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12:01 AM
Wondering if they should assign one moderator just to do tag cleanup:
Q: General Buffer Tags

Lance RobertsI think buffer should be the parent tag for the generic buffer related questions. Tags that need to be synonymed: buffering x 297 output-buffering x 230 buffered x 47 buffer-overrun x 23 bufferstrategy x 19

Oh. The milliner hat is for 20 hats on the same site o_0
No way I'm doin' that.
Yep, takes a focus (and some luck sometimes).
I definitely don't have that much focus.
I'm sort of close to getting "Upboated" on SO.
I think that's probably one of the only others I'm going to get.
Well, there is still the New Year's Day chat one coming.
Any idea how you got Eureka on Meta?
@LanceRoberts Right, I was thinking I might get that one.
@LanceRoberts I actually do know how I got that one.
I don't know how I got Chuck Yeager, though.
12:13 AM
Yeh, I don't know how I got that, thinking it was being quick commenting or editing, or maybe voting on comments.
I got my 20 hats earlier today I think, never done anything specific to get it (except the 5 queues)
Yeah, Chuck is about speed
not sure what speed, but it's speed
My only chance for gold on Meta is for the Meta Deleted Archives to hit 100, but that's a tough one, since 10ks can't follow the links, so I don't think I can get that one.
I made my first post on Math Overflow, but think I got a downvote before the upvote so no hat.
It's amazing to me how much work I do to get temporary hats.
is there a reason i seem to be only getting +6 on upvotes at the moment?
Are you at the rep cap?
but the super bar at the top says +6
its +10.. but the notification bar says +6 in a green square.. bug?
12:27 AM
No, the green total at the top is the sum total on all sites, it is very confusing and I asked to have it changed, but didn't get much support.
but how come it shows +6 on for a single upvote event on StackOverflow? .. bug methinks
Can you take a screen shot of the dropdown when you click on the green box?
..not now.. i already clicked it and its fine inside the box..
There are certain things that don't show up in the top bar, like +1 when an answer you voted down is deleted. (the +1 appears, but it does not show why).
Yeh, there are other reports of refreshing fixing problem with that dropdown.
12:34 AM
For downvotes the question appears, but if the net rep is negative, it won't display it.
hey guys
i just noticed a user deleting a question after i commented on his question
is the normal thing to flag as other if i have a reason to believe this might be recurring?
what's the problem? he might have solved it and didn't need the question anymore
if he does it too often, especially after being downvoted, he'll end up question-banned anyway
i'm continually amazed at the automated stuff that happens within the SE engine
should i post a link to his profile?
12:44 AM
usually a flag is better since it doesn't call out the user in public. but since it's not something as bad as sockpuppetry... wouldn't be a big problem to link his profile either
alright, i may just flag him
though with the question i was commenting on, he deleted before the downvotes came in
should i flag as other and ask whoever deals with the flag to see if that happens to be the case?
alright, flagging right now
was kinda wondering, since the guy's question to answer ratio is something like 20:1, and he's been around a year more than me. Not really used to seeing someone who's been around that long and still posting that kind of question.
1:00 AM
Just a hobbyist programmer who doesn't spend longer than 20 minutes learning something.. nothing wrong with that in the context of SO really..
Or maybe I have my close votes and flagging hat on too often
Though despite the hat I'm currently wearing, I'm not in the habit of handing out coal.
1:21 AM
Ahoy tavern
Ahoy ElfSlice.
How she go?
Pretty well. Just gave ThiefMaster 374 comments to delete, he seemed pretty happy that he didn't have to handle them as flags :P
That sounded like something I should say 'Heh.' in response to.
Hey, I'm giving him 200.
1:28 AM
Ooo, is it a contest?
I have a csv of 4658... I'm going through them to make sure there's no good ones.
Lucky mods.
1:50 AM
@hichris123 ORDER BY Text helps a lot
Q: Stylesheets broken on main stackoverflow.com site

PotatoswatterI get HTTP errors for various resources, and no styles or scripts are applied, which effectively makes the whole site unusable. Meta does seem to be working fine, though. Edit: Here's a log from Firefox Console. The relevant requests appear to be returning 403 Forbidden. [10:28:39.766] GET htt...

