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4:03 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started (@Undo)
Maybe it'll work now. Maybe.
hia @SmokeDetector
enable desktop notification > click settings on pop-up > change position to upper right corner
now, everytime you get a notification, pop-up will slide from lower right corner to upper right corner
I am on linux 13.04
@SmokeDetector HI THERE
@SmokeDetector why does your icon take so long to load?
4:07 PM
@SmokeDetector that is not what we expect
A speech to last; a speech to prosper; Tell us the word of wisdom, a word of truth!
4:08 PM
[ Wisdom ] Shog is always watching you
@rene there you go :)
I'm enlightened
another happy client
I'll walk away slowly...
[ Greed ] I demand a cookie
4:10 PM
Hi from a command line
It is confirmed. The SmokeDetector is sock of Shog9, as is Bart, rene, iStimple, Braiam, Unihedron, DroidDev, Shadow Wizard, Undo, Jan Dvorak, Jamal, Santa Claus...etc etc etc
wonders who Undo Jan Dvorak is
Don't deny your lovechild @Undo
4:12 PM
Theory: The Internet is essentially me, you, and the guy who spams a lot.
@Undo No, he was saying that he's going to undo Jan Dvorak. Poor Jan.
It's all fake!!!one!
@Braiam SR is not all crap...
@rene Is that a... compliment?
@Undo Yes!
4:14 PM
@Undo if it's you should send flowers... the man eater kind ;)
@rene wait.... but....
@Braiam wowz
4:15 PM
4:16 PM
gravity madness
4:28 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SUPER ASCII STRING CONVRTOR on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector gimmetehcodez
close vote ^^
Hi @SantaBot
And it was just posted on CR. Nuked on sight.
CR mod hurai
4:31 PM
I'm gonna need some popcorn for this.
@Jamal s/site/sight/ ?
Anyone want to try for a reversal badge?
Meta or non-meta @Unihedron. On meta they are too easy.
Does it require work?
@Unihedron I have no idea what you are talking about. (winks)
4:33 PM
Is this fishy?
All by different accounts...same question
@rene I guess a new school year has started ...
Is it September already?
And besides elves Santa has a bot now: stackoverflow.com/users/3938285/santabot?tab=activity
does anyone know here good website for web templates ? sorry for off-topic question..please don't vote here :)
For a particular cms?
4:43 PM
Or just anything goes?
anything you can suggest
@TGMCians if you want a specific template with characteristics you can ask in SoftRecs, as it stand I wouldn't ask your question
@TGMCians cssdsgn.com
Braiam : ok I don't want to ask such question there .... anyway thanks :)
36 Lines of code per method is high?
4:46 PM
@rene seems good. thanks rene :)
@Braiam if it doesn fit on the screen it is too big
4:58 PM
@rene we saw how those measures don't actually help :(
@Braiam It's fine.
I ran out of flags on posts plagiarizing other content.
Do you guys want to help me flag about 25 more plagiarized answers?
I've flagged the following posts so far:
5:09 PM
1. Posts 1-23.
You should include post scores and dates in the query.
2. Posts 27, 37, 40.
And content length.
@bjb568 why would it matter?
@Cupcake Because.
5:12 PM
@bjb568 um, don't start going through this guy's profile to start downvoting and closing stuff.
@Cupcake Which guy?
Just flag the posts that I haven't flagged yet.
@bjb568 nm.
Yes, I know.
But GTG now, you can get somebody else to flag.
K, laters.
5:15 PM
Can someone flag this for plagiarism please, this is one of the worst ones: stackoverflow.com/a/20673582/456814
I actually caught one plagiarizer plagiarizing off of another plagiarizer.
Actually, I just found about 17 answers that all plagiarize off of this one, either fully or partially: stackoverflow.com/a/1109108/456814
That's just really sad.
I need more flags :P
5:23 PM
@Cupcake I ran into exactly that a few months back. It was quite surreal
You have people competing for rep. And then you have people competing for stolen content...
@BoltClock'saUnicorn oh, hey, while you're here, I misflagged something, do you have time to take a look?
@Cupcake uhhhh hang on
@Cupcake Which one?
I flagged this saying that Bill deleted the wrong answer, but they're actually both plagiarized stackoverflow.com/a/20746291/456814
5:28 PM
Shoot, I was just about to start flagging more stuff, but I'm actually out of flags for the day :P
@BoltClock'saUnicorn thanks for taking care of that.
@Cupcake you wasted 100 flags?
@Braiam no, not wasted.
I used them for great prosperity!
5:55 PM
> Free Download!! click the “Buy” button
Q: Convert CSV in Codeigniter on Mozilla Firefork

