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2:02 AM
@Cupcake Sent. (Sorry for delay: bug fixes.)
@AstroCB thanks!
@bjb568 don't bother flagging the posts that you find with the parameters that I gave you, I've already flagged all of them.
@Cupcake All of them? The first 2 rows were fine.
@iStimple @Shog9 is such a rep whore!
@bjb568 links?
@bjb568 I hesitated about flagging those, because they're so short, but after thinking about it a while, I decided to flag them after all.
What are the odds that 3 different people use the same formatting and the same variable names?
@hichris123 Too minor, but 2k rep.
@Cupcake High.
2:06 AM
@hichris123 yea
@bjb568 ... too minor? I made the title 1000x less crappier.
@bjb568 well, if a mod disagrees, then those flags will be declined.
@bjb568 there was a lot of green and red so not too minor
@hichris123 It's a crap question. Seeing context (argh, edit summary doesn't show) it's ok since it's highly-voted. Removed tag from title.
@iStimple That… Just… I… No
2:08 AM
@Cupcake i think the script should have a min length of like 300 characters, since it's a lot easier for small posts to be identical
How much is 300 chars?
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx‌​xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx‌​xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx‌​xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I've found duplicate answers that are less than that.
Yeah, I looked at all 3, you can still find duplicates that are less than 300.
2:11 AM
@bjb568 I added the tag to the title as it makes it a lot easier to identify, as there's probably "How do I convert blah to blah in Java", etc.
Hold on, let me demonstrate.
@hichris123 Why? What do you think tags are for?
@Cupcake just a suggestion, if I was doing this I would start with the higher character posts and then work my way down. Seems more efficient that way.
@Cupcake i believe and agree with you, no need for demostration
"You haven't voted on questions for a while, they need votes too!" No they don't...
@bjb568 Well... say I want to ask the same question, except with Java. Remember, NO TAGS IN TITLES....
> A question with that title already exists; please be more specific
2:15 AM
Q: "A question with that title already exists" in another language

bjb568I'm editing titles. But I can't edit one because there is the same title for another question. Great, a dup! No, this one's java and that one's python. Now I can't edit the title. :( Can this be disabled, at least for editing?

