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2:04 PM
Oh look, there appears to be snow outside..
@TimPost which mean everyone just HAS to drive like a f'n idiot
some guy was doing 20 ... 20! on f'in route 1
(not that i'm angry about that or anything)
@Zypher 20 mph?
that's... kinda slow.
Yeah, apparently there were a lot of accidents..
Even though there's really not that much snow. >_>
2:09 PM
Beats miles-long braking space I guess.
i know i was just fine
just did like 50-60 instead of my normal 70-80
although it was a littel wierd to have headlights pointing at me as i came down the turnpike onramp
some guys spun out and was pointing at the on ramp from ther jersey barrier
some guys spun out and was pointing at the on ramp from ther jersey barrier
@balpha Hooray! \o/
when it snows i just pretend i'm taking my drivers license test again ... you know actually following the speed limit, 3-4 second gaps, turn signals, not zipping down the passing lane the whole time
@Zypher Hahah, really? WTF
@Zypher Excellent way of looking at it :)
2:13 PM
@TimStone ?
You fixed the code misformatting thingadongdong :)
I get excited by awesome [status-completed] s :P
oops almost to penn statoin ... please remind @drachenstern about the pin on the right ... i'll be back in abit
@Zypher @Zypher I haven't forgotten, when will you be online?
2:15 PM
If you'll square up with me on an offline addy I'll send you highres :p
@YiJiang Exactly
Tim have you been to bed?
Yeah, I think I didn't talk for a bit right?
@TimStone Impossible!
2:16 PM
@YiJiang Well, I'm sick...so sacrifices have to be made.
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by ircmaxell
Actually, let's make a golf: Make the most perverse and abused method that's at least 2kb long (bonus points for longer, double bonus points for longer while still seeming necessary) that prints at random a string that matches the following regex: ^Good (Morning|Afternoon|Evening|Night)$
Come on, any taker?
This is the best one before the challenge was issued formally. It's based on that TDWTF post
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 6 mins ago, by Ivo Wetzel
eval("array = new Array(\"morning\", \"noon\", \"afternoon\", \"evening\", \"night\");length=0;while(array[length])length++;if(0==0)document.write(new Array(\"Good\", new RegExp(\"(morning|noon|afternoon|evening|night)\").exec(array[Math.floor(length * Math.random() * Math.random())])[1]).join(\" \"))");
@YiJiang I'd start with the js gameboy emulator.
(Actually what I'd do is tell you to use the js gameboy emulator, then come back to see your awesome result.)
What actually happens when you click "flag for removal" on so.com/review?
@PopularDemand Possible duplicate of that message up there. points
@PopularDemand You're actually flagging for mod with a canned 'remove this post' message
2:24 PM
Does it go to a mod queue, or is it auto-deleted after n people flag it, or what?
@PopularDemand remember that film 'Conspiracy theory' where he buys Catcher in the Rye? :)
Wow, I was slow on that one.
mod queue
@Benjol Never saw it, sorry.
@MarcGravell Thanks. Some of the ones I'm flagging would be good as comments, I'd hate for them to just get sent into the void.
@PopularDemand, oh, well that joke won't make much sense then...
2:26 PM
4 hours ago, by radp
10 hours ago, by Bill the Lizard
Did the phrase "Post flagged for removal from /review" originate here in chat, or is it an option in some menu I haven't seen yet?
@PopularDemand After three votes, the message is sent to the database memory tube, where all traces of it is purged from the Earth. The user may also be disappeared, depending on how much our mod post police determines it breaches goodanswer guidelines.
@PopularDemand what I do is check the last time they visited
wha? Marc's here and I'm here? NEVER :p
Yesterday's Indexed :P
low-quality-posts are choke fulls of posts in, say, May made by 1 rep people who only last visited minutes after.
They'll never read that comment.
They've probably forgot about their post anyway.
2:30 PM
This is beginning to seem a bit like hard work.
@radp have you got an original HiRes reference?
@PopularDemand I told Jeff we needed paying :)
@drachenstern Floor one: unsupported.
2:34 PM
@drachenstern Yeah, that's not right. The lit-up button should read "K" (and the one underneath it, "A").
@PopularDemand That's the interface Jeff wants to use to give reps for edits apparently.
@radp what am I missing from the transcript that I'm not reading?
The general design he mentioned this morning is, two users approve an edit and you get reps -- up to 1k.
cell.setCellStyle(this.styleEvenRows); Seems a bit redundant..
2:36 PM
whoa what? reps for editing?
link me a meta post?
I think he was talking about it in here earlier.
But I only skimmed the back log

