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10:09 AM
Hi! :)
10:25 AM
@Rebecca I just went through my bank statements and was honoured to find my bribe accepted! :)
10:38 AM
user image
@DanGrossman Oh hai!
10:51 AM
Is this the "I want to build a forum" of entrepreneurs?
Q: How to start an online payment gateway provider

user6890I would like to know what it takes to provide an online payment gateway like worldpay paypal etc

Hehe, I'll give it a stab.
A: How to start an online payment gateway provider

Dan GrossmanConnections to executives at Visa, MasterCard and American Express. As no standard merchant agreement will allow factoring (processing transactions on behalf of another entity), you'll need to have your entire business supported by the card networks themselves. You'll need one or more banks to g...

Think it'll make him reconsider?
11:07 AM
@DanGrossman off by three hours, but otherwise accurate!
I just "suggested" an edit to a question on a SE site I don't have rep with. Let's see if it ever gets approved...
@DanGrossman nice!
@DanGrossman No. The next question will be "how do I get connections to executives at Visa, MasterCard and American Express?"
I just proposed an edit to a post in Physics
I have 101 rep there
yeah, everyone can do that
...and I see the edit got applied immediately
11:13 AM
but my name isn't in the editor box.
apparently that's how it works, since I'm seeing the same behavior
I see my own edit, but if I open the same question in another browser, I do not see my edit.
yeah, they serve the suggested edit just for me
You could post something about that on meta, it's strange
@badp hahahahahahaha
11:15 AM
aww, I'm not the first there: physics.stackexchange.com/edit-suggestions/2
So this whole thing is a scam
All the "community editing" is visible only to the editors themselves
lol, I get the buttons without having an account
apparently there have been 846 suggested edits on SO so far
@DanGrossman A lot of them are early tests, I think
11:20 AM
if there was somewhere I could go to get a list of pending edits I'd help, but apparently us mortals are not worthy
@DanGrossman take the URL and crank up the number :|
SOIS sure makes it hard for me to do their work for them for free...
For people that chat on sites that chat there won't be a lot of trouble
"please approve this guys"
then again @waffles sworn the edit list would've been public and linked from every page...
it's a long tail system though, most of the people that propose edits but can't edit themselves are drive-by googlers
I guess they found out that the more information we have, the more annoying meta threads we'll make!
and meta reps is theirs. ALL THEIRS.
11:26 AM
such a strange mail
Did he place and pay for the order, then black out and lose his memory, but remember he ordered long enough to contact me personally to say he doesn't remember ordering?
I guess he just remembered ordering after all...
> This order is higher risk because the distance between the billing address and the user's actual location is so great. The order is slightly riskier because the phone number supplied by the user is not located within the zip code of the billing address for the credit card. The order is riskier because it comes from a country associated with high levels of fraud. The order is higher risk because the billing country and the country in which the IP address is located don't match.
<3 automated fraud scrubbing
11:53 AM
what crickets? I starred your message in silent approval.
'cause that's what stars are for.
-- 2011-01-28 rep +209 = 6790
alright, I can sleep now
over 1000 rep in 3 days, take that rep cap!
12:11 PM
withdrawn: (post.prev('script').text().indexOf('opacity') !== -1)
I think I want to cry now
WTF am I parsing random JavaScript bits on the elections page to find out if the candidate has withdrawn?
contemplates sending some of SO's HTML to CodeReview.SE
12:31 PM
@DanGrossman that was a epic reply to the startup thingy
good night
12:49 PM
@YiJiang the wonderful world of screen scraping!
@Kragen nice!
Not quite there yet, but getting close
1:24 PM
what the fuck are they thinking?
good thing I don't use that site
oh, apparently it's a well dressed spam site
"0 People found this helpful"
^ - it's all about simplifying the user experience. That site serves one purpose, and it serves it well!
@Kragen clone of isitchristmas.com, which also has an helpful feed
@YiJiang no, isitchristmas preceded that one
hm, I wonder if I could ask on WebApps what was the "original" site for that!
Huh - Lucene.Net got dropped!
1:33 PM
@YiJiang <!-- if the lhc actually destroys the earth & this page isn't yet updated please email [email protected] to receive a full refund -->
I'll add that to my contact list!
I'm wondering if isitaugust.com is wrong in certain timezones...
@badp oh man
Thanks for the reminder -- I do not want to let clients print on their own printers!!!
Let me go remind my boss of this :-)
that site used to be funny when miley was .. err illegal
@Reno I read that as: I Smiley Legal.com...probably because I'm a brit.
1:57 PM
Some of these pages are the most over-engineered pages I've ever seen!
@tombull89 that's a service SOIS should run
if(userid == 140548) return false;
return true;
Urgh... the school's sign up form for extra-curricula activities fails on anything that's not IE - why am I not surprised?
↑ and that's why I'd never consider refusing to pay the Windows tax.
1:58 PM
@badp legal.stackoveflow.com? eh...that may not work too well
@badp IE6 should work with wine with a bit of elbow grease, and there's always the VM option
@tombull89 I see you didn't see what I did there
@badp you're right, I didn't see what you did when did you what what where?
2 mins ago, by badp
if(userid == 140548) return false;
return true;
140548... rchern... illegal smileys... geddit? huh? huh? huh?
I've missed something here :P
2:03 PM
@JeffAtwood Holy crap, that cat looks quite entirely like mine^H^H^H^Hthe one that owns me!
> "I can’t pay you very much but I can give you a lot of work."
I have been told that
The best was "I can't pay you anything, but the benefit I bring to you is that you can pay me and my staff for services!"
man, we should totally make a tumblr out of the starred list
"Best of the Tavern"
but I can't do it alone and we should look through the 3913 starred messages before we add the newer ones
More like "Random Snippets of Insanity" :-)
2:10 PM
and maybe have a queue system to post one gem/day
@Josh rchernities
Our gang made a hilarious book when we left college
it contained all of our slip of tongues that were recorded by some guy
and we called it "Tongue of slips"
@badp I like your new word :-)
2:25 PM
CLIENT: ”We want the interface to be edgy and all Web 5.0.”

