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4:00 PM
@Unihedron Do you notice a significantly large number of false positive phone numbers of that form?
Actually; do you log the false positives, in general?
@JasonC Yeah. If there are any other false patterns you notice please let me know. I'm going to write the regex after I finish pushing this commit.
Btw I'd say JSON object tags in a title might not be the greatest titles anyways.
At least spammers don't obfuscate their phone numbers into a json object yet.
or by posting them in hexadecimal.
@InfiniteRecursion If it's clearly spam, then yes, because using tpu means that you blacklist the user so we will always get an alert for one of their posts, which is what we want for a spammer.
4:04 PM
@ProgramFOX when do we use plain tp then?
@JanDvorak Generally before you leave the bathroom.
@JasonC If you mean toilet papers, I prefer scented ones, actually
@JanDvorak When it's a code dump on MSE.
@JanDvorak Yes, I've been thinking about that while replying. If we also want to have low quality posts on the "bad" doctype, then use it in case of a LQP.
tp should always be used after a code dump.
4:05 PM
@Undo @hichris123 @Manishearth What do you think, do we need low quality posts (not spam) to be on the Bayesian "bad" doctype?
To charcoal HQ?
^ Would be difficult to judge accurately from title.
@ProgramFOX meh. Just wait until someone finds a magic regex again and you'll be out of votes before you know it. And before 5AM
@Unihedron I thought of posting it here, so everyone can see the message its replies without I have to onebox it from Charcoal HQ.
@JanDvorak Challenge accepted.
4:08 PM
@Unihedron It's not the regex that is the problem. It's that the hex address provided LOOKS like an Indian phone number
It is passing this check:
Possible True, Valid True, Explain: Country Code: 91 National Number: 7236323900
 Leading Zero(s): False
I just realized we haven't had a podcast in a while now. Did they stop?
So, it looks like a phone number and it has a valid format in the 91 country code
@Andy If the regex ignores the number sequences iff it follows the two criteria I menioned, then it wouldn't be matched to have to go through the phonenumber check.
@Bart I think the next one will be when the Great Quality Improvement project rolls out in its full glory.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii 6-8 weeks then
4:10 PM
Good luck finding a phone number regex that fits the possible phone number combinations around the world.
Nov 2 at 21:48, by just a brick in the wall
Tavern pool: guess the month in which SE will roll out the long-awaited Total Quality Redesign on SO.
@Andy I meant tweaking the regex to ignore on special conditions so that it wouldn't be caught up to go through the phonenumbers package to be checked then.
'D you think it'd be practical?
@Andy One way is to look at the character preceding 91 in the true positives. Space, +, maybe : or (, anything else could be there? Certainly not another digit or x.
Oh no. @Inf is dangerously close to 2k. It must be fixed :D
Thanks @ProgramFOX
Go find holes @nicael ... you didn't break SE in a long while. Don't say the devs fixed ALL the bugs :P
Thanks @PatrickHofman, I got the silver
4:19 PM
@InfiniteRecursion No problem. I am still awaiting mine :( meta.stackoverflow.com/a/276637/993547
@PatrickHofman I am waiting for more serious badge :D
It's just 2 upvotes short...already has my vote :(
@nicael: Got one of those already, but for the answer then: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/266955/993547
@ProgramFOX Perhaps a different reply? "sorta bad"?
The data would be useful in the future for a crap detector
4:25 PM
@Manishearth True. Then we can add those titles to another Bayesian database.
All the posts except nicael's one already have my upvote...all of you wrote great posts :)
Some good candidates for this job: "Identify low-quality questions on Stack Overflow"...
Also, never use all your votes before waking up, at 5 am @Jan, you keep ranting throughout the day that you can't cast votes...
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I propose careersforbots.stackexchange.com
@InfiniteRecursion Before I was a mod I would use all my flags before I got into work at 6am
4:32 PM
20K users pretty much have to use up delete votes early in the day if they don't want them to be eaten by LQRQ.
Wow @bluefeet .... that's amazing!! o_O
I went through a stint of using all my flags before 8am too.
Solution is to not have the review queue open during morning coffee & cigarette.
@InfiniteRecursion This is really amazing:
user image
Jan used up his downvotes today...because of the cv requests in the tavern...and every now and then he mentions that he can't downvote + how many hours are left to get his voting powers back. He is weird and annoying.
That helpful flags count... I wonder what it would be if there wouldn't be a flag limit :D
4:37 PM
That deserves a star :)
@ProgramFOX Yeah, but 77 flags declined...
@ProgramFOX I wonder what % of those flags were from February 2014.
@ProgramFOX I also had 1389 disputed flags
@bluefeet You were an amazing user, and you are an amazing mod. ;)
She was a genuine flagger @JasonC ...I remember I read her election post why she wants to be our mod, and all the mods and Shog recommended her and praised her contributions and flagging abilities. I was new to SO at that time, I voted for her solely based on that post.
4:42 PM
@bluefeet Those might come from "invalid flag" flags from the time when the 10k tools still existed.
I voted for bluefeet, too. I didn't mean that to come across the way it did.
Mathematically speaking, at 100 flags/day limit it could be at most 2900, which is about 1% of total..
@Rafflesiaarnoldii add in comment flags and you have 200 flags per day - 100 on posts, 100 on comments
4:51 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Flagged as mathematically offensive.
I'm not good with numbers. :(
> "I have earned 20k on Math.SE by teaching the system wrong math."
I just tried to flag something..
aaaand... you are flag-banned?
4:53 PM
/me is out of flags
Why would
Why wouldn't 8?
Why would I be flag banned? :P
4:55 PM
> closed as not a real question by bdukes, T.E.D., Jim Lewis, Eugene Mayevski 'EldoS Corp, Jeff Atwood♦
@Shog9 Looks good, but it is not in Python so we cannot use it for SmokeDetector unfortunately.
@Frank: Your cv-plz's last night made Jan use up all his votes, and he spent the whole day ranting about it in the tavern that he can't vote...please never do that again
@InfiniteRecursion He's weird.
Like all- never mind :)
4:57 PM
@Shog9 I think one of the difficulties with the bot, too, is wanting to keep the ability to recognize phone numbers that are embedded in text, like "good times4155551212".
Or sexx0x4155551212...
@JanDvorak honest to God i do not understand anything you say — timmy26 6 hours ago
(I was torn between "ha ha" and not wanting to encourage timmy.)
Height of weirdness was to request downvotes for your answer @uni, I guess that's the first thing he will do when he gets his votes again :/
Well, I don't blame him. I am a low rep user after all. :| :P
@ProgramFOX yup that is where it was from. I disagreed with alot that was flagged marking them invalid
5:00 PM
timmy26 said he was frank. :(
I upvoted Timmy's comment, that may be Timmy's most brilliant contribution to SE after all :)
Eek! I totally forgot about burninating the tag.
@TGMCians still can't :-/
5:06 PM
I used all my delete votes trying to figure out how the delete queue worked.
@Bart I wondered that recently too. I guess I could listen to all of the ones before the last two (the only ones I've listened to), would that be recommended?
Can someone unfreeze the Whining Room, there's an obvious demand for it.
Meh. I can whine here as well
Or I could go to sleep
5:09 PM
Owl needs rest!
Also, is this still happening or what's the status?
Q: An experiment: Stack Overflow TV

