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12:00 AM
A: Audit first-post review not anonymized (3.5k user answer used as the audit)

AstroCBStack Exchange developer Geoff Dalgas has fixed this problem. His answer to your Meta.SO question: I have audited our audit code and it should be faking up a low rep user and showing you the real rep after completion of the audit. The usercard should now be anonymized on all audits (it alw...

Yes! Stars replenished.
Yes! Now the rep cap is gone and I can go farm more!
@AstroCB Congrats on 2k! Nice reviewing BTW, can't invite you to the robo party.
Also, you're a good user. You need 3k. I gave you some rep to get started :)
@bjb568 I read through the transcript of the room: they're not as angry as I would have expected them to be.
2k? Congrats! Enjoy your new privs
@bjb568 Why, thank you: I do my best.
12:03 AM
@AstroCB Yeah. Well, maybe the angry ones decline the invitations.
@Unihedron My favorite is full editing privileges: I can fix things without having to explain to at least three other people why I did so.
Oh yeeees. I hate how I have to suggest edits on MSE.
OTOH, 10k is supposed to be great.
@bjb568 Viewing deleted Q/A would be quite useful.
And delete votes.
@bjb568 Y u no close vote the questions I posted???
12:07 AM
I guess the greatest privilege of all is binding votes…
@hichris123 I wasn't here. I'll start.
Wait… only 3?
I'm making a new room for closevotes, they should be separate from the tavern.
Gravatars disappearing again...
It's only Gravatars. Imgur-hosted profile pictures show up fine.
12:20 AM


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
Oh: I can edit posts on Meta.SO now.
@AstroCB Yup.
And review.
@bjb568 Can't join you, not at 3k yet.
@Unihedron You can flag.
@bjb568 Good idea.
12:22 AM
The good old days (of 3 months ago).
That post's a mess. I was using HTML instead of Markdown: I'll edit it in celebration.
@bjb568 I'd also really like the ability to do inline tag edits.
I want to DELEEEEET!
12:35 AM
delete ALL the things, ALL!!1
Put your CVs in the room!
(while I leave… gtg)
> (EE) Server terminated successfully (0). Closing log file.
1:09 AM
@JanDvorak hey, how do I get access to the JavaScript room?
Q: Output of question do not includ all part of it

sectusWhat I see there php runtime variable is not working in if else condition at runtime if else is not working var r=confirm("Do u want to change?"); if (r==true) { x=6; } else { x=0; } document.write(x)"; ?> What I see there http://stac...

@Braiam :P
Ah yes, the sweet sound of falling objects and breaking glass in a distant part of the house. <3 cats.
1:17 AM
I just answered a question with the most beautiful regex I've ever written in my life.
@Unihedron ugh
son of evil!
A: Why was this 'not an answer' flag declined?

bjb568I think it's right to burninate, the tag very ambiguous. Should I start now?

