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6:02 AM
wow, chat really busted itself until I reloaded
^ Me recovering 3D geometry from 2D images, like Kinect's software does, when I took a computer vision course
lol i think a light bulb went on , on top of my head
6:25 AM
I think a lot of these sales may be attributed to oprah and that other lesbian woman .. uhh .. ellen
edit suggestions are on "network wide" for all non-meta sites
metas do not enable this, except, it is kind of enabled on meta.so.. no anon edits but you can have 1 rep user suggesed edits
Is there a reason for that?
6:30 AM
this is still a "soft" launch, we are gathering data on how the feature is used
Yes, yes MSO is special.
if you are a diamond mod you will suggested edit counts in the topbar.. the default queue size is 10, so there can never be more than 10 outstanding edits
we will increase this # for SO and perhaps SU / SF
on SO it is already 30
I rather meant why is it not turned on in per-site metas
@RebeccaChernoff I think everyone in this room appreciates that ;)
whoa slow down blue people
6:31 AM
Dammit. The header totally wraps.
@Reno shhh, let them speak ;)
@RebeccaChernoff Hah, uh oh :P
well we do not allow contributions to per-site metas from users with no rep on the parent
@RebeccaChernoff you expected less?
@waffles I set it to 20 on SU and SF just now
6:32 AM
Yeah, I expect the header not to wrap. (:
@waffles so users with 1 rep on a site can edit on metas?
@RebeccaChernoff bah, how many times has the header wrapped in the past 6 weeks on various things? ;)
@drachenstern has a point, the limit should be 5 at least to be consistent.. on a per-site meta we don't allow participation until you have 5 rep
@waffles add that to your todo.txt
woohoo, I was right on something I didn't expect to be right on! ;)
@drachenstern no ... it is hard code disallowed on metas at the moment. But I agree there are cases where it makes sense, especially around editing tag wikis on metas
6:34 AM
why does your name have to be so long :(
@waffles that was actually what I was asking why that was ... why is it hard-coded disallowed?
@waffles win
@waffles Did you want my parents' phone number?
6:34 AM
@waffles Going to file a bug report?
well if you clear the queue ... the rendering bug will go away !!!
So do we regular users need to do anything in particular or just be mindful of coming across the edits?
@drachenstern - I used my game as an answer to another SO question! And, it was answer #175, nice and round number there.
@Moshe nice
Also, time to go edit on dba.se :D
6:35 AM
A: Problem Loading Initial Nib in iPhone Program

MosheMake sure that your view is connected to your "View" outlet in Interface Builder. You do this by right clicking on your "File's Owner" in IB and then dragging to the "View" outlet to your View. Here's an illustration from a game I'm working on. Notice the blue line, dragged from the dot on the ri...

Check out the illustration. Drat, forgot the freehand circles.
Might I ask what Edit Suggestions are? I've seen them discussed, but never ran into one.
@drachenstern there is nothing special you need to do , only mods have access to the queue at the moment
@drachenstern thanks.
@drachenstern, go on a scavenger hunt to find the 5 in the queue (;
6:37 AM
@waffles Presumably there's some consideration towards expanding that to other users in the future? :)
@Moshe we've been talking about them for like 5 days now, at LEAST
@TimStone of course
@TimStone probably 10k tools only ;)
@Moshe ... here is an example stackoverflow.com/edit-suggestions/792
I foresee /review adding it
6:38 AM
@drachenstern Oh, I know, just not sure how they affect me as a non mod and non 10K.
@waffles Figured as much, just wanted to double-check.
@Moshe not really at all
@drachenstern I foresee ... /review replacing unanswered
That would be NICE
@drachenstern Ah well, am I wrong for rejecting that edit for not cleaning up grammar and salutations?
6:39 AM
is that on your todo?
@Moshe it's a subjective answer. What do YOU think?
@drachenstern no, it's in @waffles todo*.txt*
Why must an edit do those things?
I don't think an edit must do that
@drachenstern It doesn't need to.
Valid point.
@waffles, $("todo.txt").append("make the search textbox 175px rather than 200px");
Perhaps I'd approve and then edit myself.
6:40 AM
wb Tyler
@RebeccaChernoff jQuery does THAT TOO????
Suggestion for the folks in blue:
Perhaps those buttons should be a tad larger, equally sized but larger. It will get work done faster if they buttons take less "mouse-moving" to click.
Step 1: Unplug Mouse
Step 2: Put mouse in drawer.
@TylerChacha - iPod re-loaded?
6:42 AM
iPod works
@RebeccaChernoff - I forgot. But not all programmers are like that.
and has all my music on it.. yay
@TylerChacha Good.
@TylerChaCha I am coming out with a game for iOS.
@Moshe it gets tricky there are so many cases, if there is a suggestion to fix up a totally bogus question that should not exist, it should be closed... A single typo fix is disallowed by the system ... fixing up grammer, spelling and presentation is a good thing ... but we would like to see more than a single typo fix
Hey while there's mods around
6:43 AM
@waffles Okay, fair enough. But I think the buttons should be larger on the edit-suggestion-review page.
I have noticed some odd behavior on my close dialogs of late and haven't remembered to screen catch it, where my radio buttons are missing. Is that bydesign?
@drachenstern radio buttons missing ... no ... that sounds like a bug
You might have to elaborate a bit.
I'll screengrab next time
But I think it might have already been reported in a vague way... goes off to check
6:45 AM
nevermind, render bug :(
Hey, another dupe of my question.
so repetitious tho :(
the trouble with all this review stuff ... is that I am mostly exposing myself to bad content ... I am downvoting too much at the moment ...
6:47 AM
Q: Tab Bar customization

