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9:00 PM
This would be a good time for a close vote.
@Zypher that's why we should move from /blame @RebeccaChernoff to /assign @RebeccaChernoff
hahaha ... there is only /blame and /praise here
mostly /blame
anyway, @MichaelMrozek:
You know what I like about the Stack Overflow devs - the fact they are prepared to admit to mistakes in public. Not a lot of developers I've worked with would do that.
@radp :D
9:08 PM
@balpha, any idea why the background of Josh's avatar is mostly black in the avatar list to the right? I'm guessing it has transparency and IE8 isn't happy with it, but it's fine when he posts a message.
@MichaelMyers It's fine here (Chrome)
@ChrisF You know what I like about the Stack Overflow devs? The fact that they haven't killed me for sticking my nose in their client-side code.
(uploading on Imgur...)
But the mistake admitting is also very comforting.
Why did I not know about the Windows snipping tool before?
9:11 PM
Oh, nevermind, I misread
@MichaelMyers That image makes me instead wonder -- any idea why the name of Josh is in red?
@MichaelMyers It's a transparent PNG, it shouldn't be doing that
@MichaelMyers does this look OK?
@Zypher You can do both on the same line.
9:12 PM
oh wait, nevermind
goes off to smack his designer
@radp ...
@RebeccaChernoff /blame @MichaelMrozek
I have enough /blame to /blame you both (:
@MichaelMyers let's try this one:
Any black there?
I can't see any
9:15 PM
I can't even see the image, so no.
@MichaelMyers same image as above, just via imgur
Thanks, odd it wouldn't work from my server...
Imgur version looks fine.
@Josh My firewall/proxy, I would assume.
@MichaelMyers I assume so too but that's troubling, what if you were a prospective client of mine :-/
@MichaelMyers Then I guess it's linked with why Josh's name was (is?) in red!
9:17 PM
@Josh Nah, half of the internet is blocked here. Not your fault.
@radp My username is in red? Does that mean I'm an Uubermod?
Also, @MichaelMrozek also doesn't have the black bit around the edges.
@Josh I think it usually implies evilness, but.
7 mins ago, by Michael Myers
user image
@radp Oh HAHA
9:17 PM
Doesn't look unusually red. Is that not normal?
No, my username Freehand Circles itself
@MichaelMyers Maybe that is link color red -- but it's black for me.
(leaving and re-entering in hopes my icon will look correct)
Oh. Everybody is red to me.
Except blue mods.
html body#chat-body div#container div#main div#chat div.user-container a.signature div.tiny-signature div.username
9:19 PM
@Josh Oddly, that worked. Even though I noticed the exact same thing happening yesterday.
And I kicked you then and don't remember it helping.
@MichaelMyers Must be IE and the transparent PNG. I feel better now that my logo is represented in proper form
Our senior designer worked on that logo for months, the least I can do is make sure it looks good :-)
@MichaelMyers Yeah, it's probably IE not accepting the color: inherit over the specified a colour. Seems fixed in IE9 at least, hooray.
@TimStone There's no a...
a.signature ?
@TimStone actually it's fixed in IE8 already
I was pretty glad when Jeff declared IE7 to be the new IE6
9:28 PM
Oh, I thought @MichaelMyers was on IE8
I am, now.
Yey, new SAN is almost ready. drools
As of a month ago.
then you're running chat in <strike>compatibility</strike> broken-by-design mode
in normal mode, the user names are black
@balpha I wish I could make that move. :(
Actually I wish I could disregard IE6 >_>
9:31 PM
hmm i'm tempted to star setting initial passwords to <$your_password>
@TimStone So do I
@balpha Right, I forgot. That also breaks the mod menus (they stretch really wide). But it also makes the mod dashboard look tolerably nice.
Soon we will be able to
That was one nice thing about my old company and doing intranet apps. It may have been IE6, and then IE7...but it was still just a single browser version I had to support at any given time.
It's weird too, because the companies that we work with don't seem to care about upgrading in the sense that they don't want to, they just can't be bothered to upgrade older machines. So once the hardware fails, they replace it with something newer and use whatever it comes with.
9:32 PM
For whatever that's worth at least.
That'd be nice, heheh. I have to worry about everything that people might throw at us.
9:44 PM
@Zypher you did say George and at SE right?
@SO (but @SE would work too)
pick 1 :p
Wow. I left for 45 minutes and the book of rchern got rather far
...Wow, it did. WTF, hahah.
9:46 PM
self ego boost
I'm so vain :p
Wait, there's actually stuff there? Blah.
@MichaelMrozek link?
> And She smiled like no other
That is a really nice way to put it
@RebeccaChernoff Your smile is unlike any other
I also didn't realize I kept so many pictures at sources way higher than native resolution on my monitor ... go me?
@drachenstern yes, you must make sure you picutures are future upgrade proof
9:50 PM
@Zypher I obviously think so, I just didn't know I thought so ;)
Do any beta sites get TeX/syntax-highlighting or do they need to wait until they grow up?
@MichaelMrozek And then Mrozek came, and he vandalized the Book of Rchern.
@radp Hey, I haven't touched it yet
Green is yours...
probably you just typed in the wrong window then
@NickT Hmm...good question.
9:53 PM
Oh. I don't know what that was. I tried to check the timeline and got a confusing error
Q: Area51 / SE 2.0 site-specific script support (such as LaTeX) in beta-phase

