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6:00 PM
Lol, you mean like, "What kind of dinosaur are you?"
Post-edit and still makes sense. Win.
Nope, what kind of dinosaur do you like?
Like is a bad-keyword
Incidentally, what kind of dinosaur do you prefer?
Excellent choice.
6:03 PM
Low Quality Q (34.2%): How To Use Web Services In Android, by Virendra Pal Singh, on stackoverflow.com.
My favorite dinosaur is ASP.NET Web Forms.
So now that bjb knows, I will go to idle mode and wait for the ping from JasonC
Pham is basically the RSS feed.
@JasonC lol :D
@InfiniteRecursion it gets slightly less annoying after a few years
Especially if you periodically kick people who ping you
oh shog read these chats also /me surprised
@JasonC kiwi peeling is indeed srs bsns. I suggest a ninja block trigger so you can programmatically engineer your own solution
@Shog9 hi!
6:09 PM
How are you
digging through support emails
That's fun. I'm supporting my works policy lawyer because his intern just created several tedious hours of work for me and him D:
I guess I won't be super pinging shog then. ;)
@InfiniteRecursion CHICKEN BUTT
@Shog9 Roger that. I will start practising from now...lemme see...who was the last person who pinged me?
6:10 PM
Dammit shog got your attention first. style cramped
@JasonC KICK
@SterlingArcher that sounds dreadful
@InfiniteRecursion They're arguably yellow, you know.
Q: Why tour example question is still about unicorns?

nicaelThis site seems to be old enough and have enough good questions. Why is example question in the Tour still about unicorns (its standard example question)? Some question should be chosen to be Example Question.

@Shog9 it is, but to be honest, I can at least do my side with SQL, which makes support emails sound much more horrifying.
Wish I could help :D
6:12 PM
toys with the idea of feeding support emails into the tavern
@Shog9 DO IT.
@JasonC You would know better, I never bothered to look :P
I'm awesome at customer support. The users will definitely be happy.
"I am having trouble with [some issue]" Reply => ".. And what have you tried?"
Disclaimer: By feeding support emails to the tavern, you accept personal responsibility for anything we say.
6:14 PM
The perfect room for support questions is this
@Pham del
Good lord
It is the jQuery library, obstructed. — Awal Garg 2 mins ago
Hehe, obstructed.
That's his generic troll comment
It's pretty dull to me now
6:20 PM
Laxatives may help it.
I believe that's how you un-minify jQuery
chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/17/… We're actually discussing those symbols right now, if anybody has knowledge/is interested
@InfiniteRecursion CHICKEN BUTT
fist pump
@Ahmad nope, not me but rather one of my minions (Vogel612) ;)
@JasonC look, this got flagged
give me some context or get rid of it please
wow one flag brought whole army here
6:24 PM
@Haney There's an earlier "guess what" somewhere in the log.
next time please reply to it, as out of context it seems ridiculous ;)
@Haney I can't reply to my own posts.
so many devs on the tavern
Hi Devs. How are you on this fine Tuesday?
6:25 PM
busy but not bad, and you?
About the same, actually.
Hi SE Devs!
@JasonC true enough. blah blah "exercise good judgment and don't offend others" blah blah
@JasonC Actually, you can.
@ProgramFOX Example
@Sam Sure you can.
6:26 PM
You overestimate my judgmental abilities.
@JasonC if anything that works in your favour ;)
Low Quality A (52.4%): Hi please help me i m forgot icloud id and p..., by haidar, on apple.stackexchange.com.
Hey are you guys here to announce that mobile chat will have reply buttons now?! THANKS!
perhaps...one day...
@Haney so you're the leader? :)
6:28 PM
waits with puppy dog eyes for that day
if anything balpha runs the chat show. We just try to respond to stuff in a timely manner, and whoever gets there first takes it I guess.
well, @Aurélien is... silent :(
@JasonC balpha already made a mockup for this, you know
@ShadowWizard I've been brought here by the chicken butt event, not sure it was worth it ;)
@ShadowWizard Yep
Lol, the "Chicken Butt Event"
6:29 PM
@AurélienGasser eh, surely better than programming! :D
Anyway, this seems like a good opportunity to remind you all of our Be Nice Policy regarding conduct on our sites and software
All parts, but also "Oh, and bring your sense of humor. Just in case."