xydevHow can we do tab like this ? epicurious How can we override the default tab bar style without losing app store approval?

@waffles imagine that ... there's almost gauranteed to be a correlation there
Q: Twitter-esque UITabBarController?

MosheI'd like to make an app that uses a UITabBarController that is similar to the one in the Twitter app for iPhone and iPod touch. (Blue light for unread and sliding arrow for switching between content views). Is there an easy way to do this? Any open source code?

example ... stackoverflow.com/edit-suggestions/799 this edit is good ... however I am rejecting it ... this question is totally bogus
no effort
Is it just me or does question quality go down with the sun?
@Moshe yes
Now, do you know why?
now you see it (or rather, you don't) render bug
the markup is clean
the fault is with Chrome
6:49 AM
It seems that when native English speakers go to sleep the others starts asking questions.
@Moshe after the sun sets in the US the folks who don't natively speak English start waking up.
@drachenstern what chrome version are you using?
@drachenstern I know.
@drachenstern That's -2 for Chrome today, it needs to step up its game.
@Moshe be careful how you address those people, they're no worse off than you
6:50 AM
@drachenstern Yea that sounded not nice. Edited.
@waffles Google Chrome 8.0.552.237 (Official Build 70801)
pasted it so Jarrod can look at it
Notice: if I open another program and then alt-tab back, the radio's show up
but as you can see, the radio's are there
They're absolutely validly there
I can do all the close window stuff
probably worth opening a topic on meta ... provided that is a stable release of chrome
Just doesn't render. I think it's strictly a Chrome issue
@waffles yeah, I don't do dev channel
6:52 AM
@drachenstern Why is your Chrome all ugly looking? :P
gets out @RebeccaChernoff's "Go dev or go home!" sign
@TimStone ehwut? Don't talk bad about my chrome! :p
@TimStone get out of her closet! ;)
Are you on XP or something?
Hey, I"m wondering actually, why my Bounty was ended on that tab bar question.
@TimStone I am
is that a known bug?
Oh, no, I was just accounting for the difference in appearance.
6:55 AM
@drachenstern Yes, being on XP is a known bug.
@Moshe :p
@TimStone what are you on aboot man? I barely showed any of my chrome
@drachenstern Yeah, but it's coloured weirdly.
Anyway, it seems that this was an issue with a much earlier version of Chrome, perhaps it's remanifesting itself.
So how do these edits work towards Strunk & White? As normal? Does the approver get anything for approving?
6:56 AM
@drachenstern My thoughts exactly, except its another low quality iOS question.
@TimStone I wondered who stole that. ):
Q: IPhone application issue in toolbar

jayprakash kumarHi Can any body help me here i m using 3.2.5sdk,and 4.2 IOS, I create on viewbased application and add the navigation based lick UINavigationController *navigation = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:viewController]; [self.window addSubview:navigation.view]; ...

