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@JanDvorak that is not old enough for me
I did rollback his edit
@rene I wonder if it will last
@JanDvorak I would be surprised if it did...
I've been watching Season 24 of Survivor and... OMG haha this is like the most intense season of it I've ever seen. o.o
@Unihedron I've already reported this one
linking it again for you
Now who could this Joe be ....
Damnit Amazon stop changing the design so often. >_>
in latest news: shoe-selling spam with some christianity mixed in
Still, got shot down within minutes.
not really. Hovering at -3
@Bart how did you find that?
8:11 AM
too long to read...
tex spam gone, webapps spam still hovering at -4
It's in his profile @Cupcake.
@Bart no it's not stackoverflow.com/users/2682142/final-contest. Which profile are you referring to?
Ah, only in his MSE profile apparently. I was over there
8:18 AM
I've managed to squeeze one more flag from the javascript room.
We do derp-trains now?
8:21 AM
Ah! so, criticism is from Lazslo...
ehlo is taken from the SMTP standard. Not sure where hoel comes from, but it could be referring Noel
I'm thinking of posting a suggestion for automatic system-generated bounties - I can't find anything like it but it seems a bit unlikely it's not a dupe. Anyone happen to remember?
Under what criteria @JackDouglas? Perhaps it was asked as something more specific?
@Bart if it's old and highly-upvoted with no answers
(and maybe if there aren't already more than N active bounties on the site)
Q: StackExchange could offer Bounties on old questions

dashI often see old questions on Stack Overflow - some are just plain bad, some have been asked at that time of day when no one is around except for RBS staff trying to frantically fix autosys, and some have clearly been asked when Jon Skeet* is on holiday. Some of them are just really hard. The ba...

Seems to be in similar spirit?
8:25 AM
should the question be closed, or answered? Choose one, not both, please — Jan Dvorak 8 secs ago
@Bart similar yes, thanks. Maybe not quite a dupe as I was thinking of something fully automatic
I might risk it :)
Post and duck @JackDouglas.
Good advice!
@JanDvorak I did the last one...
8:39 AM
I just found an instance of 1 high-rep user plagiarizing an answer from another high-rep user.
Well, I take it back.
This is the second time that I've seen this.
You never said it was your first witnessing
you have nothing to take back
I'm out of stars, I apologize in advance
8:45 AM
I have some...if you let me know what to star...
@rene you know what to star <--------------
Or is cross-star-ring an offense?
That works!
no link, weird
still holds the product name
@Bart I was faster! :D
Damn you @ShadowWizard!!
shakes fist
9:20 AM
fasters not always better
train in the Den!
gone. I'm still wondering wth is a muscle scam ... something you want to build
@iStimple that's some profane spam...
9:33 AM
how do you come to know, you are getting totally bored?
You start reading all spams
@DroidDev no, it's official when you start looking for understanding, grammar errors, etc in them
@Unihedron appears to be screen scraping of a valid forum post
(or maybe it's also spam, didn't bother to read in depth)
9:48 AM
Quick question... Why can't I find this room when I filter rooms for "tavern" on chat.stackexchange.com?
@Vogel612 because it's in a different domain (chat.meta.stackexchange.com)
Oh that's two completely separate chat-systems, similar to chat.so?
MSE got a chat of its own, yep
nice to hear.
Got yet another question, preferrably for a dev, in case one's around ;)
guess it's only due to technical domain issues, not really design choice
9:51 AM
@Vogel612 just ask it
I recently asked a question on scifi-meta concerning the SSL-Certificate there
@iStimple nice answer on the so-meta btw ;)
Q: SSL Certificate not valid here

Vogel612Just coming here from the main page chrome smashed my face with a large yellow screen: "The ssl certificate is not valid for this site" Unfortunatly I didn't have the quick though to snip it, but I got a snippet from my "omnibox", aka. navigation bar: It seems that chrome doesn't like the dot...

