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@bjb568 An SO mod? I'll start writing my will. :-P
Ah, yes: flags regenerated.
12:16 AM
Q: How to check macbook view in windows of a website

pravinIs their any simultor where i can view how website looks in macbook from windows machine? I have a windows machine and dont have macbook. I have to check website on mac. Regards, Pravin

Oh, yay, I used the API to autoclose 50 questions at once from the list that I made.
@bjb568 Did you auto-downvote them, too?
@AstroCB No, I should do that.
Q: How to place UILabel next to last character of UITextField?

Niccolò ZapponiI am trying to achieve the same effect as Facebook's new status field: place something next to the last character which cannot be modified or selected by the user (for example, a tag: "with Joh Doe"). What's the best way of achieving it? Thanks Nick

The terrible question gets 2 upvotes and the great answer gets none...
12:24 AM
Q: Display text on screen independent of running screen

ManasiI want to create an app that would display some text on screen independent of what app is running behind. Like in Settings--> Developers options --> show CPU usage. I am not understanding what should I search for this. Please guide me.

Why two upvotes?
[25117231, 25160782, 25110377, 25164222, 25172023, 25181900, 25193850, 25217160, 25152919, 25184985, 25202714, 25193939, 25200591, 25216422, 25131817, 25183389, 25147609, 25203465, 25111312, 25118843, 25140027, 25188564, 25218328, 25224552, 25224600, 25192731, 25185085, 25185212, 25109385, 25201599, 25217577, 25163071, 25174560, 25158193, 25159845, 25161702, 25163651, 25124089, 25139737, 25108672, 25159397, 25111045, 25177794, 25187795, 25207485, 25209501, 25117421, 25120015, 25123534, 25133605].forEach(function(n){
is this blasphemous ?
I'm a pretty heavy downvoter, and I'd guess I rarely use more than 10-15 a day. And maybe 5 close votes on a busy day. Never hit a limit on either. And I use a flag maybe once a week. I kind of suspect that you're taking this whole thing far too seriously. Go ride your bike! Take a walk! Take a cooking class! Do something to get away from your computer! — Hot Licks 6 hours ago
@bjb568 That's pretty useful.
Q: How format java 8 LocalDateTime in jsp page?

roman-v1For java.util.Date is library fmt, for joda time libraries are libraries too, but for java 8 time api I don't found any way format it except do it in controller and add all formated dates to list, but this way isn't convenient, it there any way format LocalDateTime in jsp page?

Why two upvotes?
[25117231, 25160782, 25110377, 25164222, 25172023, 25181900, 25193850, 25217160, 25152919, 25184985, 25202714, 25193939, 25200591, 25216422, 25131817, 25183389, 25147609, 25203465, 25111312, 25118843, 25140027, 25188564, 25218328, 25224552, 25224600, 25192731, 25185085, 25185212, 25109385, 25201599, 25217577, 25163071, 25174560, 25158193, 25159845, 25161702, 25163651, 25124089, 25139737, 25108672, 25159397, 25111045, 25177794, 25187795, 25207485, 25209501, 25117421, 25120015, 25123534, 25133605].forEach(function(n){
^ Fixed bug.
12:27 AM
Q: How to make a function execute at the desired periods using c++ 11

skfengI want to using c++ 11 to implement a function like the windows API SetTimer,like that"do something every 2 second"

