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12:17 AM
Oh look, I can still see my last message! It is quite in here
Is that the standard measurement? Whether or not your last message is still on the page? (;
@RebeccaChernoff Sure, why not?
Just an observation.
I was busy.
@badp Uh?
12:29 AM
obviously that's for graphic design.
@YiJiang why make railways in OpenTTD when you can make railways in Minecraft? They don't even have to bring you to something meaningful to begin with!
@badp So what graphing software did you use there?
@YiJiang advanced stuff. Google Docs.
Still it made me appreciate all the work that goes in those maps.
For example I should be drawing all those lakes and seas and stuff.
Shouldn't you try to use the Google Maps thingadongdong then?
and find more points of interest
@YiJiang yeah, well, that's not useful if you want to plan building ahead :)
wait, actually it is
...if you want to go to places, but who cares about that :D
(besides connecting to a place makes it easier to build stuff near it.)
Getting annoyed by JavaScript scope
12:54 AM
I'm having no success at all trying to bring a variable out of a JavaScript function scope... ah well
I'm back. What's up?
@GeorgeMarian (obligatory star on a non-onebox link)
You star any links that aren't oneboxes? No wonder you whine about not having enough stars.
@RebeccaChernoff No, I usually notice a lot of links in the starred list. I only whined once, and then conceded afterwards.
1:03 AM
@RebeccaChernoff The obvious solution is to introduce BBC oneboxing. Duh
@Pekka Definitely. +1 for that!
@Pekka And GitHub and ...
But seriously, that was an interesitng article.
Help me test the update to the elections page: se.awio.com/election-dev.html
Anything in particular I should be looking at as possibly broken? Seems to work
@YiJiang I'm getting this error
An image is not loadind
1:12 AM
@Trufa Yeah, that's not really an error
I'll try it out
Will add something to hide that before the site is choosen
@YiJiang Do you want something in particular tested?
Not really, no - mainly I want to see if the thing a) loads everything successfully and b) removes ineligible election candidates for the election phase and withdrawn candidates for the primary phase
@YiJiang Works fine for me
I'm using chrome, latest version
(who knows which is by now probably a new one) :)
@YiJiang BTW congratulations on this, it looks fantastical and is VERY helpful
1:39 AM
Hrm. Trying to fit 3 behaviors into 2 actions is kind of a pain.
Right, I think I can push out the changes for the elections stats page
I want to be able to click to indicate yes/no/maybe, but there's only left/right clicking. Can't decide how I want this to act.
@RebeccaChernoff Maybe just one button to toggle through all three states?
Well, it's going to be click+drag to select a range, not just click. So it isn't really something you want to have to do more than once.
Everything starts in "maybe". LMB goes to "yes". RMB goes to "no". But then if you're in "yes"/"no", LMB switches and RMB goes to "maybe"? Is that confusing?
@RebeccaChernoff Quite. Another idea - a separate set of buttons, say, on top of where you drag - clicking on one will set the state of the range you select.
1:51 AM
Yeah, that feels like cheating somehow.
@RebeccaChernoff Hi rebbeca, sorry to bother
one questions
my notifications in SO are all over the place
sometimes I get them
sometimes not
it is very strange
my question is should I email the team?
or post on meta?
No problems with notifications here. Meta.
Yes but "lighter"
@RebeccaChernoff I just have the envelope lighted randomly
every now and then
for no aparent reason
but I get notifications
Several notifications have been moved to the Gen-U-Wine inbox. But the envelope is not random.
in SO
no, of course
it shouldn't be
but it sure seems so (because of the bu or whatever)
1:57 AM
People started talking :o
You probably have a favorite notification. Or a revision.
yes but it's not showing up
on the click
I doubt it is a bug, but post specific details on MSO.
ok, I will
@TimStone :O indeed
1:58 AM
Craziness :P
@RebeccaChernoff thanks!!
Bah. State buttons at the top feels so dirty. ):
@TimStone I've updated the elections page
Say wha?
@RebeccaChernoff Why?
1:59 AM
@YiJiang checks
I dunno. It just does.
I don't know why, but I keep getting 'There was an error processing your vote' when voting, even though if I go back I can see that the vote has registered
Had that happen a few times this week
Do you have Firebug enabled?
I feel like I recall something about that.
2:13 AM
Yes, but how would that affect the voting system?
I use Chrome, so no
I dunno, I just feel like I remember seeing something on MSO about voting and Firebug.
2:41 AM
Big news:
Submitting my game now. iPad update will come later.
Didn't you do that days ago?
I mean, obviously not, but... shrugs
Heh :P
Gah, its way too warm - I can't think and I know its not too early
I need a break! (and some air conditioning)
2:57 AM
Warm? I'm dodging icicles that want to impale me while trying not to fall off the sidewalks which are solid sheets of ice
I suddenly remembered there was blueberry pie in my dreams last night, so I went and bought one
3:23 AM
@Rebecca I was testing. I just submitted tonight.
4:01 AM
You know what's a better way of looking for posts to edit than looking through the /review pages? Look at the famous-questions badge question list. Most of them have at least one or two 'thanks' and 'i have this question can you help me' there
Q: Is it possible to get instant messenger assistance?