^ Anyone know what's up with this?
Does the issue show up occasionally for everyone or just for a few folks?
Ooh, I like the response indicator sound in this room.
I don't like the one on chat.SE
I don't like the one in here.
1:58 AM
Bah, humbug!
An option to get a custom one would be nice.
Mostly useless, but nice.
i.e. upload sound file to profile, have it tied to your login.
Yeah, but SE is so averse to having per-user settings.
Doesn't seem like it would happen.
But... but...
But brown.
Shhh...shhh...it's okay, ElfSlice. It's okay.
It'll be okay.
2:06 AM
The notification sound in chat should be brown
Brown is star-bait these days. I'm glad we're past the days when Bieber was star-bait.
The sound, not the icon.
Although the icon could be brown as well.
Brown must be the new Bieber.
@ElfSlice How do you hear brown?
If you don't like him don't listen to him.
I don't get people who hate on Bieber.
@hichris123 That's what SE scientists need to figure out!
2:13 AM
Bieber must have become brown.
2:59 AM
Doesn't it fit him perfectly?
@SimonWhitehead if you had any recent negative rep changes, sometimes it will subtract that from the +10. So if you recently got downvoted twice or downvoted a few answers yourself, it will use that as well. It seems inconsistent, but I believe it also occurs when you got your downvotes refunded (downvote removed/post removed).
well, i was serial downvoted yesterday
hence why i'm in this chat room.. i've never been here before :)
perhaps that had something to do with it @JeroenVannevel ?
It's just a display issue I believe (your SO rep history just says +10 as it should)
You can always make a post on meta
I would.. but I didn't take an initial screenshot of it
So now I would just be making up lies in my meta post :(
Yeah, I always forget about it as well. I've had it at least 5 times in the past 2 weeks
3:25 AM
@ElfSlice If it helps, people do that with most bands.
Nickelback, for instance, gets a lot of hate.
4:12 AM
Ahhh, finally got to 21 hats on SO.
2 hours later…
6:16 AM
@jadarnel27 You have to have a reasonably quick answer, that gets a reasonably quick upvote (and possibly accept)
6:34 AM
Could I get some edit help from a >2k SO user on one of our current hot network questions? The author's rejecting my edit attempts to improve the writing as too major and then too minor: first attempt and second attempt.
Q: what is loop inversion technique

TryingI was going through a document which talks about the JIT(Just in Time compiler) optimization techniques, One of them was loop inversion. And the document says: You replace a regular while loop with a do-while loop. And the do-while loop is set within an if clause. This replacement leads to ...

@JonathanHobbs done
One of those OPs, I see.
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish thanks :)
@michaelb958'saSleigh my experience attempting to edit on SO in general is making me long for the 2k privileges I enjoy elsewhere.
"Jonathan Hobbs had 176 edit suggestions approved, and 29 edit suggestions rejected" - only 90 of those or less are more than tag-only edits, so at least a third of my edits to the actual text of a post get rejected. O_O
Where do you see your suggested edit stats?
6:52 AM
@3ventic For a list of suggestions, go to meta.stackoverflow.com/users/230957/… (your profile, activity tab, suggestions subtab). For accept/reject totals, open any of them and click (more) under the list of reviewers.
@michaelb958'saSleigh Oy, can you help me test something?
flag something in the chat.SE sandbox


