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12:01 AM
Q: What is the term for this pruning technique that causes stubby, clublike branches?

J. MusserThese Platanus Ă— acerifolia trees (London Planetree) were pruned to have this short, stubby branch structure. What is this called, and how is is done?

I'm like the only one doing the challenge thing... :/
12:34 AM
SO needs to be in read-only mode from 9AM to 5PM in a timezone that I will not specify.
not 6AM to 8PM?
12:58 AM
@JasonC Especially on friday nights.
Does this tag actually help?
I not so hot with objc
took me 2 hours to figure out how to write compile a good hello world
Use swift!
I like the alternative better... don't use Objective C, just plain C will do
1:27 AM
I tried to understand the criteria by which SE decided to disallow questions by unregistered users. So far, without success.
@Braiam's proposal on meta.AU was downvoted and refuted by several members. Then implemented.
Isn't that exactly the trilogy that prevents anonymous questions?
Not at all. SU and SF allow unreg questions. (SF after a weird interstitial page).
On the other hand, Electrical Engineering and Physics do not.
Martijn compiled a list here.
1:31 AM
I've seen that the ones that does sooner or later has low quality content and low quality bans
does electrical engineering have a quality problem?
and this is further accentuated by:
> ... we don't really care about putting barriers in front of question askers
Q: Why are electronics SE questions getting down-voted so often?

MandoMandoUsers who aren't Elec. gurus seem to be asking legitimate questions to which they don't know the answer and they may even possibly going about it the wrong way. Other SE site users guide the misguided user in the right direction and provide answers that future curious persons can read about. I'...

wow, their meta.X is a mess
so many single tagged question... and only because it's obligatory
I could not find any discussion of the unregistered-questions issue on meta.EE
I'm trying to decide whether to propose this on Math. Not expecting any quality improvements, but maybe less noise due to users who want to delete their question and can't.
1:50 AM
@Braiam Ha; the only thing I get out of that guys statistics is that SO, SU, and Math don't downvote enough.
Huh, I'm being really cynical tonight.
Always remember:
My friend found that today and texted it to me, so it's a good fresh picture.
^^ Absolutely, the way. On Christianity, downvotes skyrocketed to 27% this year.
Turning the other cheek got old, I suppose.
One only has so many cheeks
@Frank Sorry to hear that. Here, have another star.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii :D
2:03 AM
Pity stars with sad faces in them
Q: How can I identify the "type" of a rose if I don't already know what it is?

standgaleIn the gardening and rose books I have they talk about different types of roses - hybrid, damask, china, tea, etc. They give a brief history of each rose type and a couple of pictures, but generally little or no description. Is it in fact possible to determine a roses "type" or "class" just by ...

Yay, someone else is doing the challenge now.
@JasonC Oh, nice. +49 already.
@JasonC 1 yr old data
@Braiam Lies. 2014 is an illusion created by BIG CORPORATIONS. Only idiot sheeple think it's a real year.
btw, AU data says downvotes doubled in what have the year and upvotes may not reach 2013 levels
Thanks to Eric Carvalho in part, I suppose.
2:17 AM
@Frank I'm not sure, but is that what "terminology" means?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii nah, there was several post which afterwards there were more downvotes as whole
Maybe the Tavern can crowdsource a question for Frank's Terminology topic challenge on GL. I propose "is pizza a vegetable?"
Q: Is it reasonable to use Java libraries created by other developers?

RyanMy thought is that if someone has already done it, why create it again? That would be like trying to build drill yourself, in order to hang drywall, instead of just using one that someone else already created. At the sane time, does it show a lack of experience or knowledge in software programmi...

I don't see why answers to this question could not be based on "facts, references, or specific expertise."
If you don't use available libraries, if you reinvent every wheel just because you can, I don't want to work with you. — Louis Wasserman 14 secs ago
2:26 AM
they might be based on facts, references, or specific expertise, but there's no "OP is an idiot" CV reason (anymore)
And in any case it's not even worth answering. After minimal experience the OP - or anybody else with that question - will either figure out that answer on their own or won't be involved in development any more.
english language learners — cVplZ 9 mins ago
@cVplZ Lawl.
no, seriously
in Unix and Linux on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Oct 25 at 14:32, by Braiam
most of the things I see people wants to do aren't useful, nor necessary
Ok, so I found this question which was closed as a duplicate. The OP edited his post and edited out the duplicate message. I then just edited back in... but now I realize that the duplicate page does not exist anymore.
2:44 AM
Q: duplicate question is missing

binilWhat happens if a "Possible Duplicate" Question is missing for a closed question. here is the link c# handle return value and execute code now under Revision List So is this a bug on SO.

A: Marked as duplicated with missing counterpart

Tim PostThis should not be a problem going forward for new questions, since recent changes to the closing system look out for this. However, there are some questions still in the database and stuck in this state - where the duplicate named by a question that was marked as a duplicate has been deleted in...