Would be nice to get a dev-side feedback on what's the plan there ;)
@ShadowWizard shouldn't you be able to route the domain to the same server? Then the rooms would be on the same system.
It should be a design choice...
@Vogel612 dunno, just guessing as really can't see real reason why MSE chat won't be hosted under the main chat.stackexchange.com like all other sites
@ShadowWizard sssst. We have our own server now. Look at all the space we've got.
A: Invalid SSL certificate on meta.*.stackexchange.com, can't log in without SSL

balphaOnce we officially support HTTPS, we'll probably move meta.*.stackexchange.com to *.meta.stackexchange.com. For details and reasons, see Nick's blog post. Right now, HTTPS kind of works, but is purely for testing and not officially supported yet.

@Bart I don't consider anything less than 100 PB "lots of space"
9:59 AM
something something yo momma something
@Bart sure you took the correct pill today? ;)
Don't know @ShadowWizard. At this point I just open my mouth and my carer shovels in whatever dosage of medication they think I require.
@iStimple seems nice. any workaround other than going http:// or ignoring the warning?
@Vogel612 not that i'm aware of
thanks. Ima head out ;)
Just love those screen scraping spam bots
They make me laugh, haha.
@Bart just stay away from this one, please. We still need you here.
@ShadowWizard he's leaving all his stars to his cat, stop sucking up :)
@ShadowWizard Well, if it makes him sing....
10:17 AM
Do we really want to see this happening, @rene? :-D
@ShadowWizard My speakers are muted, so bring it on...
/me looks up @rene's address ...
You want to send me fanmail?
I was thinking about a personal serenade ...
Oh, cool ... it is always better than the dogs currently barking below my window...
10:23 AM
Plot twist: that's no dog
Oops... :)
This is weird:
A: A solvable Lie-algebra of derived length 2 and nilpotency class $n$

Dietrich BurdeThe so called standard graded filiform nilpotent Lie algebra $\mathfrak{f}_{n+1}$ of dimension $n+1$ has nilpotency class $n$, and derived length $2$. The non-trivial brackets are $[e_1,e_i]= e_{i+1}$ for $i=2,\ldots ,n$. We have $[\mathfrak{f}_{n+1}, \mathfrak{f}_{n+1}]=\langle e_3,\ldots ,e_{n+...

He copied the answer right above his verbatim.
Like, almost a year and a half later.
10:26 AM
Did he think no one would notice?
it's the same person
Um... why???
The first one is unregistered. He should just get that account merged.
10:49 AM
Hey guys, I need some spam flags on this guy:
You want to see the first time he tried this?:
10:52 AM
flagged, flagged and flagged. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.
@JanDvorak I know rite?
I caught someone who works for Google plagiarizing.
Huh, one of my spam flags got declined, but the answer still got deleted.
@Unihedron hmm, I don't know.
11:01 AM
They all got deleted, actually.
Downvote that sucka hard.
@Unihedron weird.
@Unihedron try refreshing. All of mine were validated.
@JanDvorak Doesn't work, it's still declined. Whatever.
(Happily goes back to hunting good questions to answer)
11:23 AM
Actually, I'll write on Meta...
11:40 AM
Perhaps there was another flag on it that had to be declined?
No idea. I actually don't mind that it got declined, just curious.
12:01 PM
Today's Listening | Indie Dance / Nu Disco (Mixsets day 13)
@Unihedron really hard to find the link, hiding away inside the "a" letter. But I found!
Good job! Check the revisions too. I also hid something behind the timeline.
@ShadowWizard Technically, the link is in the "a." area. P
@Unihedron ohhh, a cookie!
@Doorknob had to spoil the fun, did you? :D
12:32 PM
Hmm, anyone with SEDE knowledge know if some of this is actually exposed? ... I doubt my own comment now.
@Bart nope, the only flags you can see are close-vote related
Thanks @Braiam. As I thought.
What? It's not spam
err... just crappy capitalisation. Sorry
Geez, and here I flagged it as spam. You can't really expect me to read stuff.
12:41 PM
^^^^ Same
it's a bit unclear, though
Wish you could retract spam flags..
What's Up With That Capitalisation? This Is How Spammers Type. — Jan Dvorak 1 min ago
The way the title was phrased didn't help either. "Most Comprehensive"...
Third failed spam flag for the day. Cheers :)
for me, that is
12:43 PM
@Unihedron third?
Yep, misflagged one SO, MSE, and on other site I forgot
this user would like to note that he was merely kidding before
D: (grr)
@Unihedron One more and you're not using my Plasma Comment Flagger.
ok ok I'll read before I flag next time
A: In what situations are spam flags declined *by moderators*?

