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6:03 PM
> The Justice Department on Thursday charged a former CIA clandestine officer with leaking classified information about a secret U.S. effort to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program to New York Times reporter James Risen. .... The CIA has always insisted that Risen’s reporting was “inaccurate.”
I'm confused. The information is supposedly inaccurate, but it's also leaked. Can you actually leak something that isn't true in the sense of it existing in that context?
You can certainly report on leaks inaccurately.
Well, that's true.
Now, my assumption here is that the CIA just wants to cast doubt on the story because they didn't want it published at all...
but it's certainly possible that they're merely upset that he munged the facts when reporting on them
Is there a "my migrated question didn't get associated with my account on the destination site" super-question that we close all others as a dupe of?
Q: Design patterns in php

eddienotizzardHow and what design patterns would you use if designing a forum or a blog in php? I know singleton for the db connection, and observer to add plugin ability, but would you use a factory pattern in a forum, or the chain of command/strategy pattern?

6:09 PM
@ircmaxell How about the WordPress pattern?
WP Pattern?
hehehe (sorry, just got the joke)
@Shog9 I figure as much too. The story is the kind of stuff someone would take ten seconds to make up anyway, so I'm not sure why they care at this point...But ah well. Sucks to be him, heh.
@PopularDemand if there is, i can't find it
@Shog9 Yeah, I couldn't either (obviously). Thanks for looking. I'm not quite motivated enough to ask it myself right now, so... meh.
Q: Migrated question/answer not assigned to any user despite the fact the account exists and is linked to the account on the original site.

ChrisFThere's this answer on a Web Apps question migrated from Super User. The poster has an account on Web Apps which is associated with his Super User account, but as you can see the answer hasn't been associated with his account. Is there anything a moderator can do or is this something a dev has ...

I'm not 100% sure why it's marked [status-completed], since Jarrod seems to suggest it's not a perfect system, but...the consensus seems to be "Wait 24 hours, then ask about it" or something.
6:12 PM
@PopularDemand yeah... Bunch of information scattered around, but nothing all in one place. Proper strategy, I think, would be to ask a [faq] question listing all the common questions - right now it's too scattershot and the answers all suck anyway.
I'd do it, but I absolutely don't care at all about the answers.
@Shog9 Nice.
A: The Wikipedia of Long Tail Programming Questions

AarobotDuplication is a Hard Problem, and not one that is going to go away by sheer force of will. We can all bloviate all we like about how bad the situation is but what's lacking is a comprehensive solution. So far all we have are scattered suggestions that attack tiny fragments of the problem and m...

meta proposal: rename SO to EternalSeptember.com
6:31 PM
Several dermatologists who have blogs that are relatively popular in the derm online community have agreed to post entries about the SE area 51 proposal
they told me to write whatever I want and they would post it
with that being said, I wanted to know if someone here would be willing to help me create a blog entry promoting the proposal? With instructions on how to join, etc., while still keeping the entry short and sweet
That reminds me. I've got this rash...
@user10926 Good luck with that. I've committed, for what it's worth.
Q: Explaining Stack Exchange to Non-Programmers

daveslabHi folks, Simple question: what's the best blog post/ video/ tweet/ whatever to explain how the Stack Exchange system works to regular people? I am trying to gauge interest for a new Stack Exchange site, but I want to explain it to people as best (and preferably) as visually as I can. Any YouTub...