Alright, this is getting ridiculous.
Daily vote limit reached.
Well... that was a crapload. I'm going to get work done now. Adios!
12:48 AM
I didn't downvote, but this is the sort of beginner-level fundamental question that you should be able to figure out from any Java tutorial. Everybody on here is a volunteer, and you are expected to do basic research and NOT ask questions that can be easily answered 1000 other places on the Internet. Please read the FAQ and How to Ask. SO is not a tutorial site. — Jim Garrison yesterday
Well, I'm out of flags: sorry, CV queue.
1:07 AM
@bjb568 Hey, I have 100 too!
@JasonC Appointed, and that was quite a while ago. But thanks :)
@hichris123 You have 4k rep. You don't count.
@bjb568 I have more helpful flags than rep. ;)
@hichris123 Whatever, you have too much rep.
... lol.
I really do need more rep though.
10k so I can see deleted stuff & cast delete votes on questions.
1:16 AM
@hichris123 I have more toes than toenails
Is the logo off on keyboardfire.com for anyone else?
Oh its a problem with my firefox I think
An addon probably
From a while ago. :P
... uhm, what is going on with imgur?
@hichris123 someone uploaded a picture of your mom and it crashed the servers
well, that's weird.
@AnnaLear Yeah, it's been breaking occasionally for me. Just started today.
1:20 AM
I'm going to guess it's something on their end.
lol, uploading an imgur picture to imgur again fixed it.
it's imgur all the way down
damn, no stars for best your mom joke ever
@iStimple ftfy
out of cv's already?
Uhm, uh... you saw nothing. :P
+1 to counter the -1, this is obviously programming related. — hmcclungiii Mar 23 '09 at 16:14
@AstroCB done
@AstroCB done
Can someone please give this guy a cookie. I ate all mine. stackoverflow.com/a/24901663/2446155
@AstroCB Your point?
@SantaClaus None: I just thought it was an interesting comment.
This is the correct answer for my project. — davidethell Jul 23 at 12:40
I don't see why it's interesting
1:59 AM
By "interesting," I guess I meant useless.
@AstroCB Sorry, I missed the joke
@SantaClaus It wasn't really a joke, actually: it was just meant to be a half comical/half pitying repost of the comment, but it didn't embed because I @repied you (which I only did because it was from the post that you linked to).
@AstroCB Oh ok :)
Oh, and @SantaClaus: you missed that we've been using this query to find bad questions to close (I flagged most of them, but they're still in need of a few close votes).
Is anyone here out of close votes who can test something for me?
2:23 AM
Q: Why let me flag a post if you're not going to let me flag it?

AstroCBWhen you run out of flags for the day, the flag dialog still allows you to go through the process of flagging up until you actually click the button. You drill down through the menus, find the reason you want, and press the button only to see something like this: Obviously, you get a little nu...

I guess it's too early in the UTC day.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: The last Gamma Blue 11s time on webmasters.stackexchange.com
@AstroCB Only shows unclosed questions and orders them by close votes
2:38 AM
@SantaClaus Wonderful: that's more useful.
@AstroCB I certainly hope that wasn't sarcasm
@SantaClaus Nope: that would have to be explicitly denoted because this is the Internet.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Realise that Gamma Blue 11s on tex.stackexchange.com
^ Repeat spam
2:41 AM
p.ClosedDate is null
@SantaClaus So @AstroCB is spam, eh? :P
@hichris123 Always.
@hichris123 Yes, can't you tell?
@AstroCB You got a problem with my SQL?
@SantaClaus No: that was what I was trying to figure out how to do for 10 minutes.
2:42 AM
@AstroCB You seem to have a thing with colons. Ever heard of a comma?
Spam & spammer go boom.
p.ClosedDate = ""
p.ClosedDate = null
NOT p.ClosedDate != ""
@SantaClaus I don't like comma splices
Well, that's usually my excuse, but it's different here: I was addressing you directly with the "no."
A: Why let me flag a post if you're not going to let me flag it?

doppelgreenerYour suggestion is good, but there's alternative to this that's more in line with SE's design philosophy: leave the flag option enabled, but make it immediately display that red box. I think there's a Coding Horror blog post espousing Stack Exchange's philosophy (I can't find it right now though...

That's very true.
Q: Pricing Calculator Gone Wrong

Tina SchreibThis is supposed to be a calculator that prices business cards and options. There should be checkboxes in front of them and should calculate the tax and give a total. Not sure where I went wrong here. Sorry, I am new at this, and have only had some HTML experience as a web designer. I am mostly a...

did you write that html? — Julien 39 mins ago
@AstroCB I think I just added a column that shows the top (unsure) off-topic reason. data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/revision/217058/283603/…
3:32 AM
Anybody want to make a SEDE query for this? meta.stackexchange.com/q/188004/237813
I need a hero. I'm holding out for a hero til the end of the night.
Not until you sing along.
3:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: familiy line as Infrared 23 11s on webapps.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Gamma Blue 11s start of on ux.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Aqua 11s lowongan on mathematica.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: a lot Infrared 23 11s on tex.stackexchange.com
Good Morning Friends...!!! Have an awesome day ahead...!!! :)
Uh.. why did Adam dupe the spam?
Lol, that's what I was about to say
UXSE is sloooooow…
4:23 AM
@animuson Good 80s song
Can someone get the UX spam? One flag left.
Q: What are the differences between 'git pull' and 'git fetch'?

PabloWhat are the differences between git pull and git fetch?

