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1:47 AM
@Cupcake You have been naughty.
@Cupcake Please do not do that sort of “editing” on ELU. I’ve rolled back your edit. Come to our chat room to talk about it, or take it up with Reg when he wakes up.
2:11 AM
@tchrist personally I didn't think that I changed the meaning of the post, but rather clarified it...but noted.
@Cupcake It’s all the bold that was nasty, mostly.
But really, it’s Reg’s post. We’ll see how he feels.
2:55 AM
you have done it @GnomeSlice, you broke Shog
wouldn't be the first time
well, now we have it well documented
2 hours later…
4:40 AM
My question is too broad, may I have it closed please?
Q: Why do Ruby ERB and jQuery use regexes to parse HTML?

Cupcake(If you're impatient, just skip to the Summary section at the bottom) It is commonly expressed here on Stack Overflow and in the developer community that trying to parse HTML with regular expressions ("regexes") is a bad idea. To quote Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror: So, while I may attempt to...

I voted to close a long time ago, but my vote expired.
5:27 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TRANSIT VISA QUERY on travel.stackexchange.com
6:39 AM
someone is casting useless close votes on MSE. sigh.
Speaking of close votes...
7:15 AM
wow, the bugreport that started off with two unexplained downvotes has now score 12 after the name disassociation.
@Cupcake: closed, but I think those (close vote 4) will be closed pretty quickly by the queue
Wait, did just Final tell someone to not post CV-PLSes here, which is the same thing he scorned Bart for?
@FinalContest it was only 2 votes when he posted it here
@ShadowWizard he can't hear you
@Stijn: I do not know, I felt a sleep, eventually.
7:31 AM
@FinalContest ah too bad, a lot of people say that it's been the most interesting game so far this cup
USA's goalkeeper is a beast :)
that is said for many matches, do not take it too seriously. ;)
@JanDvorak he can hear Bart so I was hoping he can see it and just choose to be silent.
Guys I consider making this into a , what you think?
7:47 AM
@ShadowWizard There's meta.stackexchange.com/questions/10369/… already, although it doesn't mention elasticsearch yet
Should elasticsearch (meta.stackexchange.com/q/160100/152535) and lucene be added here? — Beth Whitezel Mar 22 at 5:29
@Bart not me! {goes into hiding}
@JanDvorak hah
@Stijn good point! Think it fits as "External Bits"?
@ShadowWizard yeah
@ShadowWizard Lucene, elasticsearch and NEST
@Stijn think Elasticsearch alone is enough no need to get into all details in there. :)
Ehm, what's with the flag?
Who flagged that?
Who flagged what?
7:55 AM
haha, an easily offended person I guess
Or someone who has had luck previously while washing turds ...
@Bart turd is highly offensive and even aggressive. You do not want to be left alone with one, believe me.
8:25 AM
@stijn headache from the party? (or in good ducth Kater?)
@rene nah, I stopped after 4 beers, just a bit tired :)
the pub was doing 4 beers for 5 euro, a lot of meters were ordered :)
just saw this in an error log
> HTTP_USER_AGENT Microsoft Office Excel 2013
This is someone who changed their UA, right? Excel can't actually open web pages?
I'm afraid it can
Maybe one of its import functions
8:28 AM
Where do embedded links open?
a link in a cell opens in my browser but I only have v2010
we don't do excel exports so I'm not really worried, just thought it was curious
8:44 AM
Never mind :/
Psychic debugging skills requested:
google on the exact error message? — rene 36 secs ago
@rene you guys didn't want to just close that?
See, this is why I miss the "not enough information to diagnose problem" close reason.
@Cupcake One could argue the question is not "diagnose my problem for me" but rather "how can I diagnose such issues myself?" ...
@Bart then it seems too broad
9:05 AM
@Bart hmm, interesting.
@JanDvorak you just want to close all the things, don't you? ;)
"internal error" essentially means "an uncaught exception has occured in the server code"
"Something didn't work"
"how do I debug a null pointer exception" is too broad. "I've got an exception. How to debug it" is way too broad.
