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12:23 AM
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 7 hours ago, by KitFox
@GnomeSlice I love checking your flags. You get busted for the best stuff.
12:51 AM
I don't know whether we should bother closing this rant:
Q: Can you tell something about a user by "votes cast"?

user3866661I recently noticed the "Votes Cast" feature present in every user's stack overflow account: this feature allows other users to see how many votes a user has cast, and more importantly, what type (upvotes vs downvotes). This prompted me to explore the profiles of other users to try to figure out m...

I have to keep reminding myself "opportunity to educate misguided user".
Otherwise I'm getting sick and tired of the same old BS all the time.
1:02 AM
this is a grave yard... half of the users are deleted
@Braiam Wow.
@Cupcake It's a dup.
@animuson wow.
@bjb568 only if you have a very broad definition for a "duplicate".
@Cupcake You should see this question. ;)
1:06 AM
@Cupcake The point is to close.
@animuson Screenshot for us peasants?
14 mins ago, by Cupcake
I have to keep reminding myself "opportunity to educate misguided user".
Closing won't educate the user.
darn @animuson, stop posting deleted posts that I can't read
He'll probably just get pissed off and leave, never to return.
@Cupcake The dup has interesting helpful answers and comments.
1:07 AM
@bjb568 all the posts in that question are all over the place and unfocused.
I should probably tone this down though, it's a little too aggressive, confrontational, and scolding:
A: Can you tell something about a user by "votes cast"?

Cupcake This prompted me to explore the profiles of other users to try to figure out more about their voting personalities: were they more positive than negative; were they frequent voters, etc. I noticed most users cast many more downvotes than upvotes, which brings me to a conclustion: that the...

Not neutral enough.
@animuson wait, did you nuke all of those users? Were they all socks?
Apparently he really likes to talk to himself.
@bjb @Braiam Here: i.sstatic.net/Xbz8Q.png
1:13 AM
"Senior engineer".
I wonder how that company is doing...
All the employees are probably him.
Also, wtf, people actually go through all that trouble to vote themselves up with socks?
@animuson hey, he's a startup ;)
@Braiam Notice: Startup is an overused word most commonly referring to non-startups.
1:15 AM
All that time could be spent, you know, actually learning to be a better developer :P
@Cupcake You should have seen the guy where I had to go through and delete 100+ sock accounts. That was a lengthy afternoon.
The title of this question is pretty hilarious:
Q: I am a hater because of people do not understand voting patterns properly

user221081I quite often happen to be misjudged on my voting patters exposed through my profile page. I decided to withdraw my nomination for a moderator for 2 reasons: after seeing other peoples achievements I came to conclusion that I am not experienced enough to be a moderator. Even though I would lik...

Oh wait.
1:20 AM
Is that that one user who once tried to run in the election to be a mod, got a bunch of downvotes, then rage quit?
I think so.
@Cupcake IMO, is not the real up/downvotes, so people can't delete their Q/A and check what users the numbers changed
@Braiam IMO, the numbers shouldn't be displayed.
@AnnaLear Can I have my chat room back?
pssst: don't look now, but there's an old guy 7th on the room user list
That's amazing.
1:33 AM
@mehow I THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE MORE DOWNVOTES THAN UPVOTES TO BE ELECTED TO A MODERATOR. IT SHOULD BE A REQUIREMENT, JUST LIKE HAVE THOSE 4 BADGES. People who have 10 to 1, 5 to 1 upvote - downvote ratios, should not be mods. People who suggest otherwise, DO NOT know what they are talking about, and have a wrong impression of the site and of a user's and moderators role. — iStimple Feb 11 at 15:32
Now this is a guy I will definitely consider voting for. stackoverflow.com/users/110707/wooble 15,000 down , 2000 up — iStimple Feb 11 at 16:01
Great post. However, now that I've looked at Robert Harvey's SO account, I am SHOCKED. He has a 7 to 1 upvote/downvote ratio. Why does he have such a poor voting record? — iStimple Feb 11 at 16:23
@iStimple LOL, that's amazing!
My approve/reject edit review ratio is off now since I lost some reviews to the merge.
N00b reviewer me didn't know how to review edits.
He's on 20k DVs now... When's the next election? I wanna vote for him
@iStimple it's even more amazing now. 2k upvotes to 20k downvotes.
That guy is my hero!
1:37 AM
I don't get what the big f-ing deal was with this guy's voting record though: meta.stackexchange.com/q/220558/163250
Approximately a 1:1 voting ratio.
So f-ing what?
@hichris123 it all depends on what kind of content you encounter on Stack Overflow...
@Cupcake Tho we're all middleschoolers… no need to abbreviate 4 letter words. We can read the extra 2 characters.
1:38 AM
@Cupcake Yup. I mostly deal with crap.
@Cupcake yea, i don't know.. so many people even explained to him that it wasn't a big deal.. yet he still deleted his account,... he had like over 100K rep too.
@hichris123 Exactly.
And I have 4100 helpful flags to prove that...
Oooh! 999 votes! What should I vote on now?
1:40 AM
A: Can you check/monitor the client certificates sent in requests using Wireshark?