ME: ”Web 5.0 doesn’t exist. Web 2.0 is an accepted standard and 3.0 is still just theoretical discussion at this point.”

CLIENT: ”Exactly! If our site is first to market with Web 5.0 we get to set the standards and everybody that comes after will have to pay us royalties!”

ME: ”Ummm… that’s not how Web protocol standards work…”

CLIENT: “Yes it is, I learned that in my Marketing Degree.”
Web 2.0 isn't how web protocol standards work either!!!
@badp you shouldnt count the 'oy's ;)
double-doofuses in that one ;-)
ok time for real work, no more of this @badp-style slackoff stuff ;-)
Do stack exchange sites use asp.net?
@Marin I do believe so
Q: Which tools and technologies build the Stack Exchange Network?

aleembPicking up from the blog, what are all the details on tools and technologies used to build the Stack Exchange Network? Return to FAQ index

> Stack Overflow uses a WISC stack via BizSpark:
> Language C#
and unicorn poop
2:38 PM
3:03 PM
It's apparently fashionable lately for sockpuppeters to ask on meta why all the rep they illegally accrued suddenly disappeared one day
@MichaelMrozek Makes me wonder who they're covering for.
@MichaelMrozek on noes!!!!
@YiJiang I was lurking here too :P
@TimStone So you were, heh. Didn't notice your gravatar though
Ah, heheh. Did you see the extension I pinged you about earlier?
3:14 PM
> You've earned the "Necromancer" badge for OpenFire: Hide all users in the same group from each other?. See your profile.
\o/ Nice
or something
....Hahah, uhm :P
It is a weird name for a badge :-)
This is true
3:16 PM
@TimStone you know Apache?
Yeah, we're good friends. What's up?
Yeah, you do, you know mod_rewrite
I think this is impossible... :-/
Q: Change location of error_log for userdir + suphp

Kristopher IvesI have needed to duplicate a FastCGI + suPHP, and I have re-created the setup but unlike the CentOS one my error_log files are all in /log/apache/ instead of the directories where the script triggered the error. How do I configure PHP to write all error_logs to ~/error_log?