@hichris123 I didn't read that before posting my feature request.
Anyway, I think I'm going to rollback your edit. At least for now.
I'll probably change my mind in 12 hours. :P
someone forgot to camofladgue their bot :P
@bjb568 I already flagged a mod about that.
@Cupcake Yes, you said.
But if I flag, then my flag will get attention.
I swear, my flags always get handled first… It's just like lightning fast or something.
Like they track me.
Limit 80, start 2014-01-01, end 2014-08-12. That will dredge up 80 results, the last 40 of which I haven't touched yet, if you want to have at it. Query takes 81 seconds to run, about.
Like they log me…
2:24 AM
@bjb568 What title are you trying to edit
It'll show up to google and in titles as "Java: Can I foobar in Java?". Also, wastes space and bytes. — bjb568 53 secs ago
@Cupcake Done.
@bjb568 congrats for falling into the moderators' watchlist. how does it feel?
@Unihedron I feel great!
@bjb568 @hichris123 stackoverflow.com/questions/1372715/… Fixed. No tags. No duplicate title.
2:27 AM
How do I? Well I don't know, how do you?
@bjb568 Except it is.
Is that the one you were referring to in your meta post?
@JasonC No.
@bjb568 Which one are you referring to in your meta post?
@JasonC Nothing in particular.
@hichris123 which one?
2:34 AM
@Undo Rev 3
rev 3 looks good @hichris
@bjb568 You can add trailing spaces. Shh, don't tell anyone.
2:47 AM
This room needs more stars
... mobile chat doesn't make starring easy. :(
@Cupcake Okay, so I read through your post again and I realized that you only want Meta.**SO** links gone (you still want featured Meta posts from Meta.SE and blog posts/podcasts/events/etc.). So, that made the userscript way more complicated, but I did fix it.
The new version is at the same link (or, if your userscript installer supports updates, I've pushed an update): it hides links to per-site metas and will hide the bulletin entirely if only per-site meta links are there. Otherwise, it will show the bulletin, but it will still hide per-site meta links.
2:48 AM
@Shog9 copy pastes the entire Stack Exchange team's photos Is that enough stars for you?
@Unihedron And people still answered it...
@Jamal New users :/
What's there to have an opinion about, @hichris123? Probably needs an iphone/ios tag. — Shog9 ♦ 1 min ago
@Shog9 Opinion on having the tag in the title vs not.
Which tag
2:52 AM
the "in #{LANGUAGE}" part, I think
the guy wants to know how to convert ints to strings on his iphone - however you wanna spin that, put it in the title
Not to be confused with converting imps to strings.
2:53 AM
@animuson aww
imagines throwing a monkey into a black hole, causing spaghettification
On second thought, maybe it's best not to share that one.
I'm 34s late :(
@Cupcake skeptical of your ability to do this, but if you think you can... Throw it up on meta & let folks test it
@Shog9 So what if I have a query thats remarkably good at finding sockpuppets and voting rings, but needs to be used with... wisdom?
2:57 AM
@Shog9 that's the thing though, I'm really reluctant to go put it up on Meta, because it's a no-brainer to get around it.
Is that one that should be thrown up on meta?
@Cupcake the plagiarists won't bother figuring out how to get around it
@Undo Program in wisdom then. Obviously.
@Andy Wow, INNER JOIN Wisdom w ON w.ThingToDo=post.ThingThatNeedsToBeDone works wonders!
3:08 AM
@Shog9 You said here that Meta participation is way up: how much of an impact do you think posting a userscript that allows you to hide Meta links from the Community Bulletin (and the Community Bulletin itself if they're only Meta links) would have?
^^ Whyyyyyyy?
I hit jackpot.
(stares at Cupcake)
What did you find? :o
3:10 AM
I've been running this on a few users I've flagged for plagiarism: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/217313/…
Most of them only plagiarized an answer once.
^ Click on that before it's removed.
But I just found a guy with 40 instances of copied answers.
3:10 AM
I won't bother flagging all of them.
@bjb568 If Meta participation is up, I don't want to destroy that trend by removing a crucial avenue leading to there.
I'll just flag one and give the mod a link to the query.
@Cupcake How much rep does the user have?
@AstroCB in the thousands.
3:12 AM
Won't be removed, then.
That's frightening!
@AstroCB hmm, what do you mean?
@Cupcake how many answers does he have?
@iStimple in the hundreds.
@Undo you keep it out of the hands of idiots
3:13 AM
@Cupcake If it were a low rep user with that many copied answers, a mod would probably just delete the user: since it's a fairly experienced one, he'll just be sent to the penalty box (most likely).
@AstroCB you're asking me how many people would voluntarily install a script to keep them off meta?
@Shog9 When you put it that way, it sounds...odd. But, yes.
I have no data on that. Anecdotally, I did that once. You... can kinda see how that worked out.
@Shog9 Well, I'll just post it, then: I doubt it will be too many.
there's a site for that
3:17 AM
I could not but notice that my firefox sometimes flashes, but only when I have SE/chats open, it couldn't be that SE is logging anything, or could it ... just checking ...
@Shog9 Yes: I currently have one script there that fixes the pesky new comment separator (it's now in SOUP). I'm not sure whether I should put it there, but I guess I could.
@Cupcake, I believe you found the same one I did.
@Andy did you find a bunch of copied answers too?
@AstroCB it's what the site is made for
@Shog9 True. I was thinking that it's too niche, but then again, fixing a tiny little separator between two lines of text on a page is even more niche.
3:22 AM
@Cupcake Yes. There were a lot of copied answers on that account
A user keeps on formatting tables incorrectly - and got approved twice :(
@Shog9 no troll from you recently, I am concerned with your mental health .. everything alright?
just think: someone probably sat that person down and taught them to do that
Q: Hide the Community Bulletin

AstroCBAbout Ever find yourself spending too much time on Meta and not enough time answering "real" questions? This script will hide links to per-site metas from the Community Bulletin, which is a main route to Meta. However, featured Meta Stack Exchange posts, announcements, events, and podcast link...