Where you can play with chat features (except flagging) and ch...
as offensive
3ventic can do it too if he wants
I can do it
I visit a suggested edit of mine and hit that. (Er, which I now realise is what @michaelb958'saSleigh said.)
6:55 AM
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish I better not get suspended for this.
@michaelb958'saSleigh I don't need the flag anymore
Oh goodness, 4 pings. I'm popular!
For one invalid flag? Nah
6:56 AM
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish Got it. No flags will be cast.
I hate it when I get +100 on the topbar from association bonus..
7:32 AM
8:21 AM
Heh, well that totally ruined my night. I guess I'll just go to bed... -.-
@animuson what ruined your night?
It's dating drama. Long story.
Sounds interesting... but guess we'll have to wait. Go to bed! ;)
4 hours later…
12:32 PM
Situation: I'm a regular in feed and I always bump into questions that don't demonstrate a minimal understanding of the problem being solved. They also don't contain code.
Question: If the question got an answer that solves the problem, does it make sense to vote close it ?
I make a lot of close determinations based on whether someone has come up with a good answer, which shows me that someone understands the problem and it is solvable. Having said that, one of the problems with the close queue is that it doesn't show the answers, so the times I catch that are when I go "into" the question.
Q: Please put answers underneath questions in Close review queue

Lance RobertsMany times when going through the Close queue I see that people are using the too localized reason. Sometimes the reason for this is in the comments (like the syntax error being pointed out), but a lot of times it's in the answer, so then I have to click on the question and look at the answers t...

@HamZa, I got my first 3k (all my rep) in [regex], at least 95% of the questions I answered deserved to be closed. Regex seems to get treated differently than the other tags though - mainly I guess because they only people who patrol it are there for the rep so don't want to be closing.
@OGHaza So you're suggesting I should go repfarm on regex ?
:P It's certainly a good place to do so. When I started I didn't even know regex, but I wanted to learn it. After about a month I'd pretty much learned everything there was to know so lost any desire to answer any more "give me teh codez" questions
The problems I see with the regex tag:
- A lot of users who don't know regex and want a quick fix even if they don't understand it
- Some high rep users who answer those silly questions without closing it
- Regex is hard for some people, I know but that doesn't mean we should exclude it from the rules
When I try to argue with some high rep users, I always get a response from the kind "I just want to help"
In the long run, they aren't helping. They are hurting the OP and the community
- The OP won't ever learn regex since he knows there are some guru's ready to answer on SO
Not to mention that most answers don't even contain an explanation of the regex.
12:46 PM
I spent a little while with the close votes queue filtered to regex, but every single one is close-worthy, it was a lost cause.
There was one particular user now 100k who used to get on my nerves in regex, so many super quick answers to so many awful awful questions
anubhava lol ?
yup ;)
@OGHaza racist :P He's not the only one xD
:P I don't know, I reckon he's twice as bad as the next worst culprit
1:29 PM
@HamZa I agree. If you want to farm rep, answer regexp questions.
The best thing would be to create a canonical regexp question and close all other questions as duplicate of this canonical question.
(I talk about questions like "I want to match 3 numbers, then "foo" followed by 2 letters. How to do that with regexp?")
1:52 PM
@JohannesKuhn Yeah I was thinking about that too. Too bad I'm not motivated enough at the moment
Q: Regex - don't feed them - teach them how to fish

Johannes KuhnCurrently most* of the questions in the regex have the following form: I want to match 3 numbers, followed by foo and 2 letters. How can I get the number? Such questions can be easily translated into a regex by looking up how to match numbers, literals, letters: (\d{3})foo\w{2}. And the an...

Evening (as per IST :D)
1:59 PM
That's my favorite.. :P
Yeah, that question is work in progress.
I was here due to a feature request in the first place. But its time to leave office. See you tomorrow. Good night friends.
@Mr.Peanut I read somewhere on Meta that Chuck Yeager had to do with comments.
@Shadow @Mystic Purple is an acceptable color (though inferior to brown).
2:15 PM
Can I upvote pink?
Guys can you see anything weird here?
Like what? At first glance, it looks good to me.
@jadarnel27 good, so I'm going to send a bug report! ;)
Q: Trying to unsubscribe from weekly newsletter leads to... YouTube 10 hours show

Shadow WizardThat's the weirdest bug I have ever encountered or reported... and there were many. First spotted in Science Fiction & Fantasy site, clicked "example newsletter" and in there there is: The "Subscribe to more Stack Exchange newsletters" is still fine, but all following links marked in red ...

