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1:49 AM
I got the Chuck Yeager hat!
And I don't know why.
And I am the seven millionth person to say that.
Because brown, obviously.
2:07 AM
Too many hats.. I can't choose what one I want
2:17 AM
I'm downloading my second game ever from Steam.
2:59 AM
Someone here's having fun with the SSIDs
I'm half tempted to connect to it and do something bad to them.
The network at my house is named DESK.
@animuson I had someone in my neighborhood change theirs to FBI Van once.
OMG I should change mine to NSA Surveillance and see how many people I can freak out.
I saw one named "Unobtanium" in my friend's neighborhood.
3:03 AM
@animuson Change your SO name to that.
Imagine the mSO posts...
@UndotheSnowman "I didn't close your question - the NSA did."
Also, my WiFi password is "password."
@jadarnel27 Where do you live?
rubs hands together thinking of free wifi
I got a 32-char password from WolframAlpha for mine :P
And I have it memorized!
I should really probably change it to "Correct horse battery staple" to be safe.
@UndotheSnowman Heh, that's pretty impressive!
Wait wait wait. It's not "brown"? I'm... speechless...
3:07 AM
I am disappointed in myself.
3:37 AM
Come on, @jadarnel27
How dare you?
how can I tell if I have been mass-downvoted?
I'd say 5 downvotes in the same 60 second period is "mass downvoting", @Scrooge.
Don't worry, though. It'll be reversed when the suspicious voting job runs.
That is, if you are referring to your Academia profile.
1 hour later…
4:51 AM
Does anyone here know anything about SQL?
I need to get comments from DE after a certain date - 2013-11-10 02:54:38
I know that I hate SQL.
And CreationDate>'2013-11-10 02:54:38' no worky.
That's about it, sorry.
@ElfSlice Heh
@UndotheSnowman Try using the Date functions
4:52 AM
@UndotheSnowman I know just enough SQL to be dangerous. Stand by.
@YiJiang Date functions?
Please tell me more!
Although... standard comparison operators should work
@UndotheSnowman There are functions that can extract the date, minute, month etc. parts of a timestamp
Hey, new question for a new stackoverflow feature, I wonder what the reception is going to be like. :)
@AaronHall Where at?
^ That one
4:54 AM
Q: Feature needed to incentivize more positive activity mostly orthogonal to current incentives

Aaron HallWhy I think another feature is needed: There are currently 2 primary methods of gamification for the site: Reputation and Badges. (Hats seem like a tweaked form of badges, and as they're seasonal, don't they go away soon?...) Reputation most strongly incentivizes good answers, (which is certain...

@AaronHall Ah
I also answered my own question, and I get a feeling that gets a bit of resentment from people looking to snipe questions for rep.
@AaronHall Meh, I bet people just don't like your health bar idea.
people? I've got more than one downvote?
4:58 AM
@AaronHall No, I just said people because I was too lazy to go push the button to show how many dvs it had.
I see :)
Likely to be controversial I'm sure.
If I were you I would make some better concept art.
oh, man, I thought I was awesome for using gimp to do that
@AaronHall You are. But it could be better.
I would suggest making it thinner.
Not as tall.
my skillz are limited
4:59 AM
mine are too.
yeah, so... ok
I'll see what I can do in the next 20 mins
Also, note that mSO historically doesn't like people coming in with major changes - even if they're awesome, great ideas.
I can imagine
where put the bar?
do you think?
behind name only?
@AaronHall If it were me? Probably the bottom.
beside name?
5:01 AM
Below the entire usercard.
About three-four px tall.
Hey, that's the communicator beep from Star Trek, isn't it.
@AaronHall Yup :D
@UndotheSnowman Try CreationDate > CAST('2013-11-10T02:54:38' AS DATETIME).
@AaronHall Sounds like it, anyway. I quite like it.
@michaelb958'saSleigh That worked - thanks!
5:03 AM
@UndotheSnowman ISO 8601 FTW!
how's that?
@AaronHall A lot better.
I think so too
@UndotheSnowman Are you using MySQL?
5:07 AM
@jadarnel27 whatever SEDE runs.
MSSQL I think.
I started out with red to green, but the transition sucked, and I didn't like the idea of putting people in "red" when they're starting out.
@UndotheSnowman Oh. I thought you were talking about your local thing.
Yeah, SEDE runs SQL Server.
@jadarnel27 @UndotheSnowman Yeah, the MS one. The language is known as Transact-SQL (TSQL for short).
Anyway, I've got to go now. Good luck with your feature-request, @AaronHall
I'm surprised that you had to cast the string to a DATE. I've never had to do that with SQL Server.
5:08 AM
Me neither.
I wrote a cool query at work in JQL, it got my coworkers excited that they're not going to get their exeption reports any more.
@jadarnel27 Meh, just being safe. (As I said: I know just enough to be dangerous.)
@michaelb958'saSleigh Hey, it worked! That's the important part =)
@jadarnel27 Yep, and it's absolutely unambiguous to anyone who might read it in future.
*basks in glow of +1 programmer points*
I use SQL everyday at work, and the string comparison always works for throwaway queries in SSMS.
In fact, I think I've used it in Data Explorer before. Hmmm.
5:12 AM
Probably would have sufficed, but complex code can be tripped up by the silliest things.
I had some PHP broken for days because I typed += instead of .=.
Oh. He had a "T" in the middle of the date string. This one works with just the string.
@michaelb958'saSleigh Heh, that sounds frustrating!
@jadarnel27 The T was to make absolutely sure that it was interpreted as ISO 8601. Otherwise, there was a slim chance that the day and month could have been interpreted the wrong way round, and that would have been silly.
Sweet, sockpuppet is me.
@jadarnel27 PHP: built for idiots, by idiots.
> I don't see the point, especially for something like PHP where most of the scripts will be rather simple and in most cases written by non-programmers who want a language with a basic logical syntax that doesn't have too high a learning curve.
3 hours later…
8:30 AM
The only problem with PHP nowadays is that it's filled with mistakes made in the past although many have been fixed.
9:01 AM
are there any moderators around? :)
just wondering if someone could review my serial downvotes occurring on my profile and see if it will be caught by the voting fraud cron SO has
Mods probably won't know that
I don't think the information is available
this meta post links to this room and says they can tell you: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/126829/…
it says "they can't fix it.. but can tell if the fraud script will detect it"
No mod but from long experience I can tell almost for sure that yes, it will be detected and reversed
@SimonWhitehead I'm not privy to the details of the script (only employees are), but as an average user with half a clue I can tell you that the downvotes on your SO profile look pretty bad and will probably be reversed. (The script runs at 03:00 UTC, which is in about 18 hours, so you'll have to wait until then to be sure.)
many thanks :)
1 hour later…
10:17 AM
@SimonWhitehead assuming most of these are by the same user, then the script would detect and reverse these.
Thanks Oded
It appears the script picked up the bulk of them much quicker than expected
i do wish the downvotes were reversed instead of a rep adjustment
perhaps thats what happens during the 3am UTC cron
FYI - I got raged by a user because they called myself and another couple of users "stupid shitheads"
i informed the user that they could expect not to get any further help from us
serial downvoting ensued.
10:37 AM
@SimonWhitehead this is actually reversed, checking this random post which appears as downvoted in your reputation history page there are no downvotes on it.
Those history items might be cached, if they still appear tomorrow bug report would make sense.
10:53 AM
Q: Visual Studio how to open files in one instance

