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4:00 AM
Whom do you care about more?
@Frank we judge every post and then cast our cv....unless you see it's a clear "rec-tool" or "unclear", don't flag it. I almost never ever cv a "duplicate" or "typo" cv-request, they require technical knowledge and domain knowledge to judge them, which I lack in many languages
@InfiniteRecursion well, now I have only 4 flags waiting for review, instead of 23.
unless somebody comment-answered, that is
@Frank nice :)
@Frank But at what cost?
4:01 AM
CV whatever needs to be CV'd finally return. NIGHT!
even if someone comments or answers, I still judge the validity
I found some of those rec-tools by searching SO for 'recomend tool' instead of 'recommend tool', and got all the misspelled ones :)
4:03 AM
@JanDvorak 3 declined, 1 disputed so far all time. Not that bad.
@Frank gg
hiya @Qantas94Heavy, welcome back...didn't see you around in the past few days
There are 780 posts containg farts. I did not expect that.
searched for "recommend libary"
4:05 AM
I smell a tag!
(ha ha ha get it)
Lol I know, right
eeeeek kill it with fire stackoverflow.com/q/26901144/1223693
@MattCoubrough who cares about actually knowing something? You don't get graded for knowledge in school. — Jan Dvorak 48 secs ago
Lol @JanDvorak, rant time?
Rage against the machine, man!
4:08 AM
I can't change that
[cv-plz] what even is this stackoverflow.com/q/26901155/1223693
I hope mods will reach for the delete button when seeing this^
4:12 AM
@Frank should die by a roomba-related "incident" very soon
woohoo I nuked it
@AndrewT. worse than spam? What would that be?
Ooooh, heaps and heaps of low-quality link-only answers: stackoverflow.com/search?q=%22enter+link+description+here%22
4:14 AM
@Doorknob flag the search query ;-)
@JanDvorak umm, I meant "worse than my assumption" :/
@JasonC why did you edit that shipwreck?
@Doorknob leave a comment for OP to edit and salvage all of them
@JanDvorak OCD
4:16 AM
@InfiniteRecursion what OP?
@JanDvorak those who posted those link-only answers...they are the Original Poster
@InfiniteRecursion hmm... 15 seconds x 1.3k posts = ...
@JanDvorak Also despite it being total shit and off-topic, I actually really love figuring that kind of stuff out. Conflict of interest I guess.
4:17 AM
@JasonC just be sure to not post a comment answer ;-)
@JanDvorak I KNOW; I already mentally prepared myself to resist it.
Well, I know exactly where I'm going to spend a few downvotes today.
flagged NAA
I won't flag naa
4:18 AM
whoosh, 350+ chars of fluff suddenly gone
ok, now wait for your flag to be declined...then reform like me
one downvote left for today and I haven't even woken up properly yet
me too...all my cvs are also about to finish
There you go, I'm out of flags now.
I'm out of votes
A: SQL query for displaying count if same name comes in adjacent row it should show the count else 1

Sahil Upadhyeselect name, count(name) as counts from TableName group by name Please vote up my answer :)

7 waiting for review.
4:22 AM
@Doorknob Grrr, it's been stuck on 4 CVs
Sorry about the mountain of rec-tools. :D
> Daily vote limit reached; please come back in 19 hours
@JasonC needs a bump
> Daily vote limit reached; please come back in 19 hours
4:24 AM
waits for @JanDvorak's reply
> Daily vote limit reached; please come back in 19 hours
hey @JanDvorak
I need you to downvote something okay?
@Doorknob tfo
raised about 80 SO flags today, 5 still active. sigh of contentment
> Tandem Free Operation (TFO) is a part of 3GPP standard specification, which has been included from R99 of the standards specifications onwards.
Maybe you're missing a G? ;)
4:27 AM
@Frank not fair, we have a year old flags still waiting for review...my waiting for review count is 257
@InfiniteRecursion cv?
I flag mostly cv.
@InfiniteRecursion yay! :D
4:29 AM
@InfiniteRecursion congrats there.
