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4:00 AM
Yes, I whined quite a bit of how my eyes were not a fan of blood red on blue.
Also, yes, it's best that we....contain what goes on here.
@Zypher mm.
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException you never know till you try
@TimStone They never did change that
there are also a couple of people doing it on SO ...
@RebeccaChernoff I'll do my own challenge, I'll try and reach 3K :-)
4:01 AM
Wait, what's your rep on SF now?
@Zypher True, but, while I am a sysadmin, I'm a CTO and a programmer first, and my knowledge just isn't there to earn that much rep
Whatever it is, do an point increase, not to reach a point (:
I thought gaining 10k on SF in 1 year was a pretty lofty goal given the number of 10k users the site has
@RebeccaChernoff 1963.
@MichaelMrozek i did it in less than a year
4:02 AM
@Zypher Well, you're special. In a good way
@RebeccaChernoff OK. I'll aim to earn 3K :-)
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException shoot Wesley an email/tweet explaining there is a guy participating doing less cus he isn't a pure sysadmin anymore
So who killed jsfiddle by the way?
@RebeccaChernoff Someone randomly gave me an up vote for correcting your typo earlier today. That's oddly one of my higher voted answers.
@RebeccaChernoff also it was easy to find cus it's my only tweet that was re-tweeted :)
I don't know, maybe I could do better... It's been so long since I spent enough time on SF, but looking at my rep graph, when I really worked hard I made some good gains. Well, good for me anyway :-)
@TimStone where is this ? (i need to go downvote)
@TimStone, huh?
4:04 AM
Hah :P
@Zypher, I'm sorry, are you implying I'd have the initiative to go looking? (;
@RebeccaChernoff Iunno, some jQuery thingadongdong.
Yeah, that was pretty idiotic of me. ):
I still love my second highest voted SF answer :-D
A: When is it appropriate to use https?

JoshI would argue it's always appropriate to use (or at least offer) SSL/https, and it's mandatory to use it when passwords, payment information, Social Security Numbers/other personally identifying information is being transmitted. It has an overhead, but in my eyes, the cost is always worth the ben...