@Cupcake Don't ask for CV. Pls.
@bjb568 why?
@ɥʇǝS gone
I don't understand how people can just regurgitate the same basic answer of "git pull is fetch followed by a merge" over and over again.
4:25 AM
@JanDvorak It's fine as it is.
@JanDvorak awesome.
Some of these aren't even trying.
Sorry, personal annoyance.
Meh, popular posts.
@Cupcake why?
Doesn't seem like very effective spam if they include the word "scam" twice in the title.
any android developer avail here.?
nice, they listed all of my spam keywords
4:49 AM
@DroidDev there..??
@bjb568 i knw that. but it was quick question so just asked here. no issues will ask there. :)
Good morning, Meta!
@Unihedron Mornin!
@SilentKiller Eh, if you ask it on SO, other people can benefit from your question.
@bjb568 sure brother.. :)
4:55 AM
(pssst don't tell anyone but I think SilentKiller is here just to kill us)
Jul 25 at 5:30, by SilentKiller
@Cupcake lols no i am toooooooooooo innocent.. i am just killing silence.. ;)
Nice cover story.
thanks buddy.. :)
Hi @SilentKiller, just arrived.
5:10 AM
That's a lot of spam.
So I'll leave. Goodnight!
Good night @bjb568!
@bjb568 good night
@DroidDev you are late.. fine of halfday pay.. :P
@SilentKiller but... it won't happen again, please, excuse me this time.
@DroidDev it should not happen next time.. :D
5:22 AM
@SilentKiller ya, it won't happen until tomorrow morning :P
Aww, lost 10 rep because a user was removed.
Image not found.
same here, I don't know why... :-/
5:35 AM
still, image not found :(
ah! at last...
what was the problem before?
reuploaded it
No idea, service hiccups maybe
still, gamers did it
5:52 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Fuck SuperUser Fuck StackExchange and all others on superuser.com
6:09 AM
A: Free Rich Text Editor using on ASP.NET

srilathathanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

And the question is off-topic.
6:40 AM
Good morning!
and he just paid the price ;)
6:54 AM
Anyone know if the Sony Xperia Z tablet is any good?
It's been on my wish list for a long time but I don't remember what about it made me want it so bad. Haha
that site mostly have genuine reviews
Looks like most of them are for the phone though.
Damn Sony, naming a phone and a tablet the same thing...
There's a lot of really good reviews for it on Amazon
I think it has quad core processor, but these days octa core and hexa core are releasing.
You should really try one of those
While reviewing suggested edits, I noticed many users are trying to change links http://www.excelsior-usa.com/ to http://www.excelsiorjet.com/!!
What's happening?
7:14 AM
@Unihedron looks like it's the same thing, maybe the "jet" is the newer domain?
(the emails in "excelsiorjet" are pointing to "excelsior-usa")
Might be, but the editor comments are simply "updated link", might be fishy, so I had to ask :)
About to use up my 60 comment flags :/
@animuson same can be said of MS and their Surface :)
8:32 AM
@TimPost community managers can see who casted the flags, right?
@chmod711telkitty I think so.
I am a CM, my access is just a bit higher than that, so I sometimes forget what is dev-only or employee-only. But yes, I can see them
cool, thanks
note to self: stop flagging Tim's stuff. He knows ....
It's down
9:34 AM
what the hell is a "huh muscle"?
That muscle you didn't know you had when you first start exercising?
> you do not alter any realistic lifespan use
uh oh...
"A system developed by the habitual gym rat you would see at the gym excavation out every instant you went there would not be a complete fit for someone exclusive having an time to workout." -- ok, this actually makes sense holds a semantic value
user image
I think I'll have nightmares anytime I git fetch head from now on...
10:39 AM
Today's Listening | Trance / Dance (Mixsets day 12)
10:55 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: biblatex for idiots on tex.stackexchange.com
pretty fast @SmokeDetector :P
I have downgraded his question, due to unable to understand
"Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 12 hours to continue reviewing."
No fun :p I always hit the cap when I least expect it
I'm trying to delete my message, but my internet just flat out sucks ATM
Please run my script, I won't be able to post here
11:34 AM
Such spam.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GUILY OF BEING LAZY ;( on sound.stackexchange.com
12:21 PM
anyone see a problem with my edition? meta.askubuntu.com/posts/11703/revisions
The phrasing might be less than ideal @Braiam, but he's making a point which you entirely removed.
Plus, he's the OP, he can rollback if he feels it's important.
@Bart which point? I feel the post intention is kept without it and having it actually distracts
I don't think it's necessarily distracting (however much I hate the term "meta police") and sets out what lead to the OP writing the very Meta post. If he wants it there, let it be. I don't see anything particularly harmful.
I'd love to see the post he is referring to though.
I have this urge to comment here but I'm afraid I'll get perma-banned...
12:30 PM
I have to disagree with most points there. If workload is problem, this is not a solution.
Perhaps ask the community not to go on a crazy hunt, if that is the issue. But other than that ...
whats up with this Image not found for every image since morning :/
@DroidDev imgur blocked for you?
Happens to me as well.
@Stijn no, shows some images, like that evit git by you. I have to refresh chat insanely to get a new image.
12:41 PM
Ctrl + F5 time!
@Braiam ya, just about that much times :(
@Bart which I pointed out what are the problems with it so I decided to beautifully ignore it in that post
@DroidDev imgur bug, one of the predefined thumbnails failed
The onebox is appending "m" to the original image, and it's broken for some reason
1:00 PM
bye bye friends.. Good Night Sleep Tight...!! Cya tomorrow..!!
@ShadowWizard I think we should post this on meta.
1:24 PM
@DroidDev now working, so maybe just caching... and probably it's on imgur side so little SE can do :(
@ShadowWizard still not working for me, but ok, that's not such a big issue, I regularly ignore many bugs on SE.
@DroidDev see in the console network tab, maybe you'll see some helpful status error for the images?
@ShadowWizard no time :(
will do it later at home, if I turn on my lappy at home
1:48 PM
@Shog9 this is a ridiculously well-written answer that has really changed my perspective of stack overflow. thanks for putting so much time into that
1:58 PM
Shog9 writes insightful posts, it's easy to get carried away while reading one of them.
@Unihedron hi
Epic fail: Spam with no links inserted!
@Unihedron the phone number is already a hit
I actually didn't notice the phone number until you said that... >_>
2:22 PM
Down. GG
I'm gonna copy entire post to skype group of my colleagues and wait for replies.
Huh, a spam with the same phone number was here a week ago...
2:25 PM
Sigh, people editing posts without understanding the code and people approving said edits without understanding the code either
@Unihedron this guy is a very persistent spammer
@ThiefMaster so sorry! :(
@ThiefMaster well, == is indeed incorrect in the code
No? It checks if the pointer is still the same
i.e. if the dot is the first character
strcmp will work as well, though, won't it?
2:27 PM
yeah, in that case it does
but comparing the pointers is cheaper
so, rollback, I assume?
Rollback + yell at him in a comment?
rollback + add an explanation why comparing pointers is fine in this case but you should use strcmp in most other cases?
an explanation would be nice ;-)
user image
2:43 PM
What's the approved way of reporting users who are likely fraudulently reviewing posts? (ie, one who did a 'looks ok' on a obvious delete in LQ, and his review history is a ton of 'looks ok' and equivalents)?
Good morning!
Flag a post they reviewed?
2:44 PM
@Joe flag the post and include many links
@Joe Flag one of your own questions or one of their posts and give sufficient evidence
or stone then in the streets?
Okay, just confirming. Thanks!
Use custom flag and give lots of evidence
lots of evidence
Does custom flag have a character limit? :)
2:45 PM
Pastebin it then.
Well, what's 'lots of evidence'
But the point it, make your flag irrefusable!
just wondering what the character limit is
@Joe 500, but you can use short/share link
so I hit that much evidecne :p
of course
2:45 PM
Now that I think about it, I hope it's not me you're wanting to report. :P
Well, I was thinking about it...
but i'll put it to you this way
at 5m ago he reviewed 10 posts
in a 3 minute span, 20
and 100% of them are "looks ok"
so I don't think it'll be too hard to make the case ;)
be careful, there are people that review blazing fast yet they do it The Right Way™
(i.e. me :P)
Of course
i'm pretty fast too
2:47 PM
I skip a lot so I'm slower.
but this was a blatant, blatant bad one
and the review audits are behaving particularly slowly (and he also probably had a review ban based on the exactly 7 day gap in reviews)
when audits are extra slow = easy to get past them :)
hiya @TGMCians
2:53 PM
@ShadowWizard ???
Someone call @ShadowWizard's family. He has fallen asleep on his keyboard again.
@CarrieKendall thanks
@ShadowWizard no longer speaks to us. FHRC only from now on.
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