KennyTMWhile equation markups are seldom needed on S[OFU], it is absolutely essential on many science-based SE 2.0 sites e.g. Mathematics, Statistical Analysis, Physics, etc. Unicode art is not enough for not-so-simple equations. Being a professional site, they should have equation markup support (LaTe...

@Zypher I presume you have 7zip
@TimStone, ah. So if I post feature reqs on a beta meta, they should eventually be addressed?
@drachenstern ja
waiting on upload to gmail
if your servers bounce on a <15MB attachment I don't know if you deserve this archive :p
9:58 PM
@NickT Presumably, but don't hold me to that. :P
@drachenstern ... yea i think we have gotten to that point ...
I've gmail, skype and ... I think those are the main two
This is scaring me. And oddly enough, I don't mean this conversation. I mean the PiratePad window.
@RebeccaChernoff if this convo scares you here then ... welcome to the world of men? (something tells me you've learned to long ago overlook such things)
are you worried about becoming an object of worship milady?
shakes head
10:04 PM
@drachenstern, I said this conversation isn't what is scaring me. (;
@RebeccaChernoff I know :p
@RebeccaChernoff Was it your doing?
(answer: yes)
erm, what?
whatever i supposedly did, not my fault
10:09 PM
@RebeccaChernoff The room was temporarily frozen.
Oh, no. I did not do that.
Don't try to deny it. We all know the truth. (At least @MichaelMrozek and I do.)
Compromise: /blame @balpha, /assign @RebeccaChernoff
unknown command.
10:11 PM
I'm just waiting to find out who broke it :p ... I mean, waiting on zypher to pop back to me on email
I need a word with three Is, so I can win at Wordfeud
@radp points to list of supported commands in the sidebar
what other letters do you have? III is not a word
@radp Sadly I lack three Ls
10:14 PM
Have we established it was @RebeccaChernoff's fault yet?
@MichaelMrozek PITIVI (Gnome programs count right?)
@TimStone indeed.
@TimStone She denies it, but we all know
in Chat feedback, 9 mins ago, by radp
And somebody froze the Tavern.
And the Wheel of Blame spun, and spun, and decided it had been She.
Ah, alright.
10:16 PM
@drachenstern IDILLIAC
What happened?
Just got a quote for a managed dedicated server... it's 5 times what our budget is, LOL
I'm not sure what this guy's doing. He's thrown in all sorts of extras, things I didn't ask for
I wanted a single server, not half his datacenter!
He quoted me 5000 GB of SAN space. I have 250 GB of data. LOL
@Josh lol, that's where you need a salesman to keep up with his salesmens tactics. And you to say "yes we need that" or "no we don't" ... #negotiations
@Josh 5TB isn't that much nowadays ...
I'm wondering why I spent 30 minutes on the phone explaining in such detail what our needs were, I should have just asked for a pricelist, LOL
@drachenstern Right, it's not that much but when it's like 10-20 times what I need, why pay for it? :-)
@Josh lol, true enough, but if you're trying to future proof :p ... datacenter? I thought this was gonna be in-house? for in-house ... if it were in my budget I would get 5TB
10:25 PM
@drachenstern I'd rather get 1TB now and another 1Tb next year when we double in size
@Josh fair enough
We have no servers in house, everything's hosted
altho I would rephrase "1 TB now and 2TB next year" ...
Wait, I take that back
@Josh ahhhhh
10:26 PM
We have two servers, a fileserver and a VMware testing server in house, All the rest are managed dedicated
As soon as I saw this I knew it would get a ridiculous number of upvotes:
Q: Why aren't people voting as much as they use to?

