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10:00 AM
@JanDvorak that post was way better the posts I see on my tags, for example this, everyone answered it
still a gimme-teh-regex and dupe-but-I-cant-bother-to-search-either
@downvoters, could you explain what is wrong with this answer? it's basically saying the same thing with the Jon Skeet's answer.. but wait a sec. he is Jon Skeet and I'm not. oh I see now. — Selman22 12 hours ago
It's a QnA site, if you want to answer, go answer...don't stop others from answering....lazy OP isn't a valid close reason...it's a downvote reason for inadequate research
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: VENTURE CAPITAL by SUSAN on money.stackexchange.com
If it's clear, you should answer it even if the question's not useful, 'cuz useful answers > useful questions. There was a meta thread about "should we answer downvoted questions", good read.
Not the best excuse to post poor answers on main sites though.
10:04 AM
@Unihedron not if it's a dupe
@Unihedron ... and your answer is code-only
@JanDvorak Well yeah. Actually they should just change how duplicates work altogether. Having it "closed" as being a duplicate isn't that accurate, as the linked thread is subject to deletion or changes, rendering the link obsolete.
dupes are rarely ever closed...I see same questions about exceptions being answered by the same users over and over again in Java and android tags
@InfiniteRecursion Do you have any suggestions?
@JanDvorak Hey, I wrote "You can negate with a negative lookahead:". It's the fact that I answered a gimme-the-regex question that ticked you off. :P
10:07 AM
@JanDvorak no, I had this observation to share with you. No suggestions, sorry.
@JanDvorak I might. Build colloquial threads.
There should be a "how to parse date in java" colloquial thread already. I see roughly three of them every day.
yes, parse a date in java comes everyday
I believe you meant "canonical"
I should also start building my regex dupe target library for when I get the hammer.
@JanDvorak yes
You are welcome to create a bunch, just be sure the questions don't suck
10:10 AM
I'll be sure to render this button pointless:
> This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful
@Unihedron check all of this user's answers, you will have your regex dupes library 10 times over
> Gave 1654 non-wiki answers
now it's 1655
those with the hammer don't always use it...
this new user is on a roll on giving away free regexes as well
@InfiniteRecursion What do you need?
10:14 AM
yes, the hammer is a very powerful tool, but the ones who wants to use it fails to acquire it
@JanDvorak only 162 answers, not sure if it makes a good dupe farm mine :P
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Hi, nothing, was just amused by your edit "Unlike your grammar, young sir!"
Thanks for that
@InfiniteRecursion giggle
7 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
@JanDvorak stop targetting uni!!
10:16 AM
Poor uni
Poor uni
Mean Jan
Train Crash
Generalist: Provided non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags.
Where can I find the top tags?
They are sorted by popularity
Thank you!
10:22 AM
My troll answer has 23 upvotes, your valid answer has 9 #Uni...also not a single comment on your answer...weird :/
Hi Bart o/
story of my life :)
I gotta learn to post troll answers, I want imaginary points!
Why did Smokey miss "skin" on MSE spam?
10:24 AM
Weird, I thought I added "skin + care" combination.
7 mins ago, by Unihedron
Poor uni
Undo mentioned that they also once added "body" keyword and the reports were littered with html questions, so the terms are now stricter.
just look for body without <>
body is valid keyword, add terms like skin and cream which aren't programming related
10:26 AM
@JanDvorak Can't. Smokey only checks titles.
@InfiniteRecursion yet
Body Care

Proposed Q&A site for professionals and amateurs interested in or working with wellness or aesthetics. Topics include manicure, pedicure, shaving, grooming, personal hygiene, cosmetics, styling and procedures included in the morning wash or any bathroom topic.

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for physicians, doctors, medical specialists, dietitians and anyone with health-related questions

Currently in commitment.