2:31 PM
hehe, reproduced
@ShadowWizard What is wrong with that? Unsubscribe links are NOP anyway...now they at least give you something to look at....
@rene lol!
2:46 PM
Heh, I got my first popular question badge on SO for my old, downvoted SQL question.
@jadarnel27 I'm afraid I just added an extra view to that question...
I promise I didn't down vote
@rene I wouldn't accuse you of such a thing =) I'm sort of embarrassed of the question. I was fairly new to SQL then, but even so, I should have known the solution.
There was a production problem going on, and I was having a severe mental block.
That's the problem with being the only dev. I didn't have anyone to say "Oh look, Josh. You're just being dumb." =)
@jadarnel27 we all have those days...
Each of the downvotes I got on that question were after negative exchanges with users, if I recall (closing a question, downvoting and explaining why, etc).
Yeah, that's what people do. I've got a similar question here: stackoverflow.com/q/10905239 (hides)
3:02 PM
@AmalMurali I see PHP...downvote, closing :-)
It was me who flagged the question as a duplicate :P
@Amal Ah, the shame of our pasts.
I remember when I was learning web development, and every time I looked at code I had written that was more than a month old, I would cringe haha.
@ElfSlice Sounds pretty weird so far... not sure I like it.
@RyanCarlson It may not be for everyone. It's pretty different.
I really dig it.
I don't expect everyone will like 100% of the stuff I share. ;]
My favorite song:
It sounds so much better with these new headphones I just got for Christmas.
@ElfSlice Do you like country music? It seems like everyone except me either hates it or loves it.
3:56 PM
@RyanCarlson My mother absolutely loves it. I don't listen to it much, but I wouldn't say I hate it. There's some stuff I like and some stuff I like less.
@RyanCarlson Dude, waterflame is the shit
I didn't realize he did a glorious morning 2
This is better than the original
Waterflame is the only musician whose music I consistently like.
Oh, I'm sure you can find more.
Waterflame is sweet though
I didn't necessarily like his contribution to Castle Crashers though
I mean it was okay. It also really didn't fit the game.
@RyanCarlson coda (above) is one I pretty consistently like.
Listening to it right now
stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/3691981 :-( so much misuse of code markdown(markup?)
and the robo-reviewers strike again.
@OGHaza And all three reviews are Approve. That definitely sh ows so mething about SE's review system. Is this post a be tter use of co de m arkd ow n?
I already rolled it back.
If 3 people approved maybe I need to accept that it is me who misunderstands how to use code markdown
I disagree.
Maybe suggested edits queue is just destroying my mind
4:04 PM
Agreeing is for nerds!
@ElfSlice Coda's music is pretty good!
@ElfSlice I agree.
@RyanCarlson Yeah, he's pretty great. He just released a new album too, let me find it.
There it is
Q: Reject an already-approved suggested edit when rolling it back

BoltClock's a UnicornI just had to roll back about a dozen incorrect suggested edits that were approved, because all they did was litter backticks all over random words and phrases and calling it improved formatting. This is just one of the less exciting cleanup tasks I've taken it upon myself to do, as these edits ...