ChrisFAs soon as single spam or offensive flag is raised on a post we get to see it in the moderator dashboard. This means we can quickly look at the post and deal with it - often before other community members see it. This is beneficial for a number of reasons: We can go to the user's profile and c...

12:51 PM
Is there a general guideline as to how long someone should try googling something before they say "I can't find it, time to ask on SE"? like 1 minute, 5 minutes, 3 hours?
@Bart @Unihedron check your flags... it should be disputed
7 mins ago, by Bart
this user would like to note that he was merely kidding before
because in theory, you can find anything on Google
you just have to look long enough
Too much emphasis is put on Googling as being sufficient research @NateKerkhofs.
@NateKerkhofs and there isn't difference between the theory and the practice ;)
12:52 PM
I'd certainly argue 1 or 5 minutes isn't sufficient though
@Braiam thank you!!! i promise i won't flag blindly nau
@JanDvorak xD xD
Interesting. Would you simply move that to SO? or would you just delete that because SO can't do anything with it either?
Ugh. I'm being serial trickle downvoted again...
12:55 PM
@NateKerkhofs close or delete
@Bart What would the average programmer (without a book handy about the subject matter) have to do besides google so it is considered "sufficient research"?
@NateKerkhofs generally posts on MSE don't get migrated.
or are these questions not really appropriate for chat?
@NateKerkhofs Google in that case is a handy tool, but typing in a number of searches isn't research. At least not in my book. Finding resources (documentation and the like, theoretical background,etc.) and studying that is. A 5 minute "well it seems nobody has asked this question before" search in my opinion is not enough.
Then again, that has resulted in me not asking a question on SO ever, so who says I'm right. :)
I've asked one question, but solely due to fact that I wasn't able to find the duplicate - and frankly, it was, and if I would had known, I wouldn't had asked it
1:02 PM
Also, I find it weird that theres (*) next to my chrome tab name. what does that mean?
and now it's gone
@NateKerkhofs I guess there's one again?
It means you've been @ mentioned. @NateKerkhofs
@NateKerkhofs Because I ping you
ah, I see
Not used to chat, sorry
@rene aw c'mon, I wanted him to find out ;-)
1:04 PM
@NateKerkhofs if you mean speaker icon, it's not just in chat, any tab playing sound would show that icon
e.g. in YouTube you'll always see the icon
no, not the speaker icon. I know what that means
@JanDvorak sorry for spoiling that
and no, not always. if your video is paused, it doesn't show either
@MarkC who pause YouTube videos?! ;)
I do, regularly. you never need to go take a toilet break while binging on a playlist?
1:09 PM
lol, I deleted a digit from the message ID by mistake and now it's reply to an innocent victim...
Btw, is there some sort of automatic censorship or infraction system for chat for vulgar words?
So sorry @MarkC if you were pinged here!
Nope @NateKerkhofs. There are flags though.
Do you guys have any suggestions on what do to when you're at work, between tasks?
@NateKerkhofs @Bart is right, as this search can easily prove :)
1:11 PM
@NateKerkhofs Poop?
@NateKerkhofs play WAG?
Like: you just finished manually cleaning over 2000 contacts from your customer database and you're waiting for someone to finish what they're doing so you can do your own job?
Why do you think we're here @NateKerkhofs? ;)
We mention "Brown", make references to Unicorns, ping @Oded for no good reason, and then get back to work.
Practise delete statements?
@Andy unfortunately this does not distract a real programmer's mind from programming, so need something more extreme.
1:14 PM
@ShadowWizard My best ideas always get flushed....
@rene Microsoft Dynamics CRM database. I had 2000 bounced email addresses for a mailing sent by one of our clients, and we haven't yet integrated systems well enough
so I had to manually look up each of these 2000 addresses in a 12K address database and deactivate them. took me over 9 hours
