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Or you own your own business and don't have time to mod?
HAHA, no, no. I'm a part owner of Digital Fruition and wouldn't give up my job to work for SOIS, even though working for them would probably be fun as hell :-)
@Josh Ah, cool.
This whole election is causing me serious stress though.
I almost ran for SF mod, but I didn't think I could win and I don't know if I could invest enough time. I almost ran on the campaign pledge that if elected I would cease involvement in EVERY OTHER SE SITE, and then I surely would have had enough time... but, I would have missed this tavern too much :-/
@JustinjjnguyNelson :-/
Anxious about winning?
@Josh Should have ran.
@JustinjjnguyNelson Next year I think :-)
12:02 AM
I ran a year ago, and lost :(
@Josh I'll vote for you (if I remember)
@JustinjjnguyNelson See, now you're pulling on my heartstrings :-) Michael may be my first choice but you may be beating Lasse for second place now ;-)
Sweetened you up, eh? ;)
A: Why doesn't the Stack Exchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ exist on Area 51?

EmmettWe finally just added the gen-u-wine™ StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ to Area 51! Sorry that took so long.

Rejoice! \o/
@TimStone more the "I am under so much stress, I lost last year! :-(" part, LOL
@Josh I'm not trying to win your vote. Sorry. (Technically you only get one vote that counts btw)
12:06 AM
But seriously @Justin your meta participation is better than Lasse's, and meta participation is big for me
@JustinjjnguyNelson you should be ;-)
So when you say technically only one counts, you mean the #1 vote? I think the maths are beyond me
Right now it looks like Reputation is one of the biggest factor for primary voters.
@Josh Yup, your #1 vote will go to that person
@JustinjjnguyNelson Personally I downvoted everyone who didn't participate in meta at all
then, f they get knocked out, your #2 vote will count
@JustinjjnguyNelson ahhhhhhh Ok, that makes sense
Then, if they get knocked out your #3 vote will count
@Josh Same
That's why the system is called STV (Single transferable vote)
12:09 AM
Ah, Ok. Truth be told I didn't take the time to fully understand my rights :-)
@Josh I didn't know how it worked last year either...until after I lost. Then I took the time to figure out how it all worked.
I'm pretty sure that 80% of the people have the same idea that all 3 of your votes count right away.
I don't know how it would change my voting decision if I knew the difference though...
I think I'd still vote the same way
It just means that if someone is everyone's second choice, they will not necessarily get second place. They can lose.
I don't think it would change my voting either. It is just interesting to think about.
@JustinjjnguyNelson OK. this makes sense, and this is exactly what I would need to consider
And I'm sorry @Justin, you just sealed my vote for @MichaelMrozek as my #1 choice :-(
Well, I shouldn't speak until after I see the Town hall, but
Heh :P
12:14 AM
@Josh That's fine by me. Whomever the best mod is should win. I think he'd make a great mod.
he's fallen behind in the polls, so
He is still ahead of me
@JustinjjnguyNelson So far, you're my #2 choice :-)
(by ~13)
@Josh I'm glad to hear that.
LOL, I thought you were ahead last time I looked
12:15 AM
@Josh Nope. And Tim Post is catching me too.
Like I said, super stressful.
I don't know Tim as well as I should
@JustinjjnguyNelson You're in The Tavern now. relax, put your feet up and have a drink :-D
@Josh Neither do I. (And that's why I'm not sure about him as a candidate)
@Josh I'm still at work, otherwise I would be drinking.
@JustinjjnguyNelson I just finished responding to support tickets / sending estimates
Hm, I think only one person who I didn't want to see become mod has a significant amount of support, good stuff.
@Josh Ain't no rest for the wicked.
12:17 AM
Nope! :-)
@TimStone SLaks?
That's why I play Forza instead ;)
@TimStone I'm gonna play some call of duty when I get home
I won't name names, heh :)
@TimStone Fair enough. (But you would tell me if it were me?)
12:19 AM
It's not you, don't worry.
sigh of relief Thanks
I have to get out of here though.
You guys have a good night.
@JustinjjnguyNelson Well, take care! You too.
@JustinjjnguyNelson You too, don't let the stress get to you too much.
@JustinjjnguyNelson Come back anytime. We're a crazy bunch but we're fun :-)
I shall try. Thanks.
