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8:00 AM
#Sha #Sha #Sha #Sha #Sha #Sha #Sha #Sha #Sha morning!
(pings replaced with hashtags since Jan is online)
@Unihedron umm... sorry?
@Unihedron eh, I don't think the ping is the issue, we're spamming the Tavern with nonsense here ;)
@ShadowWizard Pfft, Tavern doesn't need messages that makes sense :P
@Unihedron right! so let's have some spam!
NOBODY EXPECTS the Spanish Inquisition!
8:04 AM
... and now I'm hungry
@Unihedron what as? I'd keep it
@Unihedron not sure, can't see obvious reason why to close so guess better let it be
@JanDvorak questions seeking debugging help must include code to reproduce the issue in the question itself
@Unihedron yep...
8:06 AM
it should contain code, but there are exceptions IMO
does it need code to be answerable?
de facto it isn't answerable..
They said they'd recompile and reobfuscate MCP using the given toolkit, but the change is not documented, and the exception wouldn't be trace-able without code required to reproduce it.
8:08 AM
thus, cv
because there's too many steps involved and OP may possibly just happen to bork on copying the file correctly..
oh no.... no Smokey for us
ok... I will watch the RTT
8:21 AM
Chat is going down periodically? :(
@Unihedron not for me.... though can't really know with the Tavern being sleepy
Wait.... no Smokey, no @Sam, no @Pham, no @Gham - is this a conspiracy of spammers? :O
@Unihedron no, I don't naa's are worth that much effort :P
Yay new blue badge :) Shiny
link of shiny blue badge?
@Unihedron high five :)
@Unihedron blue? I see gold...
8:32 AM
@Unihedron Congrats!!! great job :D
@ShadowWizard inverse colors for him
@ShadowWizard You must be kitten me right meow :P
Dark theme :P
oh wow.... that's a great theme
he gets blue, gray and aqua badges!
while we are still getting gold silver and bronze :D
8:34 AM
yes, we should upgrade
:) I should write a userscript to give new shapes to the badges as well ;)
uni will get a blue dupehammer
others get golden dupehammers
Q: Feature request for changing the badge shape

Avinash RajOur current badges looks like a simple dot. Why don't we change the badge shape from dot to something like in the below image or any other symbols? Image Source

Might be relevant
^ I downvoted that, very bad idea
@Cerbrus But... They're all squares, where's the twist? It's unfair! Mathematics has three shapes (for badges), Stack Overflow only gets one! — Unihedron Oct 17 at 13:34
8:37 AM
Oh yea :P
I like these teddy bears though
A: Feature request for changing the badge shape

brasofiloHere you go Just use this userscript and create some nice PNGs: // ==UserScript== // @name (SO) Custom badges // @match *://*.stackoverflow.com/* // @grant GM_addStyle // ==/UserScript== GM_addStyle("\ span.badge1 { background: url(http://i.stack.imgur.com/u9W65.png); wid...

@Cerbrus -1 looks ugly on my inverse scheme :(
looks ugly in any scheme
Yea, the whole suggestion's bad any way
yes, terrible suggestion
8:42 AM
@Unihedron the bad meta-police strikes again.
user image
Those are us! ^
@Vogel612'sShadow So I got promoted to a meta police after being a cyber policeman?
@ShadowWizard :D
smile train?
8:44 AM
@rene del
@rene If only you didn't crash it..
@ShadowWizard clean
you called me a del?
del -> delete
8:45 AM
@rene no, I sent a command. Looks like you're not a bot :(
@rene !!help
it's dead. gone. nada.
someone please flag this entire comment thread for nuking stackoverflow.com/questions/19260060/…
@ShadowWizard del in dutch means hooker ...
8:47 AM
@rene del is a command that instructs a bot to delete the message we're replying to.
Thanks :)
@Unihedron don't del me
@rene clean
@rene hook
@rene good thing that none of the spam bots are dutch
@Unihedron not sure... spammish on first look but the question is looking for such things so....
@InfiniteRecursion That is indeed a good thing. Dutch bots would tolerate much more....
Wow, see, the close police are here in seconds. — Warren P Aug 21 at 18:05
As I said I'm fixing it, so can you lay off Jan? — Warren P Aug 21 at 18:06
^ Offensive?
8:52 AM
ask the close police :P
@Unihedron naah...
someone asked for his number too :P
Does anyone have the phone number for the javascript police? — Lee Taylor May 14 at 23:29
SELECT * FROM comments WHERE text LIKE "%police%"
Q: Automatically open jsFiddle in a new tab?

