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12:32 AM
Shit with the Stallman beard, I look exactly like my dad O_o
1 hour later…
2:01 AM
hi, isn't this a rude and offensive comment? stackoverflow.com/questions/20850352/…
I think it would have been more professional from him to edit the question that it does not contain a reference to the job.
@LaszloPapp I don't know if it's rude, but certaintly has no point in being here.
I edited the post, and voted for closure.
I was considering to reply as a comment to that person in the comment, but then I decided I do not get engaged in encouraging him to be more constructive.
2:30 AM
Hey that's a cool hat
I may not be able to earn that in time, though. :(
2:42 AM
which hat? The pink and purple thingie?
3:31 AM
Yeah man that one rocks.
3:45 AM
Bat-signal for @Minitech
How does stuff like this get approved?
Although on second look, it's a borderline case and none of the users is a robo-reviewer.
Sorry to summon you Minitech
hey all, I'm really sorry if this is not the correct place but I was doing some reviews on SO (where I have 3.7 K rep) and I found a ring of users cheating the system and posting shaddy links (and doing some vandalism through bogus edits too)... How am I supposed to "flag" or report that suspicious behavior?
Flag one of the questions edited and describe the situation.
it's more than one question edited: these are entire questions and answers done by several users (at least 3) who constantly upvote themselves... Can I not report the 3 suspicious users at once ?
4:01 AM
sigh Whomever likes the flag button: that's not offensive :P
@Undo What was flagged?
9 hours ago, by ThiefMaster
Really? A flag? That's not a dick. Unless you have a square dick.
Wait, someone flagged a mod? gasps
And someone just flagged this:
2 mins ago, by Undo the Snowman
9 hours ago, by ThiefMaster
Really? A flag? That's not a dick. Unless you have a square dick.
And I 'cannot counterflag my own message'
Gotta love when some random person messages you on a dating site with "How did you get a shirt from stackoverflow?" and your first response you think of is "It's Stack Overflow."
4:09 AM
@animuson Why doesn't this ever happen to me?! I'm wearing my Stack Overflow shirt right now!
4:20 AM
@animuson Better question is why do you have account on a dating site?
Why don't you?
Hmm... Why don't I?
The only place that anyone's said something to me about my Stack Overflow t-shirt was Arby's of all places.
Maybe I'm not a SO mod? :P
Hey, only mods need dating sites.
Now that I have a Stack Exchange t-shirt I should wear it with my moderator hat so people know I mean business.
4:22 AM
@TimStone I don't have one of the plain t shirts
@hichris123 not me
@Mr.Peanut Maybe just SO mods?
Well, that was an interesting sequence of events. Somehow I hit a key to open my dev tools and then, before I realized, hit the delete key and it deleted the entire HTML structure of the page.
@animuson your brain farts seems inefficient
The only time's anyone said something about my SO shirt was at the gym... and the guy was a Google employee.
@KasraRahjerdi pahaha
4:25 AM
"Hey I use that site all the time!" "...Me too." (end of conversation)
@KasraRahjerdi of course, the reverse is also true
unless you use Bing.
@KasraRahjerdi Which site, SO or Google?
@hichris123 SO, there was no mention of a Google t shirt
People have noticed my physics.SE t shirt a couple of times. Most notice the hat but not the site, some notice the site too. "Hey, that's the Higgs potential!"
@hichris123 I think @Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish via a temporal anomaly answered your question.
@Mr.Peanut But then how did he know he was a Google employee?
4:27 AM
He actually had a Google gym bag :)
@KasraRahjerdi You actually use SO? gasp
@hichris123 um, Kasra is a dude.
@hichris123 I am hoping to rule the [android] tag
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish Oopsie, mistype. :P
4:28 AM
One diamond to rule them all, one diamond to find them, one diamond to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
ash nazg diamondtuluk or summat
Dec 18 at 3:09, by jmac
:1687338 Three Tims for the Elven-devs in the Tavern,
Seven for the Moderation-overlords in their halls of 01100010011010010111010001110011,
Nine for New Users doomed to downvotes,
One for the Jeff Atwood on his dark throne
In the Land of Horror where the Coding lies.
One Tim to rule them all, One Tim to find them,
One Tim to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Horror where the Coders lie.
It seems like you have more hats than they said existed.
Way better.
oh right hahaha
5:01 AM
How is this guy wearing the milliner hat?
It looks like he's only earned 4 hats total.
I don't know anything about any of these hats.
Actually, you know what? Scratch that.
I don't know anything about anything.
5:46 AM
@jadarnel27 he earned them elsewhere.
Shameless, bringing his foreign muck here and using it for real currency.
There oughta be a law.
6:10 AM
why are there so many people accepting too minor edits? :/ I see a post significantly broken, and it already got a couple of minor edits which is about 5% of the issue with the post, or even less. Are people hunting reputation and badges and/or they just do not know the good working practice?
@jadarnel27: surprise surprise ... it is coming from SO. :)
I could not care less. I actually was not even aware of this as I had hats of (I hate hats!)
6:29 AM
@LaszloPapp Ah, I see. That makes sense. I didn't realize it showed the count differently on your different profiles.
@TimStone yeah, I see the same too all the time. No idea what motivates those people
7:00 AM
Why can't they click through the close vote queue's Close button more?
Why does it have to be suggested edits?
7:14 AM
@ColeJohnson: erhm?
8:04 AM
@ColeJohnson closing a question (or leaving it open) has far greater impact than approving or rejecting an edit. One need to put much more effort into this. That's the answer to both your why's.
1 hour later…
9:28 AM
Suggested edit changing "remove characters from a string" to "remove charterers from a string"
bah autocorrect, charecetrs in the first one.
9:59 AM
7 of my last 10 reviews have been single tag edits of old questions from arun_k..........
10:15 AM
Q: Can anyone help me in plotting graphs or charts in Mac os x objective c programming