12:21 AM
Speaking of crazy... HI @Pekka!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi @Josh!
How are things in the good old chat
Crazy as usual :-D
Damn, that Apple site looks nice
I know, doesn't it?
12:22 AM
@Josh yeah, I figured as much!
@Josh it does! Very very nice.
It looks like brushed aluminum
@Pekka Very OS X like
@Josh Yeah, very close. And many nice little details like the embossed text everywhere
Many little things
The markdown button bar is sexy
The only thing that isn't mac-ized yet is the image upload. It should be in the form of a OS X dialog thingy.
I need to send it to my business partner, our senior designer. He loves Macs. But, I have to wait a little longer or he'll know I saw it when I was supposed to be working ;-)
12:25 AM
@Josh ohh... reproachful "you are supposed to build our business" looks are even worse than a reprimand from a boss
Once I shut down a few more VMs my weekend oficially begins! \o/
@Pekka LOL
Also he's CEO and I'm CTO, so his business playing card trumps mine ;-)
@Josh yeah! So it's the worst of both worlds, the look and the reprimand :)
have a few remaining open bounties @Pekka?
@Josh yeah, and there's still a number of questions I want to accept/close
There is one question that is going to be huge work to find out the best answer to
@Pekka Link?
12:30 AM
I've been thinking about starting another bounty just to find somebody to test the answers for me :)
@Josh hold on
@Pekka oooh! oooh! I will!
Q: Tetris'ing an array

PekkaConsider the following array: /www/htdocs/1/sites/lib/abcdedd /www/htdocs/1/sites/conf/xyz /www/htdocs/1/sites/conf/abc/def /www/htdocs/1/sites/htdocs/xyz /www/htdocs/1/sites/lib2/abcdedd what is the shortest and most elegant way of detecting the common base path - in this case /www/htdocs/1/...

@Josh Yeah, I'm just wondering about the format - I can't start a bounty inside a question and then award it to the answer that tells me which answer is best :)
@Pekka I LOVE IT
@Pekka A meta question!
Heh! I have seriously considered starting a new question about which is the best answer to that question
@Josh exactly!
A 500 point meta question
12:31 AM
I thinl I'm going to do that
It just needs to survive the first 24 hours
OK I will test this RIGHT NOW! :-D
huh how to test :-)
@Josh Fair enough! When I'm done for today, I'll start the question. No guarantees - if it gets closed, I can't help it but if it survives, I'll place a 500 bounty on it.
LOL sweet :-)
@Josh yeah, it's not going to be easy! Speed; elegance; memory usage.....
Maybe it needs a test case a bit larger than what I show in the question
No, it won't be easy! The first two require possible difficult code to be written, tested and debugged! :-)
12:35 AM
@Josh yeah! And there's likely to be competition - the bounty runs at least 24 hours before I can accept it. (Damn Jeff!)
This will be fun :-)
If it gets closed, I will vote to repoen
@Josh Great! I'll post it in here and we'll see what happens.
Ok, since she's told her mom and her sister, I'm going to open up to my support group
my wife and I are likely going to be finding a lawyer
oh no!
yeah, so I'm gonna be sullen I'm sure ;)
trying to keep a good face on
12:38 AM
I'm sorry @drachenstern
I'm actually gonna see her mom and sis in a little bit so I'll talk to them and see what's up, if she's really serious about it or if she's just going through a spell
@Josh danke
I assume I follow your meaning correctly... no need to say it
@Josh you do
That sucks
No, we don't
12:41 AM
ok, good, that just complicates things.
and most of our stuff is in my name alone, but all the furniture is hers (Except the couch)
How nice of them to fix the time for the town hall meeting at 4 am in the morning :(
make coffee @YiJiang
checks to see if Skype exists for Linux
@Josh It does
I'm on my laptop, mac is shut down, about to leave for the day
now do I remember my username and password, LOL
12:46 AM
So I just spent about 25 minutes registering for a forum and getting it to post my thread without thinking it's spam. Why do forums exist anymore? I wish SE was just everywhere
@Earlz hear hear!
the xda-developers forum requires determination to figure out. First off instead of saying "you need to activate your account to post" It just says "you must have 10 posts before you can make a post here". Then anything that even remotely resembles an internet link must be removed. We need a everything-else.stackexchange.com
@drachenstern sorry wresting with my password, LOL
1:02 AM
@Earlz: I dare you to make that request on MSE.
or Area 51, I guess.