Review, Edit and Reputation

4 hours ago, 2 minutes total – 12 messages, 4 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 4 secs ago by radp

Thankfully @radp is on the case
Not sure why they want to put a cap on edit reps, but...
@TimStone did you see my @ about the review link?
2:39 PM
Poor Tim Post, that's the second time he's been pinged :P
I did :)
Thanks for letting me know, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise!
...Well, until the page changed, but yes.
Luckily I fell asleep before getting done this god awful Excel crap, so I didn't get around to it quite yet anyway, heh.
@MarcGravell Same queue as "flag for mod attention" with boilerplate text, or a new, separate queue? (In other words, if I use the "see full post" link and "flag for removal" disappears, can I use a "regular" mod flag or would that mess up your workflow?)
@drachenstern i'm on now :) (and offline is george AT stackoverflow)
@Zypher ok, as soon as I get through with my database work I'll grab my external and do some uploads
Sorry, but I've got to get this demo system up today, and I'm trying to migrate some data off a live site
verry good ... very good :)
2:48 PM
in return unicorn costume
yes !
@Zypher His name is, um, all wrong.
i want that uid
2:53 PM
'Ello to you as well, @Fosco.
wow, tons of people in here all of a sudden, must be time for me to go home :)
@Zypher I don't think sellng accounts is against the rules!
The review page picks up a lot of questions vandalized by their OPs.
2:54 PM
@PopularDemand SO should do a spell check, and any post with zero actual words shouldn't allow submission.
But really, it is stupid.
Seriously, I fired up "low quality posts" and got two on the first page.
"Oh look, I'm going to edit my question so no one can see that I didn't do my own work"
as long as Fedex doesn't get caught in the snow, it's new laptop day :!
I think I've only seen, like, three in the entire time I've been using SO (today excluded).
"The revision history means nothing to me."
2:55 PM
@PopularDemand What do you mean by vandalized by their OP?
@Fosco Nice!
Specifically, the word vandalized?
@YiJiang People just turn their questions into complete garbage by typing random characters and crap to try and cover up what they were originally asking that they, for some reason, shouldn't have been getting help with.
@YiJiang Here are the revisions pages for the questions I'm referring to: stackoverflow.com/posts/4517893/revisions and stackoverflow.com/posts/4487783/revisions
I'm tempted to downvote most of these before I flag, but I fear I would drop below 2k rep.
What the... these are rate-limited?!
@PopularDemand Rollbacks? Probably, because it's such a powerful tool
2:59 PM
@YiJiang No, flagging from the review page.
ok, sorry to those who just got up, but it's the weekend for me already :) bye!
@PopularDemand Oh, that's based on the number of mod flags you have
@YiJiang, when you were doing the chat favicon userscript, did you consider stripping the number from the page title?
@Benjol Enjoy your weekend, see you!
@RebeccaChernoff Eh, no, because then at the next interval will detect it and remove the favicon, thus defeating the purpose of the script
3:00 PM
@YiJiang Yeah, I figured, but I didn't realize those came from the same bucket until the system told me I was out for the day.
Oh right. Duh.
On that note, I need caffeine.
Is there a rep requirement for using /review?
(Okay, at this point, I should start a FAQ.)
@PopularDemand no.
For the joy of 10kers :P
Hmm, I'm not seeing a flag option anymore. Perhaps the daily flag limit is network-wide, not site-wide? I've never run out before, I don't think.
No, it's not that, I can still flag from the question page; just not the review page. (On Programmers SE now; I ran out of flags on SO.)
3:10 PM
You can't see it on the two out of four tabs that have that link?
@TimStone Retracted. I thought they all had the link. That's weird.
Ah no, only those two. Guess it's more likely they need flagging.
hacks up a lung Ugh
@TimStone Go see a doctor?
@TimStone Oh, stop whining, you wuss. You've got two of 'em. (Well, had. Had two of 'em.)
@YiJiang Nah...
@PopularDemand Oh, I wasn't whining. I figure I can sell this one on the black market now.
I hear organ trafficking is very lucrative.
Q: Lots of http HEAD requests originating from porn sites

