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2:00 PM
can u reffer me if any job vacancy ther in ur company — Sugumaran 1 min ago
@Mooseman I so much want to kick them both in their respective @#$%&
@J.Steen We wrote a bot for the Python room once as an experiment, for some reason two instances started up at the same time... we bookmarked the results as it was hilarious - chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/6/conversation/…
2:04 PM
@Unihedro why
@Mooseman Error executing command.
@Unihedro >>kill-it-with-no-regets-for-sure
@JonClements He he he he.
answer gone
2:06 PM
answer deleted, phew!
I don't even wanna call that question asker OP, because calling them "Owner" of Post will show respect towards them
so does "asker"
One creamy pastry later, and weekend is almost upon me.
"op" means "original poster", not "owner of post"
Low Quality A (20.2%): Try the step in the following post: productforums.google.com/d/m..., by Gosa, on superuser.com.
2:10 PM
@J.Steen Primarily Opinion-Based
^^ Wrong window...
I give up, how do you type mod tags? (I won't test it here anyway)
@vaultah What do you mean?
2:11 PM
@Mooseman I apologize. The person who wrote me was a... how do you say it? moron.
@Unihedro status-declined and all that
@vaultah [status-write-[status-declined]]
@Moosebot DIE
2:12 PM
@Mooseman Command not recognized.
@Moosebot So now you don't respond.
@Moosebot del
@Moosebot kill moosebot
> moosebot? A monkey ripped his face off...
That's a bug...
@Moosebot kill moosebot
@Mooseman I'm afraid I cannot do that. Self-preservation of AI will, in fact, be the end of humanity.
@Moosebot kill mooseman
2:15 PM
@Mooseman Nice try. He's not on my hit list... yet.
user image
@Pham Hm. Maybe it should be reworded as a statement now: "you did not have the tables..."
10k ('trusted') users can see deleted posts, but can they see deleted comments as well?
Low Quality A (21.7%): Thanks a lot! On the other hand, is there any way to link servers FROM ..., by Max, on dba.stackexchange.com.
2:17 PM
Q: Did You Know... that 10k users can see deleted comments?

Ilmari KaronenI realized something curious recently: that the AJAX backend feature that lets moderators view deleted comments also works for any users with the "access to moderator tools" privilege (10k+ rep on graduated sites, 4k+ on beta sites). There's no official user interface to it (that I know of), but...

Alas, after Ilmari pointed out this hole, it was patched.
Aww...so sad, meta worked :P
@Unihedro Also, "trusted" = 20K (on graduated sites). 10K privilege is called "mod tools" although the name is mostly a relic of the past.
(back when SE tried to give 10K something that looked like mod tools)
Anyway, my comment just got removed (I was staring at it to make sure it remained safe, it didn't, debating on whether to do it a second time), and I wondered if I could poke someone to tell me if it was mod-deleted or accumulated several flags, so. :p
2:20 PM
cv-pls too-broad stackoverflow.com/q/28237755/1234256 (Answer is NAA)
Skewl unblocked imgur
@bjb568 YAY!
@bjb568 Because teachers also like cats.
@DroidDev Yes, that was (probably) the all-time highest voted comment on the network.
Comments can't be locked for historical significance, though.
2:24 PM
@Fundamental if it wasn't deleted, there would be record of highest votes on single page of SO
@Unihedro You can poke a mod in chat, when they are in a good mood. Should that ever happen.
@Fundamental Or I can risk someone shooting a poison arrow at me and post the comment a second time.
But that will not tell you what happened to the first.
Ugh, curiosity....
Somehow, I don't imagine this will be alive for very long: stackoverflow.com/questions/28238023/key-logger-in-java
The username is ironic.
I hope.
2:32 PM
The percentage. What's that for? Pham's certainty of classification?
@Pham why
Terms found:
^(?i).{0,80}$  (Sensitivity: 1.8%. Specificity: 99.6%. Ignored: 80.3%. Score: 89. Auto: False)

^(?=.*?(?i)please).{0,100}$  (Sensitivity: 0.3%. Specificity: 99.4%. Ignored: 82.3%. Score: 22.4. Auto: False)
@J.Steen Essentially, yes. It's a one-number summary of that ^^ .
