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1:12 AM
@bjb568 a little ominous...
7000-8000 new questions per day! :/ All I found in my favorite tag this morning was crap. Shameless plug: Stack Overflow Academy. — Cupcake 5 hours ago
The last slide of your presentation should sum up ALL its key points.Like this one, from our company-wide town hall: http://twitter.com/StackExchange/status/494537484093489153/photo/1
Gah, do mp4's not onebox?
I really have thought for a long time, since like April, that meta.SE is rather boring design compared to graduated sites. Not saying it's bad design, but it's just rather bland. Would be nice to see some more creativity added to meta.SE. Perhaps like jury panels, executions, rogue judges, shady politicians, etc. Like give it a theme that is relevant for what happens on meta.SE. — iStimple 4 mins ago
@Cupcake starred. That is a nice little query you did there, thanks!
star wall needs to be refreshed please
Get that crap off our Meta.
@iStimple hey, what?
@Cupcake ... what if we can't delete vote? :P
3:14 AM
Q: Are we abusing our delete votes on Meta?

CupcakeSomeone posted this rant earlier today, and it reminded me that I should take a peek at the current pending delete votes around on Meta to see if there's any other crap that I could help clean up. When I started poking around the pending deletions, however, I began to notice posts that maybe sho...

3:32 AM
^ Why you shouldn't trust cupcakes.
I don't believe in cupcakes.
The cupcake is a cuplie!
52 mins ago, by Santa Claus
Nobody ponged me :(
3:51 AM
Correction: several spam answers. And they keep coming.
@Jamal Some of them have been around for a while.
A while being 20 minutes
Which is quite a while for spam.
I thought I saw four a few minutes ago, then five.
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Why did Drax call Gamora a whore? on scifi.stackexchange.com
4:08 AM
@hichris123 Removed already?
Seems so.
@animuson More like cupFAKE!
I'm too lazy to create an account on drupal answers so I can flag these.
There will be many more...
It takes like 5 clicks to get from google auth and back, so I don't really want to create an account there.
@SantaClaus Like 5 clicks. Like… 5 clicks…
@SantaClaus that's a weird reason not to do that
4:53 AM
^ WTH IS WRONG WITH THIS ANSWER?!!! VLQ and NAA got approved, no delete.
@bjb568 I just want a button labelled Create A Account Here. I'm already logged into other SE sites it shouldn't be that hard.
@AnnaLear ^
@SantaClaus Or better, make it automatically "create" your account when you first use the site.
@bjb568 "Oh hello there, I see you don't have an account on this site yet, and you just tried to upvote a question. Let me help you out with that."
@SantaClaus Or just not have per-site accounts, and everybody get's a single SE account. 101 rep is assumed without a stupid 5-click process.
@bjb568 then you won't have per-site rep
4:56 AM
@JanDvorak Per-site profiles, just no sign-up for everything.
Basically, create 180 accounts when you decide you want an SO account.
put up a feature requestt
They said they were going to do it in 6-8 weeks months years
In any case, goodnight! Going to bed.
@JanDvorak It would have to be all bundled up into the Stack Exchange™ MultiCollider SuperReputation Enumerator™
5:08 AM
Somehow I now have an account on drupal answers. I guess I've had it for a week now...
Thanks, auto-login!
@JanDvorak deleted.
@JanDvorak awaiting 1 more spam flag
Lots of spam on DA...
literally every question while the wave is on
@JanDvorak maybe give it like a day, then close it. MSE doesn't get as much traffic anymore anyways.
Or, meh, whatever, can vote/flag to close now too.
@bjb568 maybe not the best response meta.stackoverflow.com/a/267973/456814
> You complain that we are "unhelpful". Well sorry, but we're not here to help you in particular.
It kind of reinforces the perception that we're just a bunch of A-holes.
@Cupcake Wait... we're not?
dat title... "The Diet Pill That's Scamming You"
@JasonC well, maybe a few of us are...not going to name names...just going to keep implying...like this....
Sometimes I wonder if it's more stressful to deal with disgruntled voters or disgruntled users on Meta.