This may be selfish, but for the sake of reducing the difficulty to distinguish spam from the legit questions, please don't air.
@Unihedron They won't go far...so don't worry
where did you life take you besides college that led you to experience something so diverse? or did it not? — timmy26 2 hours ago
Timmy is angry with Jason and Jan
Ohh, angering users in dire again, the polices
Jason's answer is a bit harsh, it would be valid if written by a mod who can see the actual activity of that user...but it's a bit harsh coming from a community member observing the situation IMHO
so Timmy is angry now
Well, I guess Jason's defend would be that they would be saner than how they're acting if they've got nothing to hide, but I think it's just messed up atm.
yes, it was turning messy, so I posted the rules mentioning the "contact us" option, in case OP wants to use it
10:37 AM
Good, I've hit my oppression quotum for the day. Time to do some actual work :)
@Bart silencing those you dislike is the first steps of oppression. someone asked me a question and i answered you interjected yourself into the conversation which is fine but you did so in a rude manner — timmy26 2 mins ago
You too!!
@timmy26 thanks for not pursuing Bart — Jan Dvorak 9 secs ago
am I a dick?
No comment, but be prepared to pull an all-nighter.
Yes @JanDvorak ... ah, you meant because of the comment? :p
@Bart ...
10:40 AM
@Bart >:-(
@JanDvorak always
You may be a dick, but you're our d.. ehm ... let me stop right there.
@Unihedron All-nighter won't be required, if OP cools down and looks at my answer...I put the "contact us" link....but no one looks at it :(
10:43 AM
Just upvoted it @InfiniteRecursion. A couple more and it will be at the top.
@JanDvorak honest to God i do not understand anything you say — timmy26 57 secs ago
Then again, I don't think the OP is seriously interested in resolving anything.
Yay...thanks :)
@InfiniteRecursion I did, but I was upset when I clicked on it only to find it actually led to the "contact us" page, not some secret message. :/
@Unihedron Should I link it to the cute video? :P
10:44 AM
@Unihedron would you have preferred a rickroll?
@JanDvorak with a virus please
@InfiniteRecursion I partially expected that :P
I can add it as another bullet : "watch this video and cool down"
or : "help him catch his lunch"
phone number...?
10:56 AM
Funny how it got picked up by the regex, and by the phonenumbers package.
@SmokeDetector fp
@JanDvorak Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Why is this in Physics and not in Worldbuilding? — paqogomez yesterday
>Antarctic music dancing eating at my darkness because my income is made right
aw shucks. on mobile chat :/
> I'm a-year-old woman and starting to notice and for me purplish bluish Dec circles
Dual Energy Coded disks?
AKA purpl-ray?
"a year old woman". A baby, then?
notice the hyphen and read in hexadecimal. She's a kid, but not a baby
The bluish Dec circles look purplish to her because her lenses are not fully opaque to ultraviolet due to a genetic anomaly
11:45 AM
or that
That reminds me... I forgot to wish people Merry Christmas on Oct 31. Dammit...
No problem, let's celebrate it on Nov 31st...
11:49 AM
Ah, yes, let's use noval as a base.
Better yet - not celebrate it at all
...or on 1st april...?
If you wait until 14th Nisan, you can commemorate Jesus' death instead
Which is april 3rd the next year
If you feel like weighing in on a case of plagiarism: this post appears plagiarized from this one. I've put in a flag. As I recall, the more flags, the more visible it is to mods.
12:01 PM
@Louis 24.03% match
I don't understand. What are they advertising?
> I am got some damage my man Seattle like handling see it on my yeah our status when the them motion yeah
Could almost be a reggae song
@Unihedron What is that supposed to mean?
12:02 PM
@Louis They will decline it IMO, code blocks which can be reached individually by different users is declined. Unless it's a clear case, it gets declined.
Uni quoted it from the spam
@InfiniteRecursion The block of code is exactly the same in the newer answer as in the later answer, comments and all.