Don CorleyMy access log on my web server has a ton of http HEAD requests coming from porn sites. What are HEAD requests and are they doing something bad with my site? Here is an excerpt from my log: (valid request) - - [02/Jan/2011:23:42:25 -0800] "POST /ajax HTTP/1.1" 200 0 "http://www.my...

thanks, that reminded me to cancel a subscription :)
A: SO Chat: Why is it that "Only members of Stack Overflow with at least 20 reputation may talk..."?

Michael MrozekIt's probably worth pointing out that since you have enough rep to create chat rooms, you can make your own and individually allow write access to whoever you want, regardless of their rep. Once you've made the room, go to the room's info page, click the "access" tab, and add users under the "exp...

I feel bad when I point out features and that causes devs to remove them :)
But seeing as how you didn't have any use for this one, did you really feel bad? :P
Way to go @MichaelMrozek! (;
3:40 PM
Just for fun:
Q: Make an application that displays text at random that conforms to the specified regex

ircmaxellOK, so in the spirit of Code-Golf, I'm trying out something new here: Code-Bowling. In golf, you try to get the lowest score (smallest application, most elegant, etc). In Bowling, you try to get the highest score. So if you follow, the goal of a Code-Bowling challenge is to make the biggest, m...

@TimStone I did use it a long time ago, when the Unix room was here and nobody had enough rep
Ah...fair enough.
I guess that use case is gone now though
@MichaelMrozek Liar. You love it.
@PopularDemand It depends on the feature. I've pointed out that Tyler can pin posts like six times and they somehow haven't pulled that yet
3:43 PM
@MichaelMrozek Must be @RebeccaChernoff's sockpuppet.
What was Jeff talking about with anonymous edits a half hour ago? I read the transcript but don't really understand it
@MichaelMrozek me too.
We're letting anyone edit now, but higher-rep users need to approve the edits?
@MichaelMrozek Quote?
@MichaelMrozek I guess they can edit their own posts and those edits get reviewed.
3:46 PM
5 hours ago, by Jeff Atwood
bear in mind the other thing you'll be reviewing soon, is pending edits submitted by anonymous or low rep users
@radp They can already edit their own posts; it seems odd to let them post initially but then require review for edits
2 hours ago, by oKtosiTe
Is it possible to reply to a specific message on chat without reaching for the mouse?
I'm pretty confident that was a @RebeccaChernoff sockpuppet
@MichaelMrozek I didn't focus on the "pending" word.
@MichaelMrozek I'm guessing they'll implement that old feature-req for any user to edit, but only let the change appear after high-rep user approve it
@YiJiang Ok. Sounds like Pending Changes on Wikipedia
So after making the 1k priv irrelevant via the API and the 10k priv irrelevant via /review, the 2k priv will become irrelevant too?
@radp Well, I think "irrelevant" is strong :). "Less useful"
3:53 PM
I request getting real reputation requirements for real features, like bevels, lens flare, snow effects and fancy jQuery animations. Reflections are fine too.
Users from three rows behind me are supposed to peek at my monitor, see the awesome and say "oooh this must be some badass user."
@radp Which then I'll make irrelevant with userscript and userstyles
@YiJiang So far you failed to make the Bonfire WOB truly irrelevant :P
For devs, who are super awesome, just wrap everything in a blink tag.
@radp What bonfire WOB?
@YiJiang The onebox WOB.
@radp You've got it all wrong. I request that at 10k SO acknowledge that you're clearly using it during work hours, and change to a theme that resembles an editor filled with code
3:57 PM
@radp You mean the mythical onebox WOB. I'm getting kind of annoyed at having no evidence of it existing except @balpha's screenshots
@MichaelMrozek JSONOverflow? XMLOverflow?
@YiJiang Oh, it exists. (:
@RebeccaChernoff So you say, little blue mod girl :P
@ircmaxell I'm going to enter your little code-bowling contest..
3:58 PM
@YiJiang "little blue mod girl" is definitely going to catch on
little blue mod girl??
watches rchern go nuclear and reverse @MichaelMrozek's face
@Fosco I figured it's something different that could be fun...
@Fosco You don't have time for code bowling, you're supposed to be playing Wordfeud
4:03 PM
I was just posting an answer, amnitd
wretched east-coast snobs and their lunch-time shenanigans
@MichaelMrozek Your move, TREBEK!
if(",1,Y,YES,T,TRUE,SURE,YOU BETCHA,WHATEVER,OK,SI,YEP,JA,DA,OUI,UH-HUH,".contains("," + currentString.trim().toUpperCase() + ","))
    queryText = "true";
@PopularDemand 对呀,当然,是,为何不
We hired the right senior dev. Gotta take internationalization into account.
Er... would you believe me if I said our computers don't have Unicode support?
@PopularDemand Win95?
4:06 PM
@PopularDemand Is that some sort of paradox? Internationalization without supporting Unicode?
@YiJiang Europelization.
besides, it'll fail on "sì"
I guess that'll convert to "Sì" rather than "SÌ"
Way to ruin everything with logic, guys.
@PopularDemand We trained hard on TDWTF.
My whole goal in Wordfeud is to make rectangles. Any points I get while doing so are just a bonus
Can someone check my spam-dar? I think these two users may be spammers based on identical product rec answers: webapps.stackexchange.com/users/6637/david and webapps.stackexchange.com/users/7183/poonam-joshi
4:17 PM
@Popular oh no, onlinedocumentconversion.com again!
We had that already once
With a beautiful blonde girl
Whose one aim in life was to provide great Online Document Conversion Solutions
@Pekka, you feeling alright?
He's reminiscing of days gone past.
Q: Where's the line between Helpful, Advertisment and Spam?