6:01 AM
@animuson what does a disgruntled voter look like?
then there are users who create a bunch of socks and spam offensive non-answers on your questions
@BoltClock how is this post offtopic? I am discussing here about the site rules and policies. — user3125707 22 secs ago
Guy needs to get a clue.
Depends. I only deal with the ones that call in. The ones that come in person are pretty hilarious if you're not the one dealing with them.
@Cupcake Nice. meta.stackoverflow.com/a/265419/616460 should be in a FAQ somewhere.
6:03 AM
@JasonC we probably just need to make a new community wiki so that all the votes and comments start off with a clean slate.
Er, I guess that's what you mean.
Now it's just getting way too entertaining:
@bjb568 that's exactly my point I have never been accused of terrorism but I am being treated like one here — user3125707 1 min ago
@user3125707 funny, here in the US we waterboard suspected terrorists. Have we waterboarded you yet? — Cupcake 26 secs ago
> And please do not direct me to the link with the forum rules. I visit hundreds of websites in a month. I don't think u expect me to read rules on every given website. Nobody does.
6:10 AM
Wow. Just...wow.
@Cupcake And, if not, can we? PLLEEEAASE?
"Halp! I'm banned and I don't know why! BTW, I didn't read any of your rules :P"
Well, shows over, I'm calling it a night, nighty night y'all!
6:29 AM
wordpress is slooow, it's still there
Just -2???
@JanDvorak which means only 2 flags
(one is my own of course)
the other is mine
just when @Cupcake and @JasonC leave, spam arrives on a site that noone really visits. Arrgh.
6:33 AM
Hi I'm back to flag your spam.
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
@ShadowWizard I officially hate this bug in firefox now.
^ Awesome.
@JasonC what site did that come from?
@JanDvorak what bug? :puzzled:
should I update my script to accomodate for firefox behavior (which I meant to do eventually anyways), or switch back to Chrome, which has subpar performance?
@JanDvorak I would go with Chrome.
@ShadowWizard notifications only show up for two seconds.
I could try multibrowsering too
@JanDvorak that's weird...
6:38 AM
Chrome can't play youtube videos without stuttering while it's still preloading them
Oh and my computer doesn't seem to have those performance gaps where everything freezes while Chrome is off.
OK, apparently you can't drag a tab from a Chrome browser window to a Firefox browser window...
@JasonC gone
If a post needs to be hard-deleted (for example when passwords are shared) can that be done by a mod or is a dev needed in that case?
@rene A dev is needed
7:13 AM
Good Morning Meta!
drupal.se's 404 graphic is so lame compared to that wordpress.se graphic.
Or compared to anything, really.
is there any place to see all the 404's in one page?
Create an html page with multiple frames...
@rene 116 frames, no thanks
7:22 AM
@iStimple ew
On the whiteboard it worked...
@JanDvorak that was sexy back in 1974
@iStimple ew
@iStimple Haha, awesome.
@JasonC yea, I guess the story was that Shog had that as his desktop background for years and then decided to incorporate it on the site in some way. just made that up, but who knows for sure
7:27 AM
I bet Shog's desktop background is a bathroom mirror selfie.
@JasonC but with his head tilted slightly
And duckface.
@ShadowWizard His head is always tilted slightly.
7:42 AM
@JanDvorak Wow; OK so purely out of curiosity I fell for it and went to that site.
That software, ultimate demon or whatever, like, represents everything that sucks about spam on the internet
I had no idea that kind of software existed
It basically automates creating bullshit
It's annoying that that kind of stuff is even legal; it just hurts the internet.
@JasonC it's all part of keeping everything free and without restrictions
if they'll start banning specific softwares, it won't end there
I know, that's why I can't complain too much.
yup :)
Mozilla is fast as usual when responding to bug reports. Just got a first reply to one submitted in January 2012.
@Stijn start a bounty
7:49 AM
@ShadowWizard ah yes, why didn't I think of that :)
Q: Need to know if Economics involved in programming?