3:34 AM
> How many typist data u want to enter
@AstroCB Discouraging Meta participation?! closes as off-topic
Of course.
22 mins ago, by Shog9
@AstroCB you're asking me how many people would voluntarily install a script to keep them off meta?
Almost saw it... :P
> >>help
@Unihedron It was nothing interesting
(I saw it >:D)
3:41 AM
@Doorknob it doesn't work, does it.
@SantaClaus The bot isn't on
@Doorknob whyyyy
^ that's what happened when I panicked. :P
@Doorknob I think it's dead now.
I guess you're into llamas too
@Doorknob That's odd. I have a server at work that is named Llama. It's one of the better behaved ones though.
3:45 AM
When I panic my computer gets scared and then it panics and then we all panic.
@SantaClaus Then you kill the colonel right? I've killed so many colonels, I'm probably a war criminal somewhere
I just calculated that I have 666 net helpful flags. :/
flag something quick
Nice spreadsheet
3:50 AM
Thanks, haven't used MS Excel in years.
Anyone else find it annoying that google drive on ios makes you go download the google docs app just so that you can edit a document?
It does? wow
@Cupcake duplicate of this?
3:54 AM

Stars galore!

3 hours ago, 32 minutes total – 182 messages, 13 users, 54 stars

Bookmarked 59 secs ago by AstroCB

@Cupcake Not sure if I should use that query or stay the hell away from it
@BoltClock'saUnicorn hmm, what do you mean? Is it incorrect? Or should I not be using it?
Q: how %f works in java

AaronI saw %f mostly in tow different occasions. first, in printf which [I think] I know the usage but not the logic: System.out.printf("%.2f", 3.1415); // will print 2 digits after decimal! and also for formatting floats like in nextFloat() random generator which I neither know the usage nor the l...

