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8:02 PM
> How do you prefer to be contacted about job opportunities?
Twasn't a great survey
@S.L.Barth It is The Netherlands
Low Quality A (21.8%): Can you explain what you are trying to do? You dont control on who uses ..., by □ pbaniya04, on dba.stackexchange.com.
I think both his answers are NAA
Is that non-linked url an attempt at spam?
8:06 PM
@rene Well, then the Netherlands is the same as Afghanistan.... that's exciting :-)
not enough rep there to flag
> How frequently do you read Stack Overflow questions or answers?
> I have never been on Stack Overflow. I just love taking surveys.
@rene I consider it grey territory between "trying to be helpful with a link" and "spamming". The other answer is also a link to the same site.
@ento The survey is for anyone who wants to take it and can understand this sentence. — samthebrand ♦ 1 hour ago
Low Quality A (24.7%): it comed from weed being referred to as THE BOMB, by □ J Dizzle, on english.stackexchange.com.
8:09 PM
^ NAA, or ?
I have no idea
@LynnCrumbling I did vlq
whatever it is, we don't want it on SE
@Frank ok.. I agree
Done with survey.
8:12 PM
Bye Inf
@Frank Linking to Salesforce official docs on Salesforce site is not spam...
@Frank sorta
Low Quality A (100%): It means they are using a cracked version of the software., by □ Kyle, on gaming.stackexchange.com.
@bjb568 How many m&ms did you count?
8:15 PM
what where?
in the survey
I… didn't see anything about m&ms.
ok then you're not old enough
@bjb568 Same here.
8:16 PM
Only old people get m&ms? :(
@Doorknob Yeah, I'm thinking there's an age barrier :( I loaded the survey in Private Browsing (no cookies) and it came up :( — RPi Awesomeness 4 hours ago
Now I wonder if they asked the younger folks something they didn't ask us... :/
complains to @shog again
8:20 PM
brighten up those dreary bank robberies a bit
I mean, skiing
Can't even complain to shog? D:
u can complain to ur parents and see what they think... jk
they think ther thotz
8:22 PM
goes and washes truck
Is there an age limit for chat/SO?
@SterlingArcher shouldn't be
I was hoping there was :(
Same age limit as for the rest of the site @SterlingArcher
8:26 PM
@SterlingArcher well ... that's not good
I swear if it's alfredo >=(
@SterlingArcher people lie.
He's acting like a 12 year old so I hope he's removed.
@SterlingArcher he could have lied
@SterlingArcher no, he's acting like an idiot.
8:28 PM
If you're going to lie about your age, you take on the risk of breaking the sites rules
If somebody claims to be 12, does a mod have proper clearance to act?
@SterlingArcher yes
@SterlingArcher yes
@SterlingArcher yes
Well there we go :D
@SterlingArcher yes
TBF tho, he could be 13 now.
8:30 PM
Don't be Frank, he's already here.
Hm… this is interesting tho. What if somebody said they were 12, then a minute later said they just turned 13? Could/should mods act on that?
Pending behavior? :P
@Pëkka awesome. You're selling those?
@bjb568 sure.
I'm 7
8:34 PM
Oh, you look tall tho. I wouldn't think that big of a tree is 7.
@Frank pretty immature for a 7 year old though
@Bart lol
@Frank But if you say you're 13 but joined the site >1y ago you're fine, I think.
8:36 PM
@bjb568 give it a shot. For science...
eh… no.
@Andy Obviously I need to report @bjb's account now for certain... irregularities.
not voting irregularities?
@bjb568 Wait, you have been serially voting? I shall report this too!
not flagging irregularities?
So… what should I include on the DevDoodle how to ask page?
8:53 PM
@bjb568 How to not be a noob/troll/spammer.
And write that (^^) in bold
8:58 PM
Low Quality A (21.8%): I followed Ben Bolker's reccomendation and loaded a clean R session. Ra..., by □ rain, on stats.stackexchange.com.
What's that about?
Screenshot reflects excellent pixel density.
Nah, I just make my screenshot excellent.
yesterday, by Sam
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 16 hours ago, by Sam
in Tavern on the Meta, 2 days ago, by Unihedro
3 hours ago, by Unihedro
If the user of report has only 1 rep, add a hollow square to the left of the username. If the user of report has over 20 rep, add a filled square to the left of the username.
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 7 hours ago, by Unihedro
@Mooseman 1 rep user = hollow square, >= 20 reo user = solid square
9:01 PM
Which is in addition to the on-hover info.
Make the square link to explanation message!
Good idea.
A: Why aren't creationism and natural science on the same level? (Or are they?)

alanfThe slogan different scientists can reach very different conclusions, depending on their starting assumptions. is misleading in the context of the "debate" between evolution and creationism. Scientists aim to explain how the world works. If two scientists disagree about some issue, then a...

9:11 PM
@rene 3k? o_O
oh, it's old
yeah... that was before the war in better times a long time ago....
@bjb568 Is there a Yahoo Answer about an implementation for StackExchange?
there's stock exchange stuff too.
Yay, mr brown is here!
I wonder if that question about Yahoo answers wasn't just meant to troll Jeff Atwoord...!
.....as we all know how much he loves PHP ;-)
Everyone loves PHP!
9:20 PM
@S.L.Barth That is possible. He still has a diamond. He can protect it if he wants to keep it... ;)
@rene It's [on hold] now.... some people saved him the effort.
I just realized it's really obvious if you have a reopen queue audit, the "this question has been closed" notice is automatically displayed (but it isn't for non-audits)
@KevinBrown Time for a bug report on MSE then.
9:49 PM
Q: Reopen queue audits are very obvious