@TimStone for SO or for chrome?
@RebeccaChernoff You were busy and I had to harass Michael Mrozek the other day
@drachenstern Chrome
I don't have a clue what "the navigation based lick" is.
I promise, "lick" is not an iOS SDK term.
@TimStone Ah. In that case, use at will.
Heheh ;)
People seem to still be reporting that as an issue, so I guess it's just a random Chrome fail.
@TimStone interesting. I just work around it
I'm waiting on the office to move me up to a real laptop
Good night, for real this time!
6:59 AM
lol, night
175 down, 125 to go, btw
@drachenstern Yeah, I'm happy that I bought my own.
I saw that in /review and was like "WTF?"
@TimStone somebody at the office is all paranoid about using personal laptops for work purposes, VPN and the like
Also, my wife has my regular laptop and she's out of town
/blames @waffles Clicking on the "thank" filter in /review shows me a kitty. :(
are edit suggestions live on SU @waffles ?
7:03 AM
@Sathya they should be yes
is there any link which shows a list of suggestions ?
@TimStone bad cat
I shook my fist at it, if it helps.
@Sathya not yet ... only visible to mods
@Sathya There are no pending suggested edits to review!
7:05 AM
@waffles okay
Blame @NickCraver its his fault :) ... we migrated to lucene must have missed this spot
@waffles Blame transfered. ;)
@RebeccaChernoff :)
7:46 AM
@RebeccaChernoff @JeffAtwood @Jin Area51 looks just awesome! Great work on the new site and the categories idea is really really good!
yep all @RobertCartaino and the NY team
Well pass on the congrats to them because it looks awesome
Yeah it does. I also like the new Area51 specific meta, which already brought up some interesting points on the proposals
And also because they are grouped, we can now pick up overlaps very quickly
It's a "Discussion Zone", not a Meta ;) (@RebeccaChernoff was nitpicking earlier :P)
yes, it is NOT a meta
7:49 AM
@JeffAtwood One question thought, any objection to starting an FAQ or is it to early?
@TimStone Old habits!
I have not looked at it enough to say, we've been busy with search and anon/low-rep edit suggestions
Anyone have any thoughts on why I'm still awake?
I am really not the right person to talk to about it. I am a fan of the changes obviously
@JeffAtwood Fair enough. I'll bring it up with R&R later.
7:50 AM
@drachenstern Go to bed!
Now there is a brand Stack Exchange should look into. Approved by R&R :)
@Diago My thought is that it's a community effort, so go ahead and start it, and if it's an issue it'll get brought down again
@Diago haha
@TimStone nah, not just yet, shortly
getting up before 8 is gonna be an issue tho ;)
@MarcGravell Morning Dad!
hola @MarcGravell
7:52 AM
@JeffAtwood Quick question, does the Url field on user profiles get validated?
Speaking of search, I hope Nick is able to fix that profile tag issue soon so people stop asking about it
@MarcGravell Hey, I just realized I haven't been logged out of chat.SE lately. It seems the session gods are appeased :)
I prayed to the bit god. He must have showered me with his blessings.
it probably now works everywhere but in atheism.SE rooms
Hah :P
A: Survey and reporting software

user593360thats really good idea man i recommend URL: http://www.reportingsoftware.info Anchor Text: "reporting software"

All three answers from different users linking to the same site.
8:01 AM
user image
I didn't notice, the question was spam too? Or was the asker one of the answerers
The question was kind of "meh" and old.
@JeffAtwood \o/
My god, how many accounts spammed this link?
give me a search query
www.reportingsoftware.info is the URL, if that's enough.
8:05 AM
Google Alert for my name brought me to a StackOverflow clone running interstitial ads pointing to malware sites :/
no results
It's already marked as malicious, that's how I knew there was malware, Chrome popped up a warning
jeff I flagged you one on SO
Q: Best Business Intelligence (reporting) software for web application

I am looking to integrate some dynamically generated BI reports into a web app. The requirements are: Able to view report based on JSON RPC XML, or some similar streaming data source (therefore, not requiring direct access to the DB). Why? Because many users have access to different copies of s...

note I'm having more luck finding them with google :\
8:10 AM
That's how I found that one.
I don't think there ARE any, they are all new
that one was TWO MINUTES OLD
I added reportingsoftware.info to the blacklist
222 instances of efreedom.com getting hit on the blacklist...
yeah but there's a crapton of posts with that URL in it
1 hour ago
A: Reporting tools

user593384Need good reporting software but don't know where to start? Reporting software is loaded with stuff to help find – and evaluate – the best reporting programs.