@Bart I'd like to formulate it as I tend to focus on questions that I believe need closing
9:09 AM
I gave that OP an option to respond to my undutchable comment or the friendly comment of @Stijn. If the OP choose to leave it at this I'll close vote before I leave for my lunch appointment in 20 minutes...
and downvote?
> I've been programming for a few years in C++, C#, PHP, Perl, and MySQL. Started learning Ruby/Rails in May 2012.
> Where do I get started trying to figure out what this is about?
Very unusual. For someone who apparently isn't a beginner.
@JanDvorak I wanted this to be a cheerful day
9:12 AM
Q: What is a NullReferenceException and how do I fix it?

John SaundersI have some code and when it executes, it throws a NullReferenceException, saying, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." What does this mean, and what can I do about it?

Any SO mod here? We got us a little Nazi problem on SO chat.
perhaps a bit too broad, but very useful to close questions (currently over 1000) as dupe of that one
@Xeo Wow.
No message yet...
@Xeo just cast a mod flag
9:13 AM
11 secs ago, by rene
No message yet...
Flag what? :)
Anything at all
A question? Is that allowed for this kind of situation?
There is nothing to flag yet
destroyed him
9:13 AM
he's a TOR troll so he'll most likely be back soon (it was his third incarnation)
He's just idling in chat
@ThiefMaster How boring
and he already is back
The 404 page is awesome.
He's back already?
9:15 AM
@ThiefMaster nuke this one as well stackoverflow.com/users/3796983/user3796983
Wow the CSS in this room is so slick
how bored must you be to get on TOR, create a user, upload an avatar and idle in a chat room
"Raging Scallion" is an awesome username.
Cupcake approves +1
9:21 AM
@ThiefMaster nuke this one as well: stackoverflow.com/users/3796911/heil-hlitar
@Cupcake All my nicknames are awesome (thank you :3)
> hlitar
Can you ban based on an avatar?
Since when has the Swastika come back to fashion? :D
We don't allow new users to upload images to posts on Stack Overflow.
The fact that apparently it's allowed for avatars seems like an...is oversight the right word?
9:24 AM
Could be much worse than a swagstika now that I think about it
Ugh. Yeah, I just imagined how much worse it could be...
Next stackoverflow.com/users/3797043/user3797043 (is it even useful that I post these?)
Man that guy must be bored
@chmod711telkitty refresh
Did thief master lock down that room?
Feature request: Remove user from chat user list when he's killed. :P
All of a sudden the cat with the moustache in the middle seems ... well ...
9:47 AM
@Bart hahaha
Is it necessary to post that image in your chat?
You're just feeding the troll.
You're not supposed to engage with trolls directly.
@Xeo Yeah, I just thought the same thing.
@Cupcake I honestly don't think that troll does anything but join chats, creating new accounts in the meantime.
9:48 AM
Fair enough.
the user isn't really there anymore, but the chat room will continue to show them until you refresh the page, because when the user doesn't exist anymore they can't generate a leave event
You need 20 rep to join chat, does this guy just have a bunch of pre-existing primed socks lying around?
in PHP on Stack Overflow Chat, 20 mins ago, by chmod 711 telkitty
pattern matching avatar to stop user from using the same banner? ~_~
@Cupcake No, you need 20 rep to write in chat.
9:50 AM
It's all fresh accounts
do you need a new email address to open a new account?
I can't imagine that you'd be allowed to use one that was banned.
but can you use a, say facebook account that's associated with the banned email address?
/me is suspicious about what @chmod711telkitty is planning to do ...
9:57 AM
lol I know where to buy pre-verified email addresses, they are quite cheap :p
but I am busy as always ... ~_~ Didn't get to troll meta lately. You know ... trolling meta is as delicious as eating butter cream cakes for me ...
/me slaps @Bart around a bit with a large trout
I had a sudden nostalgia feeling for mIRC
@ProgramFOX please stop flagging the swastikas again and again; I'm on it
Ok, I'm sorry.
no worry -- it's usually helpful, but not necessary now
10:04 AM
user image
10:41 AM
are there any rules about the following kind of thing:
lots of them appearing in c++ room


Send help, I'm stuck. Literally stuck in this description field!