GrowinManI found a way to do this. This guide should help: http://blogs.technet.com/b/nettracer/archive/2013/12/30/how-it-works-on-the-wire-iis-http-client-certificate-authentication.aspx

Vote #1000! Downvoted (and CV'd) stackoverflow.com/questions/25113072/…
@bjb568 lol wut?
@iStimple you change your username too much:
You close voted a chat room?
@LowerClassOverflowian: you should see how many close votes I've cast. — Wooble Feb 11 at 17:52
1:40 AM
@hichris123 Whoops. No.
A: Highcharts Polar Chart: Multiple pane segment colors

zoomThanks so much. If I wanted to increase the number of segments to 15 from 8, and colorize them with your script, how would you go about that?

@Cupcake I think I had that name for like 2 months, which was 1 month longer than planned.
Can you please include a gif of a woman blasting fire too? It's not all males on SO :p — Stilly.stack Feb 28 at 3:00
that's weird ho it shows Stilly.stack when it was posted when LowerClassOverflowian.. probably something with the metaSE/metaSO merge
Is this a "good answer"? stackoverflow.com/a/24213428/3622940
Some reviewers seems to have upvoted it, but I'm not sure.
This question appears to be off-topic because it is a question that should not be answered. — bjb568 6 secs ago
@Unihedron -1, VLQ
^ Nailed it
@bjb568 um, you'd have a very hard time trying to get that close reason to fly.
1:48 AM
@Cupcake JUST CLOSE IT!!!!!!!!!
As what?
I only have a basic working knowledge of CSS.
It's a valid question. But JUST CLOSE IT!!!!!!!!
Maybe a dup somewhere…
I don't spend any time in the CSS tag, I don't know what's considered a "good" question vs a "bad" question.
> This question appears to be off-topic because it is a question I do not understand.
1:50 AM
> This question appears to be off-topic because bjb568 said so.
Of... what?
Like I said, I don't have the requisite experience in the CSS tag to know what should and shouldn't be closed there (in most cases).
@Cupcake Think about it. COMIC SANS!
1:53 AM
Approve edit please: superuser.com/questions/792493/… - before the OP goes back and edits it some more and it gets confusing (I requested that he add more info, so he should be editing soon).
Upvote this ok question from a new user! stackoverflow.com/q/25130064/3890059
@bjb568 Got it!
@bjb568 I won't upvote because it doesn't show what he's tried, but I won't downvote either, because you like it AND UR A FUNNY GUY HA HA.
@JasonC Effort isn't required. Especially for "how do I create this CSS effect" questions.
2:00 AM
@bjb568 I guess that's true, CSS gives me nightmares so I think I can relate. Ok here's your upvote.
and flag too
"I need three answers at least so I can make up my mind instead of that crazy little kids opinion." I think this should automatically be appended to every meta question.
@bjb568 that is not an ok question
And now I want to help him just as a challenge to see if I can get the CSS right.
@iStimple Why not? It's not CV-able, it's a specific programming problem. It should be upvoted because it is useful to the CSS community.
2:03 AM
Why did we end up closing this question as a duplicate? I think it should be the canonical instead. It has a better title, and a more detailed answer. Can we reopen this and close the other question as a duplicate of this instead? — Cupcake 1 min ago
Make up your mind =P
I was the last vote on there, I didn't realize what I was getting into.