@user10926 I could have sworn there was a meta question on that subject. But... I can't find it now.
@user10926 I'm very glad to hear that for you, however, as a non-dermatologist (or non-medico-anything) I really don't have room to comment, other than to congratulate you as far as SE matters are concerned.
@user10926 Did you see the one for the photo site?
crap I can't remember the name of it
6:39 PM
grrrr, one of the popular photo apps had a site they wanted to launch
I think it was smugmug
@PopularDemand - thank you for following!
@user10926 What kind of help are you after? I'm not qualified to write it myself, but I'd be happy to assist, in a general sort of way.
@user10926 Anyway... I'm gonna suggest that you post a request on Meta for assistance - you should be able to get some good tips from the Area51 barflies
@PopularDemand did you see the smugmug proposal blog announcement that shizam did?
6:41 PM
Quick noob C question
@Shog9 - How should I work the meta question so it does not get closed?
if I have an array x[], x + 1 is a pointer to the 2nd item in x (which could be treated as a pointer to an array one item shorter), right?
@drachenstern No idea what you're talking about.
yeah I can't find it, I know jeff tweeted it
@TimStone you lurking? you're like a google master
@radp it should be, got a bit of code?
@PopularDemand - I am looking for help deciding what to include. I was thinking I. Need for open derm forum II. intro to SE and III. How to help
6:42 PM
groups[0] = getgid();
getgroups(MAX_GROUPS, current_disk.groups + 1);
@user10926 I'd avoid the term "forum" for the reason mentioned in the post I linked.
What's the deal with the lack of syntax highlighting in this question? (I haven't really got a clue what room to mention this in, so if there are any mods watching, move away.)
(doesn't check the return value :( )
6:42 PM
I thought he did a particularly good job with that when I read it the first time.
@BrantBobby Prolly wrong tagging
sticking on [xml] and [asp.net] tags seems kind of extraneous, though.
the issue is with existing tagging tbh likely, which tells Google to not guess and use that one language
@user10926 I'll write it for you if you want. Do you have an account on Meta?
@BrantBobby Gyah, thought I fixed it but I didn't.
6:46 PM
@Shog9 Don't trust this man, he's doing so to steal your precious meta reps!
(just kidding)
@Shog9 - I am user10926 on meta; I would love some help with this; thank you
@BrantBobby Oddly, it lights up and colorifies just fine in the editor preview, but when I save my edits, nothing.
Yeah, everything gets pretty-printed in the preview just fine.
So am I the only person who read the smugmug blog? :p
@drachenstern The what ... ? ;)
6:50 PM
@drachenstern No(t anymore).
Q: Impossible to Launch Site With All New Users on Area 51?

John ShedletskyI've been trying to get a technical support site for our game, ROBLOX up and running on Area-51 for the past several days. I whipped 180 people into a fury and sent that to that page (for some reason my referral count - once 150+, bounced back to ~90). Most sites launch at between 200-400 commit...

@CodingGorilla get tired of not finding people to talk to that were semi-intelligent? (meaning a group of people less capable than ourselves here)
@PopularDemand that sounds like a tag issue, what's the source question?
@drachenstern Not sure what you mean
Q: Why is Combres still looking for an older version of System.Web.Mvc?

Brant BobbyI'm using Combres with my MVC 3 RC project and getting an an assembly binding error when I deploy it to my web server. System.IO.FileLoadException Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web.Mvc, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. ...

6:52 PM
@PopularDemand adding asp.net fixed the issue.
apparently asp.net-mvc-3 and asp.net are not tag synonyms?
who's going to research that?
@drachenstern Apparently not.
@CodingGorilla that some of the folks that go on Chat.SO are not ... the most capable
@drachenstern Oh, I've been lurking in both places for quite a while now. Chat.SO is super quiet anymore, and I've been busy actually doing work (:gasp:) so I've been quiet myself
errr, wrong synonymizing, hang tight
ok, I will bbl; thanks again everyone for your help!
6:55 PM
that's a better synonym for asp.net-mvc-3 but I can't create it grrrr
wait, why would you want asp.net to be a synonym for asp.net-mvc-3?
they're not the same thing.
@Shog9 What's your plan, here? The real challenge is going to be finding 99 dermatologists who have a lot of rep on SE sites already.
I just said that :P
@CodingGorilla see the following:
The system should detect when you try and make X-version a synonym of X and say "are you quite sure you want to do that?". It would avoid like 80% of the bad synonyms
3 mins ago, by drachenstern
errr, wrong synonymizing, hang tight
6:58 PM
...wait for it...
@MichaelMrozek hence the reason I don't generally have tag-synonym privileges :p
@drachenstern Oh sorry.... =\
@CodingGorilla bah, I screwed up the first time around ;)
woohoo necrorep :D
ok, things to do, lunch to eat, @TimStone to ping randomly ...
and then I need to give something to @Zypher :p
(and not a fracking unicorn girl :p )
@user10926 Ok! question follows, adjust and post
How should I word a blog entry promoting an Area51 proposal to non-SE users?
Several dermatologists who have blogs that are relatively popular in the derm online community have agreed to post entries about the [SE area 51 proposal][1]. They told me to write whatever I want and they would post it.