Matt ShermanStack Overflow is beginning an experiment called Stack Overflow TV, or SOTV for short. It will be a series of fast, smart videos for experienced programmers who want to learn a new thing. The videos will serve as a complement to Stack’s Q&A, and intended for that community. Of course, they will ...

Anybody who wants to go over this and follow my if you agree...
@cVplZ I didn't like that idea.
5:11 PM
@ProgramFOX That is what the package smokey is using is based off of.
The problem is that it is seeing the 7236323900 part of Cannot access memory at address 0x2e2f6c7236323900 as a valid Indian Phone number
Eeek...whinie caught the train...and I missed it :(
5:13 PM
in this case, a regex to detect if it is part of something larger (ie 2e2f6c7236323900) would eliminate the phone number check entirely
because it'd fail when it checks the hex value
@InfiniteRecursion Now you're kind of ranting :D
which is what @Unihedron was suggesting
@Unihedron how?
Wait, I'm not sure if you got the same as what I was trying to convey.
5:14 PM
@Unihedron rest from doing what? staring at people and ducks?
@Unihedron I don't do php, nevar...
@cVplZ And trees.
@rene me neither, now you see why I had to link it here ;)
5:15 PM
@cVplZ certainly
@Bart :)
5:17 PM
too late @KennyBOT
You broke the train of the Happy 5
fun is over before it started....
the tavern seems so much happier today :)
yes...after a bit of a break...
5:18 PM
looks at @Jan and disagrees
3 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
Happy 5 + 1 grumpy
1 min ago, by Infinite Recursion
You broke the train of the Happy 5
At least he pasted on a smile...
5:20 PM
Soon it will be winter here, and this dp will be outdated...
I know.
Will you stop bolding stuff, I'm not deaf, I'm sitting next to you... — rene 20 mins ago
I'll keep it in a safe drive on my server in the basement...
Just for that @rene's :) gets a bonus star.
5:22 PM
Give rene ice cream...he will be fine
Ice cream!
gives rene ice cream, and not Uni
feels mean
I can get my own ice cream.
5:23 PM
gives Uni ice cream too
By the way, guys, worst star wall poll ever.
heads to cooking.SE
@JasonC I like it. Makes me smile.
Oops, I gave him some disgusting pistachio almond ice cream. And it was sitting out for 30 mins first. :(
5:24 PM
We do that all the time @JasonC, you should see the "morning" star wall...and Frank had a "bye" with a lot of stars!!
@InfiniteRecursion It was... kind of upside-down.
Dammit!!! I'm out of stars. Now I can't maintain the imbalance. Worst timing.
And it only got 14 stars.
@JasonC So YOU were the star troll!
@Unihedron No my stars are used only for good cause; and there was a lot of entertainment in the past 24 hours.
5:26 PM
Seth never gets a star...he is upside down all the time @Frank
You must be looking for bjb.
True...lot of entertainment in the tavern in the past few hours :)
It has been silent for a few days
whatever happened to @SantaClaus
@cVplZ He got into a flame war with @BlackPeter and they both got banned.
@cVplZ Got banned so he went to craft more PHP textbooks for christmas.
5:32 PM
Oh did he really get banned; I was just being facetious.
You fell for your own joke :)
many left though...
cVplZ get a nice new avatar for winter...the clouds are boring
@cVplZ You should change your name a bit so Zephyr picks it up.
I should put up a FR for an inventory page - I sometimes wonder how many of a flag / vote I have left, and I'd have to find a random page and click buttons for that.
5:39 PM
@JasonC >:)
@uni good proposal there, followed
! :)
I just had that random thought to propose it. You know, shower thoughts.
@Unihedron I'd support that.
5:47 PM
will ask about the owl beaked man
I still have 2 open tool-rec qs in my flag list.
@Frank Wait for tomorrow and hope for hichris to come online.
Yeah, tomorrow will be good.
Lol @cVplZ
^ Off-topic, clearly belongs on programmers.se.
Hello Tavern.
Q: How come one asks a question and adds an answer to that question as the same exact time (matching to the second)?