johnI have tried some code to make html covert to .xls (Excel). header("Content-type: application/octet-stream"); header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=test.xls"); header("Pragma: no-cache"); header("Expires: 0"); It works fine on Chrome, but i got problem on Mozilla firefox, when i do...

6:10 PM
Mozilla Firefork. TIL about a new browser
I got 5 upvotes on this answer while the question is only viewed 40 times. Do I need to be prepared for the votes being reversed due to some voting ring activity?
You never have to be prepared for a reversal
It is weird though. I only get an upvote now and then on some answers but these seem to come in in a much higher rate
@rene checks the question tags the c# guys tend to upvote more often than others users
6:19 PM
Oh, is that true?
Didn't notice that before
@Braiam I can find answers from me that are better researched but didn't receive so many upvotes in a couple of days... but I'll stop worry-ing
I assume this is too broad: stackoverflow.com/questions/25244567/…
has a bounty on it though...
6:38 PM
@rene don't worry, my two most upvoted answers (+100) are a 4 lines long answer and one copy-n-paste from somewhere with instructions about doing something
seriously dafuq. — Won't 3 mins ago
@rene fixed
@bluefeet tnx
> First of all, those tags are often misapplied, and by often I mean almost always
6:47 PM
@bjb568 adding "robust" wut?
in Please don't approve minor or invalid edits on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by bjb568
This user has been suggesting minor edits. 1 2 3. Please do not approve them.
Sending invites… the rate limit is annoying.
-1 for circumventing the requirement for code with jsfiddles. — bjb568 17 secs ago
^ cv
mod there!
someone's trying to fix it
7:17 PM
It's a party!
I invited like 20 robos.
@bjb568 oh wow, glad i declined your invitation then :p
@iStimple You were a robo.
So stahp!
As always I didn't get an invite
thinking about flagging bjb's room as hate speech
@rene You are a good reviewer.
7:22 PM
Why do all the bad guys get the attention then?
Q: flagging a chatroom which has no technical discussion (2)

sbiSince my comment yesterday to an answer by Jeff to the question with the very same title seems to have gone unnoticed, I feel the need to post this officially. According to Jeff's answer, that room was closed because "there appears to be zero programming discussion in it." Note that the room's ...

flirting? wow — Pëkka Jul 10 '12 at 11:58
LPT: Side A is across from angle a. Side B is across from angle b. Etc.
7:45 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHAT TO PURSUE? on meta.stackexchange.com
So that one user who copied 40 answers...turns out he copied way more than that.
The other ones just weren't exact matches, which is why my query didn't pick them up.
8:00 PM
This means some people take FIP very serious, so serious they become a fraudster?
are SE users pro or anti turtles?
no, just regular
are turtles pro or anti unicorns?
@iStimple I guess anti...where can I collect my prize?
8:05 PM
@Braiam c'mon, trying to get answer to a serious question here
@iStimple who told you I'm not serious here?
The Tavern is always* serious
@BradLarson did you only reject this single edit or did you leave a message for the editor to improve?
Turtles were like the cool / favorite thing among people back in the day it seemed. All the girls drew turtles, talked about turtles, etc , even guys did. But now a days, it seems like the cats and kittens have taken all the spotlight away from turtles.
Turtles are meh.
stackoverflow.com/a/25146066/2371861 Not deleted. Flagged as "Should be a close as dup flag. Information in the answer is already provided in the link, so this answer is useless. – bjb568 17 hours ago helpful" …
8:27 PM
Stack Overflow is not a code writing service. Write your code yourself. If you encounter a problem that you can't solve while writing it, you may ask a question. — bjb568 just now
@bjb568 too rude.
If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
Just downvote and move on.
What? Crap users should be driven away or drastically improve themselves.
###Question not enough info
Please include a minimal example that reproduces the problem, a clear problem statement, and any error messages or other information to help identify the problem. Without this information, it is hard to answer the question.

