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3:00 AM
I didn't know you were taking a list for later ;)
"The Tavern: If it aint worth sharing ... ahh who are we kidding, come on in" ...
that would be the best one
Cloverleaf is actually pretty easy, compared to the other ones
"The Tavern: \o/"
@TylerChacha and those are off the top of my head ;)
@mootinator lol, not enough characters sadly
@drachenstern But where does your hat go?
3:01 AM
Ok, I can tell it's time for a new laptop, this one is starting to heat my legs :(
Compared to, say, this one:
@TylerChacha on the hatrack ...
@YiJiang that deserves an OY for sure
@YiJiang What game is that?
@drachenstern Not until you see this:
What the heck are you building in?
3:02 AM
@GeorgeMarian OpenTTD, Transport Tycoon clone
@TylerChacha it looks like it's using the SimCity2k engine tho doesn't it?
@drachenstern Yeah..
@YiJiang Ooh, sounds like it'll run on Linux.
@GeorgeMarian It does, it should be in the repos
Anyone have a spare license of SolidWorks that they don't use anymore?
it is for educational purposes...
3:04 AM
@YiJiang That it is, sweet.
trying to decide what movies to put on my iPhone for now ... what do ya'll think I should put on there?
Alice in Wonderland
AliceWonderland 2010
Angels And Demons
Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Bond - Quantum Of Solace
Bridge To Terabithia
Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land
Dragonball Evolution (Z Edition)
Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver
Fast and Furious
Fight Club
Free Willy 4
From Paris with Love
Furry Vengeance
Ghosts of Girlfriends
GI Joe
Happy Feet
Alice in Wonderland
Fantastic Four
Fight Club
Besides my needing to continue ripping disks (I'm running out of space)
Ugly Truth
ooh, ooh Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land, for sure... ;)
3:07 AM
and When in Rome
@TylerChacha you see where this becomes tricky right?
@GeorgeMarian I actually asked for that for Xmas one year tyvm
together with the complete Schoolhouse Rock
All of those (except if marked FULL) are handbraked to iPhone size
FULL are ripped to original screen res
anybody have any requests that I shouldn't share over my dropbox?
Oh, and if you haven't seen After.Life, you should do that.
And not because Christina Ricci gets naked, a lot
lol, I realize it's enough to recommend the film right there, but it's really a good story too
i have all episodes of "My so called life"
on my iPhone
has anyone heard of it :) ?
I have
I never watched it, but I know it
3:13 AM
im only watching it because i have a crush on claire danes
after i saw stardust
I write too much.
I claim to be trying to grow my hair out like Jared Leto's from his Thirty Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie period ... not because it looks particularly good on me, but to mess with people's expectations when they see my beard, then realize how long my hair is
@MichaelPetrotta write what too much?
@Reno who doesn't?
code @MichaelPetrotta ?
@drachenstern: A simple email to a set of customers, asking for feedback on a functional change. Turns into half a page. Who's going to read that?
Chop chop
@MichaelPetrotta so bullet points then?
3:15 AM
Maybe I should turn it into an attached powerpoint
I always feel like people need more information to make an informed decision, but really what people want is less information and no decisions.
Are these blind-requests or are they opt-in participants?
How urgent is the data collection?
I don't want a decision. I want no one to be surprised by this.
Can you span it out over more than a few months?
or must it be done all at once?
Can you prepend it with an lolcat?
@drachenstern i dont know shes not a popular actor shes very nice as a person :)
3:17 AM
This is in-house software. I haven't met these folks, but I know what they do.
<-- realizing that most of life requires the same planning as writing a new program :/
maybe a joke
@MichaelPetrotta oh, then yeah, powerpoint away
I mean in-house is totally different from customers. In-house they pretty much have to deal with you
Customers they get to leave
@drachenstern: No, they really don't (have to deal with me). But that's ok, in this case.
Actually, what am I worrying about. I'll keep emails that I actually want responses on short. This one, I'd be happy if I get nothing back.
So is it just me or did Laurence show up earlier and not contribute?
3:29 AM
who did what now?
The guy that was causing such a stir on MSO about merging the metas
or splitting them, whichever is your preference in definition
I (think we all) love this scene in Swordfish
Not sure which is better, the hack at the beginning or the cube compiler in the middle?
@drachenstern The cube compiler, obviously. It makes me hate gcc and its text-only output
Somebody needs to write a gcc frontend that displays the cubes
And that removes them on build fails?
Ideally; I need something to swear at, and pages of template errors get old
Why doesn't @GraceNote ever come in here?
Or does Grace come when I'm not around?
@Shog9 you should really share links like that for us here
Q: Can StackOverflow Inc. purchase the .se top-level domain?

