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10:00 PM
@Trufa Didn't think so, but... Well, after all there is a <inset odd stack exchange site here> site, so...
To Area 51!
@TheRenamedException I hope not! Actually, I think she just wants to hurt me
@TheRenamedException Hey - remember the last time you took my idea? It took a moderator and your "one favor EVER" to fix it!
To Area 51!
@TheRenamedException I always sound like a male chauvinistic (however thats spelled) but woman sometimes look like naif when they do such things but they are not!!
Ooooo - I got a star!
10:02 PM
@tryaria I hope not! :) but I'm not dr. love
@tryaria Worse. An employee. And she's been working me to death on these Town hall Digests ever since!
chauvinistic; naive
I never get stars!!

Proposed Q&A site for people seeking answers to questions about dating, long term relationships, love, marriage or other commitments, and everything else typically considered a "relationship". (Intended to encompass the Love and Dating sites and extend them.)

Currently in defintion.

@TheRenamedException That's what you get for theft!
10:03 PM
@tryaria thanks
@tryaria I think you did the right thing there. I understand that she values your input still, but you can't really know anything about their relationship, and the point of a gift is to be between two people and have meaning, not to meaninglessly purchase gifts just to spend money. Sounds like she has prioritization issues.
@drachenstern if this was an asnwer on relationships.se I would upvote :)
Woah - it's like a mario game in here all of a sudden...
@TheRenamedException wow that could get off topic fast!
@drachenstern That does sound about right.
10:05 PM
Q: Can there be a "Link Moderation" process for <50 rep users to undergo?

Kent FredricAs it is, we have to moderate edits by new users, so it seams reasonable as a stop-spam mechanism to require all external links from <50 rep users moderated. A lot of the spam I see works like this: User joins User searches for all relevant posts. User pastes links to their product. And...

@Trufa Could be worse:
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex but were Afraid to Ask

Proposed Q&A site for anyone who likes sex and thinks it's a fun and pleasurable thing; anyone wanting to improve his/her sex life.

Currently in commitment.