I was determined to find an answer, but, I'm starting to think the answer is You can't do this
Errorcat for everyone or just me?
me to but this works: stackoverflow.com/review/…
3 hours ago, by Yi Jiang
contemplates sending some of SO's HTML to CodeReview.SE
3:18 PM
I get the cat too
@TimStone ^ Good idea?
all good now !
@PopularDemand I mentioned it to Waffles already, he blamed Nick Craver for the new search and said they must have forgotten that path (so I guess they'll fix it)
@YiJiang Hahah, hmm :P
@Josh Hmmmm...
@TimStone keep in mind it's mod_userdir
That tripped me up at first
If you have an answer, go for it @Tim!
@TimStone +1, then.
3:21 PM
I thought the one answer would work, but apparently not
Well, I'm confused too since he seems to imply that he has it working on another machine.
yeah, I know...
he's not clear enough. I'm going to give up :-)
earning reps on SF is hard
Ice cream anyone? Or shopping?
maybe after lunch, lol
3:26 PM
Hey @Moshe
Yey, my first sub-2k edit! \o/
D'oh, I rejected a proposed edit that turned out to be the right choice.
Who knew A51 got a Discussion Zone?
@PopularDemand We found out about it last night
@MichaelMrozek I am making many sub 2k edits on Unix, watch out ;-)
Egypt just switched off its internet, literally. Wow...
3:34 PM
@Josh lucky you, mine is still pending.
@YiJiang I saw that yesterday, have you seen the video of the associated press too ?
woah you can see them there?
@badp mine are still pending also
It's kindda scary
@Josh Your definition of "many" is debatable :)
3:36 PM
@MichaelMrozek I am still going :-)
@YiJiang There was a good renesys article about it yesterday
@statuscompleted I was thinking specifically about the 'internet switch', the protests are not as spectacular from a technologist's point of view
Yes, but the video are quite shocking, there's one of a guy getting shot in the middle on the street
@YiJiang I'm glad somebody else said that; a friend was annoyed with me when I was way more interested in that aspect than the political part
Following Egypt's lead, Canadian telcos to roll out new Unlimited Nothing plans for Internet and cell. $30/0GB/0talk/0txt.
3:39 PM
@MichaelMrozek Whoa, whoa, wait, what? You have a friend?
Quoted for truth.
ok @MichaelMrozek you're right, I am having trouble finding more things to edit, LOL
Has anyone here ever heard the phrase "chinese whispers" before?
@PopularDemand It's another name for the telephone game
3:44 PM
@Josh Which site you are looking for edits on?
I was making edits on Unix where I only have ~700 rep. But, I stopped because I have to get work done
@MichaelMrozek - That article is great.
@Josh I starred your first sentence, but anti-starred the second one, so you get nothing
3:51 PM
@MichaelMrozek That seems... vaguely racist. But I guess I'd have to look up the etymology to be sure. Thanks, I'll just leave that post un-flagged.
Good morning @Rebecca
@MichaelMrozek I'll gladly keep editing if you pay me for them! :-)
@Josh looking for edits? I hear a site called Stackoverflow has a bunch of questions.
Or, I'll gladly keep editing if you finish my UI for me ;-)
@Moshe s/bung/bunch/
What language is that UI in?
Thanks for the edit oppertunity Moshe :-)
@Moshe actually I am surprised I don't have Copy Editor yet, I feel like I have edited 1000 questions already!
3:54 PM
At the dentist. Bbiab
Ouch, good luck @Moshe
@Josh splashaward.com Web 5.0!
@YiJiang oh boy. where's my downvote button?!?!
@YiJiang Hahahah
@Josh Hm, it'll be interesting to see how Copy Editor/Strunk & White will be affected by the new <2k edit mechanism.
3:55 PM
We were suppose to take part in that last year -_-
@PopularDemand good question. Ask and I will upvote
@PopularDemand I meant Copy Editor on SO. I have S&W on SO already
I edit more than I answer on SO these days
@Josh No, I've been sick of people asking about the new edit mechanism for a while already. Even waffles doesn't know yet, save your questions!
@Josh Wait till you get 10k and have giant lists of all the sucky posts on the site, begging to be fixed
Actually I guess /review kind of makes that available to everyone
@PopularDemand yes, I realize since Jeff closes valid questions anyway!
@PopularDemand I agree with Pollyanna, not you on this one, sorry
A: Why are users with edit privileges being blocked by users without edit privileges?