Yes, people can come to the same solution. If it has any complexity though, two individual folks won't come to the same exact code. (Check the 2nd block in the older question.)
Hmm, the comment lines and indentation are identical
I can see the similarity, but from my experience of flagging plagiarism, my vote is that it will be declined. Plagiarism is a big thing, so they accept it cautiously.
@InfiniteRecursion I've never had a plagiarism flag declined, ever.
12:06 PM
Considering the suspected plagiarized content source is actually pretty large, a 24.03% content match might be worth the suspicion. Whether it's actual plagiarism will be up to the mods to investigate.
Look at the users' rep history, it's suspicious (to me)
257 today
45 Jun 21
@Louis That's great
I had 2 declined, and I agree with the reasons mods gave...code blocks can be written independently
they may edit and add attribution to that answer, that happens too....
Again, two people can certainly come to the same solution but coming to two identical substantial pieces of code, with identical comments independently??
Even attribution is not enough.
Who knew, maybe they both plagiarized the same blog post.
12:11 PM
I know
@Unihedron that could be the case. It does not make the flag declined.
Cupcake's had seen a bulk of answers plagiarized from an old, gone blog. so...
I sure hope whoever handles plagiarism flags does take the time to do a bit of search beyond what is mentioned with the flag itself.
You're supposed to include all evidence and findings within the flag itself though.
plagiarism is a messy thing...I still don't know if it's good to edit attribution to an answer and encourage the behavior...but those are my personal opinions about ethics
I am curious to see how you flag is handled
12:15 PM
stay tuned...
@Unihedron Cupcake faced a lot....I feel bad for him...he is a nice user
@Unihedron Let me get this straight. The moderator who handles the flag is either a) going to take the info from the flag at face value, in which case the moderator could make a terrible terrible mistake (maybe the flagger flipped the posts around in their head and is flagging the wrong one, for instance; it has happened) or b) the moderator is going to verify. If the moderator verifies, should they not also check beyond the flag itself because (again) the flagger could have made a mistake.
If the mod check other sources (e.g. Google) and finds both posts are plagiarized, then what? The flag is declined because some information was missing? Is that it? I really doubt so.
also, they may edit and add attribution and decline your flag...because you could have salvaged the answer yourself without their intervention :)
the concept of salvaging is still kinda vague for me...I will learn eventually
12:19 PM
@InfiniteRecursion There is nothing to salvage there. The entire original part of the plagiarized answer is "This might be the best way!". It would be quite different if this answer added something substantial to the other one. Then yes, it could be slavaged and that's something I would do myself (with a comment to the author of the answer that failed to give attribution).
000 000
ooo ooo
12:27 PM
))) )))
U͚̦̠̤̱̠̝̺̹͍̟͌͊̎̆̋̎̽ͮ̆͊̽̉͒ͅU̜̺̱̻͈̤̳͈̤̝͆̾̌͆͗̂͑̉̆ͧͫ̽Ú̹̹̼͓͖͈̯̬̠̬͈̗̰͈̩̲ͤ͊̾ͅͅ ͔̺̩̼̣͍̟͐͌̔ͥ͂̃ͦ͒̐U̩͎̻͈͇̯̗͑ͯ̓̿͒͋͊̊ͦ̑̈̎̈͐̎͗̓̅̋U̻̩̥̘͑̐ͣͮ͒ͩU̜̝̗̱̘̞̼̖ͩͫ̍̐̈ͦͬͤ̐ͨ̃̋͐ͮ̈̑̉‌​
It's all fun and games until someone gets the zalgo out ...
❍❍❍ ❍❍❍
@Bart then it becomes SPARTAAAA!!!!
12:36 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: What is people review for skin care products? by katitetorres on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
@SmokeDetector true
@cVplZ Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
is 🚬 allowed in tavern?
12:40 PM
@cVplZ I don't mind squares
It's a square
hmm.. shows for me
@cVplZ It kind of looks like the cigarette in this sign
yea it is.. just trying out some of these en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unicode_characters
- 7 and still there gone
Nope, -8 and gone. Why do people keep downvoting spam??? :/
@JanDvorak Check
I like the logic of this question:
Q: Computing a limit using a Maclaurin series