BFDatabaseAdminjsFiddle is frequently used in web design questions to provide examples of working or non-working code. Because links open by default in the same window/tab you're currently using, quite often I'll view the query, close the tab, and lose the question. Obviously this isn't hard to remedy on a ca...

Downvote please o.O
@Cerbrus isn't t hat a dupe??
8:56 AM
Never seen it before
51 seconds :)
@rene I'd say "slut" is more accurate. But close enough.
9:01 AM
@Unihedron Kauf nicht!
As the translation @rene. Not as the thing to call you ...
@Bart thanks for clearing both points....
No problem :)
9:08 AM
Spam Q (62.5%): High Quality Contributes to the Reliable Brand of Ball Mill, by dong fang, on scifi.stackexchange.com.
@Gone I think @Bart called you ^^
... ShadowWizarded then
9:30 AM
@InfiniteRecursion y u no?
@InfiniteRecursion it just received an upvote when I arrived at that answer, who did that?
@JanDvorak I don't flag naa's, scared...
@rene not me
@rene not me
@rene not me
Low Quality A (26.2%): fdfdfgfgfgfdvdfvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv..., by sdfdfg, on stackoverflow.com.
9:32 AM
not me
@SilentKiller -1, not linked
@ShadowWizard tooo many pings can annoy some one. :P
@SilentKiller not @rene! :D
@Pham make it 100%
@ShadowWizard will from next msg. :P
@rene Negative
@InfiniteRecursion Recommend edit.
Maven downloads the world :/
So that leaves Bart or Cerbrus ...
@Unihedron applied, waiting for approval
@rene I don't think there were any upvotes at all, you're just seeing things. The author's rep changes doesn't include points from upvotes.
9:35 AM
@Vogel612'sShadow clashed by @inf
@Vogel612'sShadow your edit gone
@Unihedron only the first time, unless you do a mvn clean again
@InfiniteRecursion not quite correct..
mvn clean kills /target
which is not where all the dependencies are stored.
@rene @Uni is right, see the timeline: both upvotes occured yesterday
@InfiniteRecursion My build process is mvn clean compile assembly:single, is that correct?
9:36 AM
maybe you saw a misclick
guess so ....
@Unihedron this is correct.
if you'd want to download the world again, run: mvn dependency:purge-local-repository
@Vogel612'sShadow It downloads the metadata .xmls for my dependencies every compile without me cleaning the cache, why's that?
because you didn't specify option offline
@InfiniteRecursion All that author's answers are ... debatable at best
9:39 AM
that's just to make sure you're still good to go
Well, slight exaggeration perhaps, but the recent ones ...
@Bart yes, I agree, this is also debatable stackoverflow.com/a/18914984/2982225
How does that get two upvotes ...
am also wondering
@Bart Time.
9:42 AM
Still @Unihedron ...
> Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 14 hours to continue reviewing.
@Bart you rang?
9:46 AM
same again - possible spammer? stackoverflow.com/a/21414454/2982225
@InfiniteRecursion flag him
@Unihedron thanks, my mistake
@InfiniteRecursion no worries
@JanDvorak nope, I edited out links and salvaged a few of his answers, am done with my cleaning up
@Cerbrus [tag:cv-pls] link
both cv at 4
Zephyr? Zephyr??... ZEPHYR?!
I'm being lazy, rlemon's chat plugin doesn't seem to work here :P
@Cerbrus :laughs:
9:52 AM
So Smokey, Pham and Zephyr were all down. :O
Javascript police at work again..
9:54 AM
The Mjölnir brigade
@Sam Yes, the chat host was down for a split second
Oh... blames SE
/me decides to cv after 2 minutes of cv-pls to prevent message deletion
A: What's your most controversial programming opinion?

