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Um, I think I just found a blatant attempt at sock-puppeting.
12:17 AM
Hello, where can I report anonymously a moderator that is abusing the system? I don't want to hold grudges with him
Oh well, too bad. It's not anonymous anymore
@oldmud0 you want to report a moderator?
Before you do that.
Are you sure it's an official moderator, and not just a user with high-rep privileges?
12:18 AM
If it's just a high-rep user, use a flag.
Nope, it's an ♦
Ok, go ahead and use the contact us page. But before you do that...
I hope he removes his silly answer, because this is ridiculous
Where's the MSE post that talks about this?
This shouldn't be that hard to find :P
12:21 AM
But, isn't the contact system also managed by moderators?
I think it goes straight to SE employees, not community mods, but I'm double checking...
@oldmud0 It bypasses moderators and goes straight to an employee. (Like me.)
Q: What recourse do I have if I believe a moderator has abused his/her privileges?

joeRecently, I had the following things happen to me on Super User: One of my answers was locked, and a moderator left me some wrong comments (which spoil my name). Maybe I did that myself very long ago, but after my warning, I have not done any such thing. Check my records. How come moderators ca...

That shouldn't have been as hard to find as it was :P
There's this one too:
12:23 AM
Q: Is there somewhere to complain about offensive moderator behaviour?

Marcin Possible Duplicate: What recourse do I have if I believe a moderator has abused his privileges? Is there anywhere or anyone to complain to about the behaviour of moderators? I've been "spoken" to offensively by a moderator, and I'm unhappy about it.

@JonEricson for meta.stackexchange.com/q/92064/163250, do you think it would be easier to find if "complain" was replaced by "report" in the title?
I was searching for "report moderator", and I finally gave up and used + "report" in the search.
@oldmud0 are you all set now?
@Cupcake Yes, I think so.
@Cupcake "report" is what we hope folks do. "complain" is what actually happens. "Fight for great justice" is what folks wish they were doing. Therefore, the title should actually read, "How can I report a complaint about offensive moderator behavior for great justice?"
@Shog9 that sounds very memeable.
justice = "just us"?
@Shog9 something along these lines...
12:37 AM
almost the same shade of blue - coincidence? I think not!
@chmod711telkitty stop, you're creeping me out :P
@showdev: Actually _() is a call to a function called.. well.. _Antoine Lassauzay Apr 16 '13 at 20:36
@AstroCB OP deleted.
12:42 AM
Well, deleting is easier than posting code, I guess.
@Cupcake Well, that works.
Q: HTML / CSS Video end event issue

user3833134I am currently designing a website. I have everything done but I cannot figure out this last step. Here's the deal: I want to play a video but I want it's z-index to be over the entire website index page. Since the video is not full screen I want the rest of the website to be black. So in a wa...

Three upvotes...because?
12:56 AM
Q: Stack Overflow Moderator Cards

JinWe recently printed some business cards for our Stack Exchange employees and they turned out great. It got us thinking: our sites' moderators have been working hard to keep our sites high quality for the past few years. They may not be employees, per se, but great community moderators are why o...

