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8:00 PM
@Ahmad Read the post I linked above, specifically the section "Are deleted posts taken into account too?"
@Andy I read it, you may already answered it, but really the post you addressed is vague, it seems it says deleting a question is not a good action? but doesn't say what should be done on a closed or down-voted question? I assume down-voted question can be edited, but what is the best action for closed ones? you said if they have answer to leave them. :)
My suggestion to you is to improve on your zero scored questions. Improve those. Especially any that don't have an answer or don't have an answer you've accepted.
meta.stackexchange.com/a/7573/237813 … so why are there still accepts?
View counts don't follow a migrated post; should they? It had 210410 views on SO; now it's starting from 0 at SU. (Already over 500 in a day).
8:13 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I don't get why it got reset.
@Andy :) thank you I got it, You may knew me for suggesting fantasy proposals ;) , I hope it doesn't make misunderstanding, just I suggest one to edit the post you adressed for the deleting section(before to come here I read it), it leave one thing unanswered and ambiguous "to delete or not" (specially closed ones), as sometimes deleting is good for the site and we gain some reps. just a suggestion
Q: Views count on migrated questions

davidsleepsI followed a link for a question that was on Stack Overflow (which interested me) which got migrated to Server Fault and the "Views" of the question was at 2 on Server Fault... The question had received multiple comments which should indicate that it had been viewed by quite a few more than 2. Is...

By design. I don't like this design. Total view count is useful information; should not be thrown out.
Yay flowers!
Ok, I'm back.
8:18 PM
But I agree with the decision to migrate; search traffic should bring Excel users to the correct site; sending them to SO was not optimal.
^ is from the same guy as the offensive one above
(which still needs flags)
The old one is gone.
@Andy or maybe @Sam :) I read about 90% of it. which is good for one like me ;). sorry but just another question, what happens after I improved them? I mean how long it takes to not be banned? and the main question is it done automatically by system regarding my new votes or someone should recheck the account?
@Ahmad The ban auto-lifts when a certain criteria is reached.
(The exact formula is a secret so we don't know)
@Sam, thanks , then I should improve and be waited for the system be satified? hope its system, otherwise I wasn't sure when I will be regarded
@Sam, sorry again? just improving questions affect, or trying to answer and increase the reps, or help in anyway has any affact?
8:24 PM
Spam Q (100%): 1-844-780-6751 @ What Gmail Help Center Phone Number USA, by Anton Fischer, on webapps.stackexchange.com.
@Ahmad From what I know, only upvotes help you get unbanned.
Rep from edits don't count.
@Sam :( then it seems I should wait much, I am afraid what happens if no one searched my questions, specially that some of them are about Persian which is specific to my country
@Ahmad Then post good answers instead.
@Sam, Now I get, you mean upvote on any post, I thought you mean just upvotes on my questions
@Ahmad Yes, upvotes on any of your posts (questions and answers) help to get you unbanned.
8:30 PM
@Sam :) Thank you, I think I got most I should know, to not make another uncomfortable situation, I prefer let you free :)
Although, following the rules and thoroughly reading the FAQ first would've been better. ;)
@Sam, I really did that, I got learned to follow docs, but beleive me some are vague, and I asked the vague points
Then ask for an explanation in chat or on the site's Meta.
@Sam I even had some suggestions, for example to clarify in that post to what people should do with a closed question (to delete or just leave it) I thought you say to leave it.
Where is my Yearling if I am member for a year?
8:34 PM
@Ahmad I don't really follow what you're saying here. Can you elaborate?
10 mins later and spam still alive...
@Sam before I come here, I read this doc meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/255583/… which also addressed by Andy, but there are some vague points in it which I suggest clarfication
@nicael Give it time. It's not immediate
@nicael Your account was created at "2013-11-07 07:06:44Z." It's currently "2013-11-06 20:35-ish" (UTC).
The text translation of "member for" must round up or something.
@Sam, it recommend not delete anything which it may lead to banned, which itself is ambigues, why one shouldn't clean the site from a not good question, but then he suggest to improve them, OK but it doesn't say what to do with a closed or off-topic or on-hold question. In general his position and approach toward deleting is not clear. when its good and when its bad.
8:38 PM
@Ahmad I meant reading the docs before you posted your very first question.
@Sam, Yes I did before my very first question, after these days and many sftw I learnt that
@Sam , just a suggestion, its up to you. Also you may clarify that system with a secret formula will leave the ban (I mean automatically) so people less ask you about when and how.
You mistake me for someone that actually works for SE.
@Sam, Yes :) I am here to monitor your job
@Ahmad Have a read through some of these.
Q: Markdown to HTML, again

bjb568I made another markdown parser. (origional, this one, on github). Look, I'm not crazy, I just like making markdown parsers… String.prototype.replaceAll = function(find, replace) { if (typeof find == 'string') return this.split(find).join(replace); var t = this, i, j; while (typeof(i ...