BabikerOn stackoverflow, am noticing a trend of there being like 10 answers with an accepted answer, and no one, not even the person accepting seem to be voting anymore, yes even for the accepted answer. What's happening?

It's an essentially un-verifiable but sounds-good question
@MichaelMrozek I don't even know whether the basic premise is even true.
@Pekka That's what I mean by un-verifiable; anything that says "why isn't X as good as it used to be" is an instant winner on meta, regardless of how good X is now versus the past
Sure, there are less massive upvoting spikes, but that is more a good thing
@MichaelMrozek Yeah.
6 mins ago, by drachenstern
@Josh lol, that's where you need a salesman to keep up with his salesmens tactics. And you to say "yes we need that" or "no we don't" ... #negotiations
Yeah but the guy on the other side can't be much of a salesman, now that he's losing the business, is it?
My point exactly @Pekka :-)
10:29 PM
Milk the cow, but don't milk it dry
@Pekka I meant bring a negotiator to a negotiation. Somebody who gets it. Who can argue back as fast as they can argue.
well also if I'm comparing him to others and he's 10x everyone else, he will lose
You don't sue a multinational corporation by yourself, even tho you could file the briefs personally
I don't know who made it, but I was going to make a similar query.
@drachenstern yeah, but it's arguably a lost cause - somebody who's going to make you a $1000/month offer if you say you have a $200/month budget clearly doesn't get it :)
@dra that site is lovely
@Pekka I was only referring to the shopping list, but I see your point
Yeah. I have to leave, until later!
9 hours ago, by radp
@radp I only just got to it ... sorry :p
I've been doing that ugly work thing today ...
much as I was last night
10:33 PM
@drachenstern I actually had a really productive day
Because I dreampt that I bribed @RebeccaChernoff to ban me and I woke up in a cold sweat...
So I worked hard all day :-)
@Josh I tried to bribe her once, but sadly, she didn't accept the payment.
Still waiting for my additional downvotes
18 hours ago, by Rebecca Chernoff
would've accepted a bribe...
@Josh whaaaaa! But mine isn't good enough!
I didn't even get a chance to respond! :-p
10:39 PM
@Josh I'm here :)
haha. I still haven't come up with a humerous retort to that :-)
getting these last emails out for the day took priority... because after these I can leave and get beer
@Pekka The relaxation vault is a migration target for, um, noise. No need to request or grant access. :)
@radp Fair enough. The title managed to intrigue me :)
All right I am out of here!
Before I go everyone gets a round, on me :-)
10:45 PM
@Josh have a nice evening! Round accepted.
Please divert funds to pub of my choice
I will let you know
Thanks @Pekka I'm sure I'll catch you around
@Josh yeah, see you later!
@Pekka Sorry, credit is only good in this pub ;-)
@Josh no fair! They don't serve alcoholic beverages here.
Is it safe to attach event listeners to document/window in a script file not wrapped in some kind of window.onload handler?
It works on my computer on IE8/Chrome/FF
10:49 PM
Yes, that is safe
I can't think of an immediate reason why it would be a problem.
sweet, thanks
Do you understand the implications?
things may fire before the DOM is ready, that's why most people don't put them in earlier
my jquery-free heartbeat script is done then
could you imagine if word started responding to clicks while the splash screen was up?
or Excel?
10:50 PM
@DanGrossman Nice
You can't be sure all the other scripts are loaded. Imagine running something on .NET/Java with no gaurantee that all the .NET/Java libs you needed were installed?
that's all
@DanGrossman congratulations sir
Ahhh it's nice to have such a large bit of screen real estate
sweet, it even works right
jquery even with noconflict was breaking webpages with prototype
What's "Happy Hour" here?
Don't you feel happier?
Nothing really, it's just a made up event because this is a "Tavern".
10:56 PM
@Dan - Apparently I will in 5 minutes...
@Tim - ah, thanks.
@DanGrossman flagged for lack of jquery
:checks out the repo on a server to see if the UI works:
wait what when huh who where?
Published 1 minute ago: online.wsj.com/article/…
Not surprised. And most likely related to AT&T selling the 3gs for $50 now.
10:59 PM
@RebeccaChernoff that seems like you've got the arguments reversed
it's not effect -> cause, it's cause -> effect.
I think everyone knew this was going to happen in January, it's just nice to have confirmation
Is it just me or is quora pointless?
Oh, right, you americans and your carrier lockins.
Meh, whatever - I just meant that AT&T is selling it cheap so people will buy it and get locked in to another service contract.
@radp It makes me so sad.
Yeah, a few friends of mine were just asking if the 3gs was worth it.
11:01 PM
Funny how people care more about the $50 price tag than the $2200 or something theyre obligating themselves to at the same time