Avi YJavaScript is a "messy" language but god help me I love it.

I am out of comment flags: please flag to nuke all comments stackoverflow.com/a/10754173/2982225
17 comments :O
@SilentKiller yes, needs cleaning, please flag
10:06 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Eh, I vlq'd the answer.
@InfiniteRecursion I cv'd the question as solved in a manner unhelpful to future readers.
@InfiniteRecursion flajjed all... :)
@SilentKiller thanks
@SilentKiller Eh, it does include a solution "use a debugger".
You should downvote it instead.
10:11 AM
@SilentKiller I have lost faith on naa's, good luck with that one chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2618332#2618332
I find it frustrating that this is the exact same issue I brought up on meta 6 months ago. The exact same moderator declined the post, citing exactly the same reasons. The discussion that happened in my post proved that the majority of people disagreed with these reasons. I'd have hoped that moderators would adhere to the community consensus in these situations, rather than "going solo" regardless. — Matt 2 mins ago
@Unihedron using a debugger is not a solution. :/
@InfiniteRecursion no worry and thanks :)
@rene for real? I did not see that anywhere on this wiki
@InfiniteRecursion 3 naa declined :O Better luck next time /if your flag :)
@SilentKiller May cVplZ's spirit bless your flag being marked as helpful.
@SilentKiller far more than 3, a rant here was declined too, I lost count and stopped after I came to know teh reasons in my meta post
10:15 AM
@cVplZ Bart said slut was a better translation but in Amsterdam when you are called a del you're not happy...
@Unihedron thanks :)
A: Why were my flags on accepted link-only answers declined?

bluefeetI declined those flags mainly because they are accepted answers on both of those questions. I will agree that these are not the best answers, but someone found them helpful (it was accepted and/or upvoted) so I disagree with removing them and will typically decline these flags. Prior to becomin...

A: Why was this not-an-answer flag declined?

bluefeetI declined the flag for the following reasons: the OP accepted the answer so they found this link helpful to solve their problem - removing this doesn't make the internet a better place You didn't at all attempt to get the user to expand the answer via a comment, etc before flagging it. I add...

^the first one is the answer matt is referring to in his comment, the lower one is the answer on my MSO post
I gained a lot of knowledge from my meta post, no more naa's ever for me
@InfiniteRecursion :(
at least BJB keeps trying
Maybe you're just bad at it? — Shog9 ♦ 2 days ago
you quit too easily @inf, you are a strong duck, you can do it, I believe in you!
@InfiniteRecursion why no more. if we are sure that it is naa then we can flag and if we are not sure then we can like if it is accepted or link only then we can flag as vlq
why should we stop our good deeds ?
10:22 AM
@cVplZ I respect rules and my time, if you look at those answers, it's a decisive action made consciously, not a human error, so...
@SilentKiller some things are beyond helping, I can spend my time more constructively helping SO in other ways
morning folks
@InfiniteRecursion agreed :)
I don't understand the 2 downvotes on my answer... wtf? can anyone tell me if I am not on the right track or seomthing?
A: Add a Low Quality Posts button to delete answer because it doesn't answer the question

vba4allI disagree with the idea to be able to delete posts from a review queue based on the correctness of the answer. THIS ANSWER explains when to use low-quality-flags. While in the Low Quality Review Queue your task is to tell whether the question/answer you are reviewing is This question/answ...