@cVplZ The original duplicate was just another question asked by that same user, too. So it seems like it doesn't make sense as a duplicate any more anyways. Also voted to reopen.
Thanks @animuson!
Maybe someone could write a Data Explorer query to find all of these... — Danny Beckett Mar 20 '13 at 12:53
hmm.. don't know if that's possible though
@cVplZ animuson has one
Maybe this is a silly question but, shouldn't everything tagged drupal on SO be moved to drupal.se...?
@JasonC No, drupal is on-topic here. Migration is only done when a topic is off-topic for the current site, but on-topic for the other. In this case, it's on-topic in both places.
@JasonC no, but drupal should be closed to reduce spam
That was weird. I just got logged out.
@hichris123 Yeah, good point.
yesterday, by Jason C
A good spam filter strategy would be to just keep drupal.se in read-only mode.
3:02 AM
Every time I go to Area51 and see the HackOverflow proposal, I have these apocalyptic visions of a site going down in flames, degenerated to nothing but "HOW DO I SPY ON MY FRIENDS TEXT MESSAGES" and 1000's of duplicates of a canonical buffer overflow exploit explanation.
Mark my words. A dark wind blows.
Well, we are already Puzzling over smelly things between twins, and daydreaming about Hacking the universe.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii "Hacking the universe... because the NSA is not enough"
@cVplZ How much reputation does one need to VTC a site?
3:18 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii power
@Braiam I stole your FR title. (Just noticed a typo in my #4, but decided it's funny.)
@Rafflesiaarnoldii why the heck are zeros rendered with mathjax?
btw, I would tag it as discussion if you want it to show in the Community Bulletin
@Braiam Because Georgia. Why Georgia? Ask John Mayer.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SELECT DATA WHOSE DIFFERENT TRANSACTIONS by user51760 on dba.stackexchange.com
^ edit suggested, though the Q may be hopeless.
3:53 AM
^ should be on SO, I think? But it's hopeless though.
Today is boring, someone please post spam somewhere.
Spam somewhere.
(you're welcome)
thanks a lot. useless comment.
it was absolutely useless. Thanks
It's not the most useless comment I've made today.
So you can take comfort in that, at least.
4:08 AM
And I fucking hate (yeah, my French) answers like stackoverflow.com/a/26793866/616460 - people who give answers like that should just be IP banned from all SE sites immediately. It's such crap. Argh.
You get so many of them this time of night.
A sentence fragment followed by a code block = instant ban.
I would upvote that feature request.
At least he left ` //Do the calculation` part for the OP.
Every comment in that code snippet is awful, redundant, and pointless.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Seriously. Really you just get these annoying people who actually just want to show the world that yes, they too know how to write a program that calculates the volume of a cone or whatever. Cool, A+, good for your self-image.
Those are exactly the kind of comments that get encouraged by college professors, and are discouraged by...everyone else.
4:20 AM
Q: How to safely cook a lamb's head?

Dr CI saw at the butcher's shop today that they sold the head of the lamb, cut in half down the middle. I became really interested because the brain was fresh, and I believed it to be really nutritious. However, when I told my family about it, they were rather freaked out. They argued that the brain ...

For once, this is not an Arqade question designed to freak people out.
Well this answers my confusion from earlier about spam vs NAA.
A: Markdown to HTML, again

cormac-obrienNote: I don't have enough rep to comment, so if a mod can move this to a comment on the OP that would be appreciated. You're being a bit stingy with whitespace, which makes the code difficult to review. There are also no comments, and while minimal commenting is good practice, having no comments...

What's "stingy with whitespace" mean?
It isn't like it's minified…
Q: In a string of comments, including junk, should I flag the individual comments, or leave a custom flag on the post?

FrankA moderator on GL made a meta post about flagging comments. The part of it I'm questioning is: If there are more than one comments that should be removed, don't flag them individually because that can make it difficult to see what's what. When viewing a post, moderators see an overlay with th...