8:46 PM
@Sam thanks, I will, just you asked about my suggestion, and I offered them, did you read or notice them, spcieally the first one. OK it seems you are busy, check them anytime you got
@Ahmad Sorry, specificity which suggestion?
@Undo, you are good at reading minds blog.stackoverflow.com/2014/11/…
@Sam, Maybe I should search it or ask it in Meta, but shortly to clarify in the post about banned users When to delete and when not.
@bjb568 You're not a great fan of small functions?
@Ahmad Oh right, yeah that'll probably be better (just always search first before asking).
8:50 PM
@Sam, lol, You seem confused what I say. OK I search and if it wasn't I may ask it in Meta
Low Quality A (41.8%): Before you eat something doughnut shaped......., by bill nyes dad, on physics.stackexchange.com.
^ lol
^^ same guy
@rene Eh, most of the time copy paste works.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii +1
8:52 PM
Good Luck all, wait for another great questions by me in meta.
A: What would a normal thermometer read at the Sun's photosphere?

bill nyes dadIt would melt the thermometer so it would be illegible.

^ and another one.
That one I wouldn't flag, though. He's technically answering the question.
Your mom is flaggable for sure.
8:53 PM
I guess it's not an answer…
But he's abusing the site.
A: Charge distribution on a doughnut shaped conductor

bill nyes dadBefore you eat something doughnut shaped....make sure its a doughnut.

@Sam No, it's just an answer to the wrong question.
^^ has +2 now...
The thermometer one's at +4...
Low Quality Q (39.3%): JavaScript working in Wordpress, by hereskellie, on stackoverflow.com.
8:58 PM
^ Closed.
The mods on Physics should probably jump on that situation. User joins today, posts three joke answers, gets 70 rep in 15 minutes.
He can still get -100 if enough people flag your mom as offensive/abusive.
Low Quality A (18.8%): Thank you for the answer. This worked for me..., by user1715222, on stackoverflow.com.
If you take the exact opposite of every answer on graphicdesign.se, you'll have awesome answers for ux.se.
Doesn't Manish hang out in one of the rooms you bot people live in? Someone should let him know =)
9:03 PM
I'd delete this answer because if it will be marked as offensive, you'll lose your hard-earned rep (-100 rep). — nicael 1 min ago
No troll left behind?
Bill Nye's dad sure could learn a thing or two from his son.
Low Quality A (21.5%): I have the same problem as the first entry. ..., by thad, on stackoverflow.com.
^ naa
9:12 PM
@balpha something serious is broken in the rendering of html
Or maybe ping @AnnaLear in case she didn't notice yet....
yeah we know
Ok, sorry for bothering ;)
^ Excellent use of the reply chain, guys. applaud
I had no internet for some time - got the modem replaced just now. Back I am!
9:29 PM
welcome back!
Q: Don't understand why question put on hold. Should I even ask here?

Craig AndersonThis question: Is it possible to have a loop which has zero execution time? was put on hold as too broad. Question #1: The answer is quite short, and I don't see that there are many other possible answers. So can someone explain the question hold? Question #2: Should I even be asking this q...

bill nye's dad got all his answers deleted.
People don't close crap, but close gold.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Maybe bill nye's mom will have better answers.
9:47 PM
@Unihedron Still interested in GL's topic challenge?
10:32 PM
Q: Real estate property listings code - no plugins

KeelyI know html, css, and only a bit of php and js. I am making a website for a real estate company and am wondering how I can code the property listings preferably with html or php. It would just contain the basic information such as beds, baths, price, etc. Any ideas? Perhaps a roundabout way tha...

10:54 PM
@JanDvorak been trying to say THIS all day long
@Unihedron @InfiniteRecursion @AndrewT. @Qantas94Heavy @ProgramFOX @cVplZ @Braiam THIS
Quiet in the tavern tonight...
@vba4all that's why there's the skip button ;)
and filters
and stuff
remembers balpha to make the keyboard shortcuts status site-wide
@Vogel612'sShadow HALLO
thanks a lot. useless chat comment.
@bjb568 NACHT... well that's what it is around here now... the dead of night...
State your case and let me get at least some sleep after that.... also be aware that I am not a js person...
11:59 PM
@Vogel612'sShadow Are you saying my CR post is too long?

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