Kevin BrownIn the reopen queue, questions are displayed with most of the influential information removed, usually giving you just the revision information. In my case, I am given just the markdown changes, with no information about why it was closed and who it was closed by. But in the case of a review ...

hmph, by design
@KevinBrown sounds like mission fucking accomplished
10:07 PM
Thanks @Shog9, for some reason the audits always stood out because most of the reopen queue items on SO are for edits
Whoa. Why'd the reopen queue on SO jump to triple digits?
I went ahead and added 300-some non-edited review tasks to the queue so you'd have a chance to observe more closely the match between these and audits... — Shog9 ♦ 4 mins ago
Selected at random, or...?
the other thing
10:11 PM
chickens it is then
@Fundamental no, random obviously selected them.
Seems like posts with a high amount of views @Shog9?
among other things
@hichris123 ... and then went to review them, leaving most closed.
Some people's ideas of fun...
10:14 PM
@Fundamental Yeah, most are tool recs & "Which is better?" "Why should I choose this?", etc.
@Fundamental Better than close voting!
> How to write Rest in PHP
That's... a question?
Speaking of which, I think my chicken kind of looks like a fire pheonix ... without the pretty feathers. But others would probably disagree ...
Thoughts on stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/6937920? I feel like it's still not a good question... but should it stay closed?
@hichris123 I voted to keep it closed. It's broad.
There are many ways to write a recursive function.
One of those reopened: How to connect android wifi to adhoc wifi? could use an edit... but more importantly, does anyone care about Android 2.x now? Also... is it really about programming?
@hichris123 if you reopen that, you'll just encourage the author to ask more like it.
10:20 PM
@hichris123 no delete votes left
@Andy True.
@Shog9 Author's gone, so I'm not too worried about that.
@hichris123 Eh. I was over ruled.
@Fundamental I'm pretty sure there are still a large amount of 2.x users
@Fundamental I voted to leave that closed. It's not super related to programming, although it has a code answer... but then again, a lot of non-programming questions can be figured out via code.
@hichris123 that was the joke
10:22 PM
@KevinBrown less than 20%.
@Shog9 I'm slow today, aren't I?
Or I am
More than likely me.
@KevinBrown ~8%
@hichris123 Haven't checked on it lately, but it's good to hear it's finally below 10%.
yup. Now, if my dad can just get rid of his Gingerbread phone...
Can you be talented at, say, dissing people? Or talent is a word that can only be used on what considered are good things?
10:28 PM
@Shog9 Are there edit-based reopen audits or are they only set up like these?
@KevinBrown no
Fairly sure this is off-topic but okay on SF/SU? stackoverflow.com/questions/20099271/…
Yeah, I'm slow today.
@hichris123 That's because it's impossible.
@bjb568 No one could have written a good answer saying that?
@Shog9 Chicken yummy!
@hichris123 No.
10:37 PM
Well, looks like someone cleaned it up
@KevinBrown was that the flash one?
Ooh, cabam!
@hichris123 Yup, the closest to saying "no, it's can be done with JS"
Yeah. That one probably could have been saved with some major editing... but meh.
it's a dup several times over
10:39 PM
Oh, of course.
That's why I like Shog.
Yup, Shog's right. There's a good number of duplicates of that question.
Splint evil. Better with no splint.
straight bones are so conformist
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… seems to have irrelevant info. What they do now in 2008 doesn't matter if the project was finished in 2003.
My calc grade sucks. I thot 2 * 2 = 2 and 5^2 = 24.
I'm stuck with an awful 98.59%, maybe not even best in the class :(
11:01 PM
@bjb568 That is bad...
It's lower than 98.6%, which is the lowest acceptable score...
Wish I could star them all.
Good idea, we can all star alternate ones!
11:05 PM
I'm out of stars
I'm not.
that was good
My skewl has a powerskewl course registration thing. Guess if it works.
Hint: it doesn't.
hmm, hard one...
it... works?
11:15 PM
@Frank Try again; you have 9 attempts left.
A: Stackexchange.com is broken (some of the time)

Geoff DalgasWe went through a round of server upgrades last week. All of the issues we had should be fixed now.

No more issues left at SE.
yeah right
11:36 PM
user image
Is that even true? Better ask at Coffee
coffee many yuk
dvs site
Giraffe is not cold blooded, so no, the coffee would not get cold. But whoever said that, thanks for letting us you that you are an idiot.
Q: Is Kopi Luwak safe to drink?

Alex BKopi luwak, i.e. Vietnamese weasel coffee, is made from beans that have been consumed and excreted by civets. It can cost as much as $3000/lb, so few have probably tried it. This process doesn't seem incredibly sanitary. Is this coffee safe to drink? Do people contract diseases from drinking ...

@chmod711telkitty It'd be cooled down from 210˚ right?
11:40 PM
@bjb568 -1
@chmod711telkitty Coffee at body temperature is cold coffee.
Coffee is life
ur life is yuk
ur life smells like cat
mi life iz teh cat
11:41 PM
You are unlikely to understand why people drink coffee until you have a job...
will be do flexy hour
fake smile ^
hi @inf
lol drink extremely hot coffee will give you throat cancer in the long run & whoever force a giraffe to drink 210˚ coffee will be sued for animal cruelty
11:42 PM
Hiya @bluet
@chmod711telkitty but that's what they do to people :(
@chmod711telkitty source?
@chmod711telkitty source?
tea is bitter
iz yuk
11:45 PM
tea is gross.
Even snapple
But snapple does make good juice.
Dec 24 '14 at 17:36, by Sompuperoo
user image
Who is Sompuperoo? ... btw, it's about time for another name change.
11:49 PM
> you may change again in 3 hours

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