My carrier doesn't sell cool phones.
They get them the day I lose interest in buying one.
It has saved me a lot of money.
@DanGrossman Yup, it's usually something like (if you're a single person on an account) either pay $1800 over 2 years for a basic, basic smartphone or pay $2000 over 2 years for top-of-the-line
pretty much
so haggling over the $50 discount makes no sense, get the phone you really want for those 2 years
@Noctrine if they live in a 3G area and don't need a camera in their pockets at all times (cos it's a flipping 3GS, I have one) then yes.
@DanGrossman exactly
@RebeccaChernoff oh indeed. Beat the rush by getting peoples attentions NOW
What's AT&T going to do when it's iPhone is no longer exclusive? I can't think of any other reason to go with AT&T
11:04 PM
@NickT coverage area.
hehe, didn't know that program actually had colored console output
@drachenstern I thought that's why people don't pick AT&T
I just really wish all these awesome phones would come out without carrier obligations. I'd like to be able to test my work on all platforms without shelling out thousands for a contract.
@DanGrossman I was not aware of that either.
@NickT I have great ATT service. I live in a major city that is roughly NOWHERE. So there's like nobody else on 3G here. It's great.
11:05 PM
@Noctrine You can usually buy whatever phone you want for about $600: $500 phone + 1 month of service
@Noctrine some folks in Europe are working on that with legislation. Apparently people look to screw other people over all the time so long as the screwer gets more [money|fame|prestige] and doesn't give a shit about the screwee
@NickT still have carrier lockin
@drachenstern That's usually a result of the phone having different RF hardware to my knowledge.
@NickT cf LTE
it's amazing they fit all the radios in the phones as is
LTE is what, T-Mobile and Verizon?
Sprint is EVDO or whatever
11:07 PM
@mootinator - do you really have a rash?
it will be t-mobile, verizon, at&t... verizon's the only one with any real rollout
Yeah but once we get LTE then it will pretty much just be who can scream the loudest
right now AT&T 4G = HSPDA+, T-Mobile 4G = HSPDA+, Verizon = LTE in a few cities
Sprint 4G = WiMax
I would personally prefer to see a standard on communications, as we have with network gear or the like
these are standards, it's just a matter of them choosing different ones
11:08 PM
^ that
There are different economic and technical reasons to select different standards
so I should've italicized a
If they all can somehow coexist and companies not go out of business, that means that there is obviously some reason for it.
@user10926 I don't really have an unusual rash, though most of my doctor visits have been skin related over the last 5 years.
If it sounds more standardy, WiMax is 802.16
Standards often suck too; e.g. ZigBee
11:11 PM
aka 802.15.4-2003
@user10926 And I seem to have found a non liver-destroying solution to my horrible acne :P
@mootinator - I was going to say you can send me a photo; what's that?
@DanGrossman That's like saying TCP/IP is Ethernet
802.15.4 is PHY/MAC, ZB is some more MAC and up
@user10926 Benzaclin seemed to keep it under control, so I tried a non-prescription benzoyl peroxide gel and it seems to have succeeded where everything else failed.
- great; I am glad to hear it
11:12 PM
@user10926 I do have a usually itchy beard and it flakes like dandruff, but only when the beard gets long. I shampoo it and condition it like I do my scalp, and I don't have dandruff when I take care of my hair (but not taking care of my hair for a few days, well ...)
and thank you for following the proposal
@user10926 you can press up and edit ;)
@drachenstern @user10926 so would that be something like what ya'll would discuss? or would you want something a little more high-level?
@drachenstern - you probably have seborrheic dermatitis
very common
@user10926 interesting, just wiki'd it ... I might, I notice if I go a few days without a shower I can scratch my head and smell something sweetly odored ... yet another reason for me to shower religiously ... guess I should see a derm huh?
I have had issues with sebaceous cysts in the past, so that may very well be the case ... thanks doc ;)
@drachenstern - are you anywhere near chicago, IL?
11:16 PM
@user10926 sadly no. Shreveport La
I actually wouldn't mind living near Chicago
ok, but more seriously, I have the opportunity to post a blog entry on another persons site regarding the area 51 derm proposal, and I wanted to know if someone would help me write it?
@user10926 ok seriously, someone offered some help earlier in the day, they didn't realize you had to leave ... I'll find it, hang tight
thank you so much
@drachenstern - also, any chance I can get you to follow the proposal?
Who wants to see today's shiny creation?
So uh, this is one of the advertised questions for English.SE:
Q: Would sir like something for the weekend?

