44 PM
@Derpy somepony said neural network? :D
5:01 PM
@MetaEd thanks, I won't have a peaceful sleep soon :S
@Derpy can I apply DeepDream too?
My brain is having trouble parsing this title... meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/363939/…
> [...] who pick Requires Editing at questions with many votes down and close
Those triager...
Julia Silge on February 28, 2018

Amazon is a technology behemoth, employing half a million people globally and hiring nearly 130,000 people in 2017. Amazon has been headquartered in Seattle since its early days in the 1990s, but in September 2017, the company announced a search for a secondary headquarters elsewhere in North America. Over 200 cities entered bids to be considered, and last month, Amazon announced a list of 20 finalists. What goes into this kind of choice? Amazon says it wants a city with more than one million residents, access to an airport, and decent commutes. Here at Stack Overflow, we can offer a different view on the question. …

5:20 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: How to make chromosome color maps for bed ranges by bernatgel on bioinformatics.SE
5:42 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Price of storing a hash SHA3 in Ethereum and Bitcoin by bytestamp on ethereum.SE
6:11 PM
Did this come up on meta.SE previously?
Q: How do you start a chat with a particular user

Trevor_GAnyone got a link, or step by step instructions on how to do this? I have the method I use, that I will post as an answer here.. but it seems convoluted.

6:34 PM
@Shog9 Is it intentional that users cannot retract flags on deleted posts if they don't have 10k+ rep?
If so, why is it possible to do so via the API? If not, why not implement this in the site, since it's supported in the API?
6:50 PM
@Ano Where would you put the interface? Not on the post, I suppose, since it's not visible.
@JonEricson In the flag history? The user script that makes use of the API puts it there.
Not sure how many people go there and an even smaller number will think (or want) to retract flags there.
7:11 PM
@JonEricson But is it intentional that users are not supposed to be able to retract flags on deleted posts with <10k rep?
Probably not.
@JonEricson So the only obstacle preventing this from being implemented is "where would you put the button?"?
When would you want to retract a flag on a deleted post? IIRC regular flags are resolved by deletion anyway.
I'm sure there's an element of "would anyone ever use this" in there, too...
@AdamLear Custom flags are not invalidated if the post is deleted. In most cases you want to clear a now-outdated flag to reduce workload for moderators. Sometimes, you'd also want to clear a wrong flag that you realized was wrong after the post was already deleted.
7:22 PM
Are the actual components of the personalized data dump documented anywhere?
Alternatively does anyone know what "Seniorities" means?
@MikeTheLiar What's the "personalized data dump"?
@Ano I think you vastly overestimate the number of people who keep an eye on their pending flags, notice the deleted posts, and still have the flag pending.
@AdamLear Then why did the cross-site dupe on MSE get so many votes?
@Ano Link?
7:23 PM
@AdamLear In the latter case, you can get a declined flag.
@AdamLear Zelda?
@MikeTheLiar I made that mistake once. My son was so disdainful.
@JonEricson Seriously. Everyone knows Link is the name of the doctor, not the monster.
Q: Allow retracting flags on deleted posts even if you can't view deleted posts

MagischNow that we have the ability to retract flags, I would like to make use of it to retract flags that would most likely be marked helpful but would have no further actionable effect on a post. Problem Case Sadly, currently there is no way (that I know of) to retract a flag on a deleted post if yo...