With that being said, I'm not sure how best to word such a promotion. The target audience won't be familiar with how SE sites work, much less Area 51. I'll need to provide a short and sweet set of instructions on how to join, propose sample questions, comment etc.

So I'm looking for suggestions (or sample verbage!) that've worked for others on similar proposals.
discussion area51 new-users promotion
@PopularDemand I don't think that'll happen.
The real challenge is finding 500 dermatologists who don't have any SE rep, but want in anyway
(or more likely, 10 dermatologists and 90 SE users with curious rashes)
@Shog9 Now that you mention it...
I'll commit to that, lol.
7:05 PM
@mootinator Dupe of
29 mins ago, by Shog9
That reminds me. I've got this rash...
@PopularDemand Two down, 88 to go.
I don't think you can really base a site around that kind of interaction.
That's my theory as to why Writers isn't really working.
@mootinator True, but that was never the idea. The point was to have derms talking to each other. Whether that's a viable site remains to be seen.
@PopularDemand Right.
The problem inherent in the system is that we need a bunch of the wrong users in order to launch a site for the right ones.
Has anyone built a "how much do I contribute to a proposal when I commit?" widget?
hmm... User left. Did he think I was gonna post it for him?
7:10 PM
@Shog9 I thought he expected you to get in touch with him about it later, or something. It sounded to me like you were going to write the blurb, not text of an MSO post requesting a blurb.
my communication skills fail again
I'm tempted to post yet another whiteboard question on P.SE, just to watch the mods squirm
@Shog9 How did you avoid getting tagged with a diamond on that site?
I nominated myself with great honesty
7:34 PM
@Shog9 Make that 89. :|
7:45 PM
39 mins ago, by mootinator
@PopularDemand Two down, 88 to go.
What are you people talking about? None of you have actually committed.
Who wants to be the first downvote on my random writers.SE rant?
Q: Producers vs. Consumers - A Showstopper?

mootinatorBefore I begin, I'd like to point out that I think this site does have some great questions about the act of writing, and I really would like to see it succeed. To me, what really makes Stack Overflow so successful is self-interest. Most expert programmers aren't participating on Stack Overflow...

There's a writers SE site now?
Why in the world does this have 5 upvotes?
Q: What are the best use cases for using Clojure for new development?

Kevin RoodWhy should I choose Clojure over another language for a new project? In what areas does it excel?

7:49 PM
Five people heard of Clojure
@Shog9 It's not really going anywhere fast so far :/
@mootinator Yes, but is it going nowhere eloquently?
@mootinator I'd upvote that, but I don't have an account.
@Shog9 Verily
Q: Can links to target sites' FAQs be added to the new migration dialog?

ChrisFIn the migration window, a link to a target site's FAQ page would be more useful than a link to the site itself. This would give closers a better idea of whether the question would be acceptable on the target site. Given that the base "off topic" option has a link that points to the current's si...