BobbyI've just dig up this user on SU, which seems like a Spam-User against a website for document converting. The website however is free to use (registration needed, though) and might even be helpful in some of the answered questions. My first thought was to flag and edit everything I find of that ...

@PopularDemand "poon-am" looks spammy. Don't see it in the other one.
A: Make an application that displays text at random that conforms to the specified regex

FoscoFor your enjoyment... <?php $start = 71; $move = array(40,0,-11); p($start,$move); $hello = 32; p($hello,array()); $p = rand(1,4); switch($p) { case 1: $dead = 77; $beef = array(34,3,-4,-5,5,-7); break; case 2: $dead = 65; $beef = array(37,14,...

4:20 PM
@Shog9 mxgraph is his own tool, though.
@Fosco Not enough variable variables!
@PopularDemand sigh she held a beautiful buttercup in her soft hands.
@Fosco Did you see Ivo's entry? Not even close, heh :P
Holy crap he just posted another version...
@YiJiang .. I refreshed and don't see it.
Argh, Web Apps! So many just-a-URL answers that are actually valid!
4:22 PM
Is it deleted?
@Fosco He's running it through the JavaScript room for feedback
@Pekka oh? I didn't realize that. He recommended it once, so I didn't bother to check beyond.
Damn you Chrome for not giving me message notifications. :/
@Shog9 see his profile. @Popular Poonam-Joshy is clearly a spammer.
Horrible, brilliant misuse of JavaScript's most powerful features
Seriously, how can you beat functions like this?
function istrue(value){
    bool = Boolean(value)
        return true

     else if(bool==false)
            return false

                return null}
4:23 PM
shakes head
Or this:
Object.prototype['cacheLength']=function() {
    with (this) {
               cachedLength++   }}
:437695 easy.

function istrue(value){
bool = Boolean(Boolean(value)) // you never know
if(typeof bool == "Boolean" && Boolean(bool)==true) // you never know
return true

else if(bool==false)
return false

return null}
@Pekka Yeah, I was pretty sure about Poonam. Still on the fence about David, but leaning towards not-spam.
@PopularDemand I'd give him the benefit of a doubt, honestly.
@PopularDemand burn 'em all. It's the only way to be sure.
4:25 PM
@PopularDemand yeah. Maybe he needs a reminder that he should point out his affiliation... As said, onlinedocumentconversion.com frequently pop up with spam users, see the linked Meta question. Poonam needs to be nuked from orbit.
Then if you're wrong, you can just /blame @RebeccaChernoff.
Reaching the point of giving up on SO/SE:
Q: Just get rid of the lazy moderator flag comment box.