@Vog I was just studying your PR (#4), are you sure MechanizeAgent actually works? I keep getting error pages...
10:25 AM
wow..! instantly you got upvote too and a down too
@vba4all you are missing the point: correct answer vs not answering the question
So what if the question asks "how do I split a string by slashes" and an answer instead says "you shouldn't use classes as they do not follow OOP principles"? — Qantas 94 Heavy 1 min ago
no? if you are not answering the question then it's a NAA
@SilentKiller you ask for opinion in the tavern, we give you are opinion
@vba4all exactly
the problem is: context
I ask how to build a rubber wheel and you answer how to build a space rocket
but the OP is in the low quality posts - is that a low quality? NO it ain't. You shouldnt be able to delete a post based on the context - if it's incorrect or wrong DOWNVOTE, if it doesnt answer the question - NAA
your answer is fine, just not for that question
i may be misunderstanding the OPs question then
spam gone
Q: "I think there should be an option when you select "Recommend Deletion" for "Does not answer the question being asked". - to me that means you are in a low quality queue and want to vote to delete a post based on the corretness of the answer rather than on the actual flag it has received... that's two different worlds aint it?
that's all wrong to start off with...that's missing the point of reviewing the flags...
10:30 AM
answers something else != answers incorrectly
that's NAA and that doesn't go to the LOW QUALITY QUEUE...
@vba4all it does
NAA does land in the VLQQ
hm... you are missing the point
10:36 AM
if we allow used to delete posts based on the "answers something else" than we are breaking the entire encapsulation of the voting system
the point of VLQ queue is to decide if a post should be deleted
@vba4all are we? How?
"The sky is blue because of rayleigh scattering. Longer wavelengths reflect less than longer ones." is not useful if the question is "How do I make an iframe resize base on its content?".
A: Low quality review queue - older questions/answers

Shog9Sure - there's plenty of cruft that gets missed initially but turns up later for one reason or another. If folks are encountering bad posts, then it's worth taking the time to fix or get rid of them. Of course, occasionally stuff gets flushed into the queue that isn't really problematic at all; ...

@JanDvorak that would deserve a downvote and possibly a NAA flag -> This was posted as an answer, but it does not attempt to answer the question. It should possibly be an edit, a comment, another question, or deleted altogether.
^ Shog says get rid of bad stuff
@vba4all that. And thus it should be removed if met in the VLQ queue
10:41 AM
I missed the whole discussion looking for Shog's post! read it please...
the solution:
A: Add a Low Quality Posts button to delete answer because it doesn't answer the question

Braiam I think there should be an option when you select "Recommend Deletion" for "Does not answer the question being asked" The problem with NAA is that through it says "but it does not attempt to answer the question" most people interpret it as "but it does not attempt to answer any question at a...

@Shog9 may be interested ^
@Braiam Name that single flag type?
"It sucks, community should act on deleting it"?
oh yeah definitely, but it should be removed because: *This is commentary on another post, not an answer
“This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post.”*
@Unihedron AKA VLQ
and that's right there in front of you
10:42 AM
@Unihedron "delete post flag"
so what the question is asking is to add a new reason to say "delete becuase it doesnt answer the question being asked"...
@JanDvorak VLQ is for unsalvageable content with severe formatting problems though. Like this:
I like Java, also I suck at Javascript
Duplicate answers, plagarism etc are not really vlq on first sight
plagiarism deserves a mod flag, though
10:45 AM
Yeah, they don't go through community queue, my bad..
spam gone
@Unihedron I dont't know about reading, but sending messages definitely works..
You could ask skiwi in CR chat about it
@Vogel612'sShadow Yep, querying events don't work.
10:49 AM
im waiting for a moderator to come an give his view
flagged spam and amended Pham
i think there is a huge misunderstanding by the OP on the purpose of the queues
Events should be working fine on my branch
@vba4all why so?
@Vogel612'sShadow want to study the logs I linked?
10:50 AM
That said writing while walking is somewhat difficult
Q: What does Recommend deletion button do in the Low Quality Review Queue ?

AsheeshRWhat does the Recommend Deletion do in the low quality review queue ? Who does it recommend deletion to ? Do a sufficient number of recommended deletion votes auto delete the post ?

10:56 AM
@vba4all why did you delete your answer?
@InfiniteRecursion because it didn't answer the question? ;-)
@Unihedron for reference: check the message relay.. is there a get to /login/global?
@JanDvorak Hmm
Don't think so...
@Unihedron because you love OOP?

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