AliceThis question is worth 7 marks, so I think it needs a fairly detailed answer;

1:14 PM
so the -1 downvote favorite means that the questioner just copy/pasted the question from somewhere else on SE, right? ell.stackexchange.com/q/39410/8858 I can't find it though
1:29 PM
but I decided not to troll any further
@JanDvorak Why? Not my field of expertise.
@PatrickHofman rec-tool
@PatrickHofman read the last paragraph
@JanDvorak I see. Thanks. The question made my vision blurry. Didn't notice the last paragraph.
No effort, too broad
Certainly now timmy will get the point @JasonC and he'll see the error of his ways and will apologize to all ....
1:42 PM
Prem Kappor, Gurgaon
1 1
About me....
Doesn't pick up ...
Any mod around to go pew pew on that account?
@Bart just slowly back away from your phone
1:58 PM
@Bart Maybe he could use a visit from miss kappor.
2:15 PM
@PatrickHofman Why does the meta conversation have so many downvotes on it? Am I missing something?
Well the answers I understand the downvotes. Everything else there is just confusing. backs away slowly
MSO only upvotes my answers :P
@JasonC I don't know. I think it is a legit question.
2:26 PM
Drupal....back in action...
@InfiniteRecursion == compares numeric values by default
^how am I related to that? Ping ping ping ping
> I don't know if history and sure somebody says something like it before
Your aversion to being pinged continues to perplex me.
I have recently been harassed in the Tavern by pings...thanks to Haney for coming and banning the user for a few days
2:34 PM
@InfiniteRecursion thanks Inf
ping Inf :P
Help! What's the name of this online IDE which has an interface of green text?
inb4 someone mentions ::pingafterpoof::
@JanDvorak surprise ping!
ping pong...spam and Jan gone!
2:39 PM
pong ping
yesterday, by Haney
Please chill out on the pinging and instead have conversations with those that respond to you. If they don't, stop.
yesterday, by Haney
I'm not defending anybody. I'm enforcing the rules of Stack Exchange which include no harassment.
Does the brown ping use a brown note?
2:42 PM
Wrong shoesize @Bart, wear your glasses and then try another pair.
I can totally understand you not wanting to be harassed (which is what Ahmad was doing, and Haney was totally correct in putting an end to it). Doesn't change me previous statement, though.
@InfiniteRecursion It's not about the shoes though :)
I know. It's about your white suit Bart.
The guy's name is Pingping
Damn. I thought it's Bart.
2:46 PM
Top tip: if you're looking for me, don't look at the small people ...
Top tip: all people are big for ducks
Nov 4 at 21:18, by Bart
Or as an old lady once told me "Oooh, you're tall enough to climb" ...
@PatrickHofman The more I looked at it the less I liked it, but I dunno: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/276741/616460
You have my vote...perfect answer. Meta is not the place for that.
2:55 PM
@JasonC: Thanks for pinging. I do agree on most, but not all. Please check my comment.
@jQueryAngryBird: I'm ... not your "auntie" ... — Lightness Races in Orbit 5 hours ago
^ That's why he calls me "Young Sir", he knows how annoying it is ;)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Shame on you Auntie for motivating racism.I didnt expect this from such heavyweight,high reputation (and only 1 from female category)user. — jQuery Angry Bird 11 hours ago
^Should I tell the OP that the author of his post's accepted answer is a female user...just to break his illusion of an all-male MSO?
You can if you really want to, but you're not going to get anything out of that. ;)
True, silence is better. I once mentioned my gender in a MSO post, didn't end well...I deleted that answer after a few days :)
You're a duckling. Gender doesn't matter.
3:10 PM
Says the unisex pair of glasses :D
"and only 1 from female category)user" <<--go tell him gender doesn't matter :P
Well, it's up to you really. :P Nobody, absolutely nobody has the rights to take your happiness away.
/me takes @Unihedron's happiness away.
If that's what makes you happy @JasonC, then nobody can take it away.
You're welcome to take Unihedron's happiness away from me, but you have to catch me first! HEE HEE! ducks into alley
3:23 PM
Is it really? It's kind of answering the question.
@PatrickHofman cv-pls
for those that want to know meta.stackexchange.com/a/243521/213575
@JasonC why would you command ducks into an alley? What are you planning to do with the ducks?
Meh, I voted to delete my answer...the way that OP is targeting Lightness's gender repeatedly in comments, such a sexist person doesn't deserve my answer as a contribution....if it doesn't get deleted...I will disassociate myself from that post @uni. It doesn't take away my happiness, though it disgusts me to be a part of such a thing in any form.
(Said in the voice of Professor Farnsworth:) Good news everybody! That answer I flagged as plagiarism earlier this morning has been deleted, because it was.... drum roll... plagiarism!
@InfiniteRecursion Let it sit longer and get you a silver answer badge first though. ;)
3:28 PM
What answer?
Yay...victory against plagiarism. Congrats Louis :)
troll answer
3:30 PM
Link to the answer?
@bjb568 There have been two answers discussed just before you posted. Which one?
A: Improvements to StackOverflow