I know, my mistake.
Too much bandwagoning :/
2:05 AM
@bjb568 it's too broad in my opinion.. Think about this.. You're saying it's ok for anyone to post an image of how they want something too look.. and have others write the code without them attempting anything
@Cupcake Community fail.
@Cupcake I'm sure we've all done it.
@JasonC or depending on the final outcome, community #win.
@iStimple For CSS? Hell yeah (as long as you make it clear what you want and it isn't too specific like "create a website for me").
@iStimple 'Cuz he has a "delete" button ;)
I should really post some more answers in the c hashtag tag. I don't have nearly enough points.
@Cupcake is a 10 to 1 downvote to upvote ratio
And that's where all the points are.
imagine Jon Skeet shouting at @jadarnel27: GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
@jadarnel27 C hashtag FTW!
2:08 AM
@bjb568 ok is a big stretch. There's no attempt at finding the solution himself first.
I would not upvote that, personally.
I just realized WTF is wednesday, thursday, friday. WTF FTW!
@Cupcake Not required. It's useful to the community and that's #1.
@Braiam I could probably not withstand such rejection, and would resort to posting in Haskell instead.
@bjb568 I abstain from voting :P
I don't spend time in the CSS tag.
2:10 AM
It's your community, not mine.
@Cupcake Yay!
Me haz commooonity!
@iStimple um, wtf is up with that question?
That's not bj's community. bj has only been on that site for 7 days.
Do you really have to call him BJ?
Seems a bit degrading, though funny.
2:12 AM
@bjb568 I know almost nothing of CSS but I know enough to know that stackoverflow.com/a/25130159/616460 is crap, heh.
Bj… Ooooooh.
@JasonC It has a smiley face. 'Nuf said.
Way, way, way off topic here. In fact, it's difficult to contemplate a universe in which it would be on topic. — Edward 21 mins ago
I didn't mean anything degrading by it, @Cupcake. Or, you know, not very degrading.
@jadarnel27 Meh, you're not to R17 level yet, I'm not gonna complain :P
2:14 AM
@bjb568 Must have used some kind of time machine to get their profile to say that.
@Doorknob ... um what?
@hichris123 (Keyboard Fire is me. :P)
@Doorknob Is that really your dad?
@JasonC Yes :P
tl;dr: [netbook]
2:18 AM
@hichris123 Damnit, can't VLQ.
@hichris123 delete voted.
I'm impressed that they even bothered to add the little R and the TM.
We have a [light] tag? sigh
@hichris123 and darkness ;)
the entire combo
@hichris123 is my "recommendation" question close review queue filter <3
Q: Can we have a "recommendation and off-site resource" filter for the Close Review Queue?

CupcakeI can only afford to spare 10 minutes a day at most to the task of reviewing questions in the Close Review Queue, but since it's an extremely time-consuming process, I've recently just given up completely on closing questions through the queue. Which is sort of a waste, because I have 40 close vo...

11 hours ago, by hichris123
@Cupcake You just called for 40 's that are tool recommendations. :D
Thoughts on this?
Q: R in a netbook - system requirements for using R

BraniI know it's not a programming question but I'm in a hurry to choose a netbook like this and I haven't been able to find the minimum system requirements for an R installation (e.g. minimum RAM). I am interested in a small netbook so as to be able to use it in class. Has anybody used R in a netbook...