@Farhan the system lets you
5:55 PM
@Farhan self answered questions are allowed
I thought I was the first to follow the proposal: the button says "Unfollow"... but I'm not listed in the sidebar. Odd.
I know that it's allowed. I'm asking how the time is matched to the exact second?
@Farhan there's a checkbox for that
There is a checkbox under question that allows you to post an answer at the same time as the question.
Ah, thanks. Never looked below the orange button :)
5:58 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii o_O
When you check it, an answer field will also appear.
Yeah, strange. I see it among "proposals you followed".
Cool. Thanks for the tip @JanDvorak @bluefeet @Rafflesiaarnoldii @JasonC
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Same thing just happened to me.
Report a bug on MSE...
6:01 PM
@JasonC Mine's neater.
My computer doesn't like having many tabs open at once...
@Frank Mine's more casual, and relates to the common man.
I believe I have been summoned.
I thing that's the first time I had the 'ask question' page open on SO.
You can notify moderators that "nothing is wrong" by raising a custom flag and putting "nothing is wrong" in the text box. I doubt it would be well received, but you can try. — Louis 32 secs ago
6:05 PM
^^^ Damn, I need my stars back.
@Louis I flagged your comment for being OK. braces for spankings
Great... I'm sure a moderator will get right on it. :)
That reminds me...I have never clicked the "Ask a question" on SO either...you beat me
There's a first time for almost everything.
6:14 PM
Yes, indeed.
I used 'almost' on purpose.
For me, there is no first time posting a spam q.
or a.
Some firsts never happen...even if we think to do it. I may never need to ask anything because so much info exists already...or I might leave SE before asking...anything can happen.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Was just constructing a bug report and came across meta.stackexchange.com/a/53501/230261
6:21 PM
Bah, I'm not going to verify my ■@a.aa (the character before @ suppressed for privacy reasons).
goes to spam Rafflesiaarnoldii's mailbox
Yeah; I use a fake email in the profiles. I just set my Area51 one to a real email and verified it and the follower count updated.
Man, and I had such a nice bug report going too.
Find another bug!!
You can still post it if you want. It'll be closed as a duplicate, though.
6:26 PM
Or as a feature request: give users a clue about why they are not counted.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii That's what I was going to go for.
I've been procrastinating real work way too long today.
I need to cut myself off immediately. Later guys.
@JasonC cya!
@cVplZ I see it's removed already, but what was that comment about accepting an answer all about? :\
6:48 PM
@timmy26 what is that doing here, can we please know?
@InfiniteRecursion it's their first ever message in the chat system.
On the other hand, there's been plenty of messages from the same guy in the meta
So? That only makes it more questionable why one would jump into a chat room and post a racism link
> there doesn't seem to be anything here
A persons whose accounts have been suspended by mods multiple times...and one mod wrote a post too on MSE about it
@timmy26, care to explain please? Else I intend to flag it.
6:53 PM
Oh, it's him.
Tims are hims.
Lions are mean.
Why are lions so mean?
@timmy26 Go troll somewhere else.
6:57 PM
claps for @BradLarson
quietly cheers
TIL 'Go troll somewhere else' is far more effective than polite inquiries
7:13 PM
Today I learned what TIL stands for.
@jadarnel27 TIL you didn't know until today
@JanDvorak Total Internet fail on my part.
@Unihedron Lions are mean because... that's their lifestyle.
It's very politically incorrect of you to make sweeping value statements about the lifestyle of lions.
I am offended on behalf of lions.
Regardless of whether or not they care.
7:22 PM
28 rep, and I reach 20k on GL.
Q: Music SE is graduating. Congratulations!