George EdisonI was reading the following article: http://www.canon.com/news/2010/mar16e.html It seems Canon is the first company to spring for ICANN's new policy, allowing corporations and businesses to purchase their own TLD (Top Level Domain). I began to think... wouldn't this be the perfect thing for the...

> goes off to propose goat-raising site on A51 – Shog9 2 mins ago
3:44 AM
shakes head :P
Oh you know you laugh-groaned
@drachenstern She does, I think
(It is a she, right? Erm...)
@YiJiang "Let's Get Philosophical" yes, here, not that I've seen.
@drachenstern I've definitely seen her here before
@YiJiang hence :426887 ;)
3:46 AM
You realize it has to be four letters?
I'd go for .stack or .questions
@drachenstern What, you aren't all following my recent-activity feed? Slackers.
@Shog9 I try ;)
to slack that is
Anyway, given that .se is the TLD for Sweden, this suggestion seems to be a non-starter.
I was merely referencing your comment, which was funny
So, I think I've finally figured this out
I'm on a Robotics team
and there is a President on the robotics team
and a couple of days a go a bunch of us were building some stuff at someones house, and I asked if he would come along
it struck me that it probably wouldn't have been as good of a time if he was there (it sad but true)
And I think I've figured out why
There is a big difference between serious and fun, and it is hard to do both
The President of our team is unique in that he is very good at being serious. He sees a goal, and pushes to make sure it gets done
And I realized that a lot of the people there weren't as serious. they just wanted to build something. The schedule wasn't as important. They were along for the ride
3:59 AM
@drachenstern There's a better one there now. At least, if you've been unfortunate enough to use a certain Microsoft email product.
@Shog9 Ja?
Because they weren't as serious, the week was very fun... and we got a lot of stuff done.
My problem now is I have like 8-10 more weeks that I can be a part of this robotics thing, build stuff, and potentially enjoy people's company
And at the end of that 10 weeks, I don't want to wake up and think that "That was hard work"
I want to wake up and think "Man, that last 10 weeks was fun"
4:12 AM
One man's fun is another man's work. :)
Speaking of giving the wife our computer ... changing computers ya'll
@drachenstern eh?
I'm not sure that reference is still in scope. ;)
Hm...I don't feel right. Weird.
@TimStone I'd blame lack of sleep. ;)
....Naaaah. :P
4:21 AM
Nope. I'm not even 100% sure what's wrong exactly, which I suppose sounds stupid, heh. I'm going to go watch TV for a bit and see if everything goes back to normal I guess.
4:46 AM
Hm, think it's a mild anxiety attack, good stuff. :P
@TimStone D'oh.
Ah well. Noticed my heart rate was a little quick for no particular reason, heh.
It happens to everyone at one point or another.
nods Getting a little unhinged happens every few months for me...not sure what to make of that, but just gotta pick up and keep going.
Yoga and meditation may help. Though, figuring out if there's an issue you need to deal with is likely the best course of action.
4:58 AM
True...I have a habit of trying to brush things like this under the rug. Probably not the best idea. :P
Yeah, probably not. It can only stay under the covers for so long.
Mmm... NOS whipped cream...
Q: Why does whip cream dispenser sometimes produce "ragged" cream?

Michael at HerbivoraciousSometimes I make whipped cream in my ISI cream whipper and it comes out beautifully fluffy and smooth, and other times when I dispense it, the cream looks "ragged" for lack of a better description. Any ideas what factor accounts for the difference?