The relief, you know? :P
1:20 AM
@Unihedron You shall be closed as dup! stackoverflow.com/q/24183856/2371861
In punishment for your actions!
@bjb568 I know. I casted a close vote as well. It just never got enough to get closed.
Let's meta it!
@AstroCB wat
1:24 AM
@Unihedron "be afraid, be very afraid"
"Pro Tip: Mods do not look at the question when moderating "Not an Answer" flags." yet the LQRQ do show the answer, so user can evaluate an answer in a specific context. Why moderators don't? Is there any feature request that should be done? I remember that even the 10k tools allowed users to read the question in the same page, why mods don't have such feature? — Braiam 15 secs ago
@Unihedron /^(?=.*status[:=](\S+)|)(?=.*type[:=](\S+)|)(?:.*?title[:=])?(?|"([^"]+)"|((?:(?‌​!\s?(?:type|status)).)+))[^"]*$/
@AstroCB :O
@AstroCB Isn't it beautiful?
1:25 AM
^ probably the most game-changing feature
@Unihedron Whatever you say.
I need Android experts.
@Cupcake oy.
1:32 AM
I caught something that might be plagiarism.
Here's the (maybe) original: stackoverflow.com/a/10148023/456814
Here's what (might be) a copy: stackoverflow.com/a/20015435/456814
I don't know if the code that's used is common for Android or not.
@Cupcake ... probably not.
1:33 AM
@bjb568 what if it comes from a common tutorial or something?
@Cupcake Then both are plagiarism!
@Cupcake Well, it might... lemme google.
I don't know, the formatting that was used seems to be a giveaway...
1:37 AM
You know, the bold.
Flag for a mod to investigate.
... yay, SCRAPER report time... sigh
@hichris123 so many scrapers :P
How make this question more clear: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/268674/1503018 ?
@bjb568 Why are people upvoting that question?
@sectus let me see...
@AstroCB Because it's a good answer?
@bjb568 I meant the question: I'm not sure why both answers are down voted.
@AstroCB Dunno. Downvote it.
Meta is weird.
@AstroCB BTW, every time you edit, I get pinged.
@sectus the question is clear.
1:43 AM
@bjb568 Already done. I would get way too many notifications.
Are you worried about the downvotes?
@Cupcake , i do not really care about downvotes. But commets shows that it was misunderstood.
@sectus I tried to fix it up earlier, but I wasn't really sure what you are asking. I get that it shows up in the edit history and not on the post, but it was unclearly worded.
@sectus let me see...
@bjb568 I got pinged five times from that message.
1:46 AM
@sectus is your question about how the other question looked in its first revision? stackoverflow.com/revisions/25298505/1
@bjb568 You're right: wrong one.
I'm wrong right one: the right side of the road is the right side of the road.
@Cupcake , look at my revision: stackoverflow.com/posts/25298505/revisions
With side-by-side. Only two symbols in the body cause magnifical changes to question.
@sectus what two symbols did you change?
1:50 AM
@sectus explain that in your question, and link to the 2nd revision.
Or explain to people to take a look at the 2nd revision specifically.
How to insert an image to question?
Is there any stackoverflow.file service?
@sectus hit CTRL+G
1:54 AM
@sectus yes, SO has its own image hosting service.
@sectus you can just copy and paste right into it after you hit ctrl G. You're welcome.
@Cupcake Nobody thoonk you.
2:03 AM
@bjb568 :P
Thoonk you
@JeroenVannevel what if we have this feature that can make a question unanswerable until the question becomes clear? well maybe a moderator can do that for us? — Mahan 4 mins ago
That exactly describes the closing process, right?
You'd think someone with 3.7k rep would know about closing.
@AstroCB But default closed state is better (for new/low-quality users).
Why did OP accepted this answer?! WTH is going on? I'm so confused.... — Braiam 15 mins ago
Quick question. Can I add tag solved-in-comments to questions that solved in comments?
@sectus No.
2:07 AM
It's was very quick. But why? This tag could help to search for unanswered question only.