user3077125As i am new to cocoa programming. Please help me out with basic steps for the start up of plotting graphs in mac os x.

10:48 AM
31 of the top 100 active [ios] questions have been bumped by arun_k..... is this really behaviour that should be rewarded with 60 rep?
@OGHaza do you expect an answer?
not really, not now
11:03 AM
me neither
1 hour later…
12:22 PM
@qwertynl Hi
12:34 PM
@ShadowWizard have a hat, good sir
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish thanks! See you already got it :D
@ShadowWizard I learned that posting limerics in Security.SE chat generates stars
12:50 PM
Hmm... Now I have to think of something funny to say, so I can get that hat.
Is blogoverflow.com still a thing, just not working?
I don't know
I'ven't heard of it before.
Question time then
@RyanCarlson you just said. ;)
@ShadowWizard But... that's not funny
It's a random boring statement
Well, thanks for the hat!
1:03 PM
It was funny by being not funny
Excuse me while my brain explodes
@RyanCarlson warning: infinite loop ahead
I love recursion
Did you see my recursive question?
Q: How do I earn the Johnny Three-hats hat?

RyanCarlson This question already has an answer here: How do I earn the Johnny Three-hats hat? 1 answer I recently earned a secret hat. Is there any way to tell how I earned this hat? marked as duplicate of itself by RyanCarlson (not-♦) Dec 20 at 20:28 This question has been asked before an...