@TimStone If it was over that fast then probably yeah ...
@drachenstern Yeah, heart rate seems to be calming down now. S'all good.
@TimStone yay.
5:03 AM
Now to finish this code..
@Shog9 Eeeenterseting...
With my various meds, I have to watch my heartrate myself because of the side effects, and I've always had a pretty good bead on my body, if not always knowing why it does things. So I assuredly know when my heartrate spikes
can be disconcerting, can't it ;)
@drachenstern Heh. Just a tad...
damnit having six computers that need script updating (ok, three, but still)
let's see if it kills old toast too
5:05 AM
It doesn't :P
@drachenstern If it is a userscript, shouldn't you make it create a new <script> tag pointing to a server-hosted copy?
we're talking SEChatModifications here
If it a constantly updating thing, why not have a server copy?
You could even make it smart versioned
@TylerChacha errr ... it is ...
When you install a userscript, your browser runs off a local copy.
Userscripts do not auto-update like extensions/plugins.
5:07 AM
I think I see what he's getting at
the userscript should be a wrapper to fetch the latest and inject it on every page
@RebeccaChernoff But the local copy would create a <script> tag that points to the actual script
@drachenstern That's going to increase the server load and waiting time, no?
@YiJiang only initially
and don't forget browser caching
the browser would still cache it (most likely based on cache headers)
That is where the versioning comes in
actually, nvm on that
5:09 AM
No that's not where the versioning comes in
That would defeat the entire purpose of it..
the root would always be the latest
and you could get an older one by some mechanism (i'm thinking localStorage checks preloading)
the userscript could provide options to allow for choosing older versions
Yeah, you're tracking with what I'm trying to get to
Tim this is not working! :p ;)
5:12 AM
and I knew you were gonna take that TW
Oh, you're talking about WwF
I was actually going to play where you did, but then opted not to thinking that it'd give you the chance to play where I did, heh.
There's no way ... UUIAOAE
Ouch, that was me last game
5:14 AM
So yeah, if any of you have funny sayings that should be the Tavern's description, feel free to post them..
I can leave them up for a while..
maybe make it a weekly thing..
@TylerChacha do we need an anteroom for the tavern for that sort of thing? a sort of tavern meta? Maybe call it the Tavern Office?
yesssss it would be funny ;)
@TylerChacha omg. you disagreed? there is hope in this world! q:
5:16 AM
So... erm... What is your job @RebeccaChernoff?
@RebeccaChernoff Can you, for just one message, do a backwards, backwards smiley face? Please?
Eh, thats good enough for me..
I just wanted to pin something completely useless..
5:18 AM
@YiJiang community stuff
@RebeccaChernoff ...and I want to star something totally useless too... oh hey!
wow, is it bedtime already? my eyes say it is grumbles *stupid eyes*
There's no way it's past midnight.
9pm here.
Its past midnight in New York
shakes fist at his timezone
5:21 AM
I put in an application for a job today. In a week I go to interview to be a bodyguard for the gates of hell
<<< superior timezone!
@TimStone Hey, if anything, I should be the one doing that, missing out on half the action in the Tavern, ugh
Specifically, the gates that guard the backwards smiley pen...

Where Americans silently accept the manifest superiority of GMT+1.