Lance RobertsI was just trying to moderator flag a post to send the moderator an important message, but couldn't possibly fit it in the comment box. If you're not going to give space to send a full message, then stop playing around and delete the comment box. You really messed up Stack Exchange.

@LanceRoberts I've been annoyed at the low char limit too, but "You really messed up Stack Exchange." seems excessive.
@LanceRoberts Eh... if you're going to send the mods a message, and not just a message about a particular post, then just send an email to them
@YiJiang You can't, that's another declined feature.
4:29 PM
@LanceRoberts team@stackoverflow.com?
@YiJiang The team is not the moderators, they're different beasts.
What's the limit, anyway?
@PopularDemand It's probably excessive, but it was an important situation that needed to be addressed. A mod really hosed someone this time.
@TimStone 150 chars I think
yep, 150
4:30 PM
Ah, yeah, that is a bit short..
Not for most comments, probably, but I could see how you could run into problems in some cases.
Really stupid idea: Write the message in a pastebin, then copy the url into the comment
Really really stupid idea: Complain about the problem in chat, bookmark the conversation, shorten the URL, then copy the url into the comment.
@mootinator Chat URLs should be less than 150 chars
This will probably be my most negative downvoted post ever.
@ircmaxell holy crap! your answer is intense...
4:33 PM
@LanceRoberts Going for the badge, are we not! :P
I tried to make it so that it had many WTFs in it, but also was not much more than a case of over-engineering taken a bit too far...
i wanted mine to not have the actual text in it
4:34 PM
Hee hee
so maintenance would be difficult
@LanceRoberts Put a text file online somewhere (dropbox/pastebin) and post the link in, if you want the mods but not the team to read it.
Ivo's going to need all the donation he can get, plz help him escape from Crockford!
A: Make an application that displays text at random that conforms to the specified regex

Ivo WetzelOK, there you go... NOW quickly send me some money so I can leave this country and live on some random pacific island where I built pitfalls and hide in the jungle so I'm safe from Crockford.... rand = Math.random; tims = Array() timeString = "morning ,afternoon,evening ,night" timesCount=4 ...

Argh, English SE! So many incorrect spelling/grammar answers that are actually valid!
@LanceRoberts I am encouraged to see that you did not make it CW
4:36 PM
@PopularDemand Want some sanity? gaming.stackexchange.com! :P
@radp \o/
@Shog9 Nevermind he can't.
@radp because you can't spell insanity without sanity!
I'm sorry I didn't pick a more appropriate Penny Arcade for my comment thar.
by the way, @LanceRoberts
6 hours ago, by Jeff Atwood
we're also adding common reasons to the mod flag dialog, which is being redesigned to be less.. scary
you may find your post status-completed soon
4:39 PM
@radp I'm not sure that "WTF, mod?" will be one of the flag reasons.
@Shog9 Yeh, I thought about it, but was too mad to care.
@TimStone That's what greasemonkey is for
@Shog9 Or maybe I just have so much Meta rep that 2 point hits don't really matter anymore.
@TimStone are you starting to bump into the wall of "I shoulda' played out rather than next to"? :p ;)
My letters don't give me much option at the moment, no..
4:45 PM
@ircmaxell Upvoted for "code bowling"
@TimStone I meant earlier
Code Bowling? Is that where you make a bunch of changes to the code and see how much it breaks?
hehehe, it's fun over-engineering!
@drachenstern No, I know...but :P
A: Make an application that displays text at random that conforms to the specified regex

ircmaxellHere's one from me, in PHP. There are at least a few WTFs in it, at least a few bugs, and way too much over-engineering. Enjoy... <?php class RandomString { protected $options = array(); protected $lenght = 0; public function __construct(array $options) { $this->optio...