@Frank I don't know, I have raised thousands of flags....can't navigate and see what is waiting...I think the tons of flags I raised for plagiarism might be waiting
Thanks :D
@InfiniteRecursion I have only a few flags, mostly comments, cv, some naa, spam, offensive.
But then, I spend most of my time on GL.
@Frank yes indeed
@Doorknob All edited (except for one that was actually kinda funny) and one even downvoted.
I want to get gold on SO while maintaining 101 rep.
4:32 AM
We'll see how many angry rollbacks those get, most were pretty old though.
fanatic, electorate, and marshal all on the way.
@Frank you will get it fast...SO is full of bad stuff
also, get marshal gold on Drupal at 101, like Jan :)
^ Lol; that's one of my goals, too.
and drupal fanatic too...since we have to visit the site everyday to flag spam
@InfiniteRecursion 3 more days at this rate... but not sure I will go at this rate...
finally some non-SO crap
what's fy?
@InfiniteRecursion finally
I'm not around when they get most of their spam. I'll never get marshal there. :(
4:36 AM
@Frank Please stay for this wave
do they have a lot of "accept rate" comments?
tons...I nuked 100 yesterday
whom do you mean?
drupal, I guess. I was referring to "there" in Frank's post.
4:37 AM
ok, I meant SO
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Ooh, I'll go check.
42 for "accept rate". query
Now I know what's the meaning of life ;-)
And 21 for acceptance rate
It is to be accepted.
4:40 AM
The meaning of... half-life?
@TGMCians done
I can only flag 14 comments on drupal. I really haven't done much there.
That's how it begins. But since all these are helpful, next day you have more. And so on...
@Rafflesiaarnoldii yup.
4:47 AM
also, it doesn't disturb your OCD :P
@Frank keep them for spam
Those are comment flags, a separate thing.
comment flags can't be used on spam
@JanDvorak I have other flags for spam...
@Rafflesiaarnoldii how come?
4:48 AM
The counts are separate. Try flagging a post and a comment on the same site.
Yes, like I have 200 flags per day on SO, 100 for posts, 100 for comments
But I may miss it cause I have to wake up for work in 5 3/4 hours, so am planning on going to bed soon.
Lol what:
A: Why does Coriolis determine the rotation direction of a cyclone but not my drain?

Peter RoscoeThe truth is that the water (or whatever) does not spin in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere; it spins in the same direction. It seams to spin in reverse because we are looking at it upside down.

Don't laugh at any ES post, hichris123 is watching!
4:52 AM
Is he looking at it upside down?
@JasonC Ha! Can't dv, daily vote limit reached.
He is looking at it with a shiny diamond
He is ES mod
@InfiniteRecursion Not shiny, but cold and blue.
In other words, my joke sucked.
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, that's where I met him first.
4:53 AM
yes, totally
Chatted with him on ES, and answered a meta q there, before I found the tavern...
BenCollins is back :)
and where is Mark Booth? :(
@InfiniteRecursion He's also gone from here.
He hangs out in there.
4:58 AM
I really wonder why he never speaks, and if he ever stars anything we say...but it's nice to see him here...
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, nice to know he's there, but his dp still creeps me out.
@Frank yes, it's creepy...but now I got used to seeing it
I have to go, cy'all!
because I'm tired and my eyes are going shut
and i dont want to be bothered with capitalization or punctuation
orr speelin thengz ritelie
5:02 AM
Cya @Frank
@Frank is that pasta, or a name?
@Frank Wow. Google's TTS actually managed to read that correctly
@JanDvorak naturalreaders.com/onlinetts.php, on the other hand, did not.
for certain values of "managed" and "did not"
5:14 AM
5:26 AM
CiviCRM proposal has over 200 user committed, but the progress is only 50% commitment: too many are totally new to SE.
It's a Customer Relationship Management system written in PHP. Nice.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Building Wave by ti sion on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tp
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
nuked it
anyone with 2K on MSE, please fix typo in title for achievement
5:34 AM
spam gone.