@drachenstern Bah.
@drachenstern: That was one of the toughest times of my life. I hope it can happen for you with a minimum amount of pain.
ok I'm out everyone, later guys
@Josh later!
1:47 AM
Withdrawn candidates are finally dropped from my page - this 'feature' really took out a large chunk of my life here >_<
It's either really fast two-day shipping, or really slow one-day shipping
Your choice
They don't cost the same, of course -_-
I'll go with the free two-day...
I had to order a snow shovel because my car keeps getting snowed in and the local hardware stores seem to be eternally out of stock of shovels
2:22 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I realized while cooking dinner that I was over-complicating my idea for the Town Hall... only one person has to post in the gallery room! Call it the "Town Hall Digest", make it a Gallery room and one person quotes all the questions and each candidate's answers in order. That could be useful, no?
Oh crap, I totally forgot to go back and read what you had said.
Hold please!
Sure thing
If you're busy I don't mean to take you away from it @Rebecca! I'm sure you have a lot going on right now! :-)
...Hahah. It's OK, I value what you have to say @Josh ;) (Just kidding @RebeccaChernoff :p)
Hmmm... I just tried to submit an anon edit on TSC, and hit an error page
Seems similar to what I was thinking. Having people ask questions in 1 room, but the discussion happening in another. My worry though is that it isn't a chat then. It's more like an interview something or other that is hardly different from asking questions on a Meta post that the candidates answer.
I am leaning towards it being ok, and taking a we'll see how it goes attitude.
If we need to improvise, WE SHALL
2:27 AM
Say, whatcha talking about here?
Can the candidates...not ask each other questions? I thought that was kind of weird with SF.
@RebeccaChernoff exactly, I realized this when I was cutting broccoli... don't ask me why, LOL
That's why I realized, what I was really thinking was a "digest" room
there we go
If it gets too crazy, I'm putting y'all in timeout. q:
HAHA Good idea :-)
2:29 AM
So something that could be used but in no way changes the format
Town Hall, Peanut Gallery.
So the candidates and participants don't have to do anything different... but anyone who wants to only see the questions and answers as they are asked can go to the digest room
because during the SF live chat I know it was difficult to see the candidates' answers sometimes
Sorry dinner in oven bbs!
I kinda wish the SU one was before the SO one, as I think that will have higher volume and perhaps give a clue as to craziness.
Ok, back
Yes, I agree
@waffles Any chance of the suggested edits diff system been deployed to the post revisions pages?
2:34 AM
Well if you have no objection @Rebecca, I could run a digest room with no other changes being made, in case it helps. if I do I will of course make it totally clear where the real chat and the meta question are.
But, I am only trying to be helpful, so if I'm making more work for you / not making things better, just tell me so! It is not my intention in any way :-)
I think one thing that could have been improved upon is letting people know when all the candidates had answered.
Yes, I never knew when they had all answered, I had a difficult time keeping track of that
I was thinking if I did such a digest room, I would post each question and then all answers in chronological order, then the next question and all it's answers in chronological order
Onebox quoting each one of course
Sounds like a lot of work. And hard to do real-time.
Yeah, I would need to copy URLs into a text file and sort
Would be a lot of work!
I am open to any ideas to improve on this specific point. Was anyone else here in the SF chat?
What would be nice is a way to create a conversation between to points in chat, but be able to exclude certain messages. This could obviously be used for intentionally making people take other people's comments out of context, but, used for the powers of Good instead of Evil it could be very helpful.
@YiJiang would you like me to ask questions on your behalf, since I know it's an inconvenient time for you?
"inconvenient" is an understatement, LOL
@Pekka OK, I am getting set up for the test! 500 meta rep come to papa!!!
2:53 AM
@YiJiang eventually I think it will be, but first we need to sort out the suggested edits
@Josh Well, nothing comes to my mind at the moment, so... no
Hey there @waffles. Wanted to let you know that I made my very first sub-2k edit today on Unix.SE where I have under 800 rep. And I was so grateful for the opportunity to do so I almost recanted on every criticism I ever had about the new system :-)
@YiJiang If you do think of anything, email me josh.gitlin.name/contact
15 hours ago, by Pekka
So this whole thing is a scam
15 hours ago, by Pekka
All the "community editing" is visible only to the editors themselves
It's kinda confusing, you see your own edits as if they happened but nobody else does.
thanks @Josh , glad it worked for you
Say, what happens if there are more than one suggested edit? Will approving one automatically reject all others?
