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5:00 PM
@SterlingArcher Just consider everything on the home page VLQ, and you'll be right 99% of the time :P
On meta, should I use the "bug" tag if I am not actually sure if it's a bug or not? Or should I use "discussion"?
Or both
@JasonC Both. Once it is determined as a bug/not bug usually a mod will remove the tag if necessary
Or support...
Well, I really limit myself to the JS tag, and a simple downvote usualy gets bad answers away.
@SantaClaus I'll buy that, thanks.
5:02 PM
If I don't know the language, I don't bother closing it
Not my place lol
@JasonC has as synonym, so you could take that.
Hmm; I went for a compromise of "support" + "bug", no "discussion".
Flagged http://stackoverflow.com/users/2944616/greywolf82 :
Bad reviews. http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5479249 http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5479223 http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5479225 http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5460946 http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5460947 http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5449829 http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5444181
I'd like to propose the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" as a euphemism for dingleberries. Please spread the word.
5:11 PM
Oh oh are you using that query? Lol
I helped! fist pump
11 mins ago, by Santa Claus
This is a fantastic query for opinions. Also (sometimes) appropriate for VLQ. Free votes/flags! http://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/revision/215520/281259/opinions-with‌​-low-score-vlq-ready
I modified it for order by length and low votes.
I VLQ'd the bad ones! fist pump
@bjb568 fist pump
@JasonC fist pump
5:12 PM
All right folks, let me state something before we start declining all these flags. Do not just spam "very low quality" flags on everything you find from a blind query. If you have the ability to vote to close, do so (which I notice many of you have not in the things you've flagged). Only flag items that require urgent attention or will not otherwise be handled by standard close votes.
@BradLarson I've always wondered about this. Thanks for clarifying. As a side note - I do not have any CVs left.
waits for flag ban
^ this is why im reluctant to VLQ soemthing unless it's blatantly obvious
*watches declined - Use your close votes on these not VLQ crawl down flagged post list.
5:20 PM
is afraid to open the flags queue after just waking up
@SantaClaus A lot of these were not great questions, but they were gathering close votes anyways. The fact that they feed into the Low Quality Posts review queue changes the flag meaning a bit, but until the guidelines are changed for how these are handled, moderators will tend to decline anything that we see unless it's urgent.
@BradLarson I think I understand a little better now. The questions are being closed/put on hold as fast as my flags are being declined.
@BradLarson Hmmmm, there is the occasional one that I'm getting helpful flags.
I can see this flag changing in purpose over time, particularly if they become hidden from moderators and only feed into Low Quality Posts review. That review queue has worked well for both questions and answers, and maybe making this flag less about urgent issues and more a tag for something that should be reviewed is the way to go.
I fail to see the difference.
I'm not sure weather they both should have been helpful or both declined, but it doesn't seem all that consistent.
@SantaClaus The former was handled by the review queue, where it was marked helpful upon closure of the question. The latter was seen by a moderator, where it was declined.
5:25 PM
@BradLarson Ah. That makes sense.