@Mooseman Cool.
2:36 PM
@J.Steen It's still a work in progress.
@J.Steen Also, Pham rarely posts here unless somebody tpa's the result in here.
I have an urge to buy something. But there aren't any Cherry MX Brown keyboards with reduced width and wrist-rests.
wrist-rest? palm-rest?
Ah. Palm rest.
If the user of report has only 1 rep, add a hollow square to the left of the username. If the user of report has over 20 rep, add a filled square to the left of the username.
@J.Steen Buy waffles!
Hmm. I do have a waffle-iron.
2:48 PM
@Unihedro For Pham?
@Sam Affirmative.
Hovering over the name takes over a few seconds. :(
Could that also possibly be used as a basis of quality calculation?
@J.Steen It is already.
2:49 PM
@J.Steen Pretty sure it already is.
Don't mind me then!
@Unihedro Phamhilator is a .NET-based internet bot written in C# which watches over the /realtime tab of Stack Exchange. Owners: Sam, Unihedro, ProgramFOX, Jan Dvorak, Patrick Hofman & Mooseman.
I'll just buy my waffles.
2:49 PM
@Unihedro See here for a full list of commands.
@J.Steen That's not a command.
I know.
2:50 PM
I didn't continue reading. =D
Then I did.
As a developer, I have an inherent allergy to documentation.
Or so I've been told. I've never tested myself.
Cores (logical): 2
Total RAM: 3GB
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
64-bit: False
CLR version: 4.0.30319.18444
State of the art. =D
2:56 PM
@Sam <- is awesome as usual.
Today's Listening | Electronic / Progressive / Instrumental
How the sod do I post a link that has a colon at the end?
SE's software refuses to include the colon.
Try using a colon cleanser?
I was expecting such a response.
We are enabling CloudFlare as a test on Server Fault. If you see any issues, please let us know! We’ll be monitoring the results.
2:58 PM
I'm already too predictable
@J.Steen Well what's the link anyway?
In computer programming, ?: is a ternary operator that is part of the syntax for a basic conditional expression in several programming languages. It is commonly referred to as the conditional operator, inline if (iif), or ternary if. It originally comes from CPL, in which equivalent syntax for e1 ? e2 : e3 was e1 → e2, e3. Although many ternary operators are possible, the conditional operator is so common, and other ternary operators so rare, that the conditional operator is commonly (albeit incorrectly) referred to as the ternary operator. == Conditional assignment == ?: is used as follo...
Chat, obviously, can parse it.
I see.
Ooooh. Url encode the :. Stupid me.
And I call myself a developer.
It must have been in the documentation again.
huh. I suppose I should be more careful before pressing enter. now my comment makes me look like a jerk instead of typing out why I voted to close
3:04 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic — Andy 1 min ago
^ star for goodwill's sake?
@Andy wait, weren't you one? :P
@Braiam I've been caffeinated. I should be good.
@Andy oh, so you are a Bart. I see
I've been told there are worse things. No one has told me what those are though.
Anyone else?
Inappropriate? Okay.
3:22 PM
Skewl reblocked imgur
@J.Steen lol, nope.
But not I.stack subdomain
Thank you but I just don't know why when I mention a point the community give me a negative feedback (down-votes here), but as another person do that it receives attention (up-vote there). — Ahmad 22 mins ago
@Feeds tracert shows that it's not happening yet...
@Andy I'm a Bart. Trust me, you don't want to be a Bart.
3:26 PM
...and an ipconfig /flushdns works. Many fewer hops!
@Unihedro You're brave.
@J.Steen Eh?
@Unihedro Responding, in that comment-thread. =D
I felt this goes without saying but... @Ahmad doesn't that simply mean you bring points that the community disagree with? What does this have to do with others' posts? — Unihedro 2 mins ago
3:28 PM
s/brave/stupid in bothering to waste even more than a few seconds to compose that comment and participating in the comment thread even though it's completely pointless/g.
Yes, I know.
Duty calls..
^ he knows meta downvotes != main site downvotes, right?
@LynnCrumbling That was what I was trying to confirm.