I haven't listened to all of it yet
4:24 PM
This is a good edit... stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/3692137. Ah well, managed 4 reviews today before giving up
I can't even access the queue on SO
who reviews the reviewers?
@JohannesKuhn Santa?
@JohannesKuhn The Reviewer Reviewers, whose reviews are reviewed by the Reviewer Reviewer review Reviewers.
"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is a grammatically correct sentence in American English, used as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated linguistic constructs. It has been discussed in literature since 1972 when the sentence was used by William J. Rapaport, an associate professor at the University at Buffalo. It was posted to Linguist List by Rapaport in 1992. It was also featured in Steven Pinker's 1994 book The Language Instinct as an example of a sentence that is "seemingly nonsensical" but grammatical. Pinker na...
@JohannesKuhn what Ryan said, or just Jon Skeet :D
4:35 PM
@RyanCarlson Hahahahahaha
This too:
"James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher" is an English sentence used to demonstrate lexical ambiguity and the necessity of punctuation, which serves as a substitute for the intonation, stress, and pauses found in human speech. In human information processing research, the sentence has been used to show how readers depend on punctuation to give sentences meaning, especially in the context of scanning across lines of text. The sentence is sometimes presented as a puzzle, where the solver must add the punctuation. The example refers to two ...
That's my favorite sentence ever
Despite the fact that is goes against all of my Grammar Nazi instincts.
@RyanCarlson All of the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life
@Flyk Pfft. Only a measly four "had"s in a row.
strangely, this exact conversation happened on the bridge at the same time it happened here
like, really?
This exact conversation?
4:45 PM
very similar, in fact, @ElfSlice referenced it
because he does that
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 5 mins ago, by kalina
All of the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life
Q: What are some examples of awkward sounding but grammatically correct sentences?

eventualEntropyWhat are some examples of awkward sounding but grammatically correct sentences?

in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 3 mins ago, by ElfSlice
Are you people lurking in the meta so chat
SE has the answers to everything \o/
5:05 PM
Hi all
@qwertynl 'sup
@RyanCarlson I am chatting a chat about chats and chatting. You?
The comment is a comment on what a comment should be if it made any sense to be a comment. — qwertynl 6 mins ago
I am reviewing the Reviewer Reviewers, whose reviews are reviewed by the Reviewer Reviewer review Reviewers
36 mins ago, by RyanCarlson
@JohannesKuhn The Reviewer Reviewers, whose reviews are reviewed by the Reviewer Reviewer review Reviewers.
5:07 PM
Which sentence do you like better?
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher
@RyanCarlson this one
Same here
But the Buffalo one is more popular for some reason...
@ProgramFOX Ahhh but is a questionable question to a question's answer a question or a comment to an answer's question? — qwertynl 8 secs ago
@jadarnel27 wth:
My question was clear that I found answer to my question in the mentioned question...that may be related to another question..but I haven't searched and I don't know other related question because I found answer in this recently posted question.. — RBM 21 secs ago
That whole thing makes no sense...
Are people here ever normal?
5:10 PM
@hichris123 no
@hichris123 On February 30th.
We're too busy reviewing the Reviewer Reviewers, whose reviews are reviewed by the Reviewer Reviewer review Reviewers.
@qwertynl Why?
@hichris123 Think
@hichris123 It is the best day of the year! :-D
5:11 PM
February 30th...
Leap year.
Leap day.
February ( or or ) is the second month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. It is the shortest month and the only month with fewer than 30 days. The month has 28 days in common years or 29 days in leap years. February is the third month of meteorological winter in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, February is the seasonal equivalent of August in the Northern Hemisphere (which is the third month of summer), in meteorological reckoning. February starts on the same day of the week as March and November in common years, and on the same day of the week a...
Oh, duh!
"The month has 28 days in common years or 29 days in leap years."
Was thinking that the 30th was a leap day.
I'm so dumb...
5:12 PM
Wow.... I thought you were just trolling...
@qwertynl No, I'm just not thinking straight. Don't make fun of me... :)
@hichris123 42.
@qwertynl Answer to life, the universe and everything.
@qwerty You not understanding the OPs point is not an excuse to post a silly, nonsense answer. Though I realize Meta is often more relaxed about this.
@jadarnel27 Yea... but that question makes no sense whatsoever... :-(
5:14 PM
The question appears to have been asked in good faith though.
Requesting clarification from the OP would be a more helpful approach.
That may be... I just cannot tell from his comments...
I don't think they're trolling or anything, just non-native English speaker probably.
in In Praise of Moderators, 14 hours ago, by jadarnel27
I assume they won. Most lawyers and judges are former moderators (due to their skills at lying and judging, respectively).
@jadarnel27 ^
42 (forty-two) is the natural number immediately following 41 and directly preceding 43. The number has received considerable attention in popular culture as a result of its central appearance in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as the "Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". Mathematics * Forty-two is a pronic number and an abundant number; its prime factorization 2 · 3 · 7 makes it the second sphenic number and also the second of the form { 2 · 3 · r }. As with all sphenic numbers of this form, th...
@RyanCarlson No.
5:17 PM
@hichris123 What's up? Do you dispute my claims about the mods? =P
@qwertynl YESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111oneoneoneoneoneon‌​e0.9999999999...0.9999999...zero+one
I need a way to unsubscribe from notifs for a post.
@RyanCarlson 23
@qwertynl ?
By the way, @qwerty, that question is a little easier to understand if you click through to the example question he gave. Sounds like he basically had a question about a screenshot in a Stack Overflow post (how to create the GUI element in the screenshot).
5:20 PM
Q: More control over multicollider

