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4:00 PM
@Frank failure! that's what I have in mind:
that scared me
for real
no joke
@PatrickHofman Thank you sir.
4:00 PM
Someone link the bird-wash picture again. My current state of mind in that question I linked.
@LynnCrumbling Your appreciation is appreciated. Sir. :)
@J.Steen birsh wash?
@J.Steen got him to admit he was wrong:
@J.Musser I know that. but where? — sandeeMPS 2 mins ago
deletes comment
Low Quality A (24.7%): None of this stuff worked for me., by □ Anon, on apple.stackexchange.com.
4:03 PM
@Bart Wasn't you the inspiration for Voltaire?
Obligatory reference.
So why would someone view my profile on Sharepoint? doesn't make sense
4:07 PM
@Frank Do you want us all to view it now? ;)
Sort of!
@Frank how do you know someone viewed your profile?
views: 1
4:08 PM
@ShadowWizard stats->profile views
@ShadowWizard was checking flag count on my profiles...
A: How to make an object immutable

ThunderAnswer for making Ef objects immutable : Private property-setters. public class Users { public int Id { get;private set; } public string FirstName { get;private set; } public string LastName { get; private set; } } Courtse – J. Steen

Nice, private setters and no constructor. That will make it immutable :)
facepalm, so much
Obviously I should give up on my attempts to help humanity.
J. Musser, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
1 4
only 1 rep. bug?
4:10 PM
You should get +100 bonus on all sites, that's the only one you didn't get a bonus
10 profile views... why?
@Frank people are curious
Many bork!
looks like I awarded a bounty in my sleep lol
4:11 PM
I got over 6000 in MSE
Over... 9000?
It could be said that Frank is... branching out. shades
@J.Steen account on every Stack Exchange site is impressive, yep
@J.Steen branching produces shade!
4:14 PM
@bjb568 Very meta.
@J.Steen heh eh eh eh
@ShadowWizard so many account and not a single Fluttertree avatar. Opportunities lost.
@Mooseman unicorn @Frank
Still have no idea why there's a bounty awarded... prolly kids sabotaging account
@Mooseman kill @Mooseman
4:16 PM
evil kids
@Frank what bounty? where?
I missed it.
looks like that's where it went.
But oh well, no flagging for me on that site...
> Notice added Reward existing answer by J. Musser
4:17 PM
Low Quality A (20.5%): Wut........................................................................, by □ user37908, on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com.
You really don't remember staring that bounty??
@ShadowWizard nope.
why would I?
No idea what 'Making sense of principal component analysis, eigenvectors & eigenvalues' even means...
@Frank you probably stumbled upon that answer somehow, saw the nice charts, and decided to give it +100 on a whim
When done late at night, our memory sometimes fails to store such events :D
still think it was the kids...
but idec really, there isn't any spam there
@Frank luckily for you it's the only one :)
4:20 PM
@ShadowWizard so far...
glad it wasn't drupal xD
> Bounty Ended with JD Long's answer chosen by J. Musser
@Braiam yup, my account.
so messed up.
I'm not gonna blame anyone, cause if someone found my account open it was my fault anyway >_>
4:24 PM
or that ... LOL
only English letters and "-" characters in tags @Lynn
Power out = bot off
Back 2 Back
Front 2 Front
Side by Side
back 2 front...
4:25 PM
@ShadowWizard I'm like, 'yeah, let's stop before something... happens ... not going there'
@Frank I know! :D
9588 lols in Tavern
4:29 PM
What's the opposite of lol
15 lols by @Frank today!
@LynnCrumbling looks like a scared hummingbird.
@ShadowWizard I lol a lot
@Frank cis (crying inside silently)
4:30 PM
@ShadowWizard tu quoque
you too
@SPArchaeologist ☹
4:36 PM
Many bork!
Who do I ping?
That not bork
@bjb568 get a good NTP server
What's that?
time server?
My time is awesome.
@bjb568 what makes that bork?
It only does that rarely on opening the page that was already there after computer was sleeping.
(safari of course)
Low Quality A (100%): Try farting on your keyboard. Worked for me., by □ Dragon ritual, on gaming.stackexchange.com.
complains to @Shog
@bjb568 you mean, showing lots of times?
@bjb568 balpha presumably?
4:39 PM
complains to @balpha too
@bjb568 did you change your system clock?
does F5 fix it?
no yes
Low Quality A (21.8%): Thank you for your reply. So I would like convert a big point layer from..., by ■ user15561, on gis.stackexchange.com TP Acknowledged.
@bjb568 chances are you have to restart your browser, changing the system clock tends to screw them up
@ShadowWizard pulls out a little plush from his pocket. Go Chibi-Fluttershy, give him The Stare.
4:42 PM
Can we stop notifications for recent achievements, reputations, badges and privileges earned? I do not wish to see that green box.
@Oracle nope
@Oracle lolwhy
@balpha BTW, macs don't use F5
@Oracle Add CSS rule.
4:44 PM
because Macs are difficult.
@bjb568 You've awoken shog...
@bjb568 CTRL/CMD + R is pretty universal though
On Macs, CMD+R inserts an amusing Emoji
@Shog9 nope. It is because they work the first time, without need for a second try...
@bjb568 some proprietary add-on button I guess? That isn't compatible with any new version of the mac you end up buying? But looks ooooooh so stylish and unique, if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't?
4:46 PM
@Oracle click on it, it'll go away... :D
Or ignore it forever. Ain't like it's blocking anything.
Or stop to achieve anything.
@Bart ?
Just turn off your computer. Go start some tomato seedlings, slacker.
@Shog9 :O
4:47 PM
where is teh grammar?
@Shog9 no likey teh tomahto
@Frank I don't want to see it at all. Looking at it gives me occasional adrenaline rushes.
@Frank grammer are overrated
(On Macs, CMD+S turns off your computer and starts seedlings)
@Shog9 if he plays some game like Harvest Moon he could start those seedling while stile at the pc.
4:47 PM
@Shog9 OK! goes off and starts some tomato seedling 5 1/2 weeks ahead of schedule
I do tolerate tomato in my #8.
@Oracle Really? Cool!
@Oracle it's basically all the exercise I get, so it's a good thing.
@Oracle There really isn't a way to turn it off. Srry. You can post only bad posts, and never get upvoted...
4:53 PM
SPAM ‍http://sports.stackexchange.com/a/8664/6278
Low Quality A (24.7%): Checked with an other computer: it is on my computer only., by ■ Delcon, on stackoverflow.com.
A: Is it possible to match an internal IP address to a switch port?