@Jin Hi. I just saw you on twitter. Busy guy.
@TheRenamedException oh dear :s
@jjnguy hey! twitter = my social life.. sigh. no water cooler when I work from home...
10:07 PM
@KentFredric I know, really, LOL
@Jin Hey there, how are you doing?
@Jin Oh, so you weren't being busy, you were procrastinating. Fair enough.
that could get pretty messed up, very fast.
@TheRenamedException hehe saw that one I don't think it could go off topic
sex is not a very popular subject ont the internetz
@jjnguy i mean.. no! i was researching on public feedback of StackExchange! so it's work related..
@TheRenamedException hi doing good you?
wonders where the home hobby hydroponics SE is
10:08 PM
Doing well thanks @Jin
So I'm like one good solid upvote away from the top 7 column on dba.SE ... I'm so 'cited! (this is not a plea to upvote/downvote me on dba.SE, cos I still gotta struggle to stay on the bottom of that list to get up into the #5ish spot :p )
He was busy beating my ass in Words with Friends :P
@TimStone speaking of, I'm behind eh?
I think so, aye.
10:09 PM
@TimStone WordPress site kept me busy
Ick, WordPress
@Jin speaking of ... do you have any input on the way the thematic elements of the header are presented?
@drachenstern what do you mean?
@TheRenamedException Seems ironic that this is "in commitment" as I think the proposal sounds like that's just what the users may be trying to avoid ;-)
Why is triple selection being used on IDs in the SO all.css? It's an ID. There shouldn't be more than one (in theory)
@Jin I posted a userscript around 6am UTC per a user request yesterday, to pin the header bar to the top of the screen, and got to digging in the stylesheets and the like.
10:10 PM
I cant't login to the (damn) programmers chat (angry face)
I was going to put a little more work into it tonight and had most of it already worked out, but was just curious what was going on with that bar.
@drachenstern what triple selection?
Hang on and I'll look it up
Woah, WTH? I was just browsing proposals on Area 51 and found this guy:
Adam Batkin, New York Area, USA
8.1k 1 12 33
10:11 PM
briefly I see this: #header #topbar in all.css on SO
He was a roomate of mine in college. I suggested StackOverflow to him a long time ago. He answered "meh, maybe I'll check it out..."
josh.gitlin.name/drachenstern/stickyuserbar.user.js <-- my userscript if you want to see what mangling I'm doing trying to get it to work and have some ideas
@TheRenamedException that's cool
@TheRenamedException Apparently he did
Yeah but he never told me he joined, LOL
10:12 PM
I'm told that there's a few bugs with it so far:
14 hours ago, by Benjol
@drachenstern, stops you from dismissing notifications too...
@drachenstern that's some bad css.
@TheRenamedException ha, small world
@Jin yes, hence:
3 mins ago, by drachenstern
Why is triple selection being used on IDs in the SO all.css? It's an ID. There shouldn't be more than one (in theory)
it wasn't on all of them, just some of them, I'll look for others
#header #topbar #hlinks
@drachenstern yeah. the css isn't as effective as it can be. i'm still cleaning a lot stuff up. but with new sites launching i haven't had much time. there's a long list of css tweaks for me.
#header #topbar #hlinks {
float: left;
margin: 0 35px 0 0;
#hlinks {
margin-right: 20px!important;
@Jin I understand, and I'm not faulting you. Just curious if you had run across it anymore.
the one above is funny to me.
10:15 PM
@drachenstern the Sketchy Beta theme css was based on the trilogy site's. which isn't the cleanest.
@TheRenamedException "Currently in commitment." Heh.
6 mins ago, by tryaria
@TheRenamedException Seems ironic that this is "in commitment" as I think the proposal sounds like that's just what the users may be trying to avoid ;-)
You're getting slow in your old age @PopularDemand ;-)
@Jin no I'm pulling those examples from SO all.css
But I'll keep that in mind. Have you by chance got a direct link to the sketchy one that I can look up later?
@TheRenamedException Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Speak up, young man!
@PopularDemand I said: GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN!!!!
10:18 PM
@TheRenamedException Is your lawn this bit over here, or that byte over there?
@drachenstern the new SE sites don't do it that way I believe.. see wordpress.stackexchange.com
@Jin yes and they have new headers that I have to do other things to ensure that they don't look horrid via my makeshift header. (note: I'm saying that I could make them look screwed up and not match the site. I'm trying to prevent my userscript making them look bad)
Also, can you tell me what #custom-header is used for right now? Can I hijack that or do I need to insert my own DOM element?
I am so not getting work done atm :(
@drachenstern custom-header is a leftover from SE1.0, where site owners could add additional design/function elements. it's currently not used much.. except for the trilogy sites, for the top bar bgcolor.
@Jin so is it going to disappear in the near future? I can always inject something into the DOM at that point if the other elements aren't going to move much (like #container specifically atm)
@drachenstern no it won't.
10:23 PM
@Jin so I can continue to hijack it atm, good. Thanks for that.
@drachenstern it's useful for me too, in case I come up with some absurd design.. like the Apple one.
I don't know that this userscript will continue to get supported, but since so many people want it (seemingly), I figured it would be a good one for me to tackle.
@Jin oh no, I didn't try mine on Apple :\
I should just inject pre-#container and go on about my own business :p
@drachenstern ha. your users are probably the ones who hate me :)
@Jin brand new. Don't know that anyone's using it yet :\
was requested but not ever confirmed that he did try it
You failed @drachenstern. He needed it written in like 22 seconds, you took too long! ;-)
10:25 PM
@psyhclo sure would be nice if he would post around here once more ;)
@TheRenamedException I know! The horrors of software development to not totally look like shit!
oh no, I have to move elements around to do what I think he wanted
it might could be done strictly with CSS, but I don't think that would work cross every site
I would have to tweak it for every site at that point, and I'm not going to do all that :p
It's a shame nobody tried it for me yet :\ :p
@Jin - Quick question
Are you familiar with the light paper texture that is used (among other places) on Apple's website?
@Moshe i don't think it's a paper texture. it's just a noised one
@Jin How do I make that? Just use a noise filter?
10:30 PM
Tonight, we cry together!
btw, speaking of noise background, this bookmarklet is hilarious. darrenhoyt.com/demo/bookmarklets/addnoise
10:33 PM
@Jin Thanks.
Cool story bro, lets flag every comment I make offensive.
Jan 11 at 1:00, by Michael Mrozek
The flagged star is becoming the unofficial Tavern mascot:
User edits a 22k rep users question to form their own question...
Looks like a perfect edit to me...
What the hell is wrong with people/the UI that makes them think that is best approach :|
10:38 PM
7 flags in one day?
Some legitimately deserved even
is a review addict.
and we have the famous @GEOCHET...
and also, it sucks when you live at GMT+12.
you can go to sleep, wake up, and come back, and its still the same day as far as SO is concerned.
I am a famous now?
10:40 PM
@KentFredric Perfect example to my question, LOL
it is like a mix between a nightmare and two shots of vodka..
Info: Edit was rejected by Kent Fredric, jjnguy; Reviewer Stats: Kent Fredric approved 19 edit suggestions, and rejected 7 edit suggestions.
Why are jjnguy's review stats not posted?
@GEOCHET Infamous (In the MSO/SO realm)
@PopularDemand Yeah. That's kinda buggy.
@PopularDemand Wouldn't mind knowing myself.
@jjnguy Hardly.
10:41 PM
That is an epic fail of an edit, though.
@jjnguy I already had someone wet their panties here and claim they were insulted. Oh well.
@PopularDemand sure was
@GEOCHET People are sensitive. (But that's their problem)
@jjnguy When they have the ability to moderate it becomes not just their problem.
@GEOCHET True, then it can be more of an issue.
10:44 PM
Suspended for saying the talkative bade said bad things about a delicate flower's mother. Some people have all ego and no humor.
I've been suspended for quoting Ivo.
at the end of the day, you just gotta man up and take your suspension though.
@GEOCHET have plenty of humor. When what is said is funny
Thinking that Ivo has anything that was worth saying once, never mind twice should be a permanent ban.
@KentFredric Aww, Mrozek already asked:
Q: Missing second reviewer stats on edit suggestion info page