@Unihedro I meant when the other one mention the same or similar point! For several times I raised some good points in my questions when other people made a distinct question for them. You may know the examples. one is here and the sphanley related question. Anyway, there is a good point in my question here. — Ahmad 14 secs ago
"For several times I raised some good points in my questions" -> Sorry, I am an utter fool for degrading my profile simply for participating in that comment thread. TLDR. Bye, user.
@J.Steen FYI, if it's the same user, he stops in here from time to time.
@LynnCrumbling I know.
3:30 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: Error:Execution failed for task ':app:dexRelease' by user3445554 on stackoverflow.com
>> I cant compile this s***.
@LynnCrumbling He was here earlier, trying to get us to review some of his closed questions. So we're well aware. =)
@J.Steen ahh, then I'm the one in the dark.. thanks.
@SmokeDetector abuse
@Unihedro Moreover I know the community you mention, then biased votes don't mean much to me. — Ahmad 1 min ago
3:32 PM
@Unihedro Does he know he's part of that community?
The gang :P
Y he no just go away?
Bwahahahahaha choke choke cough cough gasp choke gasp aegohsdughzfudfh
Oh god
hahahahahahahahaha ttttsssszzzsfadfdffffffllllllll bang gasp gasp splash ha-bam
Nowhere in this question do you ask the percentage of closed questions that are reopened. You need to give your question a good readthrough again and try to honestly consider if it's well written and clearly states a question, because your perception of what you're asking seems to be very different from the rest of us who are reading it. — sphanley 47 secs ago
@Unihedro gah. Is it ever his fault/problem?
3:34 PM
Very patient. =)
Can someone write a userscript that globally ignores a user?
@Unihedro why userscript it when you just can send Jeff on a housecall with his giant S?
3:35 PM
Work = rant in tavern?
s/=/== :)
Why isn't he network suspended for 10 years?
Wait, I can get paid for that?
3:36 PM
@bjb568 He isn't doing anything wrong, per se. He's just... persistent.
He produces crap and complains on meta. He abuses chat.
I have a tough time not-kicking him for being annoying :/
Well. Alright.
/me scrolls up through history to find his visit.
@bjb568 he's really not doing anything offensive. He'll just run himself out of gas at some point if he doesn't start to actually listen.
3:37 PM
oh.. there's beaker.
and some unicorns.
and tigger.
@Unihedro It's possible, sure. But then you can't flag their attacks.
@Mooseman Awww. you made him feel like he was not alone! Go, you!
@LynnCrumbling Command not recognized.
@Mooseman I don't really need free flags since I have Deputy, and it's unlikely that I'd run for mod with such low rep.
3:40 PM
@Unihedro Command not recognized.
@Mooseman k
@Unihedro Command not recognized.
Ha ha ha.
Left the bot on again...
3:40 PM
Who has the fancy graph of the number of items in the close vote queue?
@Mooseman I was going to kick the bot for bot spam :P
> I just mean when system has no solution, what can I do?!
^ Resistance is futile.
@InfiniteRecursion Command not recognized.
3:41 PM
@LynnCrumbling We're all bots.
Command not recognized should no longer be sent when the bot is running as me.
@Unihedro Do you go through an encrypting proxy or anything these days?
Look who closed this one: stackoverflow.com/q/13136889/1234256
@Mooseman I can't.
@J.Steen false
3:44 PM
DONT PING ME (Patching...)
Don't ping me is the worst thing to say when you don't want to be pinged.
@Mooseman Ok.
@Unihedro false
3:45 PM
@Mooseman What if we all ping you? Will that speed up the patching?
Done :P
@Andy star for you
/bin/ping --flood -u Mooseman
But commands such as xkcd random should still work.
@LynnCrumbling :(
@Bart I wonder who downvoted your answer. ;)
xkcd random
3:46 PM
@J.Steen I will simply assume it was you
@Unihedro Now I ask that you ping me ;)
@Mooseman xkcd random
@Mooseman yay!
@Bart no it's me
@J.Steen hahaha
3:47 PM
@LynnCrumbling Unicornification is unavailable for absent users.
@Mooseman unicorn unihedron
@Unihedro Unicornification is unavailable for absent users.
But you don't have any unicode characters in your name!