lukas.pukenisI edit files directly inside FTP and like to use Visual Studio, however VS seems to open each file inside new instance of VS and not inside a new tab. I believe this is because it's a file without a solution/project. How can I force VS to open multiple separate files inside one multitabed window ?

Those tags..
@ShadowWizard Mmm.. yes, it appears that you are correct.
However, I've noticed about 3 other random downvotes .. during the same period
it appears that individual had a friend who also downvoted a few of my questions
and those ones haven't been picked up
oh well
@SimonWhitehead As you say, oh well. 6 rep isn't a lot to worry about.
very true :)
@SimonWhitehead that's one of the risks of being active high rep user... we all have to live with that :)
Indeed. I do wish SO wasn't so addictive
most days i find it more fun than my actual work.
but now i'm addicted to the gamification
hence why i'm here asking about serial downvoting :P
11:06 AM
@SimonWhitehead did you go hat hunting already? It's a great sport
Oh, only 7 hats so no
i haven't gone hunting.. a few have just appeared without me really trying
when does it end again?
"Winter Bash 2013 will run from Monday 16 December 2013 through Friday 3 January 2014"
Abby T. Miller on December 15, 2013

The gatherings of family and friends, the giving and receiving of gifts, the making and/or breaking of New Year’s resolutions – however you and yours celebrate, the end of a calendar year heralds many traditions.

Here at Stack Exchange, we wanted to get each of you an awesome, personal gift, and mail it to you as our way of saying “thanks.” But our accountant pointed out that there are 4.5 million of you, which promptly reminded us that the holidays aren’t about gifts.┬áThe real spirit of the holidays can only be captured with… …

ahhhh.. i should go hunting tomorrow
7 hours later…
6:25 PM
Can you see what messages of yours in chat have been starred? I just got a hat but I've never seen my ramblings get a star
ah, thanks!
2 hours later…
8:51 PM
> [Josh]: Where's my '20 hats' hat?!
> [Megan]: ...you are such a weird dude about those hats.
9:04 PM
hats for bats
keep bats warm
9:53 PM
Q: Java non-property accessor methods that start with "get" and "set"?

HDaveIn the seminal book The Elements of Java Style it says: Follow the JavaBeans conventions for naming property accessor methods. The JavaBeans specification establishes standard naming conventions for methods that give access to the properties of a JavaBean implementation. You should apply ...

Is he correct in his argument "This question is not opinion based as Java has well documented best practices. This question is a clarifying question on those."?
10:42 PM
I just noticed that the tag exists. Looking through questions tagged with it, most of them are related to iOS, and writing something to interact with the address book.
Should I put in a burninate request, or are these iOS questions using the tag just fine (and retag the others)
10:56 PM
eh, making a question where we can discuss either option
I think the upvoting fan club is unfortunately not a joke on stackoverflow. :/
I was seeing a long answer coming out, and without being able to read the first 1-2 paragraphs, it already got upvotes. It is impossible to read such answers in that short while, or I must be reading comprehensively overly slow.

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