^ That's the first time I've ever seen a really dumb SO question actually be kind of a great question.
It's almost adorable.
@Cupcake Among the bannable offenses plagiarism is the one that offends me the most
I have never deleted so many stolen answers from so many different users in 10 minutes, but then again I'm not surprised. I'm sure there's tons of unattributed content out there
Welcome back @Jamal
3:58 AM
@Shog9 the first one read like a recommendation question to me. The second reads like "I don't know how to set up Git on my server, how do I do it?"...so it doesn't seem like an exact duplicate, at least not to me.
@Cupcake what's the difference?
@Unihedron I had to update some things. :-)
Makes you wonder why things like tynt.com exist
@BoltClock'saUnicorn I like you
@Shog9 different close reasons?
4:02 AM
@BoltClock'saUnicorn I still have plenty of flagged answers in the queue if you want to have at it.
@Cupcake clearly, but... are they essentially different questions?
@Cupcake Yeah I noticed there weren't any comments on the answers and I'm kind of lazy to copy them over
@BoltClock'saUnicorn there should be like, some kind of mod tool where you just click "this is plagiarism", give a link to the original answer, and it automatically adds the comment for you, while deleting the answer... *cough* feature-request *cough*
@Cupcake Yeah. For any duplicate answers, for that matter. From self or from other people
Speaking of self, one of the answers you flagged... was a sock puppet copying from their main account. Can't make this up
4:06 AM
Honestly though
There has to be a way to teach users that when you copy stuff, you need to give credit
@Shog9 I'm dumb, I'm not following what you're getting at :p
@BoltClock'saUnicorn didn't the system use to detect duplicate answers?
I thought I saw that show up in the review queues.
@Unihedron That's really good…
@Cupcake what I'm getting at is... If those questions were essentially the same, then you didn't need help closing it.
4:09 AM
@Shog9 ...oh...
@Cupcake AFAIK it's only ever detected exact duplicate answers from the same user
@BoltClock'saUnicorn that would explain it. Why did we take that out?
@Cupcake It's still there
There's just never been a check against other people's answers because I think that would be pretty expensive
@bjb568 :D
@BoltClock'saUnicorn self-join on the Posts table? Yeah, it's expensive.
4:11 AM
@Shog9 done.
@Shog9 it took me what, a week?
@BoltClock'saUnicorn Common sense: If you don't have it, find a different site.
2 hours ago, by bjb568
http://stackoverflow.com/users/769289/mehul-akoliya http://stackoverflow.com/users/3213794/vivek-shah
4:16 AM
Another? LOL
Keep it open. Make sure Santa answers it
@BoltClock'saUnicorn Answering questions is too much work.
I improved it. You can answer it now.
@Unihedron "improved formatting"
@BoltClock'saUnicorn have you noticed that most, if not all, of the plagiarizing accounts all come from a specific geographical location?
little girl> I have a wish - I want a dog who will chase neighbour's cat away this Xmas, who should I address it to? Santa or Satan?
@bjb568 ^^
It's a cultural thing. Jon and Tim wrote about it.
4:20 AM
@Cupcake Of course I have
@chmod711telkitty You can address that to one of my legal correspondents.
@chmod711telkitty Santa? Santa? Why would you chose them? You should choose Santa, obviously.
Also the words 'very special' means ... you don't fit anywhere ...
@Cupcake Yeah I'm getting sick of people telling me "don't judge someone by their race/nationality/culture etc". Fine not by their skin color but you absolutely cannot deny cultural influences
4:22 AM
Wooo PSN Level 29!
@animuson Not… relevant… to… thread…
I'm only 50% relevant.
@animuson Play Station Network?
Aug 3 at 13:26, by bjb568
@Unihedron you forgot too highlight viewDidLoad. I refuse to answer until this is corrected.
4:23 AM
@bjb568 Haha yeah
@bjb568 tms;dr
@JanDvorak ?
too much shouting; didn't read
@BoltClock'saUnicorn :P
@JanDvorak Dammit, foiled
4:24 AM
@SantaClaus I've gladly clarified the question and highlighted that code. Eagerly waiting for your insightful and intelligent answer. :)
@Cupcake Of course.
@animuson Games… People play games?
@bjb568 People play mind games with us all the time
@Unihedron wy downmark but no pm solution i hat stckoverflw
@animuson Huh. Fixed with. No mobile site. Poor graphics. Fails all kinds of usability tests.
omg text input field for password is 11 chars wide
4:28 AM
@Unihedron I was just going to leave a comment linking to another question that answers part of his question.
My password is 64 characters long.
@SantaClaus Aww.
9 mins ago, by Santa Claus
@BoltClock'saUnicorn Answering questions is too much work.
@Unihedron That's excessive. 24 is enough for now. 32 to be uber-futureproof.
I follow the xkcd password rule of jointing random words, and I have just too many random words. :)
@Unihedron Oh. I use lastpass.
clicks "learn spelling"
4:29 AM
(Learns English)
^ Ugh, rendering problems.
@Cupcake Can I stop handling your flags now please ;~; this is too much for me
Nice emoticon.
@BoltClock'saUnicorn sure, as long as I get to keep flagging so that someone else can handle them. Or did you want me to just stop flagging for now?
To address our earlier conversation about stars: they are based on UTC.
4:32 AM
@Cupcake Oh go ahead
@BoltClock'saUnicorn ooh if you need a change of scenery I can flag a few now
Q: A guide to moderating comments

Shog9Commenting is one of the unsung heroes of Stack Exchange. The help center suggestions that you should submit a comment if you want to: Request clarification from the author; Leave constructive criticism that guides the author in improving the post; Add relevant but minor or transient i...