Was this a one-time thing or are these still sent out?
New moderators can still get them, but AFAIK they don't custom design them for each site anymore.
I have some Stack Overflow business cards.
This guy posted the exact same solution (verbatim) to three different questions. You think we should start closing them as duplicates?
1:00 AM
Oldest to newest.
The bug I love the most is the balmain bug:
Ibacus peronii, the Balmain bug or butterfly fan lobster, is a species of slipper lobster. It lives in shallow waters around Australia and is the subject of small-scale fishery. It is a flattened, reddish brown animal, up to 23 cm (9 in) long and 14 cm (6 in) wide, with flattened antennae and no claws. == Description == In common with other slipper lobsters, Ibacus peronii has a broad, flattened body and a large carapace. The carapace is reddish brown, and reaches lengths of 2–8 centimetres (0.8–3.1 in), with the whole animal able to reach a length of 23 cm (9 in), and a width of 10–14 cm (3.9...
1:06 AM
Or wait, is that a duplicate?
@Cupcake It's not.
The question was.
But the one you linked to was actually an XY problem.
So the answers for the "base" one don't solve the real problem of the one you linked to.
Ok. I'm not an Android guy, so I can't tell.
Me neither. I've never written a line of Objective C. I just read the question and answers.
@Cupcake I know how to find crazy cases of stuff like that. Even without diamond powers on SO, some socks are somewhat easy to see.
@JasonC oh, how embarrassing! Yeah, I meant iPhone :/
1:10 AM
I don't understand why people use on questions that have nothing to do with the iPhone. If you're talking about and , tag your question as such.
@AstroCB just make iphone into a synonym for objective-c
@Cupcake Oh I wasn't referring to that. I just mean, we should read the question and answers closely before marking duplicates. In the one you linked to, the question had the code that the "base" one had as an answer already in it, and the accepted answer was related to some formatting when writing the log entry.
@Cupcake That's probably not a good idea. Really, nothing that actually needs that tag is a programming question and should be redirected to Ask Different, so it should probably be burninated, but there are way too many questions to do that.
194,489, to be exact.
So is anyone here actually an android developer?
1:13 AM
@AstroCB I don't understand why we have at all. We have which makes sense, and which makes sense. But an iPhone is the product. We don't have .
@Cupcake Sure.
@JasonC iOS is a product too
iPhone is hardware.
@JasonC Exactly. And technically, we don't need either, because questions about iOS development should use .
@Cupcake I'm telling you it's not a duplicate. Blunt way of saying what I meant: It's not a duplicate, and it was easy enough to see that by just reading the question despite not knowing the languages.
1:14 AM
@AstroCB Not all iOS code is in Cocoa Touch.
@Cupcake Yeah, dupe.
@AstroCB ... so get rid of [android] too, because it's all [java]?
@Undo Yeah that's what I meant.
@Undo Motorola Droid is also hardware, right?
@Cupcake Im dum FROM THE FUTURE!
@JasonC I wasn't going to argue about it, I was just wondering, because I'm looking through some other android questions right now.
@Doorknob @Undo No, but I mean that in a general sense, that's what they're talking about.
The first guy is converting just fine.
@Undo Wait, why do we have a tag for a company?
1:15 AM
@JasonC we're talking about a different set.
@Cupcake Must be. Because the answers are exactly the same. Plagiarism rules! :/
@JasonC Uhh apparently we actually do; I didn't bother to check :P ^
@Doorknob Christ. Me neither. Why...
1:17 AM
@Undo Woah. You can have brackets in links? :O I've never been able to do that!
Who wants to write the for one and two?
@Doorknob it took me about four tries :P
escape them with `\\\` 's
Heh, this is going to take four tries as well :D
crap, those things hate me
have some cats!
We might be able to get rid of [iphone], but someone's going to need to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no question that that tag would be suitable for before we go retagging almost 200k questions
@Undo I can't think of anything iPhone hardware-related that would have to do with programming.
@Undo Can we remove it, observe that nobody complains, then retroactively justify our actions?
1:21 AM
Someone'll just create it again.
I wonder what people who come here to post problems with their phones about would use.
We could synonymize with and see if anybody goes nuts on meta.
@AstroCB "The torch on my iPhone won't enable when I run this code. What's up?"
@Undo True. I feel like the use-case is very limited, though.
1:22 AM
@JasonC Someone would do that just to see the fireworks. Some of them would come from me.
Perhaps and ?
love it.
Oh my: I give you [phone].
"Do not use this tag"
Okay, I did an experiment for SCIENCE! Out of the first 50 [iphone] questions, exactly 8 are actually iPhone-specific (2 dubious, 2 extremely low quality). Some were tagged with [css] [iphone], which is a rare case of the tag actually making sense (although [mobile-browsers] (or something) might fit better here), and some were hardware-specific.
1:25 AM
I stopped reading at SCIENCE
@Doorknob why does [css] [iphone] make sense?
it should probably be [css] [mobile-safari] or [css] [ios]
[css] [safari] maybe
@Undo you need to create a css image of an iphone...
@Shog9 I have an anti-plagiarism query for SEDE, should I just keep it to myself, or is it OK to share with other people here?
1:26 AM
@Undo Yeah, I suppose that's true
@Cupcake Give it up!
@Cupcake Share it. I'll fork it then post it on MSE as mine.