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6pm here
5:21 AM
@RebeccaChernoff This time...
@YiJiang Fair point.
In a few months, I could be promoted to guard the wailing caves of 'Oy'
@RebeccaChernoff So you're usurping Robert on that job, then? :P
Somewhere, in the balmy howling wastelands of the Pacific, it is 5 O'Clock.
@YiJiang Working with him.
@YiJiang Hehe yeah I like that. Tis old though. q:
@RebeccaChernoff The ying to his yang? The, um, oy to his yo?
@RebeccaChernoff Nifty!
So what is it that Robert does?
Besides "community"
@drachenstern "coordination"
5:26 AM
so what does that mean?
get this:
> Software Engineer in Melbourne, Florida, USA
he's a cat herder.
Pick one, Software Engineer, or Community Coordinator..
5:26 AM
Oy, another cat herder ...
@TylerChacha So that's where his C disappeared to.
@drachenstern I'm hoping it means community luncheon, because free food = win.
Hey Tim, when I get something that's not thirty vowels in a row I'll be sure and play a better hand
He doesn't have any accounts linked to his SO account
and he only has 7k rep on that..
@drachenstern I actually thought that was a pretty good move. ;)
5:28 AM
> Robert, in other words, is one of us. Part city planner, part sociologist, part programmer — focused on collectively building thriving communities on the currency of information, freely shared not just between ourselves, but with the entire world of the internet.
That is what Robert does
He has asked 1 question
@TimStone Will they travel here? Then I'll ;) be able ;) to ;) hit on ;) rchern ;) in person ;) [<-- that does register as a joke right? Just knowing that she'll groan at the reference is enough for me ;) ]
Provided 116 answers
@drachenstern lmao shakes head
Oh boy, get it in now before she can ban your ass. :P
@TimStone I had to make it obvious
She'll just make it retroactive ;)
I'm pretty sure I'm banned already
oh stupid chat posting ... that was all out of sequence
Oh, I was wondering what happened there.
5:34 AM
I got slightly bored after earning my first billion, so I started renaming some of the towns in the game after the chat regulars here
Hah, oh?
Is there one after me?
I bet seeing drachenstern floating across the page sucks huh?
@TylerChacha Not yet
5:35 AM
awww, I thought you said after SOME of the regulars, not ONE regular :p
what is it called again?
@TylerChacha OpenTTD
this will be fun
@TimStone As you can see, @RebeccaChernoff has a huge backlog of farm animals on her Southern station
5:37 AM
Erm |:
@YiJiang some things are not necessarily for chat :S
Oh man, I started cracking up at that.
On it's own, that sentence is so "WTF?" it's funny. apologises to @RebeccaChernoff before he gets in trouble
Hey tim feel like slacking off on me on that round? I'm only down by 120 or thereabouts
I could slow things down, I suppose. :P
I tried to give you room to play off of, at least.
5:41 AM
@drachenstern OK, I lied. This word is too good to not play. :P
@TimStone oh is that what it was? :p
@TimStone lol, I would do it too ;) I'm trying to burn off vowels, as I did with my olive oil and garlic sauce word just now
oh hell no mr TW Zebra
Good play
now to see what I can do about two U
I wanted to get rid of that Z, heh.
I think it's easier to remember those cities if I named them after you guys
You could let me have that TW ... :p
Hola @Benjol
It's yours :P
5:46 AM
mischiveous grin
Caught up enough to close the gap now
Oh, wow.
Like I said, thanks!
I needed that catchup
Well, I do like keeping things interesting. :P
So, how do I get coal onto the train?
5:54 AM
And then rchern dangles a mild chance at salvation in front of me as a sick joke :p
Oh no!
lol 383 die in fireball at jeff atwood that's hilarious
@drachenstern o:
@RebeccaChernoff oh like I'm gonna recover at this point
5:55 AM
@YiJiang I hate to ask, but was the plane smacked out of the air with a giant letter S?
@RebeccaChernoff jumping on the grenade would be less painful I think :p
@TimStone hahahahahahahahahahahahaah
@drachenstern oy.
@TimStone Possibly, although Jeff is one of the busier airports I have, and the busier the airport the more likely this will happen
Title says "Lessons Learned through SO integration?", I read "Lessons Learned through SO interrogation?"
@RebeccaChernoff indeed
5:56 AM
@drachenstern Hi, just trying to catch up on the transcript, interesting things started happening just as I left yesterday :(
Did you even notice I played that? (;
@YiJiang Ah ha
@Benjol oh, best of luck with that. With a handful of us posting over 1000 messages a week, I think that equates to like umpteen dozen in a day ... I do well to keep up from overnight or going to lunch
@RebeccaChernoff did you notice I turned OY into JOY ... oh yeah, I'm that good ;)
Over 1k messages a week? Dang.
5:57 AM
@drachenstern ):
lol, :( seriously? After you played OY ... too bad I couldn't play STAR :p hehehe ;)
@TimStone yes reversal, stinking WITS what am I supposed to play now grrrr grumbles
I can't figure out how to get ore from my mine to my train..

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