4:46 PM
@TimStone uh huh ... that's fine, so long as you don't use OY as you're word of preference, as some blue mods do :p
@YiJiang I'm surprised I can't recall you making a blue-filtered version of rchern's av
yesterday, by Tim Stone
user image
Variants, even.
@TimStone OY
2 days ago, by Yi Jiang
user image
@YiJiang I vaguely remember that ... /facepalm
2 days ago, by drachenstern
@YiJiang you are having too much fun with this
4:48 PM
<whine> I need like two more upvotes on dba to be on the first page of users ... and over 200 points ... </whine>
Should I continue? :P
@YiJiang yes yes yes ... ok, maybe I'm surprised you don't flaunt it more (I know you like to tease her some days)
@YiJiang no, but sleep would be nice
Its like shamu got a perm
I propose a game. "Get Cole to 10k points so he can play on SO too"
Who's going to offer the first 1500 rep bounty?
4:59 PM
@drachenstern: I would, if there was a question worth it...
If there were a question worth 1500 rep I'd be inclined to just pay someone to solve it. This is invested personal time we're talking about here.
@ircmaxell the question is: "Who's going to offer the first 1500 rep bounty" :p
What I meant to say was:
@drachenstern A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.
I understand @mootinator, and agree
@drachenstern: Find a question (I guess I could do the code-bowling one, just for fun)...
@mootinator bah, wrong answer :p
5:04 PM
@ircmaxell really it's a nonsensical request, because, people just giving me reps really isn't the idea is it?
if I had a good enough reason to convince someone to do that, then I would be able to convince jeff himself ;)
if I really want to know what a 10k+ only question looks like, I can always ask here
And there's not much special. So we can see deleted posts and answers. big woop...
@ircmaxell that would be the part I'm interested in ... it's no fun when all the "big kids" get to see stuff on meta that us runts don't get to :p
5:06 PM
fair enough
So anyways, I just wanted to make some people smile with my post:
13 mins ago, by drachenstern
I propose a game. "Get Cole to 10k points so he can play on SO too"
@drachenstern Who's Cole?
@YiJiang this guy I know
some days he's kinda daffy
but generally he's a good kid
You can't help some people:
A: Any way for a class to prevent outside code from declaring variables of its type?

drachensternChaining aka Extension methods This is commonly used in jQuery (to pull a different language and framework that a lot of people have some familiarity with) and I've seen lots of people doing it in C# stuff. If you need to see more C# examples let me know and I can quote you some links. public M...

No really, the guy won't try to write his own code. I'm about to tell him to sod off
and delete my answer.
thanks for the upvote random chat member
The first rule of underground voting ring is you don't talk about underground voting ring on the same site.
5:21 PM
well it's not like I posted for the upvote
I posted for the frustration in the guy's not listening, he's off on some "oh I don't think it will work" tangent. I know projects that are written in Fluent like he's talking about and they do what he's saying and I gave him the tools. GEEEEZ
Nice cover with the about to delete my answer comment.
@drachenstern The correct answer: No, you can't give code access to an object and prevent that code from somehow persisting it.
@mootinator Not without free()
In the one case, yes. But that's not the only thing he's asking. Also, I said that somewhere in there.
A: Any way for a class to prevent outside code from declaring variables of its type?

KurruCan you not define the constructer methods as internal? This should allow you to create objects inside your code but not outside of your code.

see the comments ^^^^^^^^^
It's like he understands the problems encapsulation solves, but without understanding the point of encapsulation...
5:30 PM
@mootinator otherwise it'd be an upperground voting ring. makes sense.
@radp Upperground, aka Mafia?
My drunken NYE bounty didn't yield any interesting new answers :P
Q: What is the most efficient way to destroy the universe?

SplashHitDon't worry... I won't actually do it, just would like to know how.

5:48 PM
bbiab relocating
> The physical process that might best be described as "destroying the universe" would be vacuum decay. Our entire universe might be in a metastable state, much like a supercooled liquid, and at some point quantum or thermal fluctuations could send some region of the universe into a lower ground state. - Matt Reece
The linked word, I read it "miserable."
metasstable -> miserable? Nice...

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