Brian Hooper"Something for the weekend" is a euphemism heard in barber shops, when the above phrase is used to enquire of a customer whether he would like a packet of condoms. Does anyone know how this phrase came about?

11:19 PM
@user10926 I just don't want to be the wrong sort of follower. I may have some reasons to visit a derm but I'm not really likely to be a big help :\
but I'll put my numbers behind it to help you launch if that's all you want
@TimStone I fail to see the issue
@drachenstern - lol, I do want your numbers
@user10926 relink me the area51?
Dermatology and Dermatopathology

Proposed Q&A site for expert dermatologist and dermatopathologists

Currently in commitment.

@user10926: I still think you should ask for assistance on Meta - chances are, you're not the only one who has (or will) face this problem
11:21 PM
4 hours ago, by Shog9
@user10926 Ok! question follows, adjust and post
Ah, thanks @drachenstern
@Shog9 indeed.
@Shog9 much obliged (or the other way round, whichever is right)
@user10926: follow that link and paste the following messages into a new post on Meta, edit, post
@user10926 Additionally, when I do visit a derm later this spring I'll be sure and mention the site and see if I can get them to be for it ;)
thank you all so much!!
@Shog9 - could I get you to follow too to help launch the site?
11:26 PM
I want Jeff to retweet one of my questions and get me 10000 views :p
@user10926 No offense, but I'm not really in the target audience - I have a policy of only following A51 proposals I plan to participate in.
@Shog9 - np
@badp :o jeff atwood tweeted your question: http://webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/10394
views: 670 :P
oh damn, that sux
Ok, new challenge. Get one of my posts on reddit by a famous reddit author (because those people are usually able to command a /. effect too)
Also, you're destroying the illusion :p
11:43 PM
I want Wil Wheaton to retweet one of my questions and get me 10000 views.
That would be sick.
It would also likely only happen on gaming.
since I'm not on gaming ...
Do you have experience with "J-Queries" and "Java Script Layouts"? Here's the job for you: http://cl.ly/3uuN
J-Queries U-I (User Information)
11:45 PM
oh and
Welcome to the NY office, @fody!
Nicholas Larsen ... that sounds so familiar
@radp have you got a link to a userprofile?
@fody, Atlanta, GA
I recently found out I love facial massages.
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