@3ventic it's just a root to all Stack Exchange per site blogs, it should redirect to stackexchange.com/blogs
It doesn't though
1:06 PM
The per site blogs are OK, e.g. programmers.blogoverflow.com
yeah, noticed that
Yeah, but the bug is in lack of redirecting only
and some redirect to blog.site.SE.com
Feel free to report on Meta, +1 from me is promised ;)
Why would redirect show a database error, though..
1:07 PM
Who knows, maybe they include some common files that no longer works
Maybe they log statistics from redirected people to a database
@RyanCarlson saw it before you did that... nice one but... why? ;-)
Ignore those last three messages
@RyanCarlson ignored
Why doesn't stylish load its stylesheet after the page does its own?
1:16 PM
Hey I just found my number
What's your number?
Now I just need one more hat on MSO.
Then I'll be happy
Just learned about base 36 today, no idea how I missed it in all those years. :shame:
@RyanCarlson What hat, and why only one? You can get at least 10 more ;)
1:23 PM
@ShadowWizard Any hat
I currently have 19
(on MSO)
Can't have 20 hats :(
@3ventic Why not?
Because you get one for having 20
Oh, I look only on the total network hats
You can have 20 for a millisecond or so.
1:25 PM
Oh, yeah
I thought you meant I can't have 20+ hats
Ahh, no
The reason I want another hat is because it'll get me a hat I haven't earned yet
Déjà vu, () from French, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not. Scientific research The psychologist Edward B. Titchener in his book 1928 A Textbook of Psychology, explained déjà vu as caused by a person having a brief glimpse of an object or situation, before the brain has completed "constructing" a full conscious perception of the experience. Such a "partial perception" then results in a false sense of familiarity. Scienti...
So this will make it two hats you haven't earned yet
How many times have you earned the hat you've earned the most?
1:27 PM
@ShadowWizard But I probably will only get a hat I have already earned on another site.
Such as "I'm not listening"
@RyanCarlson right! I stand corrected :)
I just have to make a good post that has bad grammar, and then I'll get a hat
How come?
@3ventic I fear Ryan is about to be frustrated soon, I suspect I know what he got in mind
I've been wanting to get that one also. I actually did stop a suggested edit this last month, but it was before the contest I guess.
1:52 PM
Or, you know. Good morning.
However you guys say it where you're from.
2:14 PM
Can I have hatz? :-)
Hats? What hats? I haven't seen any hats
Hmm.. wonder what happened to poor @Ryan hope he didn't get himself devoured by a giant man eating hat
Yay hatz!
What happened to search on meta?
2:28 PM
gasp SO in read only mode?! Panic!
at least the close vote queue doesn't grow now...
I loved the "XOXO,
The Stack Exchange Team" part
@ShadowWizard LOL
Where is that, @ShadowWizard?
2:33 PM
@ShadowWizard I didn't get devoured by a hat
Ah. Thanks, @qwerty.
I got devoured by my new Raspberry Pi
@jadarnel27 No prob bob
which is finally working, after two days, three monitors, two power supplies, and too many downloads, SD card Formats, and websites to count.
@RyanCarlson oh my that's even worse!
2:34 PM
So you're all good now with a new hat?
I still only have 19 hats
2 mins ago, by qwertynl
@jadarnel27 http://stackoverflow.com/users/login
Yeah, but it won't stay readonly forever ;)
2:35 PM
It is back up :-)
Nothing on twitter so guess it was just a temporary glitch
Maybe someone turned on the dishwasher by mistake?
(that's in Stack Exchange office)
Turning on the dishwasher at SE resets IIS? That's a good way to haze the new hires.
@jadarnel27 of course, they also have Jon Skeet emulator, was too lazy (and amazed) to take a screenshot. ;-)
I worked for an IP telephony company right out of college. The resident phone switch expert there came to my desk one day and said we were running low on dial tone, and that I needed to go to the back room and get some more (so we could keep using the phones). Obviously, I wouldn't fall for such a trick. But there was a metal bucket in the supply closet labeled "Dial Tone."
@jadarnel27 yup, those are classics
2:49 PM
I bet my little brother doesn't even know what dial tone is.
He will probably think it's a special tone of speech ;)
Haha, right.
I had no idea that self-deleted questions didn't show in the just Deleted queue.
My dad got rid of our "landline" phone (and switched us to cell phones) when I was in middle school.
@jadarnel27 Ummm How old are you? And where do you live??
I did not get a cell phone till almost the end of high school.
2:56 PM
@qwerty The answer to both of those questions are in my profile page =)
Wow, takes a real egotistical person to downvote that question. Guess some people feel that everyone should know everything about SE.
Q: What happened to the latest gender question?

Lance RobertsThere was just a question referring to gender and downvotes that has just disappeared; in fact, it's not even in the just Deleted queue? Where did it go?

@jadarnel27 Wow.... Why so young?
You prob had block phones :-P
I did not even get a smart phone till a little over a year ago
@qwerty Heh, they were certainly very simple phones. My brother and I actually shared one for years. My dad was a delivery driver, so he sort of made the switch to make his job easier.

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