Jeff AtwoodThis feature is still experimental and under development; it's too early to have this conversation. I am closing this as too localized for now.

> I would think that the development stage of a new feature is exactly the right time to discuss possible side effects and consider the whole web of interactions with other user abilities... – Pollyanna 2 days ago
@Josh Development is the right time, but what stage of development? Start of coding? Just after the first stable built? Alpha? Beta? RC?
4:02 PM
Maybe when it's released network wide? ;-)
I think Jeff himself linked a post by Raymond Chen about this somewhere recently (or, a long time ago, and I only saw it recently). Searching now.
Jan 5 at 15:34, by radp
Raymond Chen's take on BETA? UNSUPPORTED!
@badp Congratulations, you have apparently been elevated -- or demoted, depending on how you look at it, I guess -- to "Jeff Atwood" status in my brain.
@Josh, the article badp linked is the one I was thinking of.
@PopularDemand I guess it's more "sidemoted" than anything else -- on the horizontal axis human-vampire
When will it be released network-wide? Based on your message, I have a sinking suspicion that it already has been released and I just don't know about it yet.
4:08 PM
@PopularDemand I believe it was in the last deploy
@Josh it's just some fillings. Waiting now. They almost didn't have me on record. We all know what happens when there are duplicates in a database, right?
One record has the required data and the other might not.
To the Ask Question page!!!
It was only "soft" launched though :P
Still getting over that train ride.
Or rather "train*6" ride.
Q: How will Editor, Strunk & White and Copy Editor be affected by the new <2k edit mechanism?

Popular DemandHow will Editor, Strunk & White and Copy Editor be affected by the new <2k edit mechanism? Will submitting an edit as a <2k user count towards those badges? Will approving someone else's edits count? Will they be entirely unaffected, perhaps because <2k editing will count towards a s...

4:13 PM
Visual Studio seems to be not telling me about exceptions today.
@moshe updating high scores worked just fine while offline ... updated the online set when it got connectivity back
So, I'm going to go take someone to the hospital.
@moot is that an exception to the rule?
@Zypher - really? Awesome! Honestly was not expecting it to.
@mootinator ..Erm, hope everything's alright there.
@moot yea, stay well.
4:14 PM
@TimStone Yah, it's just a giant painful growth of some sort, I'm sure it's nothing.
@PopularDemand cool thanks, +1
K bbiab
@TimStone He had time to stop and tell us he was going, so....
@Moshe yep also text in the instructions looks good
@PopularDemand True, true.
@balpha Pssh, if I changed my name then so can he. :P
4:19 PM
I'll resist responding to you by @-mentioning your first name
Change your name to what? Tom Boulder?
Refreshing the offline page used to check if the site was back, didn't it?
@MichaelMrozek Yep.
if (nick.ToLower() == "heyyou") { doAlert("TimStone"); }
4:30 PM
It hasn't worked for ages
@RebeccaChernoff :p
A: "Offline for maintenance" should not lose the link I tried to open

Geoff DalgasWe have added a retry link on the offline page that will help with this. Hopefully you won't see it very often.

@PopularDemand Oh. That's less than convenient
@MichaelMrozek Yeah. The older info is available at
4:33 PM
Q: Reloading of "SO is offline" page.

paxdiabloI'm hesitant to call this a bug and do so only because it was particularly annoying. If the powers that be want to retag as feature request, I'm fine with that. This morning, I went to update an answer and got the "SO offline for maintenance" page. So I thought, okay, I spend too much time here ...

A: Stack Overflow Ate My Answer

Marc GravellIn theory, dumping even just the markdown sounds like a good idea, but there's a problem... when that screen is up, the site is serving a static page, because the actual servers are unavailable. It is unfortunate, I realise - but I'm not sure how much can be done about that realistically. For i...