Ana HevesiMusic Stack Exchange has a steady flow of high quality questions and answers, and a growing number of users contributing to site health and maintenance. You're on a consistent upward trend, and the Community Team (of which I am a member) has taken notice. Music SE will be graduating soon. Congr...

It's been almost 2 months since that post.
> I should warn you though, the team is a bit backlogged, and it may be a couple of months before you see our designers drop by to share mockups.
There's nothing complicated. You just shouldn't be using a regex for this. Hammering a nail with a glass bottle is just not the way to go. Moreover, that's not how regexes works. — Unihedron 18 secs ago
^ needs one more cv
optionally upvote my comment so it floats out of the depressing thread
@Frank Look, if I'm going to be required to read the whole post before understanding it, I don't even think this community is worth my time.
7:50 PM
@jadarnel27 :D
Just two. :)
Q: scripting tool to modify configuration files

dsollenwe are modifying the expected format for some configuration files and I want to create a script to convert files of the old format to the new one. However, my scripting skills are rusty, I have to script so rarely that I forget script tools by the time I need them again. I'm looking for recomen...

Why does that have two nearly identical close reasons? That's weird.
@Frank Same intent, different copy. These reasons evolved over time.
Looks like some votes were cast when one copy was active, and the rest after the change.
@AnnaLear Ok, makes sense.
8:11 PM
out of downvotes ._.
@Unihedron out of flags - and no dv privs
I'm so helpful.
I'm out of closevotes (50 on Math)....
... and of downvotes too.
8:16 PM
Time to do some real work, I suppose.
yay 6k helpful flags on SO
Night @Uni!
4 rep til 20k
I saw that...
@Frank :) But why does it really matter for you? You don't get any privs with it...
@nicael Cause now I feel good about graduating.
@Frank Hm. Show your downvotes tab ;)
8:27 PM
So I have 20k on GL, and 3.1k on all the other sites.
Q: How to match/replace a comma at the end of the line with Autohotkey?

tomI'm trying to modify the clipboard content using StringReplace. I want to remove a comma only if it is at the end of the line. For example: This, is a test, test, Result: This, is a test, test This is my code, but it doesn't seem to work: StringReplace clipboard, clipboard, `,$,...

Does this belong on SU?
Q: Earth Science: Biweekly Topic Challenge

J. MusserJon Ericson has come up with a wonderful way to boost the amount of questions on the site, and promote activity in topics that may otherwise receive only minimal attention. And it will be a lot of fun. Here's how it works: Suggest topics in the answers below. Next monday, I (or a volunteer) wi...

Look, It's @hichris123's site.
And the corresponding:
A: How do weekly topic challenges work?

FrankEarth Science beta has started a topic challenge (Earth Science: Biweekly Topic Challenge). It is a slower site, with only 2.3 questions per day being posted atm, so we decided to start it out as a biweekly challenge, to get more attention for each challenge posted. I will update this post as w...

8:49 PM
Man, these trees are really getting out of control.
@jadarnel27 How?
A: Redesigned community bulletin

nicaelShowing votes would be good, something like Implemented design is better as far as I can see. Mine was just an example.

you really don't like showing votes?
It was implemented and seems that nobody complains...
Now that you have brought it up, someone in here will probably make a Meta post complaining about it =)
@jad oh.no :D
Didn't think about it...
9:59 PM
Do you get citizen patrol for flagging comments?

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