yay, I have a question in the hot list!
2:23 AM
@hichris123 already close voted it. Down vote too, it's community wiki.
It also happens to be a big pile of stinky crap.
@hichris123 surgery: What system I need to run/use R?
I think you guys missed this one. :) stackoverflow.com/questions/4473136/… (two more votes)
Is there even a need for [netbook] on SO?
Gah, I'm conflicted on that R question...
@Jamal No, but we're de-crappifying it first before burning.
2:25 AM
@Jamal No, nor anywhere else.
Ah, of course.
grabs broom
wait for this: [hardware]
2:27 AM
@Braiam Uh, how did you know that was what I was going through right now?
@hichris123 I'm one of Shog sock-puppets
Can I just write a bot to close vote all questions that are in a chat message preceded by
@Braiam That too.
@Doorknob Nice try
Of course, I would filter out questions that were mine...
I should really move away from using GoDaddy as a hosting provider.
@jadarnel27 Yes.
@jadarnel27 Yes.
I don't know what I was thinking.
2:32 AM
I should userscript a "crap" button to all questions that will DV, CV (as the most used reason, or unclear if not voted before), VLQ, and post to chat.
@jadarnel27 Y U HAVE NOT?!
Laziness, mostly.
@bjb568 Yes plz
2:34 AM
@jadarnel27 Pro-tip: Stay as far away from Network Solutions as possible, too.
However, I spent 40 minutes on the phone with them the other night, because the DNS lookup for my site was failing. In the end, they said they weren't sure what happened, that they were "resetting my zone file" (or something), and that my website would be back up within 24-48 hours.
It is still not back up.
If I was using that domain for more than just goofing off, I would be seriously pissed.
Oh, hi @jadarnel27. Long time no see.
And brown.
2:35 AM
@hichris123 This cleanup mission you are on is awesome.
@hichris123 Brown to you as well, sir.
Cleaning up really old questions, I see.
@jadarnel27 Use mediatemple.net
@jadarnel27 One of my favorite Network Solutions experiences was when I hit the "Stop JVM" button and something on their end crashed and locked me out of editing the site entirely. Then I called them. Then two days later they were still "working on it". Then I responded "Please close my account". That one was the last straw.
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Nov 21 '13 at 2:40, by allquixotic
@JourneymanGeek Transfer in progress - mydomain.org is awaiting release from current registrar. No actions required, please allow up to 5 days for the transfer to complete.
@jadarnel27 ... yeah, I'm bored tonight if you couldn't tell. :P
2:37 AM
@bjb568 You can't tell me what to do, stranger!
Agh! Ran out of up/down votes.
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Nov 21 '13 at 2:40, by allquixotic
GoDaddy will probably take 4 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59.999 seconds, just to be an asshole
Don't expect people to download a random zip file from Dropbox. We don't know if it has any viruses. — Cupcake 13 secs ago
and related @jadarnel27
@JasonC Holy crap, that is awful! I can't say I blame you.
@hichris123 I definitely can tell =)
@Braiam Haha, excellent stuff =)
@Braiam Uncalled for.
<3 linux
@Braiam Uh…
2:42 AM
@Braiam ... so where exactly are the node modules?
@Doorknob here:
Unless \macGyver crawls the \tree and uses the \tape to solve a crime. Just keep him away from the \hashish.
that's... nice
I dunno what's wrong with your modules…
2:43 AM
Also, "JScript Script File"? Wat?
> While the Windows cmd program may have issues with long folder names, Node (and thus npm) always uses the UNC paths internally for fs operations, so it should work fine in npm.
in other words: get yourself a better OS
2:47 AM
@hichris123 Not even gonna give it the honor of clicking it.
> I'll wait while you strongly reconsider that weekend getaway plane ride to the beach or grandma's house.
... seriously?!
What utter crap.
I'm interested in how you make the jump from "awful, excessively nested folder structure" to "better OS," @Braiam.
Where's the VLQ button?!
@bjb568 You should make a userscript to have the VLQ button in real life.
2:48 AM
closed as utter nonsense by Doorknob ♦
I think a flow chart is in order. Or out of order. I'm not sure how strict the criteria are for flow charts.
@Braiam I would think, get yourself a better package manager.
@jadarnel27 how in the world you have tools that can't manage the nested directories up to the filesystem limitations
Gah, someone should close the questions ^^^ so I can close some tabs.
@hichris123 It would be awesome if people had a "CLOSE" vote button on their foreheads.
2:50 AM
Damn, even the login to cnet is borked. VLQ!!!!
> plenty of reasons to worry about your next flight
> theoretically possible
> Or perhaps we can just tell ourselves that this Santamarta guy probably isn't nearly as smart as he appears so we can all rest a little easier on our next transcontinental flight. He seems pretty smart, though. We shall see later this week.
I.e. CNET once again loses any sense of social responsibility.
2:57 AM
@hichris123 looks like you're going to have to stay my close review filter for now.
Shog just shot me down:
A: Can we have a "recommendation and off-site resource" filter for the Close Review Queue?