<a href="the past">The Legend of Zelda</a>
7:26 PM
Sorry, I meant MSO in my earlier message.
> The user posting the spam was then found to have posted several other posts containing a link and the same text, making this very obvious spam instead. Comments to that effect were posted, and the post was subsequently destroyed by 6 spam flags, yet my flag was still pending.
That, to me, says that the flag was still serving a purpose, possibly alerting a moderator to investigate other posts. having said that, I agree with animuson's comment on that post.
@AdamLear So then why is it allowed in the API, for 10k+ users, own posts, and deleted questions I've answered?
It should either be enabled everywhere, or disabled everywhere.
Probably an oversight more than anything.
11 mins ago, by Jon Ericson
Probably not.
@AdamLear Can you explain Jon Ericson's message above?
His guess is as good as mine. :)
7:30 PM
@Ano It's probably not intentional.
18 mins ago, by Ano
@JonEricson But is it intentional that users are not supposed to be able to retract flags on deleted posts with <10k rep?
@Ano you're better asking Jon for an explanation on what Jon said
Having said all that... There are currently a grand total of 30 unresolved "other" flags on deleted posts on SO. 21 of them are from users under 10k rep. I... this isn't worth the time already spent thinking about it.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body: Squid proxy configuration by user by Valtinho on serverfault.com
@Taryn The point was, @AdamLear said it's an oversight that it's allowed to retract flags in the API and where the user can see the deleted post, while @JonEricson said that it's "probably not" that users shouldn't be able to retract in that case.
7:32 PM
@Taryn The two contradict each other
I also said "probably"
@AdamLear pending?
@Ano You asked if it was intentional and Jon said "probably not"? How does that contradict "it's probably an oversight"?
I also don't think we disagree. ;-)
7:33 PM
@JohnDvorak Sorry, yes. 30 unresolved.
How many resolved after deletion?
@JohnDvorak millions
@Catija Adam said it's "probably an oversight" that it's permitted. Jon said that it's "probably not" that it shouldn't be permitted (double negative).
so, potentially worth it? :P
@Ano I think you just made your question to Jon too complicated by overly negativizing it in the first place.
7:35 PM
@Taryn 29,377 :) But not all of those are a burden - a bunch are probably a side-effect of a moderator handling a legitimate case, deleting the post, and then resolving the flag.
I'm not going to spend time checking which ones were mod-deleted.
Or which posts were undeleted later, etc etc. This is a non-issue.
@AdamLear but why not, you're clearly invested in this :P
{the behavior} is not intentional. == an oversight.
@Taryn I'm trying to stop procrastinating, okay? :P
There's always that weird Safari-only error.
@AdamLear if you want, you can help me break some more servers
7:36 PM
@Taryn nah, you're the expert... I wouldn't want to interfere ;)
I already tried and failed to take chat down today
@Ano Maybe you were using emphatic negation. Or maybe I didn't not misinterpret you that way. :-P
25 mins ago, by Ano
@JonEricson But is it intentional that users are not supposed to be able to retract flags on deleted posts with <10k rep?
"is it intentional that users are not supposed to..."
20 mins ago, by Jon Ericson
Probably not.
@AdamLear Is it because I annoyed you?
@Ano will you stop arguing about the precise semantics and actually read that Jon just said "I also don't think we disagree." ?
@Ano Ha. We needed to fix a bug with http->https redirects.
7:39 PM
@AdamLear Oooh, is it the move to chat thing?
So just to be absolutely clear here, he answered "probably not" to a version of the question that doesn't contain that not?
@Catija aye
10 mins ago, by Jon Ericson
@Ano It's probably not intentional.
@Catija Sorry, I just like to be clear. It's just how my mind works.
The answer to "Is it intentional?" is usually "no". Otherwise, there's no reason to ask the question.
7:42 PM
It may sound like petty arguing, but it's actually how my mind natively works.
@JonEricson Sometimes it is yes.
@Ano You can use that excuse but I'm sorry to say that I have a feeling that in the future... you'll find it's not well received. You will need to become accustomed to not having things spelled out exactly the way you want them... We all have to learn how to communicate with each other but if you require too much from people to meet your needs, they will simply move on to someone else.
@Catija Well, my neurotypical "emulator" is currently in beta, and does have some bugs, but it's much more stable than the early alpha builds. Unfortunately, it suffers from a critical bug where it sometimes crashes in areas of interests (such as this site); I'm currently trying to fix it.
In other words, I've made a lot of strides in that regard, and I've progressed quite a bit since I started, but I sometimes tend to lose sight of my "proper" communication skills in my areas of interest, such as this site.
8:16 PM
Who could have guessed that: I was right ...
@SmokeDetector fp-
Wow, that was nearly instant
9:12 PM
@AdamLear Can you please explain what the technical obstacle in fixing this is? According to a query from the OP of that post, there are 16 duplicates network-wide.
"We haven't gotten around to it yet" is also a valid response.
No idea off the top of my head. There might not be a technical obstacle at all.
@AdamLear Can you query internally, please?
I'm reasonably certain nobody has looked at that report. And right now, I'm sorry, there's no time.
@AdamLear No problem.
I'm thinking of proposing a lighter version of the request that I supported but got downvotes for, one that doesn't involve summing the votes but makes it clear on the target that there are duplicates - what do you guys think of that?
A: Duplicates on meta sites - sum the votes

AnoI support this. Take, for example, this feature request. By itself, it looks like a very old, outdated request from 2012 that may have since been implemented. As such, many people, including Stack Exchange employees, may overlook it. However, if you check the Linked section at the right, a secti...

> I'm loath to edit that post to say that IE10 is unsupported until I get a formal response from the team as to whether or not this should be done.
@Ano I don't have an opinion at the moment. Depends on what you're proposing, for one.
9:20 PM
@AdamLear Thanks, but I was also requesting community input on that one, and in general on my answer
@Ano Sure, I'm just weighing in with my utter lack of opinion :)
@AdamLear Well, it may not be clear to others because my community input request is in between messages directed at you
> comments that merely tell users to go to the contact us page and request disassociation rather than linking to the FAQ are subject to immediate deletion meta.stackexchange.com/a/300658
Hm. In a way, all comments are subject to immediate deletion.
@FTP So that's why that FAQ was overhauled (and then subsequently by the other me)
9:24 PM
Maybe animuson means 1-flag deletion... Or 0-flag deletion?
@AdamLear What do you think about the IE10 issue?
Don't know off the top of my head. In general, my advice would be to wait more than 15 hours before you start pinging people to get answers.
@AdamLear but
That's just crazy talk.
Did Sagar pick another name?
1 hour later…
10:46 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Where can i find a compendium of microorganisms by Rein Nomm on biology.SE
@AdamLear So that means that it's not OK if I do it exactly 15 hours later? ;)
Indeed. :)
2 hours ago, by Ano
I'm thinking of proposing a lighter version of the request that I supported but got downvotes for, one that doesn't involve summing the votes but makes it clear on the target that there are duplicates - what do you guys think of that?
@Catija What do you think of this?
11:19 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer: If vampires existed in modern society, how could they not be well known by science and the public by kenny west on worldbuilding.SE
11:32 PM
@AdamLear - Are you familiar with the way that Stack Exchange is using Structured Data for exposing results to google?
I am kind of concerned that it is damaging the search footprint. The result of the structured data is that, while Google does display a nice preview of the page, it only displays that one result in the results. Prior to this, you could get multiple results from a search but now it will not pull back anything but one result. Moreover, there is not even the option to look at the "similar" dropdown arrow that exists with results that are not previewed.
For example, if you search google for IQueryable you get one Stack Overflow result. There used to be several if not many. Stack Overflow used to absolutely dominate the search results of broad terms like that.
I think that this could be significantly reducing traffic driven to the exchange.
11:51 PM
@TravisJ heh that looks like a potentially epic meta question

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