Infinite RecursionNo, Stack Overflow doesn't need to be changed; it is great in its current format. However, since this question cannot be answered without a video, here you go:

Wai, no, the other one.
The plagiarism case? I've put a link right into my announcement that it has been deleted.
3:33 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Dis one
All of the best improvements to Stack Overflow are outlined here: Everything Should Be Different
The one #Inf was talking about was her answer I linked.
@Braiam I was the first :)
@Unihedron I added upvote nr 24, maybe someone else can get @Inf her nice shiny badge
I proposed an Area51 site. sits back and eagerly watches to see whether it gets closed or attracts followers
@Unihedron Then where's the sexism?
oh look, bluefeet can close it :)
is confused
@bjb568 in comments
3:38 PM
Congrats on the Reversal badge, InfiniteRecursion.
@Unihedron Followed. :)
Exotic Creatures

Proposed Q&A site for questions and answers related to interesting and exotic creatures of the wild, such as sharks, sloth bears, and giant pandas.

Currently in definition.

@InfiniteRecursion Looks like comments deleted.
OP is targeting Lighness' gender repeatedly in comments...I want to distance myself due to that
I hope exotic flowers will be on topic there.
3:39 PM
Thanks jadarnel27 :)
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Both plants and animals are creatures. :P
downvote, vote to close, stub the OP etc... -> stackoverflow.com/questions/26912604/…
lol 2 upvotes
Why "stub the OP" ?????????
pls no riot moderation :P
@InfiniteRecursion a metaphore
obiously not being serious there
3:44 PM
PLEASE RETAKE THE TOURvba4all 1 min ago
That last one should really be closed quick, though, before it starts attracting answers.
... or flies.
tl;dr: tour, +1'd
Shouting is rude...from anyone.
3:46 PM
A: Combinatorics in excel: Find every possible sum of every possible combination

Tony DallimoreCode for Approach 3 Sorry I cannot format this as code so it is readable because it takes the answer over the 30,000 character limit. Copy the text below to an editor and replace $ by newline and it should be usable although the indenting has been lost. Failing that, see my profile for an email...

"Sorry I cannot format this as code so it is readable because it takes the answer over the 30,000 character limit. Copy the text below to an editor and replace $ by newline and it should be usable although the indenting has been lost. Failing that, see my profile for an email address; email me and I will send you the source." hahahha
have never seen anything like it in my entire adventure on SO
@vba4all <pre> FTW!
btw, where is that?
@vba4all I'm surprised you haven't commented that the user has 4 answers on that question
3:49 PM
omg... reallly? haha
@bluefeet that question along with all the answer should be deleted.... wouldn't you agree?
Hey bluefeet you want to put the nail in the coffin on stackoverflow.com/questions/26912604/…?
@JasonC it's on it's way to be closed
Ah there we go.
because saying it once isn't enough, cv-pretty-please? stackoverflow.com/q/3913355/792066
Thanks for handling the rudeness flag for that comment @bluefeet
3:51 PM
@vba4all not sure, at this point it's got no VtC and the answers are relatively good so I'd hesitate to delete it. However, I'd think the person answering would prefer to have a blog with all those solutions
@InfiniteRecursion you assume it was me
darn, I saw a funny ad with a cat in the side bar... can't find it now :(
@InfiniteRecursion not saying it wasn't but there are other mods online handling flags
3:54 PM
Then thanks to all the mods...for handling all my flags :)
@Braiam Call 911 love death specialist magic
@InfiniteRecursion it would be awesome if they handled mine too wink wink
@bluefeet In her defense, when you're in the room and attention is drawn to questions, comments do tend to mysteriously evaporate soon after.
@JasonC comment flags are the easiest to handle by any/all of us
3:57 PM
@bluefeet You know, you're a good politician at heart.
Anyone have ideas improving the phone number regex?
capture the matching string (everything between spaces), exclude if it begins with 0x.
@Unihedron Well, not starting with "0x" maybe for that one.
@SmokeDetector false
@Braiam Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
3:59 PM
How about we ignore word sequences that follows a json object tag ("words": (numbers) ) or binary sequence (0x) from the phone number to match?

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