Thoughts on my question, anyone?
4:51 AM
I think it's a dupe.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Nice. Of what?
^^ dupe.
@Andy gone
@JasonC Hmm, that's what it looks like.
Mine was shorter.
flag it like this
there is a bot watching for that format that will be used to help teach Pham and Smokey what spam looks like
Okay, will do. Does Gham also learn from it? I still don't know what it does.
I'm not sure what Gham does.
^^ I'm learning too!
How to uplift of dropping cheeks...
Oh they mean on the face probably
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Can I Recommend Skin care products? by gloriahaiigh on drupal.stackexchange.com
Smokey is 1 for 4 tonight, 0.250 batting average.
I want to get a Marshal on drupal some day, just for spam flags.
5:11 AM
@JasonC You are empowered to tell tp to Smokey, right?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Oh yeah that's right
This one is tp. "u" is for users, those flagged because of name.
i think its tp
the worst that happens is that smokey crashes and burns and takes down the entire internet
Oh I did the edit hting.
@SmokeDetector true
@JasonC Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
5:12 AM
woo! internet is still here
Also, a new question was just posted on Drupal; shockingly, not spam.
I hate when I do that; accidentally edit a chat comment instead of posting a new one. Confuses the crap out of me.
Do the bots even consider the site of origin? Comes from Drupal => +20 to the spam score.
There is some site logic in both, but it is different and I'm not sure exactly what it is
5:15 AM
Does drupal actually get more spam, or do we just see it more in the chat room because there's not as many people around this time of day to catch it.
@bjb568 It means that it is difficult to read. You have no blank lines between functions, and you have one line while loops, then a variable declaration and another one line while loop. The lack of white space and new lines makes it hard to review
Oct 30 at 5:24, by Weapon of Choice
Fun fact: over 1/4 of all posts on Drupal are deleted (26%). Compared to 16% on SO.
^ I think it does get more spam than other sites.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii with extra fire to make sure the lamb head doesn't awake to bite you?
5:27 AM
cv-pls should be on meta.so stackoverflow.com/questions/26749419/…
@JasonC Jan mentioned that there is a certain group (company? organization?) that targets drupal.se for spamming their product
Again with the shitty "yay I can solve a problem, here let me do your work for you" answers stackoverflow.com/questions/26794488/…
Whoa, someone nuked spam post on Drupal before I could even get to it. A moderator is awake there.
@JasonC Basic instinct: oooh, I know that!. Very visible on Math as well.
5:46 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SEND BUTTON IN SERIAL IN C# by ChronoAngeL on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector fixed
6:01 AM
what is this room about?
@DroidDev It's about booibies.
@JasonC well....name changed
and @AndrewT. left room instantly :P
in Gayzone on Stack Overflow Chat, 20 secs ago, by boyee
i'm the only girl here
can a person with 110 repz create a chatroom?
6:09 AM
@DroidDev requires 100 rep. So, yes
@Rafflesiaarnoldii gone so quick!
noticed so late! (by me)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SELECT DATA WHOSE DIFFERENT TRANSACTIONS by user51760 on dba.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Skin Care Open use by ra sion on meta.stackexchange.com
6:37 AM
Looks like Meta is second after Drupal in spam volume. Would be interesting to see actual statistics
@SmokeDetector true
@JasonC Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
nvm, closed
Can I apply filters to the realtime question feed?
Or at least just view the realtime feed for a specific site?
Write a userscript
per-site homepages do auto-update
6:47 AM
I just keep Drupal's newest Questions page open in a tab. When (1) appears, it's spam.
@JanDvorak Oh right, duh.
essentially the same thing I do
Yup, same thing I do too. Absolutely. Always been doing that. Yup. Ha ha sure. Yup. >.>
^ Live demo. But I plan to add sound notification to it, if it does not get too annoying.
^ gone
in Shadow's Den, 55 secs ago, by Shadow Wizard
Thanks for clarifying, now it's clear. Think there is a dupe, will search later. (no time now, just voted to Reopen) — Shadow Wizard 1 min ago
^ i.e.
8:34 AM
NAA at least
@JanDvorak I'd say yes
@JanDvorak I'd go NAA
8:50 AM
@JanDvorak yep: This answer is effectively an advertisement with no disclosure. It is not useful or relevant, but promotional.
It feels relevant (kinda)
Their other answers are not too bad though. It may just be NAA.
Also, that^. The rep feels too high for a spammer.
disputed, but down
spam flags mod-disputed? Nice
8:55 AM
not an answer - helpful
It's just one flag. I have the Deputy badge on SU anyway.
9:09 AM
9:21 AM
9:32 AM
What a hell are you explaining me? I just give a quick answer with the full better reference link, if he need further details. On stack many answers is like this, with no problem — George Garchagudashvili 7 mins ago
Apparently he doesn't understand what I'm explaining
Or something like that
Just back away slowly ... :)
@Sam: I totally didn't count on that
Eh, chat hates me.
9:35 AM
@Cerbrus lies
POB, or answer "doesn't matter"? stackoverflow.com/questions/26798285/…
dunno, are you dire for rep?
9:46 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Skin Care Google by jonedawn000 on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector true
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
a member keeps on rolling back an edit to his vandalism meta.stackexchange.com/questions/243182/…
@Pham fp why
9:51 AM
@JanDvorak Term(s) found: (Ignored: 0%. Score: 10) ^\<p\>[^a-z]*\<\/p\>$ (Sensitivity: 1.7%. Specificity: 93.1%. Ignored: 96.2%. Score: 79) ^(?i).{0,80}$ (Ignored: 66.7%. Score: 16.9) ^[^ ]*$
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ABOUT PROJECTILE OF A BOMB DROPPEDFROM AEROPLANE by Shobik Gupta on physics.stackexchange.com
why was this^^^ posted here, @Sam
@JanDvorak Because one of those terms is marked "auto".
(The all caps one)
oh. thanks
I was worried someone TP'd that
Yeah, that had me for a sec as well, frantically searching for a tpa ;)
9:55 AM
Low Quality A (46.8%): no:( no:( no:( no:( no:( no:( no:( no:( no:(..., by noman, on physics.stackexchange.com.
abusive, or just a crappy non-answer?
looks like a bit of both..
non-answer in the very least though.
Well it doesn't answer the question.
I vlq'd it
Spam A (73.8%): Bulk Logged will not help you in this situat..., by laskozinin, on dba.stackexchange.com.
Low Quality Q (39.6%): How to add Comma separated numbers in Javascript?, by Harshith Shetty, on stackoverflow.com.
10:14 AM
^ question closed.
Spam still there.
1 close vote needed please
Q: Make a cell blink