Frankly, we know that a few of the members of this room have been throwing "very low quality" flags on things that are about to be closed as a means of farming "helpful" flags, and if this continues we will have a conversation about this. Gaming flags wastes time for all of us.
@BradLarson Well, none of the ones I flagged via a query were about to be closed. And it didn't work out for me all that well anyway (About 12 declined so far, 5 helpful). I guess you could say I've learned my lesson.
@BradLarson The flag is for things that should be "immediately deleted". That's what I use it for. That's how the system works from what I can see (the flag dialog, meta, and the LQRQ). So WTH is with the mod queue thing? Why does it even go there?
@bjb568 do you comment and give the user a chance to edit their question? A VLQ flag basically says it's unsalvageable
@BradLarson That may have been me a bit, sorry. I just VLQ, -1, and CV crap, I don't pay attention to whether it's almost closed.
5:37 PM
@bjb568 follow-up question for you, why do those old questions that have been hanging around for years with answers, etc need to be immediately deleted via VLQ flag? VLQ is supposed to be for stuff that is utter crap that should be gone immediately.
@SterlingArcher I only do so if I think OP can improve.
@bluefeet This seems like a trick question.
@bluefeet off topic: thanks for the troll help yesterday! Hope it gave you a chuckle like it did for me (people thought I was mad for some reason)
@SantaClaus VLQ is supposed to be for stuff that needs to be removed immediately. Those don't meet that criteria
@bluefeet I don't do anything based on post age, as I noted in the mysteriously deleted askubuntu (I think it was there at least) question. I just VLQ utter crap.
5:39 PM
@bluefeet I understand that. I just said it was a trick question because you said why do those old questions that have been hanging around for years with answers, etc need to be immediately deleted via VLQ flag and really the answer is they don't
@bluefeet Ok, thanks. I won't flag old questions then.
FYI, all this stuff is new to me and undocumented. Please make a meta post or something.
You should only use VLQ on stuff that needs to be deleted immediately. Too many folk lately are using it when it doesn't apply
@bluefeet like me
And me.
I shall not name names
5:42 PM
question - when those nazi symbol gravatars were going around - and a mod blanketed them all as this: i.sstatic.net/PZsCQ.jpg?s=128&g&s=48
Well, most of the stuff I flag is new. So don't point too long of a pointy stick at met.
was that an automatic thing?
all of you. All of you are terrible and should be ashamed. Edit 15 questions as penance.
@Shog9 let me go eat my BLT first.
5:43 PM
@Shog9 you are so kind... we don't have to answer PHP questions
@Braiam And BLTs.
@Braiam that's not penance, that's immolation
@Shog9 Tag edits count, right?
Real edits that turn crap into gold
I need something that do that in the real life @Shog9, turn crap into gold
5:46 PM
@Shog9 do you remember the nazi gravatar thingy?
Well 15 is like nearly a 4th of my total real edits
few weeks / month back?
I can't remember which mods were here when it was going on
@rlemon mumbles something about hijacking a thread and disturbing the mods and their BLTs
they have BLTs?
I'm in!
5:49 PM
mumbles something about Room 17 and Tavern not going well together
I think I'm a victim of caching...
is this bug ?
@bjb568 what?
I'm asking questions to the mods.
@TGMCians Could just be that people close-voted it between the time the page loaded and when you loaded the CV dialog
I refreshed the page 2 times
and tried to open same dialog
but still it happened ..something buggy
5:52 PM
File a report.
2 mins ago, by hichris123
I think I'm a victim of caching...
Something changed.
Maybe too much caching?
hmm may be because of that it happened
Q: Caching problems on SO site today?