Michael MrozekThe info page for a given edit suggestion shows the people who approved it, and "stats" about them, but the stats list only shows the first reviewer, not the second. For example:

@TheRenamedException Ahh yes, if you don't get a joke, by all means suspend the teller. Good policy.
10:46 PM
I was going to post that epic fail edit as the example.
@GEOCHET A flag-delete auto-suspends the user for 30 minutes. I guess that's what happened.
@Jin Thanks, worked like a charm.
Wow, the only thing this software does right is allow you to see in realtime what people are crying about.
@mmyers wouldn't be the first time in two weeks that had happened either
People need to stop abusing flags.
10:48 PM
@mmyers That doesn't mean it should have been flagged to begin with. It is quite apparent we have flag abuse going on here. People have been banned from the other sites for less.
A: What is Stack Overflow's business model?

Jeff AtwoodThree ways -- and I'm surprised this is in any way unclear or difficult to figure out: Job listings (e.g. the traditional classified ad model) http://jobs.stackoverflow.com CV listings (e.g. the new-fangled and IMO vastly superior dating model) http://careers.stackoverflow.com Traditional, but ...

Seems a bit rude, no?
@GEOCHET No different than we see from you. I'd say it's fine.
@jjnguy Regardless, I am not representing a company with my posts.
@GEOCHET I know. I'm not saying it is the best idea for him to use that tone. I'm just saying that there is nothing to really take offense about.
@jjnguy Who said anything about offensive?
@GEOCHET Ok, not offensive. I agree that it's rude. But I'm not surprised. That's just how Jeff is.
10:54 PM
@jjnguy You will get no argument from me there. I wonder if this is just Jeff being defensive because George is calling out his business model.
@GEOCHET That could be. I'd feel defensive I guess. I wonder how the company is doing financially.
If anyone cares, he used arrows from Ask Different, but called it "Ask Differently".
@jjnguy Considering they needed 'free money' in the first place, I am not exactly wondering.
@GEOCHET They didn't need the VC to keep growing at the pace they started at. They needed the VC to accelerate the rate they were producing 'stuff.'
@Moshe that's because I personally asked Chris to do that experiment for me...
10:58 PM
@jjnguy Citation needed.
@Moshe i gave him the sprite from Apple.se
@GEOCHET I guess that goes for both of our statements.
@Jin Just pointing it out. But Ask Differently is incorrect.
@Moshe Technically ask different is incorrect grammar
@jjnguy Fair enough.
10:59 PM
Differently is the adverb that should be used to modify ask
@jjnguy But that is the site's name.
At least my statement has the circumstantial evidence of accepting the 'free money' though. ;-)
@GEOCHET Yes. You do have that.
10:59 PM
But, it's 5:00
and I'm going home!
@Moshe ah i see the typo.
@Moshe I know.
@jjnguy I also have a massive mane.
@jjnguy enjoy the peace and quiet! :-)
@Jin Just pointing it out.
11:00 PM
@GEOCHET Yes, you do
@TheRenamedException I shall
TTYL all
@Jin - I found a bug in Safari on Ask Different, btw.
@Moshe ?
A: HTML formatting Problem : MS Word Document Generation with OpenOffice 2.4

Zara Buttwell Dude you need converter which do best for you. So you need help with docgen? Document generation software software is loaded and can be used with stuff to help make the most of document generation. Very good suggestions on how to optimize a docgen system.