At least you didn't almost lose files to Subversion the other day. :P
That was really stupid of me.
4:06 AM
@Rebecca by the way, feeling better now?
At least you didn't actually commit half your password to Subversion the other day. :P
That was really really really stupid of me
@RebeccaChernoff It's amazing what a day spent hanging out not in here can do for headaches
Ok yes, I wasn't that idiotic. q:
@RebeccaChernoff Glad to hear it
4:07 AM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException ehh my passwords are regulary in bash history files
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException As much as I don't want to make fun of you for that, this is true..
@Zypher Mine have been sometimes, but I can chown / rm those
This was a SVN repo my whole company uses, LOL
(Then again I am root so I could have fixed it if I cared enough)
haha ok yea
4:08 AM
it was easier to just change my password :-D
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException also when chat re-syncs with meta your username will be shorter ... i ... couldn't ... stand ... it
Aw, but balpha had left it that way so he'd learn a lesson. :P
i think it's lesson learned
4:11 AM
I'm back where I began, LOL
hey @Jin :)
Ah, this scenario reminds me of something I had wanted to look into..
did you see that new app by autodesk -- Sketchbook pro /express ?
it seems pretty cool :)
@Josh yes ... you're lucky i'm tired :-D
@Zypher You didn't get creative, which, I suppose is a good thing :-)
4:13 AM
@Josh see above
Now I have to be a bit more careful what I say in here though. I can't hide under "The Unhandled Exception" anymore, LOL
So did we bugger out the SAN?
@drachenstern No, we resorted to db hacking to change my name...
@Reno hi
@Josh I think it was too late anyway, the socks had already done you in.
4:14 AM
@Zypher Very much appreciated
haha no db hacking needed @RebeccaChernoff coulda done it
@TimStone Damn those socks!
@Zypher that lil pistol is pretty sexy
Sweet @Josh ... that'll work too I guess
@Zypher She refused :-)
4:15 AM
@Josh haha yea @Jin i know my old boss just bought it
would've accepted a bribe...
@RebeccaChernoff HAHAHA
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO angry birds just crashes!
4:16 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I cured your headache a few hours ago and got nothing...
Since when did you cure my migraine?
@RebeccaChernoff You think it just went away on its own?
That's what I get for helping people
@MichaelMrozek Never again, never again.
Next time ya think you could step in about 12 hours earlier?
4:18 AM
Ug, that's miserable )-:
how's the design world @jin
That reminds me, any new revs on the Unix design? :-)
Oh, yes indeedy
@Josh I figured he was done and it was going live sometime soon
Oh, I like it much better now @Jin!
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, I have been wasting my time in here and not checking meta
@Jin i know you use photoshop a lot, what do you think about that new app sketchbook pro :]
4:21 AM
@Josh Oh sure, link to it after I go over there to find it myself ;)
@TimStone Of course. That will teach you to make fun of me when I act like a total moron!
oh wait...
Where precisely did the databse hacking occur?
I don't see it in the transcript
@Reno i don't know anything about it
@drachenstern In the server room, with the terminal.
4:24 AM
Argh, I am really frustrated. I merged changes from one branch into another and now the features from the first branch I worked hard getting right are not working. >:o
@josh thanks. i'm converting to css now.
@TimStone close but no
Kitchen with the candlestick?
@Josh shakes fist at the merge process
cleanroom with the tiny magnet
4:24 AM
Ah, I would have never guessed. Very nice.
yes ... make sure you know binary though
and have a steady hand
15 mins ago, by Zypher
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException also when chat re-syncs with meta your username will be shorter ... i ... couldn't ... stand ... it
i suggest half a bodly of wiskey before hand
@Zypher I just release butterflies at specifically timed intervals
I hope you follow the guidelines in RFC 1149
4:26 AM
@Jin ah ok
I just click the "edit" button on the user's profile. I'm lame :(
@MichaelMrozek Yes I'm sure he did too
download combo updater apple's forums say you will bring angry birds to life!
@MichaelMrozek But since he could edit the DB directly it's more fun to imagine that's what @Zypher did
4:27 AM
@Zypher not birds, butterflies
@Josh actually with SQL 2k8 not even domain admins have access by default ... so i may not be able to
@Josh they're mods, obviously it was wizardry right?
@Zypher on installation somebody in the domains is assigned rights tho ... you could impersonate them in some way, if you knew who that was
@Zypher Oh, huh. Well that deflates my bubble
@Zypher I'm sure you could have found some way to trick the system into executing some SQL ;-)
oh i regularly swap cookies with balpha
So our first powerbill (for 20 days) in our new apartment came in ... $25 sound like too much to pay?
4:29 AM
my current power bill is 139$
@drachenstern In the summer my power bill is ~$150
Mine is definitely more than $25
That's about what the wife is used to paying, the $150 mark, she was surprised
I however was not
@drachenstern I have a good related story, but I can't tell it here.
4:30 AM
we have huge concrete walls
@TimStone you have my gmail :p
@TimStone That's a tease :-p
@TimStone what? since when can something not be said here
@Zypher indeed!
I was sharing nearly porn earlier!
@drachenstern yea i blame the damn electric EVERYTHING for my bill spring/fall ~50$ winter/summer ~120-150
@Zypher nonsense, it's global warming!
4:31 AM
@drachenstern wait what? And you didn't @ me?
Was this right after you made me go work?
I remember no porn...
I know, I know. :P
1 hour ago, by drachenstern