A: Reporting software recommendations for .net environment

mrmohawki went here reporting software when we were looking for reporting software. Lots of useful information.

Yeah, I think I flagged all those already, heh.
Go /review!
8:13 AM
sigh.. I guess Lucene isn't indexing into URLs. :(
and it looks like it's not indexing the contents of the <a> tag either
also, "here" is not a handy search term :(
@dan why does that have FACEBOOK in it??
lol, I smell bug
8:20 AM
Apparently the Japanese dislike Facebook so much they made it synonymous with hate.
Translates in reverse as "I, StackOverflow spammers are using Facebook"
Ya'll know about user submitted corrections of course
anything with "I hate" becomes "I use Facebook"...
how do I get C# to use an int 1 as a bool without a cast or a ==?
can I manipulate with !!?
@drachenstern Is that an interview question?
8:21 AM
no, codegolfing
I have a spiffy solution that's obfuscated and terse if I can skip 8 "==0"
I guess I can use <1 and >0 instead
What sort of IT security policy restricts users to a less-than-physical amount of memory on their own workstation? O_o
people will go "why's he comparing less 1"
@TimStone Skynet
8:24 AM
Ah, then the end of days may be upon us.
@TimStone Are you sure that's not the spending policy instead?
@drachenstern I asked my first ever non-meta question on any SOIS site on DBA, and got no answers :(
I blame @drachenstern
I shall abandon the idea of asking others for help, and return to answering my own questions
8:27 AM
it's only been viewed 5 times ... MySQL isn't exactly high traffic for most people
@TimStone I would too
@DanGrossman lol, so answer your own ;)
it has 7.5k followers on SO :/
MySQL does?
Hmmm .. challenge: post the same question on SO and see what answers you get
apparently 0.01% are aware of dba.se
8:28 AM
I believe so
@drachenstern Cross-posting is evil! Using Marc's Brainsucker 3000 to brainwash all the MySQL answerers into joining dba.SE is definitely the way to go.
I was thinking something similar ;)
dba site stats indicate 770 visitors/day
I didn't earn much rep today, failure
that's quite low
@Sathya yes I wonder how accurate that is, also, the first week out of public beta it was closer to 1k
8:33 AM
well A51 reports half that number @drachenstern
Database Administratorsdba.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for database professionals who wish to improve their database skills and learn from others in the community.

Currently in public beta.

@Sathya quite aware. I'm told it does an averaging over the past n days
one moment
indeed, thought of asking on Meta, found a related question later on
Jan 25 at 4:48, by drachenstern
@Moshe http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/search?q=indeed&Room=89&page=1&pagesize=50&sort=newest
How long ago did dba become open to public?
17 days
17 > 14
8:37 AM
@DanGrossman about 24 days ?
335 visits a day = the whole site gets about as much traffic as my personal blog I never update :(
17 days in public, 24 days in total
hah, tell me about it @DanGrossman
Needs to be publicized, not sure how to help that out
would be excellent if we could get someone like the MySQL team to take an interest, or the SQL team ;)
is it fair to say some of the ardent DBAs still rely on their specific product based forums?
Oracle has no interest in community. Oracle destroys community. WE ONLY SPEAK TO LICENSE HOLDERS.
8:40 AM
Oracle's got OTN & AskTom
MySQL = Oracle
@DanGrossman see: OracleOverflow.com
@Sathya yes it is fair to say that, and it's going to be hard to untrench some of those groups
what is that
SE 1.0? Clone script?
I can't tell anymore. When will SOIS start suing the clones?
yes, that's SE 1.0 @DanGrossman
Someone bury osqa.net in the court system, even though there's probably no legitimate claim
8:43 AM
yes it is
If you're going to copy someone else's entire feature set, at least lay it out differently
@DanGrossman you know there's a whole realm of SO clones right?
it's all documented on meta
Yeah, the ones that look identical to SO should be sucker punched
can I do this in C#? I forget int i,j,k;
I think so..
8:46 AM
I can
fizzbuzz in C# in 192 characters, complete program
Yay, I got to reference this case in an SO comment
Apple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, 35 F.3d 1435 (9th Cir. 1994) was a copyright infringement lawsuit in which Apple Computer, Inc. (now Apple Inc.) sought to prevent Microsoft Corporation and Hewlett-Packard from using visual graphical user interface (GUI) elements that were similar to those in Apple's Lisa and Macintosh operating systems. The court ruled that, "Apple cannot get patent-like protection for the idea of a graphical user interface, or the idea of a desktop metaphor [under copyright law]..." In the midst of the Apple v. Microsoft lawsuit, Xerox also sued Apple alleg...
I might could even get lower ...
191 characters
using System;class D{static void Main(){int l=1,i,O=1;l+=2;i=l;i+=2;for(;O<101;O++)Console.WriteLine(((O%l)>0&&1>(O%i))?"fizz":(1>(O%l)&&(O%i)>0)?"buzz":(1>(O%l)&&1>(O%i))?"fizzbuzz":O+"");}}
in The SO Tavern (General) on Stack Overflow Chat, Nov 5 '10 at 3:03, by Dan Grossman
<?php for ($i = 1; $i <= 100; $i++) { if ($i % 3 == 0) echo 'Fizz'; if ($i % 5 == 0) echo 'Buzz'; if ($i % 3 != 0 && $i % 5 != 0) echo $i; echo "\n"; } ?>
That's not too devilish is it?
I don't use 3 or 5 or 15 in my solution tyvm
and mine compiles to an exe
I could compile mine to an exe...
8:52 AM
So does mine appear obfuscated at all?
Is it really un-MVC to have an ajax call return a mixture of json and html?... :-S
if it didn't say fizz and buzz, I would have no idea what it did
does an edit to change Bested Tables to Nested Tables count as substantial ?
@Sathya no
@DanGrossman I'm trying to figure out how to do that easily in C#
I want to go buy food but my car is snowed innnn
8:54 AM
@drachenstern Does the obfuscation actually reduce the character count?
I need a shovel, someone give me a shovel
@Kragen I would like to think so
it's codegolf
Create the shortest possible obfuscated FizzBuzz implementation.