Economics TutoringI am wondering if economics involved in programming area? http://support.acadsoc.com/get-better-performance-in-economics-with-economics-tutoring-6-245-754.html

This question appears to be off-topic because it asks if a topic is relevant to programming, and the answer to it is no. — BoltClock ♦ 14 secs ago
You might even say it belongs on meta
@BoltClock'saUnicorn Not to mention it was spam.
@JasonC Yeah but that's a boring reason to close a question ;)
8:05 AM
@BoltClock'saUnicorn Well... your ... mom is a boring reason to close a question! BURN!
3 hours later…
11:11 AM
people upvoted the comment, but no additional close votes since last week :\
11:29 AM
@Stijn maybe expired cv's?
My CV is still on it...
do cv's expire that fast?
how to close this^? unclear what you've tried?
Mm, I guess they are expired CVs. @rene does it say you've already voted?
11:31 AM
A: What Happened Here? Voted to Close 4 Days Ago, but No Close Votes Today?

Jeff AtwoodWe now use a form of sliding expiration, so as long as close/reopen votes keep arriving at the rate of at least one every 4 days, they will not expire. Once the votes do expire, vote aging happens every 24 hours, so you can expect the remaining very old close/reopen votes to expire at the rate o...

@JanDvorak I'd go with too broad. Looks like a question that the OP would understand if he knows all the required material. An answer would either tell OP the correct choice and he wouldn't know why it's correct, or it would have to explain a whole bunch of stuff.
@JanDvorak Done
11:47 AM
googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.ca/2014/08/… more reason for SE to continue the work on SSL for the network
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MEDICINE FOR BODY BUILDING on meta.stackexchange.com
spam ^
@iStimple your name reminds me of Ren & Stimpy
@Stijn oh, no relation :)
> Top 10 Bodybuilding Supplement Scams
they are saying right on is a scam?
@Braiam who knows.. maybe talk bad about competitors and say my product is the solution
12:38 PM
@JanDvorak five missiles hit the target. One nuke bomb abolished it from the face of Earth.
> Instead of figuring out the root problem I'd rather implement this since it should be a quick fix.
@Braiam That must be a microsoft dev....
@rene sadly, nope unix.stackexchange.com/q/148969/41104 through I don't know his background
@Braiam There goes quality....
I hope those kill and pkill commands are gentle on still open files/unsaved buffers etc...
12:55 PM
@iStimple thank God for the new "sexy"
1:08 PM
@NickCraver is there an upgrade path for the huge hg->git commit to opserver? Or should it work with existing installations?
Today's Listening | EDM / Glitch / Dubstep (Mixsets day 7)
1:40 PM
that.... thing.... still there. Must .... hide....
If someone needs me, I will be under a rock in the den.
Thanks @GnomeSlice :D
@SPArchaeologist spider?
@Stijn hide from a spider?
I don't know what SPA is afraid of :)
@Stijn nope. Just had lunch and I want to keep it inside. So I would prefer to not see the picture someone posted earlier again.
1:47 PM
oh you mean that handsome fella in his cowboy boots?
@Stijn yea.... "handsome".
2:17 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: What does &ldquo;idiot-proof-ness&rdquo; mean? on english.stackexchange.com
net scored 0 questions, with no positive answers and >100 views are deleted after one year right?
Hello, just a question : I understand why we don't let upvote for people's own post but why do we disallow downvotes?
You can't downvote your own post either @user2284570
@Braiam should be deleted, but I saw post on MSE claiming it's bugged
@user2284570 why allow downvoting your own post? What sense would it make?
unless you mean vote to close your own question, which is possible
@ShadowWizard he's masochist ;)
2:52 PM
The only purpose I see is that you can put a spam answer to the bottom of the page where nobody (except search engines) sees it.
And that's something we don't want, of course.
@ProgramFOX zero-scored answers are already near the bottom
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: What does &ldquo;idiot-proof-ness&rdquo; mean? on ell.stackexchange.com
@JanDvorak With more than 5 zero-score answers, your answer can also be near the top, if there are not many answers with a higher score.
@ProgramFOX unlikely
@JanDvorak Unlikely, but possible. Or, if there is another zero-score answer and if a new answer would be posted on page 2, you could downvote it yourself so it stays at page 2. Yes, that's more unlikely, but still possible.
3:02 PM
where's Oded when you need him... :(
3:47 PM
@ShadowWizard That the reverse I am asking : What sense does it made to forbid downvoting your own post?
@user2284570 consistency and code compactness?
4:03 PM
You don't add features if there isn't a reason to add them.
4:16 PM
@JanDvorak because you have access to the code?
@user2284570 If you need to downvote your own post, you should not be posting. The downvote tool tip clearly states the reason for downvoting is because it is not useful, it's unclear, or shows no effort. Why are you posting if you aren't providing something useful?
@Andy you can post first, then realise it was incorrect
@JanDvorak Edit to fix?
@Andy some things are unfixable
Delete it then
If you posted a bad question, post a good answer to explain how you fixed it
4:22 PM
@Andy because you think after doing. :)
@user2284570 Buy a duck
@Andy the answer will be a duplicate
@JanDvorak Does that imply the question was a duplicate?
@Andy ... of another answer
You got an answer to your bad question? Honestly, that sounds like you had a learning moment then. In hindsight it may be a bad question now that you know how to solve the problem, but that doesn't mean it was bad when you asked it.
Or am I not understanding what you are saying
4:26 PM
@Andy not useful :)
let's say my learning moment is that I've had a semicolon missing
@user2284570 Buy a pig.
@JanDvorak That's fixable with an edit (if it's an answer). If it's a question, that should be a duplicate somewhere. I'm not understanding the need to downvote yourself.
Yeah. If you want it deleted, delete. Otherwise… What's the point in downvoting?
4:44 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RUNTIME ERROR DURING RECURSION on stackoverflow.com
@bjb568 good
@Braiam Not ranty.
@rene good
5:44 PM
Q: sort tableview by distance (parse)

Andy WangI have a JSON file which contains the lat and long of about 20+ locations and i also imported it into parse databrowser. The lat and long are in two different columns. I wanna make a table view which lists the locations and distances to the user's current location. Users can also pull to refresh ...