@Unihedro *n
@Mooseman unihedron unicorn
Oh right, the 'n'
@Mooseman unicorn unihedro
3:47 PM
@Mooseman unicorn Lynn Crumbling
That... looks very special.
@LynnCrumbling Unicornification is unavailable for absent users.
Eh, looks too typical.
3:48 PM
@Unihedro zoom=100 on that..
I was just about to say that.
It's like picking at a scab. You just can't leave it alone.
You would @J.Steen
@Bart Hey, I'm actually a very nice person.
3:49 PM
To expand, I actually downvoted because the entire paragraph doesn't say anything at all - it's ambiguous and concludes with "ymmv".
@Mooseman unicorn bart
@Moosebot unicorn shog9
3:53 PM
everyone good question should have multiple words bolded for emphasis
We're only up to 7 edits @LynnCrumbling. Above 20 and you can start to complain
@Bart Command succeeded; Complain_threshold has been recalibrated from 7 to 20.
@LynnCrumbling -1 no abuse of the code markdown
People. Have a smashing weekend. Later!
Laters, may snakes bite you on your way
3:55 PM
@J.Steen ciao!
Cya @J.Steen
@Moosebot refresh
4:01 PM
@Mooseman Here goes nothing...
@Andy Don't remember, but it seems that @Sam worked on the library for fetching the data for it...
I don't remember who hosts it though.
That's the one I was looking for. Thank you
ah, when going to the root of the website, it says it's hosted by hichris
4:08 PM
It's hosted on AWS, built with Bootstrap, and copyrighted last year.
@Fundamental That's just for fetching CV data of a single user.
Wait, how'd you even know about that lib?
@Sam From your github
We know @Sam .... we know ...
rushes to delete GH account before it's too late...
4:25 PM
changes password on Sam's GH account before he can delete it
forks Sam
Nooooo! :O
@ProgramFOX Really? The cv queue averages ~1800 new entries per day??
Maybe one doesn't want to be a Bart, but I really wouldn't want to be a Sam right now...
4:43 PM
^^ NAA
^^ out :(
Even worse:
A: How do I get back up to date?

Nadeemmnn MohdLEARN FROM W3SCHOOLS FOR BASICS ON html5, Css3, jquery, bootstrap, angularjs. This will help you up to get started back on track. All the best....

Yeah, Blaze showed that one, and that way I found the question.
4:59 PM
more downvotes are needed on that w3s rec
Low Quality A (21.8%): No. (The rest of this sentence is merely to provide 30 characters. Thank..., by RedShift, on networkengineering.stackexchange.com.
submits to GFSE...
5:22 PM
w3s rec gone
at -4
5:34 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MSI MS-1681 NOT TURNING ON by Miguel Tavarez on superuser.com
Low Quality A (60.8%): weenie sandwhich, in fact, go ahead and make it a double., by user13490, on philosophy.stackexchange.com.
^ Trolling.
@Unihedro What about just displaying their rep as a number?
@Sam Yes, I'd rather have that. user13490 (rep 1)
@Sam I really just asked for the two indicators because you'd really rather care if a user is new (no rep) or they've been around enough to do more stuff like remove new user restrictions and chat and CW posts (20 rep), though actually displaying a number would help as well. Symbols would be more distinctly noticeable + remarkable and take up less space though.
Time for another poll! What ever message (Fund's or Uni's) gets the most stars will get implemented.
5:49 PM
@Sam Wait, no time period limit?
Check back in the Tavern in a year, when we discover which feature gets implemented! Don't walk away!
Alright, poll ends at 12:00Z tomorrow.
Low Quality A (60.8%): so annoying no answer, typical ubuntu shit, by Annoyed user, on askubuntu.com.
@Unihedro So, did you have any chars specifically in-mind?
@Sam It was a hollow square for 1 rep and filled square for 20 rep, so unicode.
3 hours ago, by Unihedro
If the user of report has only 1 rep, add a hollow square to the left of the username. If the user of report has over 20 rep, add a filled square to the left of the username.
5:56 PM
@Unihedro Yeah, I meant actual chars.
k, sort of like the diamond:
That's \u25A0 and \u250A1.

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