Jonathan YantisI wrote a free application for unix systems that will keep track of all IP addresses and the use of your switchports on a Cisco network. It comes with a CLI interface and a Web Interface, is easy to search and can generate CSV reports. It also has a bunch of other features for switch management...

this almost looks like a spam audit.
IDK about spam tho, so flagged VLQ
ooh qa qa
@bjb568 Been there for 5.5 years...
ahhhhh the private beta voting rush
never gets old
Undo, Northwest USA
136 4
User #2!
y I can't get in...
5:00 PM
I'm user #42. Much better :P
I'm #25 on LH
Me null! Me null!
@Frank Even if you didn't commit, you can; just go to the Area 51 proposal, click "Visit the site now" and then you can register anyway.
@Frank what he says ^
@ProgramFOX ok
@Bart ok
#45 lol
I'm not even gonna use the site...
5:04 PM
Low Quality A (24.7%): Great! SelectNodeByValue works like a charm, by □ pezmannen, on stackoverflow.com.
1234256 on SO. If only I could remove the latter 2...
@balpha apparently @TimStone and I are the only troublemakers around ...
Yay! #PirateBay
begins bittorrent
@Mooseman you might need something more. Mere ninjas can't kill someone who has tamed kurama :P
Low Quality A (21.6%): I am also facing the same problem. Incase you got the answer. It would b..., by □ Bharat, on stats.stackexchange.com.
5:08 PM
Can't flag, 1 repz^^ :(
@ShadowWizard you sure about it? I thought you know why the room description of den contains thing about lurking shadows.
so tpa'd
@Mooseman kill @DroidDev
Ugh. My bot ignores itself.
@Frank done
@Mooseman ROFL, actually it is enlightened with my actual identity and is afraid to attack me :P
sometimes, the way I exagerrate things, even I laugh at myself
5:11 PM
naa^ reply to above comment
not necessarily offensive
@Undo almost 1st in rep now. #NewBetaOlympics
@Frank this is how it went on Astro
another subject I know nothing about
5:16 PM
@Undo takes the lead
@Frank ... wait wut?
this does not bode well for the site if I'm in the lead
Low Quality A (100%): Why the nearest section of proppler is more gross?, by □ user7143, on aviation.stackexchange.com.
spam still there^^
5:37 PM
yay coffee
@TomMedley My point was, indoor coffee plants aren't that effective. Outdoors, a good plant will produce around 2-3 lbs. of grean beans per year. They are usually planted about 8'x8' apart, or a near equivalent, so 680 plants per acre, = around 1700 lbs of green coffee per acre per year, under good conditions. — J. Musser 41 secs ago
Low Quality A (21.7%): @Martin (Sorry I couldn't comment back, needed 50 rep) I've added R_2 ..., by □ KidMe, on math.stackexchange.com.
and I'm out for now...
5:54 PM
Youtube is broken?
500 network error...
no repro
@Unihedro Is it on a mobile device?
My tablet has been throwing that for a few days, but a refresh works.
Can't replicate it on my phone or my browser
@Andy It happens only in incognito mode, very weird
@Unihedro s/network/http
6:05 PM
@bjb568 No, the error says "Network Error", thanks for troubleshooting with your crystal ball though.
It doesn't matter what it says.
It's an HTTP 500.
You sure? What if it is a network error and it's not related to a server problem?
Then there is something very borked.
Youtube uses HTTPS anyway, so if that's still working, nothing's going to interfere. Google itself obviously knows how to use error codes.
Low Quality A (100%): OSHONTE MSSUOUR MAMWAZEL uuula la honk yonk, by □ AHSIS AMADSE, on superuser.com.
^ Offensive
With ELL, one has to check the question first... but yes, still flaggable.
Low Quality A?: alternatively if your glasses do get scratched, you can use turtle wax t..., by □ user169097, on lifehacks.stackexchange.com.
^^ It's really not an answer to the question, but it's not a comment...
> and add a layer of scratch-resistant hard wax to them
6:12 PM
Looks answery to me.
@Pham gone'd
So... you're saying that we shouldn't star a dozen messages a dozen times each congratulating me on something? — Undo 2 mins ago
Blasphemous feature request.
unless everytime is so importance we must drop everything, then no, no you shouldn't. — Virusboy 1 min ago
6:36 PM
Hi, I would like to get a tag added for a 3D engine (Minko). We will be moving our tech forum to StackOverflow, but I'd like to keep track of the questions. Unfortunately, nobody here has enough reputation to do so. Questions already exist on SO regarding the engine, but I cannot follow them at the moment. Should I ask someone with enough reputation?
@WarrenSeine Can you link an existing question that should use the proposed tag?
A: Let's think of a creative name for our chatroom