2:56 AM
there can only be 1
@DanGrossman it was critical for me that when a user changes the site, they see the change right away
of course I do not want to show that change to the rest of the people before it is vetted
Oh, and @waffles I hit an error while trying to suggest an edit as an anon user on TCS
what happened?
Tried to edit, hang on, let me get that question out again...
@YiJiang This is my issue, at the core
I ran into an edit on StackOverflow the other day that was incomplete, I had to wait for it to be approved before I could fix it
3:00 AM
@Josh you have one click approve now if you have 2K or more
you get 5 per day on any specific user
:) we just needed to tighten rules elsewhere to avoid gaming
Huh, this was deleted though, not edited:
just got here, what's this approving edits thing?
Q: Fourier coefficients Boolean Functions described by Bounded Depth Circuits with AND OR and XOR gates

Gil KalaiLet $f$ be a Boolean function and let's think about f as a function from $\{-1,1\}^n$ to $\{ -1,1 \}$. In this language the Fourier expansion of f is simply the expansion of f in terms of square free monomials. (These $2^n$ monomials form a basis to the space of real functions on $\{-1,1\}^n$. Th...

@waffles ^ This is the one
3:02 AM
meh, I don't feel like addressing that tonight :-)
Q: Edit approval privilege (lack of) for 2K+ users doesn't make sense

cyberkiwiThis is about the recently implemented anyone-can-edit feature (status-planned) It is always Edit(1) because it never reaches 2, because it is either single-click accepted/rejected (owner, 20k+ user, 2k+user and anonymous edit) or accepted/rejected by two 1k+ users. Edit> Actually, as Michael M...

Tried to edit the list into something proper, but then I hit the error page on submit
@YiJiang fail whale or just a warning, can you repro?
@waffles The erhm... error page with an errorpath in the url and the bit 'this is not your fault, it's ours'
woah, cool!
3:04 AM
hmmm can you repro? @YiJiang
I just went to SO chat for the first time in a while:
16 hours ago, by Yi Jiang
user image
what's that
@YiJiang ...well I guess I'll take 16 and be happy then
@DanGrossman Spam/offensive flag count
3:06 AM
@DanGrossman When you're 10k you can see chat flags
@Josh Er. What?
@MichaelMrozek sorry, nevermind
@YiJiang wow ... I am not seeing anything in the log ... what did you change I will try to do it as well and see
I should probably get to 10k so I can see how many times my messages get flagged as offensive
3:08 AM
@waffles I formatted the list - changed the ) to . and added a linebreak in front of the first list item
k trying in incognito
bahhh ... got a thank you for your edit ... maybe cause you were logged on
I will review all that code next week ...
@waffles Logged into the SE network, but I don't have an account on TCS
@waffles Looks just like my edit, yup. Not sure why mine failed
I just tried on BCG (I'm not an editor there); worked fine
3:12 AM
(Cue 'Singapore: UNSUPPORTED ')
weird ... I will review the code next week see if I can find any reason it is not logging the fail
Im unsure about this idea stackoverflow.com/edit-suggestions/903 ... not sure if real-time is even a good tag name any way
@waffles not well enough to confirm that's a good edit or not :-/
@waffles It's automake, which is a scary and wondrous land
I still think people shouldn't be doing that in edits, but I guess I'll stop rejecting them outright
3:17 AM
Hmmmm, apparently Apple used to have it's own line of digital camera in the 90's
I kinda sorta remember that.
The Apple QuickTake (codenamed Venus, Mars, Neptune) was one of the first consumer digital camera lines. It was launched in 1994 by Apple Computer and was marketed for three years before being discontinued in 1997. Three models of the product were built including the 100 and 150, both built by Kodak; and the 200, built by Fujifilm. The QuickTake cameras had a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels maximum (0.3 Mpx). The 100 and 200 models are only officially compatible with the Apple Macintosh, while the 150 model is compatible with both the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. Because the Qui...
Also: Apple TV existed before, with the screen and TV in one box.