6 mins ago, by Infinite Recursion
nuked it
i'm late.
is there a delete vote review queue
i forget how this all works its been a while
Oh, found it
5:42 AM
Found it? Where?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Review -> Tools -> Delete (10k tools)
But I don't really understand how to interpret the info and the help center doesn't seem to describe it.
When it says "3 Some Question (1)", what is the 3 and the 1?
... And how do I cast a delete vote on an answer? o.O
delete vote for answer needs 20k, if I'm not mistaken
@JasonC X [Title] (Y) means: the post has Y delete votes on it, and X more are needed to kill it.
Most of the time, X+Y=3, but it can be greater if there are highly upvoted answers.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I just voted on a "3 [Title] (1)" and it became deleted.
Also the post page itself said it had 9 delete votes.
5:49 AM
@JasonC From Trusted User
> Voting to delete answers with score of -1 or lower
@AndrewT. Ah thanks; I just saw an answer with a positive score in the 10k review delete queue, but I guess they don't really do that logic to filter the queue.
I got the order wrong. X Title (Y) means: there are X votes already, Y remain to be deleted.
I don't know why the page showed 9. :-?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Dose Of Truth About Weight Loss Diets by timsyroyed on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector true
5:52 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
@JanDvorak Why blacklist that username?
spam gone
@JasonC If it's on that page, it means there is a delete vote on it. One possibility is that the answer was upvoted after the vote was cast. The other is that the vote was cast by a 20K user from LQ review. This is possible because the review processes NAA flags along with VLQ.
@InfiniteRecursion why not?
5:54 AM
However, the votes will not actually lead to deletion if the answer score is positive: a mod flag is raised instead.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii It's so complicated...
not a single problem, just give me teh codez
5:59 AM
After reviewing the review documentation, it seems that for positively scored answers, pressing "Delete" from the queue is just a recommendation (not a real vote), even if you have 20K. So the answer was probably upvoted after getting a delete vote.
6:10 AM
17 hours to go before I can downvote again
That's on SO, right? You have 125+ on several more sites.
PCG.se - not much worth downvoting
su - maaaybe. I don't really care about su, though
maybe; it looked broader from the title
> You will discover more than six-hundred psychological reactions
nvm, I got it.
6:28 AM
Strictly speaking, 10K delete tab is not a queue at all. It's just a random list that on large sites is mostly pointless under 20K, because it's full of stuff you can't yet vote to delete.
Webmasters spam finally gone
SEDE query Questions with most delete votes may be more useful than the tools page.
^ Yeah, for real.
I am not sure of the reason, but can we close this for something stackoverflow.com/q/26902694/2389078
6:34 AM
"avoiding suspension [through multiple accounts]" != "invalid identity [as in, using a nickname]" — Jan Dvorak 13 secs ago
@DroidDev cv-rec
@SilentKiller yeah!
7:20 AM
stackoverflow.com/q/26902262/1927206 Typo, message is just informational and unavoidable, panics beginners
7:31 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: I you'll find on and we tell you exactly MUSCles body by Lois Putnam on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
Are we supposed to use tpu for all these cases @ProgramFOX? ^
> ... we tell you exactly what to think about when you doing it on the chest press and it’s not what you think most people think ...
On Drupal, ads goes with spam :|
I almost get an ad on spam post
7:43 AM
spam gone
Only 16 hours until I can downvote again
aaand I'm out of close votes
aaand someone upvoted that japanese question on SO
8:17 AM
@JanDvorak stop ranting about it :P
Also, stop hurting people meanie
Jan responding in gibberish to a question. I was frank about their economic status. If I didn't think I could validate my identity I wouldn't mess with this c. — timmy26 1 min ago
@JanDvorak poor people share computers? — timmy26 1 hour ago
Ha, not all people are programmers
I got some comments removed from there ^ by flagging, but they were also mean
Where is the fat horse in chmod711telkitty's avatar? :(
@InfiniteRecursion running, to lose some fat :P
I liked it, it was popular
Oct 7 at 8:33, by Bart
:D That avatar is brilliant @chmod711telkitty
8:35 AM
what kind of experiences did you have that gave you understanding of various cultures and behaviors? cause if they qualify as collegial level in quality and diversity i would seek them out — timmy26 9 mins ago
Lawl. He sure sets his standards high.