@sectus have the person who wrote the comment leave an answer, or add your own community wiki answer.
@Cupcake How did that question get four upvotes?
I must be active in the wrong tags...
four |fôr| cardinal number
equivalent to the product of two and two; one more than three, or six less than ten; 4:
Weird definitions.
But you're right, @cupcake
way to polish a turd, boys
close, decline, decline
2:21 AM
@Shog9 are you referring to the Meta question?
I get to leave interesting edit summaries now.
@Shog9 Those answers weren't NAA?
@AstroCB Good.
@bjb568 don't even get me started.
@bjb568 in the context of the question they are answers
2:23 AM
Legit answers to crappy questions.
The question:
> Please give me some suggestions. I have searched lots of sample projects, but none of them are working: Please provide me with any sample projects.
But NAA is supposed to not depend on the question.
The answers:
> here's a sample project!
As the old saying goes, ask a stupid question...
2:23 AM
@Shog9 you need to reimplement the brainwash on moderators...
@Shog9 So the NAA flag magically bends to not delete crap?
@Braiam what, minty-fresh Scope isn't cutting it anymore?
they presume that NAA's don't have to take into account the context of the question
@Braiam Isn't that part of the definition of NAA?
@bjb568 NAA just means "this doesn't attempt to answer the question". Pretty sure it says that in the flag text somewhere. If the question is "gimme some crap" then...
@Braiam no, we need mod tools that show flagged answers in context. Workin' on it.
2:25 AM
@Shog9 YAY
Still doesn't help if folks flag answers when they should be flagging questions.
feature request post adverted
@Shog9 Ok, so I should go flag every answer like this?
he said without clicking the link
@bjb568 meta's a special case in any ... case
2:26 AM
@Shog9 that's what I keep telling people around here :P
The gist of it is "if you see what looks like a crappy answer that is exactly what the question asked for, consider flagging the question"
sooo tempted to move that answer to an unrelated question where it makes sense...
So flaggers have to accommodate for broken mod tools?
2:27 AM
ok, then let me put it this way @Shog9, @AnnaLear, someone posted the answer in the wrong question, what should I do?
@bjb568 shrug You could look at it that way. Or ... you could consider the possibility that questions could be flagged too.
@AnnaLear Oh, as VLQ?
@Shog9 only with marmalade
marmalade is for stir-fry
2:28 AM
@bjb568 off-topic, too broad, unclear, whatever applies.
what are you, a savage?
@AnnaLear That's called voting. Close voting.
@bjb568 Not for questions that are off-topic, unclear, too broad...
Dominican with pride! :P
@AnnaLear What?
2:29 AM
"On topic but kind of crap" = downvote. "Off-topic because it asks for tools" = "flag/vtc"
This isn't hard.
Close if it meets a reason.
You're welcome to try to come up with perfect rules, but it really comes down to "use your best judgement".
Anyway, I gtg.
This system would be perfect if not for humans.
I'm confident we'll achieve perfection one day
2:30 AM
the utopic workplace: build tools not designed to be used by humans
(and I'm sure they will try, nonetheless)
@bjb568 nighty nighty, don't let the downvotes bitey! >:D
@Shog9 maybe when the machines all replace us.
It's gonna happen someday...
I saw it in the movies a few times.
@Cupcake >.> <.< >.>
2:33 AM
@AnnaLear what kind of emoticons are those?
@Cupcake shifty eyes
the smallest kirby dance ever
@Shog9 I KNEW IT!
Kids these days.
2:33 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NO DATABIND() ON DATAGRIDVIEW C# on stackoverflow.com
I think 10:40pm is a fine time to head home. @Shog9 is here to hold the sarcasm fort.
I'm so excited...
@AnnaLear nighty night!
2:52 AM
@Cupcake - "Strawberry Shortcake"?
Who wants a script to hide posts with a score of less than 0 from the front page?
@BradLarson I've got a theme going, can you tell?
Q: Hide negatively-voted posts from the front page