To be considered obfuscated, it should satisfy at least one of the following:

Does not contain any of the words "Fizz", "Buzz", or "FizzBuzz"
Does not contain the numbers 3, 5, or 15.
Use any of the above in a misleading way.
Remember: The goal is to be short and hard to follow.
besides, as long as the source code to a program contains the words "fizz" and "buzz" there is immediately no doubt as to what it does! :-)
I know :\
I was considering some char concats
Can C# code contain UTF code?
8:55 AM
@Kragen I think so
You could do some sort of encoding mess where you change UTF code into ASCII or something
that's what I'm thinking right now
so "fizz" would be 2 characters
but I think it would make the source longer - the encoding functions are in an annoyingly long namespace
it'll make it longer source
C# isn't really cut out for this sort of thing
8:58 AM
I'm debating if I can get it down to a format like "{0:?}:1234"
So is it "un-MVC" to mix JSON and HTML in an ajax result?
@Kragen I know, hence the challenge ;)
@Kragen that's rather un JSON
That is a question I do not wish to ever have to answer, so I will not answer it
If you must you must tho
8:59 AM
practicality > purity
I've got an XSLT that spits out HTML - the only obvious alternative I can see is client side XSLT.
Both options just feel... dirty
9:10 AM
using System;class D{static void Main(){int l=1,i,O=1;string c="zz",a="fi",b="bu";l+=2;i=l;i+=2;for(;O<101;O++)Console.WriteLine(((O%l)>0&&1>(O%i))?a+c:(1>(O%l)&&(O%i)>0)?b+c:(1>(O%l)&&1>(O%i))?a+c+b+c:O+"");}}
damnit, I still left it +1
console.writeline is so verbose
I know
if I could get rid of it I would
maybe a good question for that site's meta?
Q: how to solve the ereg function deprecated error

lavanHi currently iam working with SEO php scripts im just following google seo scripts when i use the search terms i just got an error like this Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in E:\wamp\www\subgoogle\nusoap.php on line 3876 Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in E:\wamp\www\subg...

nice comments
plz make closings
Q: How to make file tree of torrent files?

DivyaI have created a torrent info generator script. But i want to generate a file tree for it instead of the file table with non-user-friendly paths! My code is http://www.ziddu.com/download/13539200/Torrent_info_Gen.rar.html Can someone help me out please! Well thanks in advance!!!!!

9:32 AM
There should be a law against two TV shows sharing the same opening theme song.
:expects @badp @YiJiang to show up any minute now:

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