So this store at http://www.doubletakemicrowear.com/ has this bathing suit http://www.doubletakemicrowear.com/avactis-images/v-string-450_0.jpg for sale and my friend says that it's not a bikini (that she would wear in public, but behind a privacy fence maybe ;) )
Now you've been atted
I distinctly said "nearly porn"
Oh right, that XD
4:32 AM
I won't take the trouble to link to the other "designs" they have available. I'm sure ya'll can figure it out
It was organic that that one was mentioned in the first place (organic in my world anyways)
why even bother wearing cloths if you are going to wear that
I'm submitting an order on a client's site with the notes, "Why isn't the javascript here working? Exceptions make Firefox cry!"
I wonder what the client will think...
@Josh I would ... not do that
@drachenstern i retain my point ... why bother with the cloths
@drachenstern I'm going to delete the order after :-)
4:36 AM
man they need new models on that site
@Zypher agreed
and non-low-res images
or someone who knows photoshop better
Do I even want to know?
4:39 AM
No. You don't
so apparently i was having a conversation on blog.sf comments with a guy one of my firends used to work with
Well, maybe I'm wrong
so, repackage shoelaces 'n call them bikinis... genius.
4:41 AM
@RebeccaChernoff no
didn't know the guy
my firend just texted me "small world" and then that jewel
@Zypher how many of your former coworkers have you killed?
...The conversation kind of took an abrupt turn there.
@RebeccaChernoff I would think the term microwear and bikini would tell you more than you cared to know
@TimStone That it sure did
4:42 AM
The Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure. Its guarantees stem from English common law which traces back to the Magna Carta in 1215. For instance, grand juries and the phrase "due process" both trace their origin to the Magna Carta. Text Grand jury Grand juries, which return indictments in many criminal cases, are composed of a jury of peers and operate in closed deliberation proceedings; they are given specific instructions regarding the law by the jud...
@Zypher good thing I work remote then..
yea god forbid i commit the felony of interstate transportation of weapon without a permit ....
if i was gonna do that and all :-D
OK well I'm off for the night. Take care everyone!
@Josh Especially Jin, it seems. G'night!
why the hell would you name your api graph ... if it has nothing to do with creating a graph?
4:46 AM
It has nothing to do with creating any sort of graph?
@Josh night
well no in the sence of a normal graph ... but the metaphysical "social graph"
heh, playing with /review on dba is fun. There's a hunnert and something questions, and most of them are good, so there's nothing on the /review route :p
@Jin heh
Twitter WTF
4:59 AM
victoriassecret.com/ss/… <-- what is the general consensus on that? The wearer is approximately the same size
@drachenstern yes
needs more cowbells
and less wife ducks
@Zypher not so much as you might think >.>
That's another one of those conversations that here and now might not be appropriate ...
haha ... blame the bachelor that always seems to smooth things over
@Zypher bah nonsense
5:03 AM
at least that's what my friends tell me after i suggest goign to the strip join within earshot of thier SO (well when they are talking to me again 4 months later)
@drachenstern you've never been to Utah have you?
not so much, no
haha yea ... it's ... uh creepy ... might have something to do with the 50 year age difference and the old men having the wives lined up though
@Zypher yeah, that is, I don't hold by that lifestyle for several reasons ...
So said friend, I was the reason she's worn her only bikinis ever, and she's 34. She's got quite a body, and she's been working to make it better. She's taken up mountain biking and marathoning, and so after last summer, she's really excited to wear bikinis now.
5:05 AM
apparently it's supposed to snow tomorrow
@drachenstern nice
Ah, mountain biking...now there's something I haven't done in a while.
Well damn, I don't have any pictures on this hard drive or my portable, I'll have to snag some off the other laptop tomorrow ... ah well, I'm sure it's pretty well not important to the story
what pics or it didn't happen
@Zypher ok, fine, be back here tomorrow sometime after 6amCT and remind me and I'll post something :p
(meaning I'm about to get off here and go lay down and won't copy those till in the morning)
oh you'll be reminded
5:19 AM
\o/ new desk setup!
Need a longer monitor cable though.
@RebeccaChernoff haha excellent
now you can start working
gotta do the whole "blank the eyes" thing ... anyways, that's not what i had in mind, just a teaser :p
5:22 AM
@RebeccaChernoff no more drop7 then?
Oh right.
@RebeccaChernoff but that doesn't impact WwF does it?
yells at @RebeccaChernoff Play WwF!
5:23 AM
why does facebook think i should be friends with my high school english teacher?
@Zypher at this point does it matter if you're not?
I tried to play my moves in WwF earlier, but my head wasn't having any of that.
@Zypher well there were those Skype messages from earlier today... (;
Yes, yes. WwF. q:
haha that should prove my point that i shouldn't be friends with him
i'm slightly entertained going through the "find more friend" linke ... it basically goes "don't want to talk to them", "don't know them", "no","no","oh god she has kids","OH HELL NO"
@RebeccaChernoff: We may have a new chat plugin / thing you might be interested in.
(We meaning me and someone from the Ask Ubuntu community.)
5:29 AM
It's an extension that hooks into libnotify.
ohh mmyyy goood
...which is a Linux API that displays status notifications.
no no ... i just went to my tech school's website and they are still using the flash animation with a picture of me from when i was 16
link or it didn't happen. q:
5:31 AM
What I was about to say :P
@GeorgeEdison ah, nice.
just made this :P
I don't see anything...
@RebeccaChernoff: Here's a screenshot of the NPAPI-based plugin running in Chrome:
It isn't hooked up to chat yet, but you can see the notification.
5:34 AM
@Zypher which one?
@GeorgeEdison Is it different function-wise from the desktop notifications that chat has now?
The one with the 386 chassis in pieces
@TimStone yes, it uses a different api
@Zypher figured that was it
@Tim: Not really, except it integrates with the desktop more.
A Windows version is theoretically possible if libnotify is ported.
5:35 AM
Fair enough :)
It looks better in Ubuntu :P
ok, done with chrome etc tonight
Pretty is important. :P
ttytomorrow folks
Oh right, now I remember why I wasn't looking forward to @RebeccaChernoff taking her WwF turn.
Two sets of triple letters my ass.. shakes fist
5:38 AM
lol, I'm waiting on my turn (which is probably waiting on me)
Is she still playing her `OY`s on everyone else?
what the hell is this WwF stuff you guys keep going on about
@drachenstern, our game ended.
What you call Scrabble when you can't call it Scrabble.
@RebeccaChernoff oh, then I should do something about that since you're not on drop7 :p
5:39 AM
@drachenstern Quick, you have a very limited window of opportunity.
@TimStone oy.
Ah right, I have some userscript back log...Hm. After this class is done. shakes fist at it too
ok ... sleep time
5:43 AM
G'night @Zypher
@Zypher If you have an Android there's Wordfeud. I'm currently destroying @Fosco, because I played first and he hasn't gone yet
@MichaelMrozek no andriod yet, just my iPod touch ... ok really going to sleep now 6am comes fast
\o/ @waffles
@Pekka yes
5:59 AM
Marc always comes on when I leave... It's a ploy...
I think you should change timezones
It's the logical solution.
Uh oh, someone broke the profile page.
we know, we know
I saw. shushes
fortunately andrewk reported it on meta in that small window between meta being deployed and SO being deployed
it wasn't my bug ;p
6:08 AM
You mean you don't like having to close 20 duplicate questions when something breaks on SO and waves of people jump over to Meta? ;)
I see nothing broken... already fixed?
@Benjol Was I supposed to be changing anything in the userscript besides the links?
@TimStone, eurh, can't remember, don't think so - not for me anyway.
OK, that's all I care about, anyone else can harass me if I forgot something.
hugs in my inbox ... yay
6:13 AM
@Benjol it is broken on MSO, working on SO - try changing tabs ;p Will be fixed momentarily
Don't stick him with that 301 redirect! :P
@MarcGravell, ah, I see. Goodness, that's not broken, it's just a temporarily hidden feature :)
Suspense builder
@waffles, as you're here, little question: you just said "They can also choose to retain the comments on the posts. " - does that mean that the post gets turned into a comment, with all the other comments added behind it?
@Benjol ... yes if you tick the checkbox (default off)
6:17 AM
@waffles, ok, thanks. I guess that could get nasty if the existing comments get interleaved...
@TimStone what's changing? (:
@RebeccaChernoff I was trying to do something with the mess up top, I suppose. @Benjol asked for a /review link somewhere as well, though maybe @waffles already had plans for that one. I figured I'd give your help dialog a bit of shininess too while I was at it. :)
Ooh! Shinies, yes I'll have some of those too :)
I'm not sure I like the audit link how it is, but I do like having a link to the report somewhere on the page.
So you want it on each page?
6:23 AM
@RebeccaChernoff, the idea was to have it just from the profile page.
for example the big rep num on the profile page could link to audit instead of to privileges - as the top bar already links to them
I'm sure I can fit all of the links onto the page though, just a matter of getting creative, heh.
Eh, I guess. Seems weird though. I'm never looking at my own profile.
I just stalk others! (;
Heheh, fair enough. I'll mess around with it and see what I can come up with.
I'll have to go dig up that screenshot of your top bar to take into account your fifty different links. :P
We also discussed replacing 'user name' with just 'profile', and possibly getting rid of the log out link
6:28 AM
Hahah, I didn't say it was a bad thing..just space consuming, clearly.
I forget what I said. 35 pixels too wide?
Oh, I didn't know that you had gotten up close and counted. I think you just said if you dropped the audit link and something else that it all fit.
No she did mention pixels, I recall
As far as the renaming the profile link goes, I'm not a big fan...I like to know that I'm me, even if I know who I am. ;)
Yup but you are short, like me. Rebecca Chernoff not so much :)
thinks: another good reason to not change to my real name...
6:30 AM
:laughing at old bash.org quotes:
@TimStone One of the things I played around with was just narrowing the search box. I think I went from 200px to 165px. Sounds like 35 to me. (:
Ah right.
I'm tempted to go dig up that post where the user complained that the search box was too small, heheh. I have no problem shrinking it though, personally.
Q: Make the search box bigger

WillAnybody else feel that the search box is a bit small? I'd like to see it 1.5x to 2x as big as it currently is. Reason why is that it won't hold a simple search phrase + a couple tags.

6:33 AM
I noticed yesterday that the search box on programmers feels slightly claustrophobic - vertically
Q: FR: Make the searchbox wider

Gautam Possible Duplicate: Make the search box bigger Seriously, it's only 16-chars (W) long. What gives?

That one :P
Aw, the image in the answer is gone.
I wouldn't care if it was 6 characters long, so long as it can display a ghosted "search" or something so I know what it is
> my math teacher staples burger king applications to failed tests
> <Beeth> Girls are like internet domain names, the ones I like are already taken.
> <honx> well, you can stil get one from a strange country :-P
6:48 AM
Enfield is surprisingly good there, but not quite up to Barker's level

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