AstroCBAbout The current threshold for posts on the front page is -4. Often times, that threshold is not high enough: many posts in the -3...0 range are low-quality. This simple script hides posts with a score less than 0 from the front page. It was inspired by this post on Meta Stack Overflow. Down...

2:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: as Bred 11s been raising on tex.stackexchange.com
So how does the query work, you feed in a userID and it finds all posts matching one in their history?
Piña Colada
Turkish Delight
Black Licorice
Total Answers from Users with Parameters
French Vanilla
Waffles and Pancakes with Maple Syrup
Cherry Garcia
Crème brûlée
Banana Split
Strawberry Shortcake
Waffles and Pancakes
@BradLarson it grabs all answers for a given user, and searches for exact matches with answers from other users.
It does a self-join on the Posts table, so it can take a while to run.
2:54 AM
At most like 1.5 minutes.
That plagiarism query has an impressive way of digging up stuff on some people I've suspected for a while. It's a real pain to search for this stuff.
@BradLarson the thing is, it will only find exact matches.
Once you find someone who's plagiarized once, there's a good chance they have other non-exact match plagiarized answers.
I don't have a query for that. Yet.
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about spam — Paul Gessler 23 secs ago
2:56 AM
Those are the first and easiest things to deal with, and most people are too lazy to change much.
I found this one guy though who's a real piece of work.
40 verbatim plagiarized answers, plus a bunch more that aren't exact matches.
The search alone is useful, because we've had people who had 100+ plagiarized posts, and I had to go and find phrases by hand to punch into Google to get the sources.
@BradLarson aren't that autoflags?
2:57 AM
@BradLarson wow, yeah, that's painful.
@Braiam Only if the posts they copied were their own.
@BradLarson fail...
@BradLarson I've got variations on shortcake in my SEDE profile if you want to take a look later.
@Braiam If the system had to do a check against all other posts in the database every time someone posted something, that would not scale.
They're all code named, because I didn't want to make it obvious that I'm making anti-plagiarism queries.
3:00 AM
I've got one that will dredge up a ton of results for you for multiple users:
600+ results. Have fun with those.
@Cupcake I'm wondering why you're discriminating against people from certain countries
@SantaClaus DB is slow...
I don't think you need to be secretive with these. Frankly, plagiarists tend to be lazy by definition, so they aren't going to be reading Meta or whatever. If you need more eyes on these, I wouldn't be afraid to post them somewhere public.
3:01 AM
@SantaClaus it's because I've found that those users are the ones who are doing the most plagiarizing :P
@BradLarson You say that like chat isn't public
@SantaClaus most users don't venture into chat.
I've been using SO for around 4 years, and I never really got that involved with chat until around the middle of this year.
@Braiam done
3:04 AM
@BradLarson I'll consider it. I sent the queries off to the SE team to see if they can do anything to make taking care of plagiarizers more efficient.
I've never used so many flags in a day :P
This whole "sit here and read chat" thing is too hard.
@Cupcake We've been talking about stuff like this for years, because of how hard it is to find in the first place, then find the sources for other posts once you have a known plagiarist. Bohemian was working on a query for this at the same time as he was tinkering with a spam query for things with links at their end.
@BradLarson well, the exact matches aren't hard to find, as you can see with shortcake. It's the non-verbatim cases that are definitely a big pain.
I think it would be cool if there was a tool that utilized both SE's Elastic Search as well as Google to automate finding sources for those.
3:09 AM
@Cupcake For those, you always have to find some distinctive but short enough phrase you can put in quotes and kick to Google. The on-site search is not always useful for that. I also generally ignore code for those and only look for copied wording.
@BradLarson I've actually had good success using the on-site search to find plagiarized code.
I often still have to use snippets though.
Ugh, some of these plagiarized posts where the plagiarized copy got way more upvotes than the original did really make me sad.
@BradLarson I know right?
The plagiarizer gets to keep the rep if the post is old enough too, right?
3:13 AM
Even after deletion?
I think so, if it has 6+ votes. Forget the rules on that.
+3 and 60 days
@Cupcake - For stuff like this: stackoverflow.com/a/14825380/19679 where the code is drawn from a central source, like Android documentation, my preferred way of handling those is to add a reference to the documentation. I'm not as concerned with code snippets from public documentation examples, more copied wording.
@BradLarson okay, I'll keep that in mind going forward.
Code snippets get passed around, and people lose track of sources for them. I don't get as angry about that as I do taking credit for other people's words.
3:18 AM
Makes sense.
I'm going to call it a day, I'll definitely consider posting my queries to Meta sometime in the coming weeks, it would be nice to get help flagging posts. Of course, that also means more work for you mods, @BradLarson ;)