@rene so don't write them on toilet paper? ;)
@NateKerkhofs You should drop Microsoft CRM and try jQuery instead
you made my coworkers look at me wondering why I giggled...
you're welcome
Uuuuhhhh..... WUT?
sorry I leave open for How to use session and statuscallback class?? and Facebook SDK debugging ?? — aysenozun 12 mins ago
1:21 PM
I love those beginning developers. They are so blissfully ignorant that they don't have a clue. and that is their greatest danger
Problem solved @rene
Tnx Bart
I just realized that the avatar list on the top-right doesn't display the order of entry, but the order of messages sent
The more you know :)
1:24 PM
Won't be long before I figure out who among you are bots, who are AIs and who are humans
and then the matrix reboots itself
Don't forget sock puppets.
Oh right, and almost forgot to add the dogs to my list as well
and Unicorns
And Sysadmins
1:40 PM
should I flag this popular question as OP is asking for off-site resource?
the last paragraph is necessary, right? stackoverflow.com/q/25286488/792066
2:18 PM
@Braiam Yes
That's actually an implementation detail. Data stored through jQuery's data() setter is not stored in the DOM, but in an internal cache associated with the element. You would have to duplicate quite a lot of jQuery's implementation to retrieve that data in plain JS, and that implementation can change in the future, so I don't think this would be a good idea. — Frédéric Hamidi 2 hours ago
If you'd set the data with non-jQuery (element.lololo='you can do whatever you want to js objects'), it'd be easier to retrieve.
Can anybody recommend for windows an free XML/XSD validator that is capable of handling both local and remote nested included and imported XSD's?
I tried the one with notepad++ but it got stuck on the imports
yeah, tnx...
You're welcome!
If you have one for linux...debian
That will not be ideal.. but could work in my scenario...
2:27 PM
@rene I flag that for "Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it." :P
@DroidDev But this is notstackoverflow.
@bjb568 wait, let me edit that part in my message :P
Mods, please edit or delete this comment. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/268601/…. Flagged it already, but flag must be stuck in the long queues :(
@InfiniteRecursion what comment?
Thanks @bluefeet :)
@JanDvorak gone
2:54 PM
omg a wannabe baby bluefeet!
I see you're going through bluefeet's memory album, again.
@chmod711telkitty That's how I will see all those who enter a moderator election from now on.
2:59 PM
who hacked my family photo album????
@bluefeet zuckerburg
Ho Ho Ho
Hi hi hi
yo yo yo
metallic thunk, metallic thunk, metallic thunk
3:08 PM
waaa waaa waaa
WTH, autocorrect?
wooo wooo wooo
weee weee weee
@DroidDev You can serial downvote me if you want ;-)
@SantaClaus O_O
3:13 PM
that was really real quick
Santa must be getting bored. You know he only works 1 day a year.
@rene I'd rather raise a flag and then ask a question on meta, why my flag wasn't accepted...
go answer a question :)
@SantaClaus you should read all the spam posts
3:15 PM
@DroidDev Oh trust me, I read them.
@SantaClaus do you also try to correct their grammatical mistakes?
@DroidDev Sometimes.
@Unihedron I'm sorry you can't read?
3:19 PM
lol that link is actually live
@Sam Yes, and I just flagged it as spam.
@SantaClaus ... why would you flag that?
Erm, why?
@Doorknob It said I won a walmart gift card and we don't have walmarts on the north pole.
3:21 PM
@SantaClaus ARE YOU SURE?
I just got a blank page.
I got a page with a square in it.
I get redirected somewhere different each time. This is fun, I have no idea where I'll end up next!
3:23 PM
I got a square with a page in it
I got a page with some unicorns downvoting and flagging random stuff on SO in it.
@Braiam weird aspect ratio...
There is no spoon.
3:40 PM
cool, money.SE has the coolest uv/dv btn's money.stackexchange.com/questions/36054/…
@jin ^
@iStimple This needs more stars.

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