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6:08 PM
What have I done?:
$ sudo htop
-bash: /usr/bin/sudo: Input/output error
@UndotheSnowman Yes, but... which t-shirt?
That'll teach you to participate in contests without reading the full rules or prize list....
@Pops ROFL
@Pops Wait... I had a choice?
hopes Tim gets to my box before Pops
I know everyone loves to downvote and close my questions, so I'll help you guys by linking to my new question:
Q: Is "How to..." a good title?

RyanCarlsonI see a lot of titles that start with "How to..." Personally, I think that is a bad title, but in A: How do I write a good title?, How to UPSERT in Oracle (update or insert into a table)? is listed in the "Some Good Examples" section. "how to..." is not necessarily always bad gramma...

Happy downvoting!
6:15 PM
I don't do downvoting
I link posts requiring it to people who do it often.
7 views and 3 downvotes!
new record!
@RyanCarlson wouldn't that be a bit like the time when they banned "problem" from titles?
@3ventic probably
6:29 PM
@qwertynl Congrats on getting 1,000 reputation!
@RyanCarlson Thanks :-)
@qwertynl sorry, no
@RyanCarlson :-(
Checkmarks have been on SO forever
Removing them would be sacrilege.
Things are meant to be changed :-)
I am just suggested to change them to look like a bounty
6:38 PM
@qwertynl some things are meant to be changed
@RyanCarlson :-P
@qwertynl you meant pseudo?
@AmalMurali no?
A: What will happen to the hats when Winterbash is over?

Undo the SnowmanThe hats will be done. Gone. Finished. Never to return again. Thrown down a black hole. The hat code rolled back. No 2013 hats to ever be seen again. Ever. Even if you really really want them. The 2013 hat table will be DROPed. The 2013 hat data will never return. Although many like hats, they ar...

Someone downvoted my hat regex paredy!
sigh I must have missed the memo.
That stopped being funny in 2009... no need to keep milking a dry cow. — yoda 57 secs ago
@UndotheSnowman 3 upvotes and 3 downvotes
6:44 PM
Whoever is playing animation with the voting arrows, stopit!
@Undo Now +3.
I'm going to have to sick a CM on you guys :P
0 to 4 score in ~1 second
6:47 PM
please halp dey iz making me mad with teh votes!
new record
@Undo Do you want me to do the animation with the voting arrows for you?
It makes life much better.
I'll do it too!
You guys are making my top bar go insane.
6:48 PM
@Undo Sorry. Post a report for it.
prays for vote lock to take effect
I just saw it go from -2 to 4
within half a second
Back to 3.
My top-bar rep indicator is going crazy.
6:50 PM
@Undo Video or it didn't happen.
I don't know how :P
But I think you all know it happened, you're the ones doing it.
@UndotheSnowman Use JQuery!
@UndotheSnowman That's what she said.
@Undo Picture then.
6:52 PM
Pictures don't animate :P
Make a GIF.
@UndotheSnowman They do if you use jQuery.
Meh, not worth it.
@UndotheSnowman You don't live in Hogwarts?
Conclusion: Hogwarts is using jQuery.
6:53 PM
@qwertynl What's with the spaces?
@hichris123 ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮҉
Sorry I was testing something