SethIf I have a time value in cell AE3 as 00:00, how can I use VBA to make the cell blink when the current time is 2 hours greater than AE3, and stop when cell has no value or empty? Here is the homework I've done. Maybe I can use a variation of this? MODULE Option Explicit Public RunWhen As Dou...

10:30 AM
any mod nearby to lock the rollback war?
current status: revision 26
Hey folks!
@Frank howdy!
@Vogel612'sShadow looks like @ShadowWizard is having fun there...
10:35 AM
Oooh, drama
I see my question wasn't cv'd as a dupe. I was expecting it to be when I woke up this morning. :D
+110 already today on GL.
Low Quality Q (39.8%): Change position of Map and Satellite option in google map v3 api, by devanshul, on stackoverflow.com.
Low Quality A (19.9%): Not useful for large number of rows., by Amit Deo, on stackoverflow.com.
Low Quality Q (100%): How to get the System.Label.demolabel in c# code, by Lemon, on salesforce.stackexchange.com.
11:04 AM
@Pham why
@Unihedron Term(s) found: (Sensitivity: 0.8%. Specificity: 85.6%. Ignored: 92.4%. Score: 39) (?s-m)^.{0,150}$
Low Quality A (19.9%): The problem solved with the help of a collea..., by user285825, on stackoverflow.com.
@Pham why
@Mooseman Term(s) found: (Sensitivity: 3.5%. Specificity: 94.2%. Ignored: 94.4%. Score: 84) ^(?i).{0,80}$
11:21 AM
This is not a valid answer. You should either add an answer to your question, which depicts how you solved the problem or delete the question, because the problem that caused you to ask this doesn't exist anymore. — DroidDev 3 mins ago
Spare yourself the effort guys. Last seen in november of 2013 ... nuke it.
@DroidDev vlq or naa ?
@SilentKiller NAA should be okay, but I didn't flagged until now, because I thought OP might respond. Going to flag it now, also, the question too seems kind of too-broad type, maybe
@rene not anymore, Oded stepped in
YES! I do love resetting my router every ten minutes!
11:24 AM
@ShadowWizard oh! sounds like you were enjoying it
@ShadowWizard to bad it had to be that way....
@Mooseman I had been doing that also. Or more like every 3 seconds...
@Frank Does it completely die, or just fall to a speed you would normally measure in baud?
@Mooseman stackexchange times out...
11:29 AM
@vba4all OT => recommendation. ("Do you know any levenshtein macro for excel?")
@vba4all But it is four years old already...
@Mooseman I realize but it shouldn't matter right?
@vba4all It means that moderation was weaker then. I voted to close.
@vba4all Closed.
11:36 AM
@SmokeDetector Outdated, but valid at its time.
you awake @bjb568 ?
12:09 PM
@DroidDev Nobody. Is. Awake. Anymore.
I am
I am
I am
I am
I am
12:11 PM
I am
I wish I was.
(c-){6)combo breaker
chain broke. :(
WARNING: Train wreck above ^
12:20 PM
stackoverflow.com/q/26769674/1927206 off-topic, debugging but no code or (very) unclear what you're asking
sooooo many links...
Thanks muchly. I am. Spartacus
Is it just me, or when you ping google.com -6, does it time out?
12:35 PM
times out for me
pings just fine over IPv4
same here.
[tag:cv-pls] http://stackoverflow.com/q/9058099/1234256
[tag:naa] http://stackoverflow.com/a/9073015/1234256
@SilentKiller cv'd
1:16 PM
@Mooseman no questions with that tag. It will automatically go.
@Bart I just untagged the one (See request)
Problem solved :)
F-22 flight procedures initiated
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