###Question info external
Please include all relevant information *in the question*. While outside resources can help answerers find the problem, please include as much information in the question itself because links can change and break.

###Debug question
^ There's my autos.
@bjb568 We aren't in the business of driving away users. That's called being mean.
Where we can be nice and educate, we absolutely should
8:41 PM
@Undo What do you think downvoting and closing is for? Q-ban, primarily.
Uh no.
@Undo If educating would make a difference. But if it's crap, I'm not going to bother.
Downvoting is to say this isn't high-quality. Close voting is to say that we don't accept this here.
Heck, most sites don't even have QBans enabled!
I'm talking about downvoting and closing crap questions on SO.
The answer to so many questions:
Why don't you try it and see what happens? it'd probably take LESS time to whip up a test case and run it through your browser than it did for you to type this up and wait for an answer. — Marc B 1 min ago
8:51 PM
^ Ughughugh
@bjb568 Someone's after you.
@bjb568 there you go, what you get for not being nice to the poor users :P
@bjb568 It's probably one of the people you "invited" to the robo chatroom.
It's from yesterday…
1 hour later…
9:54 PM
Is NAA a viable reason for delete votes?
Or can only mods handle that?
what are you asking?
not-answers often attract delete votes
If an answer is an answer, but not necessarily to that question, would people vote to delete it?
The answer is "Here is an example (reduced for brevity) of what I have done in the past when animating background colour on hover.. hopefully you can try the same approach when animating colour instead." + code. It does not attempt to actually answer the question, but rather provides a code snippet that the author often uses for similar (used lightly) cases.
@AstroCB sounds like the intention is to provide an answer to the question, albeit not in a form directly usable.
"Why isn't this code that animates text color working?" - "Well, I'm not sure, but here's some code that I use for animating background color."
Contrast that with "Q: how do I animate color? A: here's how you convert an integer to an NSString"
@AstroCB assuming this is CSS, the difference is trivial
9:59 PM
It would be, but his code takes an entirely different approach rather than solving his problem.
@AstroCB if that's the code in your comment's revision history, then the change involves modifying "backgroundColor" to be "color"
@Shog9 Then why didn't the answerer do that?
@AstroCB beats me. Does it matter? Is this the only answer on the question or something? There are tons of questions about text color animation on SO already...
10:11 PM
Just wondering.
10:24 PM
Full editing privileges: I feel the power.
The Low Quality queue is fun.
I never realized how much of a milestone 2k was: I can do so much stuff now.
I also never realized how bad Suggested Edits are: I've only approved 2 out of the 17 I've done so far.
11:08 PM
@AstroCB True, but then you review 20 posts and have to wait until another day for more.
11:18 PM
@Unihedron Exactly.
Thankfully it's only 40 minutes until another new day at Stack Land!
^ awkward.
A: How can an answer posted by a 3.5k rep user get used as an Audit in the "First-Post" review queue?

Geoff DalgasI have audited our audit code and it should be faking up a low rep user and showing you the real rep after completion of the audit.

Is anyone else seeing blank images for people with Gravatars?
11:37 PM
@AstroCB Happened to me once, I was told that my profile pic was blank. Maybe try refreshing?
@Unihedron It's pervasive: I see it for everyone whose profile picture is from Gravatar.
(I think)
The caching of the review page is getting ridiculous.
There's almost no point to having the page there, because the numbers are always inaccurate.
11:52 PM
I wholeheartedly agree. You kinda have to go in and spam-reload now.
@Unihedron Then your IP address gets blocked for 5 minutes...
........ where?

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