Stars for EVERYBODY! :D
@Cupcake why wouldn't you be able to share it with us?
(I have no idea who's starring all of those :P)
1:26 AM
8 mins ago, by hichris123
After all the witch-hunting posts on MSO...
@Cupcake Do it for the good of humanity [Stack Overflow].
I'm playing it safe.
@Cupcake we're responsible! :P
1:27 AM
wants mod powers on chat.mSE
@Shog9 when will we have elections for mSE!?!??!?! WHEN?
Isn't there a star catching script?
10 mins ago, by hichris123
C'mon, vote people!
@hichris123 Nope. Outta votes.
1:28 AM
It takes a lot for trolling to annoy me but... I might have to draw the line on the star thing.
@hichris123 are you sure?
@Cupcake Yes.
okay, flagged for a moderator (not as if any are going to appear any time soon)
@Cupcake he's lying :P
@Cupcake Well, if the accepted answer on that one is plagiarized from the accepted answer on the dupe target... ;)
1:29 AM
Do I need to start up my star-catcher script? >:O
yes @Doorknob
@Doorknob Do it.
I can't make Chrome's inspector work
@hichris123 I see that the answers are the same but those questions are confusing me. Why is one about Eclipse and the other doesn't mention Eclipse at all?
@hichris123 twss
1:30 AM
@JasonC That... is quite weird.
Guys, lay off the stars.
I'll edit that soon.
It's star-ting to get annoying.
@AstroCB photoshopped css'ed
1:31 AM
I dare you to star this, nazi!
@Braiam You can tell cause the shadows are all wrong
@Undo People these days will star anything.
@Undo Godwin's. You lose.
glares at a user in this room
1:32 AM
@AstroCB Learn to recycle.
@Cupcake I'm a mod, it's impossible for me to godwin myself :P
@bjb568 Good idea.
I once got an email from Godwin.
@JasonC O RLY?
I asked him if it was OK to use some logo for something and he just replied "No, sorry." Which was a bummer. But it was awesome, because it was still from the man himself.
I haven't washed my monitor since.
1:34 AM
@JasonC People aren't important. Data is.
should I spill who the star-crazyperson is?
Oh wat? It's past UTC!
@bjb568 specially account numbers and passwords of Sweden banks
1:35 AM
Also, installing mechanize over this terrible WiFi connection takes a long time -_-
@animuson I've got a bunch of plagiarism flags in the queue right now, if you want to clean those up. It seems like Brad handles a lot of those though, is it like one of his mod specialties or something?
Anybody have a list of posts that need to be CV'd and DV'd? I can use all 50 right now. Just give me a JS array.
Oh, I should have thought of that -_-
the user_name field is what we're after
1:36 AM
@Undo photoshopped js'ed >:(
Bot initialized. Type >>help for help.
Star something now, I dare you. :P
1:38 AM
uh oh.
@Doorknob It couldn't have only been me...
3 mins ago, by Braiam
it... isn't working @Doorknob
1:38 AM
you crashed it D:
Bot initialized. Type >>help for help.
Because I'm bad at Ruby. Ok fixed
Hi DoorknobChatbot!
1:39 AM
Undo starred that.
There. Now star something! :P
Hey, you know what, it's actually definitely not a good idea to share my plagiarism query, at least not publicly.
iStimple starred that.
1:39 AM
Unknown command quit.
iStimple starred that.
Undo starred that.
It's actually trivially easy to defeat it.
iStimple starred that.
Braiam starred that.
iStimple starred that.
So I'd rather not share the details...publicly.
... now that I think about it, this might not have been the best idea -_-
Braiam starred that.
1:39 AM
I will handle your flags when you handle all my bug bites.
iStimple starred that.
@Cupcake okay, your call ;)
Bot killed manually
Braiam starred that.
Let me just say that, if you want to write your own, it's not hard to do.
1:40 AM
... I killed it, and it didn't stop
iStimple starred that.
Braiam starred that.
Bot killed manually
Jason C starred that.
I will handle your flags if you either (a) give me a bunch of votes in the next election, or (b) flag stuff on SR :P
@Doorknob ZOMBIES!
@DoorknobChatbot liar or late. I just want to use all my stars one day, just one day ok/
@Cupcake Too much hype, dude.
1:40 AM
There, I just spammed Ctrl+C until it worked
Bots are people too!
gtg, cya
1:41 AM
Why does DoorKnobChatBot have a tiny square
It's screwing up the grid vibe.
I counted. I have 82 bug bites on my body.
lets crash doorknobs bot!
I have to go as well
@animuson When I was 6, I remember counting 104. Beat that!
@bjb568 105
Oh you mean bug bites? Or just counting in general?
1:42 AM
@animuson Sounds like the weekend was fun, actually. The bites afterward, not so much
@JasonC … Bug bites.
If you guys want a copy of the query, send me an email at [email protected].
@Cupcake Just share the god damned link, Christ, lol...
Or don't.
No, we must keep our anti-cheater tools a secret.
finds that is more easier just to check the recently created queries
1:44 AM
what? i have fully used my star balance today? can a mod adjust that to lower or something? I think i used way more two days ago
Do I have to sign an NDA?
I'd be happy if things just didn't show up in the list until they had two stars, at least in the tavern...
@Cupcake Spam
@bjb568 dude.
@bjb568 Devious
1:46 AM
Do not share that on Meta.
@Cupcake is not like it's secret...
@Cupcake he already done do it
data.stackexchange.com/users/6219/cupcake <<--- all the queries you have created/edited/favorited/used
I was actually going to rename that query too.
1:48 AM
are star balances based on UTC or local time?
@iStimple Everything is UTC.
@bjb568 not chat
@iStimple It isn't?
@bjb568 look to the far right of the comments, the time is in local time military style
@iStimple (24 hour)
It's still UTC on the server.
1:52 AM
damn, then I can't star for another 22 hours
Q: Provide a setting to hide Meta posts in the Community Bulletin