@Cupcake It'd be nice to get more eyes on these, as long as it doesn't turn into a lynch mob against certain users. Have to figure out a way to get all this plagiarism cleaned up without publicly calling out specific people.
3:33 AM
@Cupcake Not to bed. To things.
4:19 AM
My friend and I are in my room with 2 ds's, a laptop, an ipad, an iphone, an ipad charger, and a dsi/3ds charger. We will not sleep! ZzzzZzzz...
If anyone's reviewing suggested edits right now, please watch out for this user adding the tag to things without fixing the rest of the post (I've run out of reviews).
Good Morning Friends...!!! Have Great day ahead...!!!
It was approved...
Is "plagiarese" a language spoken in India?
When askers reply to plagiarized answers the plagiarists respond with even more plagiarism
It's baffling
Now that I think about it, they're starting to look like parrots to me
And not the really smart ones that can learn language on their own
4:35 AM
@BoltClock'saUnicorn No but I think it's somewhat of a norm for people to take credit for others' work, including your own. So maybe it's more natural and not as frowned upon.
@JasonC I can understand it if it's with answers, but when people post copied content in comments it makes it sound as if they speak in copied content and it's just so weird
@BoltClock'saUnicorn Can you do something about this user? He's mass-adding the tag to a bunch of posts without fixing anything else and they're being approved like crazy. I @replied him on one of the posts, but my comment was ignored.
@BoltClock'saUnicorn It does seem like an odd amount of effort to spend plagiarizing, doesn't it.
4:39 AM
@BoltClock'saUnicorn The first page and a half of his activity history is all suggested edits that only add that tag.
@AstroCB I can't find your comment. Perhaps he was never notified of it
@fernandopasik If you're going to mass-add the google-analytics tag to posts, at least fix other issues with them: as they stand, your edits are too minor. — AstroCB 17 mins ago
@BoltClock'saUnicorn He just earned 30 rep from suggested edits for adding a tag to 15 posts, and he did the same thing with the tag four days ago. He's only had one rejected edit.
Thanks Oba— I mean roboreviewers
@BoltClock'saUnicorn I apologize if those plagiarism flags are bumming you out. I just flagged for posts from a 10K user that copied from another user for you too.
4:48 AM
@AstroCB : Your comment had effect. Now he is editing. stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5537348
@Andy No worries
@InfiniteRecursion That's good, but it doesn't change his ridiculous edit history; I can't believe he got that far adding one tag to the post with only one rejection.
@Cupcake All of those (poor) answers, and the OP accepts his own...
@AstroCB wait, what?
4:52 AM
There's no accepted answer there.
@AstroCB It's common in suggested edits queue. I mentioned the same in one of Banana's posts recently meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/268033/…
@Cupcake Look at the bottom (accepted isn't at the top if it's a self-answer).
@Cupcake There is, at the bottom. Solve it...thank everyone
I have little sympathy, the first two answers are probably plagiarized anyways :P
@InfiniteRecursion I've definitely experienced the opposite, which is why I've learned to write detailed edit summaries.
@Cupcake "How do I use HTML with .text()?" - "Use .html()."
4:55 AM
@AstroCB meh, I guess I won't bother flagging those, too short.
Could be a false positive.
I was going to go play around in Android Studio. Is it me or is that program extremely slow?
@animuson is it running Eclipse?
@Cupcake lol wut
@AstroCB : Yes, you wrote really good summaries. You crossed 2K, congrats! Welcome to the suggested edits review queue. Now you will see some great edits and reviews. And an annoying orange icon at the top showing pending reviews.
@animuson Android studio is slow for me too
4:57 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks, and yes: that's a bit annoying when you're out of reviews for the day.
@BoltClock'saUnicorn yeah, on second thought, probably not plagiarized :/
All from adding one tag to a post.
@AstroCB Unfortunately, it's a common behaviour. Just keep rejecting as too minor. Many users do it..
Would be nice if the rejects weren't overruled by approvals anyway
5:11 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Great.
I just found a high-rep user (10k+) who has 19 verbatim plagiarized answers.
:/ strange.
A: Resize image by mouse

Hardik SondagarI have tested this. It's awesome than anyone : http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/105403

What about Chuck Norris?
5:24 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TWO PAGEBLOCK IN SINGLE VISUSLFORCE PAGE NOT WORKING on salesforce.stackexchange.com
That site still exists?
I totally take that back.
@Cupcake How do you quote comments in chat?
@InfiniteRecursion just grab the comment url and paste it in.
On it's own line.
my answer was helpful to you ? If yes pls accept, Thanks. — Harsh Baid Oct 30 '11 at 7:46
So my answer is helpful to u ? — Harsh Baid Oct 30 '11 at 17:19
Working. Thanks :)
5:36 AM
Yeah, totally a duplicate, close it.
The answerer commented a lot to get the copied answer accepted!
@InfiniteRecursion sad, yeah?
I'm out, nighty night!
yeah, shouldn't it be a community wiki? since it's a verbatim copy of a community wiki..
good nite @Cupcake
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO INCLUDE READ MORE IN VIEWS on drupal.stackexchange.com
5:55 AM
@AstroCB lol I forgot to dismiss your flag about the suggested edits

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