This became [status-uncompleted] again. The links on the close dialog just point to the base url again.
7:59 PM
> Having to answer as I can't edit my question
That is a really annoying bug
I never saw the report for that, can you not edit the question because the mod tag was applied?
Yes - it looks like I don't know how to use the system.
@TimStone That's about it. You can't remove the tag either - which would be a bad thing.
Also, I was going to apologise for being unable to drag myself out of bed to answer the pings I got, but now that I see they were just from @drachenstern I'm good.
@ChrisF Yeah, hrm...that is really annoying. :/
@PopularDemand Fixed.
Oh. I was going to bounty that bug report, but Jon Seigel already did
8:07 PM
Yey Friiiiiiidayyyy!
@Josh: Liar.
@mootinator Awesome.
@PopularDemand Wait what?
I don't know what Friday is.
yesterday, by The NeedsMoarJquery Exception
I will be choosing a shorter username in 24 days
He didn't choose it. (;
8:08 PM
@PopularDemand Zypher decided he was having none of that ;)
searching for Zypher's post
My apologies, @Josh.
You're not showing up in my "when said by" dropdown in chat search.
Either as Josh or as The.
@PopularDemand use 131541
@radp I know, that's how I confirmed that it wasn't one of the Joshes who did show up. But thanks anyways.
Ignored people still show up in the transcript. It's like balpha didn't want us to hate each other!
16 hours ago, by Zypher
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException also when chat re-syncs with meta your username will be shorter ... i ... couldn't ... stand ... it
Thanks. I'm on the phone, couldn't find it
8:15 PM
@Josh Excuses, excuses.
@PopularDemand Bit silly of him, really
Maybe it's just me, but every time I see CodingGorilla I can't help but think of Coding Kitten.
^ not just you
@radp For a while I just thought sbi was changing his name back and forth. I blame the 16x16 chat avatars.
8:22 PM
Ok back
@PopularDemand I tried to change it before I came in here, and was unable to!
You found the message I see
@PopularDemand I didn't use my fadp avatars exactly because of the 16×16 chat avatars, so you might as well be thankful.
Why do you ignore Zypher?
@Josh ...why wouldn't I? Why don't you?
@Josh He's got the blues! He's depressed!
this depression is spreading! Look at rchern.
Might as well try and protect ourselves right?
8:26 PM
@radp Yeah, we'll need to establish an outer perimeter.
I'm glad the community has learned that I can provide bad and no longer challenges me to.
gahh ... why don't people get it's not about getting the actual fucking certificate
@Zypher I was surprised that people have been able to beat that dead horse for so long too.
..OK, only mildly surprised.
@Zypher just ordered the SAN
haha and flagged
8:30 PM
@Zypher, why isn't it fixededededed?! >_<
@RebeccaChernoff Didn't he assign it to you?
haha, no!
Since it's only 1000Mbit/sec they said the performance isn't as good as my RAID10, however, since I'm moving a VM from the RAID10 which is currently powering 8 VMs, I figure I'll actually see a boost in performance
It's just not a replacement solution... which is okay
@Zypher you said "fucking"!
8:33 PM
That will teach you guys to flag the mods!
(just kidding. I've said worse.)
@radp I have flagged this post as fucking offensive!
@PopularDemand Yeah, I thought we already went over the concept of unloading all responsibilities onto @RebeccaChernoff. What gives?
@Josh You motherlover!
oh man
8:34 PM
(Yes, I got 30 mins for "motherfucker" so I'd know better than saying it again right?)
It's somewhat ambiguous if that post has two stars or two flags :)
Yeah, I was about to comment on the overlap myself.
8:36 PM
Apparently I can both flag and star the same message.
@MichaelMrozek I was going to mention that
Well, you all lose, because I mentioned it first
@MichaelMrozek Flag (however many) and two stars (but not yours). The same happens on chat, AFAIK.
@Zypher If this keeps going we'll end up with a Flag Overflow
I guess you can't tell how many flags a post has
8:37 PM
...what the heck happened in here while I went to go bring in the trashcan? oy.
@RebeccaChernoff Zypher started talking
Well, don't go and act like this is a bug.
@RebeccaChernoff we made lots of trash for you to put away ;-)
If only there were a little blue mod girl around to deal with this
8:38 PM
yea cus i don't feel it's kosher to clear my own flags
@Zypher wait, you flagged yourself?
although i have more stars from that than flags
spoilsport, man.
thinks about temporarily removing the suspension protection for mods
8:38 PM
@radp He means flags on his own posts. He's a mod, if he flagged himself it would kill the message
Can you even flag yourself?
i'd have no probem clearing flags i set
@balpha Hahahah
thinks about setting random login hours on @balpha's account
that's what you get for this, Beech Boy:
i blame @balpha
8:39 PM
@MichaelMrozek Or chat would self-destruct, either way.
@Josh I guess only with the non-blue one..
@balpha I was pondering flagging it rather than clearing the flag...so I think we can work with this... q:
@balpha what is this suspension period?
@balpha what a clearly unfair comment. It's obviously @RebeccaChernoff's fault.
@Josh for a auto-deleted message? 30 minutes
8:40 PM
@Josh You can't say nuffin' to nobody no-how...for a period of time.
woow, your name is Josh again?
@balpha Weren't you there when Zypher changed it?
@balpha room or sitewide?
Actually the chat search refuses to acknowledge that he exists, so we're not entirely sure what his name is.
@Zypher chatwide (as in, for the specific chat site only)
8:41 PM
16 hours ago, by Zypher
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException also when chat re-syncs with meta your username will be shorter ... i ... couldn't ... stand ... it
ahh yea that wouldn't work then
@RebeccaChernoff That's what "Technical Evangelist" means? You handle the trash cans?
@radp Sitewide
I'm "Josh" on meta again
@PopularDemand huh?
@Josh No, chat autosuspension doesn't carry to the main site.
8:42 PM
OH sorry, nevermind
@balpha, feature request: make the flag indicator to the left of the messages change colors based on the number of flags accrued.
As I mentioned, I got one two days ago, so I got to see it in action. ;)
Chatsitewide and call it a day.
4 flags vs 7 stars
i think the community has spoken
@Zypher I only flagged the second one for my own amusement, and the third one because I approved of your recursion image (and to see if I could both flag and star).
8:45 PM
@PopularDemand interesting -- you can't right?
@radp I can.
@PopularDemand nevermind then.
Q: Which one will execute faster, if(flag==0) or if(0==flag)?