Apple was a pretty fail company for a long time.
A game console too, if I remember right.
3:19 AM
Only by the divine charitable hand of Microsoft do they survive to this day
Those were sad times. I was a big, big Mac person. Felt like an abused spouse.
> 1997: Microsoft rescues one-time and future nemesis Apple with a $150 million investment that breathes new life into a struggling Silicon Alley icon. Microsoft got to look like a noble competitor, for a change, for what amounted to a rounding error on their annual revenues.
@RebeccaChernoff Okay, I must have borked up the script somewhere, hang on...
Ah crap, okay will need to rewrite a few lines here...
Corrected now
3:54 AM
I have read meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/5983/… and tried to re-associate but one of my account didn't get the 100+ bonus
someone could fix it? oO
@Knu Check that that account is using the same OpenID as all the other accounts
I know about that. (they are)
they are linked (but the bonus wasn't given to my SO account)
probably a bug
@Knu Check the /reputation page - the bonus should be stated at the top
you mean the SO reputation tab? no it's not
3:58 AM
ah nevermind
you want the last lines?
The first - it should say -- bonuses (100)
Well okay, that's the second line - but it should be obvious
yes "-- bonuses (100)" but i am still at 795
so it didn't add up
@Knu Eh, look through the list, does the numbers add up?
no it doesn't
total votes: 80
-- bonuses (100)
i tried re-association from each account nothing works :)
Hmmm... if you want to, you can trigger a rep recalc at the bottom of the page
4:01 AM
If that doesn't work, then it probably is a bug
doesn't work (just gained 2 rep)
is there a mod around who could fix it up?
that number does include your rep bonus. notice the first few entries.
the 100 bonus, then 2 (5). and it says that day you earned +10 and have 111.
unless i lost 100rep at the same time
i don't get it
you got the rep bonus before.
4:05 AM
oh right i can only have it once?
uh, yes.
that's why :) thx
i mean you can only get the bonus from association once per account
if you associate more accounts you wont ever get a bonus?
you can receive the bonus once per account
is there a faq somewhere about it cause it's really confusing
if i can receive a bonus for each new account then there's a bug
each account you have can receive a bonus once.
it doesn't matter how many accounts you associate with each account, but each account can only receive the bonus once...that's the important part.
4:15 AM
ok thx :)
I am really wondering if code review will survive
this site will need twice as much moderators imho
@Knu Site looks okay to me, why?
dunno it seems it won't be maintainable without strict rules enforcement
@Knu Again, why?
@ yi or maybe it will work like programmers and will just get filled using closed/off topic questions from other SE websites
well because
@Knu, have you seen the FAQ updates? codereview.stackexchange.com/faq
4:21 AM
@reb exactly ppl will post off topic questions very often imho
That's why the community can moderate itself, for instance, with close votes.
@Knu Well, I think we should be talking about it when it's actually happening ;) Looking at the list of questions on the homepage, I see nothing inappropriate
high rep members yeah
@RebeccaChernoff The stackoverflow.com/privileges/set-bounties page's image needs updating - the jQuery Slider is no more
post on meta, they're all synced throughout the network
4:25 AM
Post a question? Or edit the original 'let's get together and create the privilege page' question?
gotta say I am eager to see where itll be heading out
(Is the question still there?)
@YiJiang Boooooooooooooooo. jQuery slider > dropdown list.
either full of lazy repetitive code reviews and bored reviewers or awesome code example and great analysis
@PopularDemand Yeah, well I have to agree that the jQuery Slider dependency is fairly redundant
4:28 AM
@YiJiang Fanciness is more important.
is stylesheet a synonym of css?
create tag synonyms privilege is really too hard to get
i mean 2500rep what were they thinking?
4:56 AM
Created se.awio.com/election-dev.html to facilitate some major restructuring of the codes...
5:09 AM
@YiJiang I think I'm the only person who hasn't yet told you how much that page rules, so yeah -- well done. I was trying to do the same thing, only mine was plain text and you still finished faster
5:52 AM
Well that was a better spent evening than I thought it was gonna be after I got my nephew ... he and I spent an hour at Barnes n Noble and then I met my inlaws at hooters for dinner. Nom nom wings.
Also, mother-in-law n I got to have a little more of a chat, so we have a meeting of the mind ;)
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