"Yeah, looks close enough"
@bjb568 you made lines over 80 characters long :(
… So?
@Braiam Are you guys telling me you like it like that?
@JanDvorak "Get yours before we run out of stock!" I'm not sure it works that way…
Ah… Minecraft_Code_Generator_V5.2.0.exe Seems legit.
@bjb568 I love when the entire line fit my screen
6:12 PM
@Braiam Your screen is 80 chars across?
@bjb568 normally that's the size of my editor window
Make it BIGGER!
@bjb568 Punch Cards, do you use them?
> code gets harder to read the wider it becomes.
@Braiam Wut? No it doesn't. Totally no.
^ Totally readable.
6:16 PM
@bjb568 you would benefit from more single-use variables
@JanDvorak Not my code.
@bjb568 done
Whenever I user the ##UserId## parameter in Stack Exchange Data Explorer, it never populates with my user ID, even though my email address both on SEDE and Stack Overflow are the same.
Is anyone else having that problem?
6:29 PM
@Cupcake yup
@Andy known issue that I wasn't aware of?
@Cupcake yup
@AnnaLear Yay!
Q: Why the ##UserID## parameter is not populated in Data Explorer anymore?

TLamaEnvironment I'm logging in using the OpenID from http://openid.stackexchange.com and using Chrome 31.0.1650.57 m if that matters. Steps to reproduce: Login to Data Explorer and compose a query e.g. like: DECLARE @MyUserID INT = ##UserID:int## SELECT TOP 1 Id AS [Post Link], Score AS ...

@hichris123 thank you.
6:34 PM
@hichris123 because Oded love to break things :D
6:46 PM
@AnnaLear: You around?
@AmalMurali what's up?
Q: "question may already have an answer" message visible even after several months

Amal MuraliI asked this question back in May. Back then, someone had flagged it as a duplicate, and since then, "This question may already have an answer here" message is displayed on the top of the question: It's been 3 months and 4 days since the question was asked, but the message is still visible (to...

Can you take a look at this? (It's a bug we'd discussed before.)
Should I remove the link to the conversation from the question? Not sure...
Nah, that's fine.
OK, I'm leaving now (it's pretty late here). Have a nice day!
7:22 PM
Q: Responsive webite

Rohit RajRecently i have desseigne web site. I tried to make it response website. i go throw so many websites where they have written 100 lines of codes for making site response. i have tried zoom css for making different media devices. is that correct way or not. if i do not use zoom i have to resize th...

^ The user is a "A competent professional with 2.5 years of experience in Web Development"
In the source for that website, <!--Footert End Here-->.
@bjb568 1996-1998
Er… what?
dumped a second "unclear"
Oh I'm gonna stop now. If I keep going through this guy's profile I'm gonna downvote all these terrible questions and they'll just get reversed...
This guy asks a lot of questions which are basically just "here's my code now make it do this too"...
7:38 PM
Q: How to Calculate the Performance of Processing File in JAVA?

user3919756Please Consider the time sharing of each file that means while processing p1, there is a chance of executing second process P2. which means time sharing executing. What will be the Actual time to process all the file. roughly.?

Like this. All he did was write a bunch of HTML, and he expects it to display exactly as in his example image? That's not how the web works...
@animuson ... how did we get to talking about this person?
I landed on his profile from this meta question.
His single answer was on one of his own questions.
7:43 PM
He has 10 other deleted answers which I'm assuming were all non-answers. I only checked three of em.
It looks like a guy that basically drops every task he got from his boss as a question here....
@hichris123 You could probably go through and close about half of his questions.
Dat u'se of' a'postrophes
Can't all 0 and lower score questions from him just be deleted?
Lol why does Community still generate multiple closed questions flags when the user is already suspended?
Because Community is stupid?
@animuson HEY! HEY! LISTEN!
7:53 PM
Let's go play janitor! gets the mop Hmmm, actually, might need the floor buffer.
15 mins ago, by Santa Claus
So does is this deleting questions instead of closing them thing work
Huh? I close them all before I delete them.
7:57 PM
@animuson Sorry, I mean deleting them when you close them, as opposed to letting them be deleted by the system.
shrugs If I'm already there I might as well click the extra button.
@animuson I thought you were using keyboard shortcuts.
If it's possible the question could be salvaged, I'll leave it alone. Otherwise no point in letting it sit around.
@animuson Oh, well you should have been around yesterday. I had an extensive list of bad questions to be burned, similar to what you have burned. They were closed (and left to be deleted whenever the system does that kind of thing).
And I think the scripts are kinda borked for auto-deleting questions.
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