mr_eclairInterview question: Which one will execute faster, if(flag==0) or if(0==flag)? Why? Can anyone tell me with a example?

@balpha nobody knows what i was talking about
eyes @Zypher
8:49 PM
@PopularDemand, Technical Evangelist?
@TimStone Hm, interesting...
@RebeccaChernoff That's what the blog post described as one of your roles, if that's what you're asking.
@TimStone I wonder why more people didn't just compile the darn thing, if they were so interested in how the compiler compiled...
A: Which one will execute faster, if(flag==0) or if(0==flag)?

skcSame code for amd64 with GCC 4.1.2: .loc 1 4 0 # int f = argc; movl -20(%rbp), %eax movl %eax, -4(%rbp) .loc 1 6 0 # if( f == 0 ) { cmpl $0, -4(%rbp) jne .L2 .loc 1 7 0 # return 0; movl $0, -36(%rbp) jmp ...

@RebeccaChernoff "Technical Evangelist" is also what /about/team calls you
Sure, they probably didn't because the question is too generic (C and C++?)
8:53 PM
Oh yeah? Interesting.
From the book of Rchern, Chapter 1, Verse 5: And She saw her title, and found it interesting.
@radp We need to write the book of rchern
@MichaelMrozek Wait, she's the evangelist and we write the book?
I don't think that's quite right.
She can't be trusted with something this important
8:57 PM
She writes the Gospel, the masses hear it and we use it for /blaming purposes.
We can write the Chronicles of Rchern however, although that's a bit less interesting stylistically talking.
@radp you do realize most people /praise $GOD_ICON and /blame $DEVIL_ICON

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