: stackoverflow.com/q/24528932/2024761 because the user wants "an efficient code ".
1 hour later…
12:05 PM
I want to open the terminal because my app requires it. Sorry I can't go in depth of my app right now — ishan3243 52 secs ago
yeah, right...
@R.J: for what reason?
@FinalContest gimme-teh-codez is usually too broad.
12:21 PM
@Stijn: except that it is not "gimme-teh-codez"
the OP showed the code what he has tried.
@FinalContest OP hadn't at the time. If the code works, it should be posted on codereview.SE, if it doesn't then it's unclear what you're asking.
I am asking it now, not "at the time".
OK, well if you feel like it you can ask the OP if the current code works
@Stijn: do you have java experience?
other than a couple basic Swing lessons a few years ago, no
12:25 PM
@Stijn: right, that code is valid as far as I can tell it to you. The OP is asking whether the regex could be replaced with proper parsing to be more efficient. It is a fairly trivial question though.
@FinalContest then I believe codereview.stackexchange.com is the place to ask this question.
I am flagging the comments for removal.
@Stijn: why? He is asking how to do it without regex. Looks like a valid question to me. He gave a solution which he would like to solve differently.
as far as I know asking to improve working code is not on-topic on SO
That is how he explained the issue (pseudo-code being valid regex code here).
correct me if I'm wrong
12:28 PM
Well, I welcome everything that replaces regex since I hate them ;)
Joke aside, it can stay on SO IMHO. It is asking for a parsing feature without regex, demonstrating with regex what the use case is.
He does not want to fix this regex, he want a solution with different approach.
so it is not improving the code, but rewriting :D
(Besides I see this type of questions repeatedly on SO without migration)
Probably because migration to beta sites is discouraged
anyway, feel free to answer if you like, I've already retracted my downvote and close vote now it was edited but I don't know enough about the subject to do anything more there
nah, I do not give more room to childish downvoters, at least for now. ;)
12:41 PM
user can't be bothered to clean the question. I gave -1 and close vote, feel free to do the same meta.stackexchange.com/questions/234934/…
a big mess indeed
> - Please type your reply above this line -
that alone warrants a downvote
@Stijn he just copied and pasted the whole email chain, not bothering a millisecond beyond that. Can't be more rude than that towards the team. (who should read and handle the bug)
i drank some redbull... i feel different
@Alex that's the wings about to pop out of your back
12:56 PM
@Alex more red or more bull?
i can feel between my eyes, tightening up...
i've got a second can in the fridge, i wonder if i should have that straight away or wait until later
@Alex are you sure it's not Red Devil?
Red Devil Energy Drink is a premium energy drink brand that was formulated in Netherlands in 1995. Since then the beverage has become the #1 energy drink in Russia, and #2 in the E.U. In 2002, Red Devil was purchased by Britvic and is now the #2 energy drink in the U.K. It is now distributed in over 60 countries and is beginning its expansion into the U.S. Marketing Red Devil has an aggressive marketing strategy throughout the world. Their slogan is "The Taste of Energy" is translated into many languages in numerous countries. Red Devil mainly focuses on sponsoring many forms of raci...
for some reason i'd like nothing more than to lay down and close my eyes right now, that's not what red bulls meant to do is it? perhaps i should get some of that red devil stuff to counter the sleep inducing properties of the red bull. i feel so relaxed and mellow, this isn't right
@Alex there are people where the caffeine just produce sleepiness, maybe that's what is happening
@Alex is very special, no doubt.
1:07 PM
be sure to read what's on the can, some stuff (like Monster I think) have warnings that drinking multiple of them in a short time can be hazardous
Any CSS guru who wants to give this a try?
@rene table, tr { display: block; } will get you a bit further
if I'm not mistaken, a table by default has display: table
@ShadowWizard "sponsoring many forms of raci...st rallies"?
@Stijn that seems to do it...
hold on
@rene Use clear:left?