WillingLearnerTrying to remedy some issues in jquery, and would love if i could borrow an expert for like 15 minutes or so over yahoo messenger to help me iron out these issues. Asking questions via the regular stackoverflow protocol has left me with more questions than answers, especially when i have to wait...

4:31 AM
@DanGrossman </hotcocoa>
4:54 AM
@YiJiang How do you do inner shadows in CSS3?
@Moshe box-shadow: inset ...
I didn't know that that existed. Really cool!
5:08 AM
A: pyso.py - Python Stack Overflow library

user5024Hello My name is tessy,i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(tessymurphy@yahoo.co.uk) I believe we can move...

5:20 AM
@YiJiang Agreed.
5:39 AM
@YiJiang lmao
Just open sourced a small app on GitHub. Yay for Open Source.
5:57 AM
And now a blog post too... Oy, I'm on a roll.
Is it just me, or am I really getting more and more "tech-support" requests when I'm on vacation from school?
Hey, this guy is anti-jQuery!
Q: How to change the src of a img with its alt?

DivyaIs there way to change the image src with its alt on load of the image? I want the script to automatically change the image's source to the image's alt. Before <img src="" alt="exe"> After <img src="exe" alt"exe">

Look at the comment on the answer.
7:01 AM
@Jin - Just saw the live Apple.SE site redesign. Wow. Really really nice.
7:38 AM
@Moshe thanks. I'm still fixing css bugs for it now :)
And I found more! YAY!
@MichaelMrozek replied
@MichaelMrozek we did use the hack fix for most of our buttons. but not all. i feel at this point it's not worth fixing all of them since the patch is coming out soon.
8:01 AM
That's odd, I'm getting 404 not found with rads.stackoverflow.com/ossads/all
8:29 AM
yeah, there's a strange redirect to ads/reach_devs2.png going on
which doesn't exist
8:48 AM
A: omegle.com title change imitation

mierin javascript change document.title every half second change the icon? i have never try .i will try it justnow!wait! i have try it ! but i can't achieve it!

wtf is this person trying to say? And how can this unintelligible question be voted up and accepted?
> and thought i'd accept your answer as you kinda need it
there's your answer :)
pure altruism
flagging as low quality...
9:11 AM
@badp huh?
9:45 AM
@Kragen _ you... will... upvote... me... _
cant.... look.... away.....
10:14 AM
@badp my eyes!!!
I'm trying to work out if I'm going to be able to use the icons from this page: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms175913.aspx
I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but they're so pretty! :-(
@Kragen "© 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved."
2 hours later…
12:21 PM
@DanGrossman Thanks - that site looks like just what I need.
12:43 PM
//rolls over
function sleep(){
for(hours in day){
Hi! :)
1:19 PM
while(tooTiredToWriteCode){ sleep(); }
if (tooWiredToWriteCode) {
    // sleep and wakeup time are specified in seconds
    if still (tooWiredToWriteCode) {
        repeat 2; // repeats the outer if block
@RebeccaChernoffyour script is missing some instructions. (my blog post about getting the script running in safari) rchern.github.com/StackExchangeScripts
    function tooTired() {
        if (tooTiredToWriteCode) {
        } else {
@Nyszika7H it's tooTired, not tooWired
@Moshe So it works on Safari?
None of us has tested it there
1:27 PM
@Moshe oh, that makes much more sence :)
reproduced fakepath with Chrome 10.0.648.6 dev
@Nyuszika7H status-bydesign
Search for 'fakepath' on MSO
I know, I've already found that :)
also the drive letter is always C:
1:32 PM
However, the file uploads fine… as you can see above. :)
@YiJiang - I've gotten the scripts running in safari. I havent tested all of it's functionality, but it seems to work.