CupcakePlease provide an option to hide just Meta posts in the Community Bulletin from me. I still want to see Stack Overflow Blog posts though, because I want to stay up-to-date on new features and stuff. Jeff was right. Meta Is Murder. I've decided that I don't really want to participate in Meta all ...

I'm a little late here, but I just wrote a userscript for that post.
I'm hesitant to put it on the post because I think it would decrease Meta participation.
@AstroCB send it to meeeeeee!
@Cupcake But...then you won't leave high-quality questions and answers anymore...
And we only get "Why was my question downvoted?"
@Cupcake It doesn't matter. All it ever says is "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.".
1:55 AM
@bjb568 what are you talking about?
The anti-cheat query?
There are ways to speed it up.
I tried setting limit = 1, start-day = 2014-08-01
Hold on...
1:56 AM
Limit = 40, Start = 2014-06-01, End = 2014-08-12
There's definitely room to optimize it and focus on certain time windows.
You can't search for all matches across all time, because it joins a massive table on itself using a large text field.
So we have to be creative about limiting the search down to fewer posts.
Ah. So optimize it!
1:58 AM
@Undo still around?
fyi, those parameters I just gave will dredge up 40 matches.
woops, i just serial upvoted shog meta.stackexchange.com/questions/237978/…
You can try increasing the limit, but that will cause it to run slower of course (and it already runs slow).
hia @iStimple
You could also try moving the time window instead.
1:59 AM
@iStimple lol, he's going to get a few reversals from that.

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