@TimStone Oh, asked yesterday. Wow
So if it ever did work, it hasn't since October. (:
@RebeccaChernoff Go find out why! ;)
4:37 PM
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, I honestly thought it was a dupe, but all of the other questions seem to talk about the error page or don't address refreshing the offline page.
Hypothetically, if I post a comment on some question today, then change my username to "Michelle" tomorrow, and someone posts an "@Michelle" comment next week, do I get notified? What if someone posts "@Pop"?
@PopularDemand Yes and no, respectively. And I encourage you to change your name to "Michelle"
I assume there was some reasoning behind it, but I couldn't find it spelt out anywhere.
@PopularDemand what counts is your username at the time the reply is posted
or should I have said "@Michelle"?
@balpha Thanks. And no, I haven't changed it yet.
This is true even for those weird CW instances where old usernames keep getting displayed due to denormalization?
4:42 PM
@PopularDemand I don't think that happens to comments
@MichaelMrozek No, but you can reply to editors too.
@PopularDemand yes. the candidate user names are pulled via a join of the post history table to the user table, so it's always up-to-date
@TimStone But editors don't get denormalized (I think)
Oh, then I'm confused what's getting denormalized.
4:44 PM
@TimStone Just the author of CW posts
Ah, gotcha.
Why would anyone downvote the Community FAQ?
for lulz?
@PopularDemand To rebel against the system, man!
Community has serious reps.
4:50 PM
It's a prolific down voter as well. :P
*grammer nazi mode* @Zyper its "for teh lulz"
By the way, why is it all community accounts aren't linked?
Ah, more snow.
user image
License plate hack
I was just informed of a security.SE site, why did none of you tell me such a thing existed???? TAVERN FAIL!
4:57 PM
@Pekka Ahahahahahah
@Pekka Boy, Bobby Tables sure grew up fast.
@Josh We like for you to have a chance to surprise yourself every now and then.
It would be so great if somebody would actually pull that off one day
@Pekka I LOVE IT!
How did they even issue him a learner's permit?
5:02 PM
@ZyPher I plan on reworking the instructions veiw regardless. Someone who never heard of the game will be lost.
@pekka nice photo.
@Josh Let me introduce you to stackexchange.com/sites.
@RebeccaChernoff I should set that as my homepage! :-D
5:26 PM
i love how programmers is 99% answered i'd like it to stay that way
This guy works in Redmond?
A: Import WebTrends Data to SQL Server Using SSIS

AdronJust for context - I work at Webtrends. My first questions is are you using the site software version or the ondemand SaaS version? It also depends on which version. If you're using the latest version of software the best way to go about getting things from the Webtrends Analytics product data...

@Reno Only 99%? There are actually questions there that don't get 60 or 70 answers?
I've got a phone interview on Monday... this is exciting.
@Fosco For that guy's old job?
@PopularDemand ?.. no, this is something new from a recruiter.
5:55 PM
@Fosco I got your UDID. Did not get a chance to send yet. Will bit. Good luck with that interview.
@Fosco I was implying that the guy who asked the question I just oneboxed was fired for incompetence.
@PopularDemand Oh :) Nice one.
6:16 PM
@PopularDemand Let's hope as an intern, and even that makes me sad.
Just killed a roach with my iPhone 4. You're welcome Mom!
Don't know how it got in the fridge, but I just saved tomorrow's dessert.
@Moshe Perhaps it escaped from tomorrow's dessert
6:33 PM
So is this week almost over? I'm, like 40% behind schedule, and I have other issues that I won't go into in chat here (nor likely over any medium other than telephone or beer) ... And I have a doctor's appointment in two hours.
joie de vivre
c'est la vie
@drachenstern bonne chance.
The saddest part is I don't even speak lick of French! :(
Apparently I'm getting smarter as I get older, which shouldn't surprise me, but does.
In other news, I just broke 12k chat messages. It's official, I spend way too much time here.
And I just broke 1k on MSO >.>
@drachenstern Split vote counts are yours!
@MichaelMrozek ehwut?
@MichaelMrozek LOL, no, I left out half the story. My Mom saw it fly in. (into the fridge, not the dessert)
I was looking at the list of new privs and totally skipped that one
nevermind you always had this information available to you via api and timeline
@badp well yeah, but oneclick makes it nicer
Also, I should really really learn the API for this place, as much as I lolligag around
@drachenstern eh, it's just a bit of jQuery + SOApi.js nobody yet bothered to write
@badp that's what I mean, I could be the one to write it ;)
6:47 PM
@Josh Do you randomly have a test environment with suPHP setup by the way? I think the answer to that question from earlier is right, the OP just didn't understand why.
Wow, the Radeon HD 6990 is huge O_o

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