Shog9What makes these questions deserving of higher priority than the rest of the off-topic questions? If we're gonna build a queue / UI for one particular off-topic reason, it'd better be a real urgent threat to the site... And I'm not really convinced that "recommendation questions" fit the bill t...

Again :P
anyone see the favicon?
@Braiam I'm not sure what you mean by that.
2:59 AM
@Braiam Yes, but it's not going to pass the usability test :P
@Braiam Reminds me of the beginning of a game. "Adjust the brightness so that the icon is just barely visible."
@bjb568 pic or never happened
@bjb568 I meant picture of your screen, because in mine it's not shown...
3:08 AM
@Braiam What's not shown?
@bjb568 the favicon... I can't see it at .9 m of my screen
(.9 being the distance between my monitor and my eyes, which I will not adjust)
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started (@Undo)
3:10 AM
^ If you can't see it, zoom. Catch ISBLINDEXCEPTION { get better glasses }
@bjb568 I can barely see them in a window alone, but with context (this room background or psifi) I can't
@Braiam Then make the people (SE designer?) change the damned CSS.
prepares sharp stick
Is it possible to authenticate something using the API with a key in a pre-provieded browser cookie from human usage?
@bjb568 ... why would you do that?
Using the SE API?
I don't think that's possible.
3:14 AM
Yeah, the SE API. For my "crap" button.
Hm… human clicking buttons provides an "fkey".
3:26 AM
Javascript: StackExchange.options.user.fkey
WTH is this crap?!
16 mins ago, by Braiam
prepares sharp stick
See @undo, Its a sharp stick
3:57 AM
Can I do a case-insensitive LIKE in DE?
@JasonC I fixed it
The "ClosedDate is not null" is a lie though.
You want closeddate to be null
I just edited it
Oh duh.
Now that's more like it.
@JasonC Ah, much better
4:35 AM
Although I don't know how to query for active close votes :(
Even ReviewTasks is a lie :(
4:47 AM
@JanDvorak Thanks, flagged.
Brown sauce.
I'm hungry.
Why is everything on drupal.se in italics? Or is that just me?
5:03 AM
@JasonC crappy userstyle?
@animuson Maybe I could buy nine and pretend it's a daylight sensor
*counts batteries in pictures
the counts are correct
I was tempted to buy some but then I realized I got rid of my wireless mouse so I never use batteries anymore.
5:10 AM
@bjb568 looks like minified javascript to me
Hmmm my magic mouse batteries last like 2 days so I'm thinking that 100 might last 100 days...
I still use a wireless keyboard... for my TV. How do you call them again? "Remote"?
I use my phone for my TV.
My phone is my TV.
I don't understand... What's a TV? I read e-newspaper...
@Jamal Bloody...
@Jamal flagged
Hi @Jamal! Are you the mod on CodeReview?
Yes I am
inb4 "y u deleted dis"
5:19 AM
I've deleted lots of things. :P
> ... skipping around your nervous system in your rain there tell you hey I'm I I'm really doing well ...
weight loss slowdown? I don't want to slowdown my weight loss
5:39 AM
Much spam | very flags | wow
> Do you poverty to hear virtually Somanabolic Yob Maximizer Scrutiny?
Hahahaha what?
In what kind of alternate reality would someone be convinced of an advertisement like THAT?!
maybe the spambot forgot to include a link?
> The exclusive real influence we increment from this is a rounder and softer one, meet equal a friedcake!
It's a smarter spambot. It knows it will get smoke-detected if it includes a link.
5:52 AM
Yeah, meet equal a friedcake!
Somehow I think a friedcake still can't match up with @Cupcake, though
What a great day to sit home, sip lemon tea and watch the real time fly by

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