My brain says "thats spam", but I can't prove it
@Jin ...wait for it...
The number in "flag" is not in the bubble as it should be.
11:03 PM
@Moshe that's on my list to fix. thanks.
@Jin yw, ty
@KentFredric seems very close
flagged it under "Very poor quality post"
Might be more valid on SU.
Jeff is really digging into Gortok. Not cool.
11:06 PM
user image
I really wish people could tag answers.
@Moshe Question posted Feb 6 '09 at 23:28 Don't migrate old questions
@mootinator Have a star
@KentFredric I think that could turn out terribly.
@TheRenamedException Thanks.
11:07 PM
I just never really loved the flag system.
Now I must disappear for another two days.
@mootinator Why, did you see your shadow?
@mmyers How did you know?
@AdamBatkin is here, welcome
mmm... ground hog...
11:10 PM
You snuck in awfully quietly, LOL
@mootinator hey afore you go :p ... how's that kid doing?
How goes @Adam?
@ChrisF Why don't we migrate old questions?
@PopularDemand that's a rule from SOIS
11:14 PM
@PopularDemand Because it's of no benefit to the question. The OP probably isn't going to get any new answers, especially if it already has a bunch and/or an accepted answer.
If the question doesn't have any answers then maybe migrate it, but it might just be a bad question that needs closing anyway.
@ChrisF or editing ;)
@drachenstern There is always that option.
Damn I always make the room sober up after 5 CST ...
It's as though everyone was trying to go home or something ...
@drachenstern But if it's an old question that hasn't been edited then closing might well be the best option
11:22 PM
@ChrisF True. So it's almost a subjective question to delete or not. And then there's always consulting the groupbrain here ;)
Hey I object to my brain being lumped in with Abby Normal over there!
Seasoned Advice Town hall Chat in 30 minutes
@psyhclo Welcome back, @drachenstern has teh codez
ooooh, he did return
I wants feedbacks
@TheRenamedException yeah, how am I gonna use it.
i didnt tested it
11:32 PM
@psyhclo did you click the link?
im kinda busy here with android development
bah, ju must tests it! :p
@TheRenamedException Oh, hell yeah!
@psyhclo I know the feeling. I do C#/SQL during the day and JS at night ;)
(Go figure, I'll probably get called away 5 minutes from now)
@drachenstern yeah. its really stressing, but for me its like a hobby
@drachenstern im facing a problem of no database closing in Android application, and trying to close this f*** database. LOL
@psyhclo so all you gotta do is click the link I provided earlier, and then it'll say "install discard" or something at the bottom
I'll go repost it if you like
@drachenstern ok post
We've got to get you your own domain name @drachenstern ;-)
11:34 PM
So you do want to continue, that's the point of installing a userscript. You can manage it via chrome://extensions in the browserbar
@TheRenamedException I want drachenstern.com but it's registered and nobody answers emails :(
and colebrand.com was an energy company last I looked.
@drachenstern What you need is something unique.
I recommend, "shog10.com"
@drachenstern did you tried it yourself?? im kinda busy now
11:35 PM
@Shog9 that seems ... a little like chasing the bandwagon ;)
@psyhclo I did try it, but I don't know if it's VAGUELY like what you wanted so I can finish it up, or if it's NOTHING like you wanted so I can discard and try again
So I need input.
@drachenstern no, no worry man. its ok.
@psyhclo oh I'm not worried. A few others have mentioned it in the past, so I'm probably going to keep going on it. Just looking to make sure it's what was had in mind.
@drachenstern really, a few others though about that funcionality too??
@psyhclo quite a few
@drachenstern LOL
@drachenstern so, you work with c#??
11:40 PM
@psyhclo either that or I'm a very confused man
one of the three of those choices, to be sure
@drachenstern what kind of app you develop??
I write pretty much a report app. We focus on giving users a better view of their data, for a very vertical market.
@drachenstern cool.
@YiJiang something is missing! (:
11:44 PM
@drachenstern g2g now. see ya man!
@psyhclo come back in a few hours when you have time!
@MichaelMrozek um?
@MichaelMrozek I think it's his clothes!
@MichaelMrozek Ya know, I really didn't want to see that.
I take no responsibility for the stackapps 404 page. Blame a dev
11:46 PM
@MichaelMrozek rofl. Oh dear.
not my fault!
@TheRenamedException Oh no, I got distracted and have failed you. :(
@RebeccaChernoff The color of your name says otherwise
@TimStone HAHA, no worries
I think this town hall digest will be easy
11:48 PM
@MichaelMrozek The WOB somehow decided it was your fault, but I think what it really meant was that you already assigned blame correctly.
@TheRenamedException begins composing multi-part, limerick-phrased questions
I thought it was dinnertime? ;-)
Still waiting for the call :-/
getting hungrier. And hungrier.
@george then I humbly suggest that next time you say what you actually mean rather than forcing everyone to guess. – Jeff Atwood♦
If I said that, it would be flagged into ruins.
flags GeoChet into ruins for quoting Jeff
11:58 PM
Panties in a bunch, man. Panties in a bunch.
Do what I say, not what I do, man.

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