1:20 PM
@Bart blame onebox! ;)
@AmalMurali Not on th or td... ;)
@Stijn If I try to add a width it becomes hairy again...
@rene I'll try to write an answer, few mins :)
OK, tnx!
@rene is the horizontal space between the items a requirement?
other than that, I've got a solution
@Stijn I'm afraid so. I assumed once more wrongly that it would be easy to add...
@Stijn tnx!
1:41 PM
you're welcome :) was a fun challenge
I admit I'll never going to master CSS and I can't be bothered
@rene can't resist asking.... why make a duck into a dog? Or more to the point, why using tables this way? Not judging or anything, more curious. :)
@rene it's just a matter of growing experience in it, over the years you'll gather a lot of knowledge from all the edge cases you had
@ShadowWizard I'm not the one producing that...I had to be thankful that they delivered the fieldnames in the row. My gut feeling was that with CSS I should be able to fix that.
The product I use is basically a one trick pony: They produce html tables ...for everything...
@rene sounds utterly evil!
1:50 PM
Sorry to be a nuisance... but the (previously bearing an swastika user) is starting to get somewhat annoying
Is any headway being made on this?
@ShadowWizard I'm one of their more demanding customers and their next major release is more closely to what I need, working closely with them/on their team.
@JonClements I think balpha was at it?
@JonClements perhaps time to raise a to disallow avatars for users with 1 reputation?
@balpha Can we silently assume you're still fighting those or do you want to be pinged in case of new occurences?
No idea... it's just been a few hours now and I don't see anything on the meta about any progress or what's being done... I'm sure the team are working on something... but getting a bit tired of nearly every other comment being: "What's going on with..."
Another one here
1:55 PM
Just look here
@JonClements I'm seeing rainbow flag avatars
I'm not sure if it is wise to have a meta post up that you can point to?
@Stijn yes, because it's been changed...
2:09 PM
This question appears to be off-topic because where is the own effort?! — Final Contest 44 secs ago
perhaps reword that
"what have you tried" or something
@JonClements I don't see any of those in chat. What is the problem, only the profile page itself?
@FinalContest really? Now that's a crappy custom close vote description.
@Bart better than "This question is off topic because you're not a real programmer"! ;)
2:14 PM
@Alex: that is not allowed.
Only barely @ShadowWizard. Photofinish.
the tor troll is back ...
my post is from the JS room :P
2:15 PM
how do you like the replacement flag I gave him? :)
"what have you tried" equates to name calling?
@balpha ahh that was you :P
@balpha strike right through his heart! But... why not just nuke all the accounts?
maybe randomly change the users' avatars instead of closing the accounts?
@balpha brilliant
Is the tor troll slightly retarded or does the troll has a greater plan like making the user table to explode? Although I would thought the user table would be huge ... at this rate, it would take the troll a year or two ... that's if SE has done nothing in between ...
if "what have you tried" is too cliched, then perhaps "please include details of what you have done so far"
you apparently missed that ^
@balpha there was a troll yesterday running a 'star bot' (just constantly selected random messages and stared then unstared them)
I wonder if it is the same user
(this user also has been banned from multiple other accounts in the past for harassment)
@Alex: it is not worth discussing such a crappy question. It is a waste of time for everyone.
2:19 PM
@balpha can't say I see a difference even after a page reload
@rlemon I think that only those who can write in chat (i.e. 20 rep) can star messages. No?
(activates sock to check)
anyone can
even if the room is locked.
If those two trolls join forces we'd have a spectacular starscape.
regardless, the user had rep - they had another account they were bleeding rep from
@Abhishek I suspect it is the same troll. who is also the same troll who was harassing SomeKittens and I a few weeks / month back
Could be.
2:22 PM
why I think this: as soon as the last troll was banned from SO with both accounts they took it off-site again
posting the same crap as before on my g+
I've blocked like 3-4 accounts on g+ of this person
@rlemon they went that far? wow...
Ouch, he really hates u !
@JonClements yup. more than once. there is a 150+ comment chain on SomeKittens blog
2 mins ago, by rlemon
regardless, the user had rep - they had another account they were bleeding rep from
So... those trolls can't star messages.