@qwertynl: lol, someone just edited that. :P
@Krampus You don't use Linux I assume? — qwertynl 1 min ago
@hichris123 ¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯
Decision time: Continue having fun on SO and MSO
Attempt to learn Java from an online course made by someone who appears to be a worse programmer than me?
Option 3.
7:05 PM
@qwertynl I like option 4 better
@RyanCarlson What was it?
Eat cake
So you're saying I should take option 3 and eat ice cream instead?
What is so hard to understand?
7:09 PM
@qwertynl LOL
Do you understand yet!?
No. Friggin. Capes.
ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Y U NO CAPES
ಥ_ಥ ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 ٩(×̯×)۶
@qwertynl btw, I said "cake", not "cape"
@RyanCarlson No. You said Cape. I know what I heard.
7:22 PM
16 mins ago, by RyanCarlson
Eat cake
@RyanCarlson Yes. Cape.
◑ ◔
Cape > Cake.
@qwertynl So then yes capes?
Really? A flag? That's not a dick. Unless you have a square dick.
7:24 PM
@ThiefMaster ????????????????
@RyanCarlson someone flagged that message
@ThiefMaster Ah
@RyanCarlson No. Capes.
but... cape > cake?
@RyanCarlson Yes.
7:25 PM
so then cake < cape < yes
ultra-no cake?
@RyanCarlson No. Cape > Cake. But Capes < Cake
No. Capes.
You SOers need to get Community a hat. It probably feels left out.
@ThiefMaster Don't make fun of the geometrically challenged!
7:39 PM
I'm surprised this place is still around..
Which is cool
@Chacha102 Hey! Are you calling us fat?
@qwertynl Yes
7:41 PM
441k messages. You guys have been busy
@animuson Yeah, why can't our Community have a hat?
@Chacha102 When were you last here?
@qwertynl 2012ish?
@Chacha102 Fun!
How have you been since then @Chacha102 ?
I mean, I was really active in 2010, and then dropped out
I started working with a WordPress company
7:44 PM
Cool :-D
And have been doing the college thing
So that's been fun
Its funny because I think most of the people that hung out in here became moderators
Pop, rchern, etc
To be fair, I don't remember you
But, congratz
I'm glad this community is getting bigger
Fills a good place
7:48 PM
:o Blasphemy!
Poor animuson.
8:02 PM
Is this answer also correct if a tag already has an excerpt and a wiki?
@rene For Stack Overflow, yes. There are some sites out there, I believe, that do not destroy tags if they have wikis. I think that only applies to tags that would be destroyed for only having one use, though.
You are allowed to answer your own question on the Stack Exchange. I am not claiming any authority. — qwertynl 5 secs ago
Why do people make me nuts...
@animuson I actually don't remember you being around this room much when I started chatting in here. Which was like, the end of 2011-ish, I think.
@animuson OK, thanks
Anyways, lkjhfgklihfgl;hgerp;olhter
8:09 PM
@jadarnel27 Back in the day.
gets out cane
I don't remember when I started visiting here.
I have always been here. You just do not remember me :-)
How can I explain to someone that you are allowed to answer your own question?
@TimStone Back in the day for you is a bit further back for you than it is for me ;-)
takes the cane and gives Tim a walker
@qwerty Just link them to the FAQ.
@jadarnel27 ...Get off my lawn
@jadarnel27 Can you help me? They seem to think that I think I am an "authority" but I never said such a thing...
Thanks @jadarnel27
8:20 PM
No problem. I wouldn't worry about it beyond that. If they have a problem with your post, they can always post on Meta about it.
@RyanCarlson I meant it needs to wear one!
@jadarnel27 META RAGE!
That is true.
@jadarnel27 ... ouch.
8:36 PM
@Pops All in fun =P
Have you been around even longer than Tim? Does that mean you need a wheelchair, and some hard candies to give out to new users?
Okay, I should probably be done with that joke.
Speaking of the old days.
I'm sad that Rebecca Chernoff stopped hanging out in here when she stopped working at SE.
@jadarnel27 :-(
I hope the next step of her journey has been fun and successful and awesome.
I am sure it has
9:04 PM
@jadarnel27 Already taken care of, courtesy of Stack Exchange:
9:29 PM
can anyone point to the post that detailed adding the little orange rectangle in the toolbar for suggested edits?
i saw a post asking about it on the mathematics meta, figured i may as well link to it
Q: Bring back review numbers to the top bar

James WebsterThough I never quite understood what those numbers were and they were quite ugly, they were the only reason I ever visited the reviews page. Can we have similar functionality back on the top bar please?

9:45 PM
@Chacha102 Hola?
@RyanCarlson It means Hello
I know
But this is an english site...
Is it?
9:47 PM
I thought that was
Plus, most Americans are familiar enough with various languages that you can use their greetings
@jcolebrand There's a familiar face!
A: Is English required on Stack Overflow?

SimucalThe Stack Overflow Trilogy has an official policy on non-English questions: It is not, nor has it ever been, our goal to be the one place in the world for all programming information in every possible human language. Direct question posters to native language resources. It is not th...

9:51 PM
@animuson Excellent. Thanks!
rrrrg Why does it take 2 weeks to read an EEG? :-(
@qwertynl Because there are 2 weeks worth of other EEGs to read
@Chacha102 but... computers.... :-\
I really just want to know what they found...
@qwertynl But... humans
@Chacha102 but.
10:04 PM
Humans stink. We should kill all of them
What are you getting an EEG for?
@Chacha102 I went to the hospital bc of a headache.
Must have been a pretty bad headache...
@Chacha102 Have you had a bad day?
@hichris123 No, read above
10:09 PM
@Chacha102 I still think you had a bad day... :)
I've had an unusually productive day
I got our company to move our manual onto Github
in Markdown
And there, I'll pin that message
@Chacha102 And then you just randomly decided to come chat with us loonies?
I haven't been in here for awhile
I actually started this room 441,000 messages ago
You started this room?
10:11 PM
I'm fine thanks for asking! :D
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