Customized NameI am not able to make my code look like a code, it looks like a code in preview but then again resets to normal lines when i click on edit, e.g. I add my code to "code sample {}" but it shows wrong when i edit it. DataContract is not visible in returned soap xml In preview it looks fine.. Fixe...

A: Browser caching has become a bit too aggressive

Marc GravellWe made a slight tweak to the Cache-Control header for logged in users; it looks like we didn't include the max-age in this (although to be honest, what you describe is pretty much what I would expect most browser behaviour to be anyway). I will be deploying a new build including the max-age shor...

A: Browser caching has become a bit too aggressive

Steven PennyI am having this problem as well, here is my experience When I go to my user page, I will have a blue number on reputation tab. Before, I would click it, then if I clicked back to summary tab blue number is gone. Now blue number persists until I press F5. Before when I would ask a question, if ...

5:54 PM
yeah I voted...
it seems ok
I am about to post a bunch of questions that can be close-voted, as I did before. I did not flag them VLQ.
6:00 PM
You could modify the query to find recent ones, so we can VLQ them.
@bjb568 Nah.
@bjb568 I'm a bit scared of VLQ for the moment.
@SantaClaus answer is link only....we can flag ..can't we ?
@TGMCians Go for it
@TGMCians -1, VLQ
6:01 PM
I donwvoted
let me add there my comment
@bjb568 done
@TGMCians Oh, that's what I did, I wasn't telling you to do it. Not that you shouldn't do it. In fact, you should.
6:03 PM
I was not wrong there afaik
@SantaClaus seems ok
@TGMCians Wasn't sure, hence the question mark
@bjb568 I still don't see that as VLQ. =/ It IS savageable through edits
6:05 PM
Hmm I see
@TGMCians Answer is "Really depends on what you're usign to develop" - it's too broad.
@bjb568 Not sure about that one either
I'm getting to lazy to type out [tag:] anymore
@SterlingArcher It's link-only. I think it's unsalvageable, any actual edits would really be writing a new answer.
But it wouldn't be a new answer, it would be an edit.
6:07 PM
@bjb568 done
Q: MSE footer contrast is too low

bjb568 The links are pretty low-contrast. In fact, #8acffd on #1da9d9 fails WCAG 2.0 Guideline 1.4.3 at 1.61:1 contrast falling short of the minimum 3.5:1 contrast.

@SterlingArcher An invalid edit.
How can an edit by the poster be invalid
@SterlingArcher You can't polish everything into gold, some are too bad so that a constructive edit has to change so much that it changes the fundamental meaning of the post.
@SterlingArcher Vandalism, posting new question by editing old one to circumvent ban, invalidating answers by clarifying so much that the problem is different, etc.
I don't understand
The OP can edit the link data into his answer and re-work it into a good answer. nothing wrong with that imo
Link only answer is not good idea here. — TGMCians 3 mins ago
cv-plz-not-sure-if-i-did-this-one-yet stackoverflow.com/questions/488547/…
I'm done with CVs for now...moving to NAA
6:11 PM
@SterlingArcher Meh, copying the data from the links is a lot to reword (otherwise it's plagiarism), making your own answer based on links and including links for reference is too much of a change.
@bjb568 it's too much of a change for another user to make. And the links are there, if they keep them and quote the links, it's fine. But if the OP makes the edit, there's no queue for approval, so there's no way to say "Hey that's an invalid edit you made on your own answer"
@SterlingArcher Rollback? The only rule that 2k/OP don't need to follow is too-minor. Everything else applies.
Would you really rollback an edit like that?
@SterlingArcher Absolutely.
I may also make a CW answer copied from it with proper attribution.
(if it's worth saving)
Would you mind if I made a meta question quoting both me and you on the matter?
6:15 PM
@SterlingArcher I would love to read such a question.
I don't agree with that in this situation (an OP editing a link only answer into a quoted sourced answer)
@bjb568 Please help here need one downvote so that I can flag it as very low quality because of link only answer stackoverflow.com/a/488586/1741671
@TGMCians Nope. Out of up/dn votes for the day.
anyone around here who can do ?
not calling @Bart :D
@SterlingArcher A quoted sourced answer is fine, unless it's short in which the question should be closed as duplicate or be made into a canonical with a extra-broad more-effort-required answer. If it's long, it's plagiarism.
6:17 PM
@TGMCians secretly upvoting answer
huh :D
Q: When is it acceptable to rollback an edit on an answer when the answerer edits drastically?

Sterling ArcherI was having a discussion with bjb in the meta tavern about this and we are on opposite sides. http://stackoverflow.com/a/5718398/774078 This link only answer, I argued is salvageable through edits, while he argued that such an edit would be invalid, and subject to being rolled back. If an ans...