2:24 PM
Wasn't there a way to see who starred messages?
inspecting the ws data
@Bart yeah... use to get the event id from the websockets
which is how we determined who was doing it
Ah okay, way ahead of me then :D
you can also see flags as it turns out.
2:25 PM
Ooh, interesting
takes a bit of work, but you can.
gist: 9198621, 2014-02-24 22:28:48Z
var EventType = {
    MessagePosted: 1,
    MessageEdited: 2,
    UserEntered: 3,
    UserLeft: 4,
    RoomNameChanged: 5,
    MessageStarred: 6,
    DebugMessage: 7,
    UserMentioned: 8,
    MessageFlagged: 9,
    MessageDeleted: 10,
    FileAdded: 11,
    ModeratorFlag: 12,
    UserSettingsChanged: 13,
    GlobalNotification: 14,
    AccessLevelChanged: 15,
    UserNotification: 16,
    Invitation: 17,
    MessageReply: 18,
    MessageMovedOut: 19,
    MessageMovedIn: 20,
    TimeBreak: 21,
    FeedTicker: 22,
    UserSuspended: 29,
    UserMerged: 30
oooooops... didn't realise that boxed - sorry all
Good ol' Won't
anyway - those are the "event" codes for the websocket on chat AFAIK
2:28 PM
@JonClements is gist boxing working now?
@Alex it appears so
@Bart Look for "event" 6 - and you get the user_id
Thanks @JonClements
starring and unstarring are the same event though
2:31 PM
DDoS attack on Stack Overflow?
it's slooow
still easy to determine who is doing shifty stuff '
@rlemon ah, him
I would put money on it being him today as well
Yup - I'd put a few quid behind that bet as well :)
2:32 PM
and said user admitted to also being the person from before who was stalking SomeKittens and myself.
@JonClements @rlemon @Alex you realize you play right into his hands by giving him all this attention, right? That's exactly what he's after: to stir the ant hill, draw attention etc.
@ShadowWizard I learned how to sniff out the stars / flags because of him. so there is that.
oh... i didn't realise, but that makes sense
@rlemon yeah, but if he will be totally ignored without a blip of attention, he'll leave out of sheer boredom
and "just ignore them" only goes to a certain point. if someone is posting inappropriate content on my public facing social media sites then, yes, I think that warrents attention
the name is never the same. the content is.
2:35 PM
@ShadowWizard we're just ignoring them... but I'm getting somewhat tired of having to explain to my room members to ignore things
@JonClements true, when it comes to lots of other users it's hard to control. :/
No one ever sends me saucy messages here ... no one, ever!
@chmod711telkitty Alfredo
So, I couldn't care less really... except I have a room to run and too much time is already spent explaining "what's going on here!"/"what's with all the..." - that's my only concern
@rlemon only if they also invite me to dinner on the message ...
2:39 PM
Pasta sounds good, guess I am hungry ...
but you are on the opposite side of the planet :( otherwise I would.
@JonClements good point, guess the team is doing their best.
@Shadow anyway - nice to meet you in chat... read a lot of your stuff on meta :)
I should probably pop by here more often I guess
@JonClements eh, thanks! (I guess :))
Feel free to drop by my Den, put a word or two in the game :D
2:44 PM
I might well take you up on that... feel free to pop to the Python room :)
@JonClements cheers, will consider that ;)
Oh get a room the two of you .... wait ....
I smell jealousy in the air... you're also invited, @Bart. :-P
Umm, that sounded funnier in my head before I typed it :(
2:48 PM
Don't put pictures in my head...
@Shadow @Bart apologies
@JonClements hey I didn't have chance to read it! :-(
ooh, what did I miss?
@Bart guess we'll never know. Unless we capture Jon and read his mind.
I'll never tell!
Can't make me tell!
/me round around in a circle barking madly
2:56 PM
@JonClements now that's something I can happily imagine so guess @rene is now happy ;)
I'm more than happy with all of this...
I start to understand why people refer to us as "special".
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