Mr. Peanut Monopoly McManish Related: Add the ability to ignore users Today, we had a guy who had an issue with a naggy user. This sort of sparked me into coming up with a new feature-request (Can't find a dupe, surprised). Basically, we should have more control over what does and does not appear in the multicollider. ...

@jadarnel27 I still do not get it. but whatever.
There must be something wrong with @TinyTim's query if it chose me to win something :P
Nevermind that shady rep counterfeiting Pekka character. Good grief, he printed confederate rep and won the mother lode.
... and created Keanu Spolsky.
@UndotheSnowman Maybe we need some Review Reviewers, who would review the reviews made by the Reviewers that reviewed Tiny Tim's query. If the Review Reviewers found the Reviewer's reviews to be robo-reviews, we could have some Reviewer Reviewers who would review the Reviewers whose reviews were reviewed by the Review Reviewers.
@Ryan Do you ever do anything in real life? :)
5:32 PM
@hichris123 Yeah
@hichris123 I am sure.
@RyanCarlson Not enough reviewers.
@UndotheSnowman Aww...
Are you sure?
@hichris123 Stuff I do in real life:
- eat
- sleep
- control my virtual life
@Ryan Anything else?
- walk between my bed, my computer and my kitchen
5:37 PM
Do you go outside?
To pick up the shipments with new computers in them.
Is it possible to retrieve the comments info using API v 1.1 (from MSO)?
5:38 PM
@AmalMurali Why 1.1?
Use 2.1
On SO, I can just visit this: http://api.stackoverflow.com/1.1/users/PROFILE_ID_GOES_HERE/comments?sort=votes‌​&min=5 to get the comments sorted by upvotes
@hichris123 I am actually more of a outdoors-and-nature person than a video-games-and-computers person.
I just spend almost all of my time on the computer on SO
and MSO
@Ryan Same here.
@hichris123 I also like cycling
And paper airplanes
and programming
and reviewing the Reviewer Reviewers, whose reviews are reviewed by the Reviewer Reviewer review Reviewers.
5:46 PM
@Ryan And reviewers. Did you mention reviewers?
Oh, right.
I forgot to mention reviewers
And saying confusing things
@UndotheSnowman Wow. This is so much cooler.
@AmalMurali Yeah, it is :D
sigh this is the part where I continually refresh Gmail :P
Why? ;O
@UndotheSnowman It's not the part where he kills you?
5:57 PM
@animuson Nope, not yet. Unless Tim sends something evil in the box.
Now would probably be a good time to see what the prizes are :P
I literally just read the first three lines and drew a picture :P
Yay a t-shirt!
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