@TGMCians NAA works too. But I did just down vote it.
I hope I worded this ok. I tried to leave out any opinionated bias and just present our 2 sides
hmm flagged as very low quality
I flag as very low quality when I find link only answer
not NAA
you should not also I think
6:22 PM
@TGMCians Usually go the same place. Not sure what I flagged it this time...
hmm probably this time it will be helpful because I also marked it very low quality so once it delete then it turns out as helpful for you also
@TGMCians Sometimes mods decline and delete.
hmm that is worst case
Oh trust me, they can definitely decline and delete.
6:26 PM
They do.
They do it quite well.
Well, they don't delete the questions, but rather put them on hold or closed
Sometimes they laugh about it as well.
@Bart Like an evil laugh as they spam the decline button?
@SantaClaus They do delete answers.
Absolutely @SantaClaus. A laugh so evil that if you're near them your eardrums would burst.
6:29 PM
@bjb568 Of course.
@rlemon vaguely; what about it?
wondering how the gravatars were assigned?
and if we see users with the same gravatar again if it is a system trigger?
(the replaced one, not the original)
just curious
@SterlingArcher Re the user: Looks like a problem user.
@Bart Lucky I'm on the north pole.
6:31 PM
@rlemon could be, but it's not like anything stops anyone from using it on their own
got an example of a user using it?
well I think me and mr Archer (didn't see his deleted message) are discussing the same user ( chat.stackoverflow.com/users/3915230/mrzi @Shog9 )
main profile is changed - in the chat said that was his/her 'default' picture, which is the only reason it struck me as odd.
@TGMCians marked helpful as NAA for me
same case happened that I told you
@rlemon then yes, quite possibly an automated thing...
Note : Please don't do that next time
6:34 PM
@Shog9 this all ties back to the "js room drama" of late if you care
but I have to go write some jQuery and then cry.
@TGMCians Eh, it would have worked out anyways.
jQuery D:
I see
@rlemon $.cry()
6:35 PM
everything's better when prefixed with a dollar sign
I love blingy code
@Shog9 $BLT
phpQuery is like... omg
@Shog9 Gordon said the mods were looking into the whole suspected troll account thing as well, but that's (no offense of course) what was said the last time it happened, I believe.
6:36 PM
@SterlingArcher well, they did / are
if something new comes up, flag it
So if we suspect there are multiple accounts, just flag for mod attention and link the accounts?
Got it
Does that say "sex is a new programming language?"
... bahahaha
6:37 PM
I wish you could flag a user
sometimes they have no messages :(
then flag one of your own posts & link to them
hrm. never thought of that. good thinkin
that's why they pay you the big bucks eh?
all the jQuery I can eat
@SterlingArcher given the inclusion of peeks and pokes, I'm sure it's derived from Basic.
6:39 PM
So much query :O
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Why did Drax call Gamora a whore? on scifi.stackexchange.com
@Bart I wonder if they offer a certification...
LOL silly smoke detector
@SterlingArcher I got "certified" once ... well, it started with "you are certifiably ..." ... it wasn't a positive experience.
Such trauma D:
@rlemon Didn't Balpha do that?
6:42 PM
can't remember
which is why I asked ;)
I think it was him. And if it wasn't, I blame him.
Jul 2 at 14:15, by balpha
how do you like the replacement flag I gave him? :)
I tried to search but I put wildcards in it and it failed.
2 mins ago, by rlemon
6:48 PM
@rlemon our meta rep is fail
you haz 1.1k rep on meta
i have like.. 700 lol
we dont even meta brah D:
You guys are just so useless at being useless
well... I do write a lot of js
and most of it is useless
6:51 PM
iunno im running like 3 of your userscripts..
Wow, you guys ended up going to Meta with this?
Q: When is it acceptable to rollback an edit on an answer when the answerer edits drastically?

Sterling ArcherI was having a discussion with bjb568 in the meta tavern about this and we are on opposite sides. http://stackoverflow.com/a/5718398/774078 This link only answer, I argued is salvageable through edits, while he argued that such an edit would be invalid, and subject to being rolled back. If an ...