1:56 PM
@YiJiang SEChatModifications breaks chat. Could you take a look at it?
> Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'run' of undefined (jquery.livequery.js:182)
Try reloading, apparently Livequery failed to load
Nothing I can do from my end here
Yes, that's the problem.
Now I can't even disable or uninstall it! :( Blank Canvas Script Handler's settings page won't show up.
@Nyuszika7H Hmmm?
2:08 PM
@YiJiang BCSH is something like Greasemonkey… but for Chrome.
3:19 PM
Nobody's here on a sunday, huh?
@ErickRobertson Usually not, apparently.
I'm here, what's up?
Not a lot, just trying to get some work done and enjoy my Sunday
@ErickRobertson Same here.
what do you do for work?
@ErickRobertson I work for myself. I'm actually a student, I do iOS apps as a hobby.
3:23 PM
have you sold any?
@ErickRobertson Most of my apps have been targeted towards a niche market. I just submitted a game last night, though. To answer your question, I've had a few thousand downloads.
Hi again! :)
@Moshe Why didn't you use the reply? :)
@Nyuszika7H Hi
No need to.
Actually, most people only do when there are multiple conversations go on at once.
@Erick - Do you have any iOS devices?
3:27 PM
I have an iPhone 3GS and an iPad
I'm looking forward to getting the iPhone 5 this summer
I was working on two different games in Xcode, but it was too many projects at once. Really, I just wanted some experience in Objective-C and iOS dev.
@ErickRobertson Nice.
If you want, feel free to check my apps out on the app store. Search "Moshe Berman"
@ErickRobertson What languages do you use regularly? (For work or whatever.) Also, I get the point of too many projects... haha.
@Moshe "Niche market" = "Jewish People"?
My day job takes Java, and my night job takes PHP.
Do you live in Israel?
@ErickRobertson Yes, exactly.
@ErickRobertson Nope, I'm Jewish though. My game is a remake of the Palm/Calculator classic "Dope Wars"
Oh yes, you were talking about this the other day.
So I submitted the iPhone version last night.
3:35 PM
Well, if you want any advice about making the market more realistic, I can help you with that.
My day job is financial market analysis software
I'm open to advice.
What are you using to model drug prices?
Well I modeled it after the original, random numbers in ranges.
And it's sushi, not drugs. :-)
That can be significantly improved.
Oh, Sushi, huh? Interesting.
Okay. How so?
Yea, I figured Apple is not interested in more "not-child-friendly" material in the App Store.
3:37 PM
Are you doing the same day-by-day gameplay of dope wars?
Yes, gameplay is identical, the names have been changed. The "Cops chasing you" event has been modified slightly, but that it.
Instead of cops, it's overdedicated fans. And the change there is that there is no gun, you fend them off with half of your money.
How much are you charging for it?
I'm there too :/
@ErickRobertson $1.99
@Nyuszika7H You mean "I'm here too"?
3:40 PM
Do you have good screenshots?
@Moshe yes
@Nyuszika7H Where are you from?
Nope, not yet. I have to redo those slightly.
@ErickRobertson Hungary
I am planning an update to make it iPad compatible.
3:41 PM
@Moshe I don't know that I would pay $1.99 for a game like that without screenshots.
Yeah, you were talking about the iPad interface last time I was in here.
@ErickRobertson Oh, there are screenshots, but they're not dressed up in the iPhone artwork and stuff.
@Nyuszika7H Never heard of it.
Perhaps I'll work on that today.
@ErickRobertson Where are you from?
@ErickRobertson It's a country
@Moshe If you want to make sales, you will need the best screenshots. Actual screenshots of in-game screens that make the game look really cool.
3:43 PM