8:49 AM
wait i asked you a question and you dodged it — timmy26 53 secs ago
I think I'll leave it at that.
AGI +1
INT +1
wants to start a rep farm by posting colloquial "Why won't mandatory commenting on downvotes work out?" selfie
@Unihedron I will post a troll answer on your selfie and get all the repz :D
I got a reversal for this :P
8:57 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Wow, it got accepted? The OP seriously doesn't have a bright mind, lol.
lol, this user posted their question in the about me stackoverflow.com/users/4247050/sonu
post an answer in your about me :P
Who starred AGI+1 and INT + 1? what do those lines mean?
It describes that videos can be confusing too. — Infinite Recursion 16 hours ago
^ lol
@InfiniteRecursion I starred them, and you will never obtain the level of nerd required to understand them.
@JasonC MEANIE + 1
9:09 AM
It's mean to say I would never attain that level of nerd, I interpreted it as warcraft lingo, but that interpretation doesn't make it star-worthy...so I asked
two meanies, starring each other's mean comments
More like World of WUSScraft
@InfiniteRecursion agility and intelligence, I think
Like AGILITY UP! or something
9:17 AM
I kind of imagine the tavern as a bunch of firemen sitting around bullshitting, until the drupal spam alarm goes off.
so true ^
@JasonC firepeople
9:32 AM
I should go to drupal chat room and invite some mods to visit tavern regularly...to prevent frequent drupal jokes
mods from all other sites come here...
Nov 8 at 8:43, by Unihedron
> When I am not on Drupal Answers (where I am moderator), Stack Overflow, Meta Stack Overflow, or English Language & Usage, I am on Drupal.org removing spam
wonders whether the fun will end or will they join us
Nov 8 at 8:43, by Unihedron
drupal.org gets lots of spam too :p
@Unihedron lol
They are busy removing spam from drupal.org (facepalm)
Yes, they have more spam to defend from, we only watch drupal.SE
9:36 AM
@JanDvorak why?
@InfiniteRecursion why won't you?
9:39 AM
I don't know Javascript or Ruby
I posted mine. It's in ECMA, so it's any language compatible.
Except like apache or golang.
nice answer @uni
I like the fact that you provided regex demos
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks! Worse than the ones I used to post, unfortunately.
9:44 AM
Tavern on the meta: giving teh regexes since late 2014
downvote-pls (I can't) stackoverflow.com/a/26905657/499214
Tavern on the meta police: not appreciating teh low rep users answering since late 2014
@Jan What do you mean by valid regexes? It's an email
*email addresses
stop ranting about having used up all your votes for the day @Jan
@InfiniteRecursion doesn't mean you can't downvote
9:47 AM
I am so happy you can't downvote Uni's answer :D
@JanDvorak I won't
my vote, my wish :)
@JanDvorak fp why
@Unihedron rep-whoring, technically incorrect (see the comments)
Fine, I'll fix.
RFC 5322 incoming.
9:51 AM
Thanks. Still let me call you a rep-whore ;-)
5 mins ago, by Infinite Recursion
Tavern on the meta police: not appreciating teh low rep users answering since late 2014
Yay, another user answered that post!
With a library
upvote-pls (built-in solutions are generally prefered)
(or downvote Uni's answer instead)
I did the opposite
9:54 AM
Why do you prefer Uni's answer?
@JanDvorak It's great that it uses the library, but that library doesn't achieve the capabilities the OP wants and negate the listed "other email services".
ah. True
gem 'email_validator', :require => 'email_validator/strict'
@InfiniteRecursion since late 2014? We never did
let me retry:
9:59 AM
@JanDvorak why
@Unihedron it doesn't satisfy the requirements

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