Disagree much?
jsfiddle.net/rlemon/t6GT4 @SterlingArcher @Bart (chrome only, webcam, console)
I think Sterling has seen this
perfect example of being useless
Great. Now the NSA has my face. THX
6:53 PM
Wow, the caching problems over on Stack Overflow are getting really annoying.
@rlemon Kewl
I keep getting the same notifications over and over, even though I've already read them.
User 3915230 has been removed.
@Cupcake I get badge notifications because account merge.
I found crap in my tag today and I ended up downvoting all teh things.
@Cupcake I find crap everywhere all the time and I end up downvoting all teh things.
7:00 PM
@Bart We definitely know that you're insane… :P — bjb568 7 mins ago
@Cupcake done
welcome back @JasonC, Hey
@SmokeDetector Maybe SD needs an "ignore this post". That one's just going to keep coming up. That's at least the third time, I think. @hichris123
@TGMCians Hi
@Shog9 $tack Overflow Academy. Nope, didn't work. Can't polish a turd, I guess.
I got my BLT @Shog9
7:11 PM
What's the JJ on your BLT?
@SterlingArcher jimmy johns
@SterlingArcher Junior Junior
ha I was thinking junior junior too
@SterlingArcher jub jubs
7:12 PM
Jimmy Johns is good
there's one close to my office
@Andrew Barber I am not sure why you have not deleted the answer even you marked my flag as helpful.
@TGMCians thank you
me calling mod
@TGMCians Are you talking about stackoverflow.com/a/3654272/2446155
7:21 PM
@TGMCians My flag was marked as helpful as well.
yeah did he miss to delete the link only answer ? :p
@TGMCians Theres not much point in deleting an answer on a closed question
oops..lot of conditions in stackoverflow code...
anyway.. /me searching a good idea for my android app that I am going to make
Wow, this guy actually covered all of his bases before attempting to bring this up on Meta:
Q: Seeking ways to improve previous posts

SifuWhat this post is NOT Not a post asking to get unbanned. Not a post begging for upvotes. Not a flame post. Related http://stackoverflow.com/help http://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask http://stackoverflow.com/help/question-bans What are the differences between self-deleting a post, and hav...

7:28 PM
@TGMCians an iOS emulator maybe?
@TGMCians How about an app to come up with ideas for another app?
7:41 PM
can we get this reopened meta.stackexchange.com/q/190914/213575, is applicable to many sites, not only SO
@Braiam ok...
7:58 PM
@bjb568 That looks like something out of classic Star Trek. It just needs a giant semi-transparent face floating next to it or something.
They ran into some really goofy crap floating around in the cosmos.
Stwange… W U NO DELETE?! stackoverflow.com/a/3654272/2371861
VLQ helpful, but not gone.
8:26 PM
I^6 vi^6/4 (V^6/5)/IV I/IV
^ See if you can figure out what that means.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO USE JSON-XS BUG PATCH on askubuntu.com
@bjb568 you can't exit from vim....
@Braiam Uh… no. Hint: It's not programming related.
Is it the rate of radioactive material mutating your cells through an IV?
8:35 PM
@SterlingArcher There are better ways to kill yourself.
I recommend meta.
That's why I have Dr. Krieger
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 14 secs ago, by Sterling Archer
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25169723/remove-highlight-of-previously-check‌​ed-row how did he post a fiddle link without code? It doesn't let you do that
There's no code blocks either. Weird
@SterlingArcher Maybe the location of the link?
@JasonC It kinda sorta blocks repeats.
I think Manish is going to work on repeating again.
Hold on, I'll check.
9:09 PM
(gtg, ~4h)
Wow, people are making a really big deal out of nothing on this:
Q: How much commentary is permitted in answers?

staticxI recently came across this answer while approving suggested edits. The suggested edit changed 'girls' to 'assistants'. That's too minor really so I improved the answer by removing the tangent. OP has restored the tangent, which I rolled back again. Without getting into a further edit war, what i...

I take it back.
9:23 PM
> We even hooked up the machines of the girls in the office with IB. First time those machines did something useful. :)
Still though, just edit out the problem parts, problem solved :P
... let's not have this discussion again.
Kinda tired of it. :)
are we just talking pass each other or he just don't want to understand my position?
wipes hands Problem solved.
> Please help fixing my dizzy mistake. I see the words just telling the history ... I was not trying to advertise Been taking interferon and mix bag of side effects feelings. And we want to keep the internet clear and free as much as possibly Please can we pick the now traded market sideline "VENTURA the blowout brush" My self George Alan and SPORNETTE... This is what is happening other then my ny life, between seeing clients, renovating my apartment being happy ... Truth I have to exercise.
10:08 PM
10:56 PM
Average number of undeleted questions per day per month since site inception: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/edit/215578#graph

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