There's some form I officially have to print to use the iPhone graphics in my artwork. Once I print that and put it in the mail, I'll rework the art.
@Moshe Chicago, IL, US 60646
@ErickRobertson - Do you want to see the screenshots I submitted?
@Moshe Sure
@Nyuszika7H Near Austria, right?
@ErickRobertson yep
My wife's family is from the Czech Republic
Of course, when they lived there, it was still Czechoslovakia
3:44 PM
Hungary (; ), officially the Republic of Hungary (Hungarian:Magyar Köztársaság , literally "Hungarian Republic"), is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is situated in the Pannonian Basin and it is bordered by Slovakia to the north, Ukraine and Romania to the east, Serbia and Croatia to the south, Slovenia to the southwest and Austria to the west. The capital and largest city is Budapest. Hungary is a member of the European Union, NATO, the OECD, the Visegrád Group, and is a Schengen state. On 1 January 2011, Hungary became the seat for the Presidency of the Council of the Europe...
The main menu
oh, nice.
you should offer the choice of switching the whole game over to Japanese
An in game screenshot.
3:46 PM
I would be glad to provide you with mediocre translations :)
@ErickRobertson If I knew Japanese! (My friend does... i wonder if he wants to help.)
many of the buttons, you can just use the english words in Katakana.
Well my friend taught himself the language to the point where he can watch anime online.
@Moshe LOL, that's what I did!
3:47 PM
But then I went over there and played trumpet for a baseball cheerleading group inside the stadium.
I am indeed looking for translators. What other languages do you know?
I think I might be a kind of a legend in certain parts of Koushien stadium.
Oh, trumpet, nice!
@ErickRobertson Haha.
I took French in high school, but I never played video games in french or anything, so I would be a bad choice there.
I've played Hot Shots Golf, Pro Yakyu Spirits (Japanese baseball game from the year I cheered - so all the right players and everything), and Final Fantasy XIII in Japanese
We have a French speaker here already.
3:49 PM
I really couldn't follow FF13 much, but I could translate all the buttons and understand the game mechanics
I have to see how the initial sales go.
When it came out in English 4 months later, I just started over :P
Do you have GameCenter integration?
@Pekka - Hi
3:50 PM
Hi @Moshe
@ErickRobertson - Yep.
Is "Nippon" the title of your app?
12 Achievements and counting and a global leaderboard.
@Pekka - Yes
Oops, should've nukes those. Eh, it's all good.
@Moshe nice
@Pekka - Would you be interested in helping to translate the app into German?
@Pekka Thanks.
3:52 PM
you going to pay us? :)
I'd do it myself, but our German proposal on A51 is stalled right now.
@ErickRobertson Translators get a promo code, just like the beta testers.
in general yes, but not right now (loads and loads of work)
oh, for a free copy
@ErickRobertson yep
@Moshe do you have time and/or space to take on another project?
3:53 PM
@Pekka I hear ya. If you want to, please email me: yetanotheriphoneapp GMAIL
@ErickRobertson - odds are not, but I have a bad habit of doing so, so what's up?
@Pekka I'm asking for an email because I know you plan to go offline in a bit, but I assume you'll still have some email access, so if you can email me now-ish, even though neither of us are up to translating the app yet, that would be nice.
Thank you.!
Searching on DuckDuckGo.
3:58 PM
> Did you mean joutant?
> Did you mean toutant?
Yea, that's a weird captcha
Sideways numbers? Never seen that before.
Neither me. Anyways, it's 18 15 23 44 :P
In a captcha? Sideways? What is this anti-spam-bot-evil that is overtaking our world?
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