UndoHow do I get out? I just had to.

@WarrenSeine besides the tag, "moving our tech forum to StackOverflow" sounds somewhat problematic.
Yay, Vi and Vim in private beta!
I've no idea what those things are, but a lot of people seemed excited...
@Mooseman Thank you.
@Bart That sounds like a good idea to me. What is problematic?
@WarrenSeine I suggest you propose a wiki/wiki excerpt as well.
You forgot 'Software Recommendations' for Software Recommendations. That's the most creative one. — Undo 3 mins ago
Nope, it was stolen from Mathematics, where the chat room is "Mathematics"
6:44 PM
oh :(
@WarrenSeine we're not a forum first of all. And you better make sure to tell your users that their posts will have to adhere to the SO rules. I wouldn't make it my only line of support.
I'm looking for the canonical post at the moment @WarrenSeine, because we do have some advice for such moves.
most of it is "don't"
@Bart I totally understand. I will make sure the community understands.
@Bart Help Center is pretty canonical...
@WarrenSeine That'd be quite a feat...
6:45 PM
@Fundamental yep, will do I guess. But I remember a post by Tim Post (iirc) ...
Where should I propose a retag event? (On SO: => )
Ok, that makes sense to me.

I will keep using GitHub for "classic" forum-style questions anyway.
@WarrenSeine great, because you might annoy your users if they come here only to have their questions closed by us
P.s. make sure to fill out the tag wiki and excerpt as soon as possible with good information.
@Mooseman Oh, I get it. I will check all the questions already asked regarding Minko to see if some use the wrong one (I don't think so).
V/V (five of five) in C major is D. It contains F# which is non-diatonic. That doesn't mean you're not still in C. — bjb568 18 secs ago
6:51 PM
@WarrenSeine The retag was unrelated to your request. But do propose edits to questions that should have the tag.
@DroidDev lol, recently you tend to be silent lurker D:
@ShadowWizard haha, but never mistake that for my absence. I am always there ;)
I'm out of close votes, but this is just too poor... stackoverflow.com/q/28306578/1864610
@Bart D'you mean this?
@Sam nope
don't think so
6:59 PM
It was more of a "how to successfully do this" kind of post
Gotcha. wonders back off to meta, never to be seen again
:D ... I'm getting so frustrated. There is a post and I can't find it
@Mooseman @Bart I've added the excerpt and the description for the tag. Do you think it's relevant? stackoverflow.com/tags/minko/info
@bummi flagged
7:09 PM
@WarrenSeine I think that's good.
@WarrenSeine approved
@Mooseman done
@Sam *wanders
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@TGMCians Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
7:17 PM
@Fundamental Eh, thanks.
@ProgramFOX both of them can go.
@SmokeDetector gone
is back
7:44 PM
Why am I in 25 chat rooms...
begins leaving chatrooms
In that last SO survey, I think there were 728 m&m peanuts in there
@Frank O_O No. Way.
Maybe we'll both get shirts?
lol. U serious?
7:53 PM
what survey?
Oh, I already took it
Q: Stack Overflow Annual Survey 2015

samthebrandThis year's survey is officially open. To participate, click here. Windows vs. OSX. Vim vs. Emacs. Tabs vs. Spaces. Lots of questions about who you are, how you work, and how you use Stack Overflow. It's all in there. Joel wanted to include a dozen "Would you rather fight..." questions involvin...

country list is awful, US should be at the top.
that too
Netherlands should be at the top :-)
7:59 PM
I was surprised my address wasn't listed as the top country...

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