@AstroCB That's what I said!
Ugh, I thought that would get one-boxed.
4:33 AM
@bjb568 Nothing here is based on local; it would lead to exploitation.
@AstroCB ?
@Unihedron -1 does not loop.
@BoltClock'saUnicorn Doesn't SE specific stuff belong on meta?
It seems meta-y.
@bjb568 You can set/change/spoof local time; UTC is absolute.
@BoltClock'saUnicorn We'd love questions :)
4:34 AM
@bjb568 Just being facetious
@Unihedron That's a webm video! Ever heard of gif?
@AstroCB It could be stored as server time + alleged timezone.
@bjb568 Then you could change alleged timezone.
What's a gif?
@BoltClock'saUnicorn Humor? No.
Sorry, I should totally drop trying to one-box things and try jQuery.
4:36 AM
@AstroCB So?
@bjb568 Oh, now I see what you're saying: never mind.
@bjb568 How do you put a status tag?
Oh, nice!
Can I put square brackets inside tags somehow
4:42 AM
@JasonC Square brackets aren't allowed inside tags. Neither are spaces.
Neither are backslashes.
Can somebody rename the Community user to "Big Brother" someday? That would be cool.
4:45 AM
I second @SantaClaus
It's gravatar would need to have a mustache...
@SantaClaus How about "Dutch Oven", so we can giggle every time we see it?
I hit my 3rd jackpot with shortcake.
@Cupcake Is it a jackpot of the same magnitude as the first?
Q: How to implement jQuery on Event with Jquery Plugin Elements

HituI want to implement jquery plugin element on Ajax Sucess request. like $(document).on('click','.someclass',function() { //my code }); But now i have some functions $('.nailthumb-container').nailthumb({width: 223, height: 147}); and $("div.recent_articles").smoothDivScroll({ ...

4:56 AM
@AstroCB no, that first one was the worst so far. The 2nd only had 29, this one had 12.
Well, that...broke.
I thought they only put four posts at a time in the bulletin...
Someone should make an app that lets you schedule deleting comments so you don't have to click every 5 seconds, instead schedule them to be deleted and it does it.
@Unihedron I might try that; sounds simple enough.
(Famous last words)
I want an app that will apply downvotes at a later date, so that I can leave comments and people won't know it was me.
Or the other way around, leave comments at a later date.
5:08 AM
I've never used so many flags in one day in a long time.
I'm down to about 29.
@Cupcake Build browser plugin.
I've ran out of comment flags yesterday. Fun times finding obsolete comments.
Still looks bad, though.
If anyone downloaded the Community Bulletin-hider, I've just pushed an update.
@AstroCB We… didn't.
Well, it's late, goodnight!
5:15 AM
@bjb568 I assumed.
Current plagiarism list if anyone wants to flag their way through it: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/217301/…. I've already flagged the first 80 rows, I haven't touched the rest.
@bjb568 Night!
You can plug user IDs into shortcake too data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/217313/…
To find more copied answers for a particular user.
Mmm, Strawberry Shortcake.
5:26 AM
Most users that I've found don't plagiarize more than once. Well, at least not in a way that waffles and shortcake can detect.
To be honest, Most users that I've found don't plagiarize more than once. Well, at least not in a way that waffles and shortcake can detect.
On second thought, I'm just going to send the query results over to the SE team.
It's not really worth our time to go flag all of those posts, and I'm not sure the mods will enjoy it either. Shog can probably nuke them all much faster in one go.
5:48 AM
Morning @rene!
better upvote the correct answer...
I did. :)
6:10 AM
...3 years later...
A: Provide a tool for moderators to migrate comments to chat

OdedThis has now been implemented, in the following form: On posts that have been automatically flagged as having too many comments (defined as over 20 comments in 3 days, by default - these values can be tweaked per site), moderators will see in the moderator dashboard section a button - "Move comm...

Oh well... booting up my script
three more pieces on the drupal front page
6:29 AM
One left on drupal...
to make it easy for every one: here is that link to SPAM drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/126525/…
@rene not anymore :D
Phew :)

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