@Haney We're nice. We can't be held responsible for people who stay in chat rooms then complain when they are chatted to, though. You'd have a lot of log reading to do for the real context there, heh.
thus the sense of humor bit ;)
Carry on, citizens. STACK TEAM AWAY!
For clarity, was that flag even valid in the slightest?
I sure hope it wasn't
Have fun errybody o//
6:32 PM
@SterlingArcher Either it was, or chicken butts are the bat signal of the SE dev team.
So in otherwords, they were just summoned again? ;P
Low Quality Q (100%): What is your favorite ruby gem?, by DrunkElephant, on programmers.stackexchange.com.
@JasonC both. It's a valid flag I suppose, but not particularly useful / offensive.
@Haney could you explain to me how that is a valid flag in any sort of manner?
Don't worry, we'll save chicken b*tt for only the most dire of circumstances from now on.
6:33 PM
A chickens behind is pretty hard to claim offensive or un-professional like
@SterlingArcher it could be perceived as offensive, perhaps culturally, to a small set of individuals. I wouldn't ever act on said flag, personally, but mark it as valid.
I wouldn't want to start Chickenbuttgate, after all
I don't mean this as offensive, but if that is flag worthy, I don't want to live on this earth anymore
Oh jeez what a typo
I almost argue that the existence of a culture that finds chicken b*tts offensive is more offensive than the behind itself.
A valid flag and an actionable flag are quite different
it's not as if "LOL" was flagged offensive; that would be invalid
but it's not ban-worthy (or even near it) either
6:35 PM
@Haney It's possible that message was flagged simply because the user being replied to has mentioned they are tired of being pinged.
I may be missing inner knowledge. Valid vs actionable means?
@JasonC wow! You stirred a storm in here with your ping o_O
Having very little, or nothing, to do with the content of the message.
@SterlingArcher valid == was the flag used as intended (in this case yes, it seems someone was offended by the term). actionable == do we need to banhammer you? (heck no)
6:36 PM
Put the hammer down, obvi.
So offended
@InfiniteRecursion Oddly it was the first chicken butt, not the second.
@jadarnel27 these are the contextual things we miss via flags. However repeated flaggers are also flagged... for abuse/trolling. ;)
@Haney makes sense, thank you. Sorry to take your time away!
no apologies needed; my job is to serve the community
Because you'll never again have that time back >=(
6:37 PM
Meh, I've spent time in worse ways...
like when people flag my meta posts. jerks.
@Haney Useless without pictures.
afk :P
@JasonC Ok, now you know chickens are dangerous
@InfiniteRecursion Actually we haven't clarified that. It could just be their butts.
Or butts, in general, without context.
One last friendly reminder, please review the (very short and easy to read) Be Nice Policy, especially the parts about having a sense of humor.
6:39 PM
@JasonC KICK
anyway have fun all, back to world domination
Shog said kicking helps if anyone pokes :P
Thanks! I don't feel I invented the idea but it has really been irritating me as of late.
6:41 PM
@Haney Careers is a great thing. If I ever need to use it, I look forward to it.
The Trouble With 9-5's.
@LynnCrumbling it gets better every month. We're doing some crazy cool stuff with it right now with respect to AI and machine learning.
@JasonC great benefit of this job is the "run your own schedule" thing. I usually work 9-5 or so, but sometimes 11-7 or even 6pm-2am if desired. It's awesome.
@LynnCrumbling aye 'tis (I'm on the Careers team :) )
I actually wished we used Meta a bit more to get feedback on it
@Haney Oh that is nice. You're a lucky soul for that.
@Haney I've been so fortunate in that the company that hired me back in '98 has become a real careers, and my bosses rock. Hence the 'if I ever...". That being said, I've spend some time playing with it, and if I was searching for a prospect, it seems to perfectly target those with skills.
6:43 PM
Wait, what? We now need a sense of humour? What's up with all these requirements?
@JasonC I feel quite fortunate for sure. Worked hard to get here, and so I feel deserving of it, but I definitely appreciate the opportunity/culture of this joint.
I work freelance, the "run your own schedule" for me is offset by the "please let another job come in soon" anxiety.
Offensive A (100%): *** * **** *** **** **** **** *** *******, by ***********, on gaming.stackexchange.com.
@Bart google "how to get a sense of humor" if needed
@LynnCrumbling awesome, that's rare and terrific
@JasonC I feel that... freelance can be hard when the economy turns too.
@Haney First result: answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20140925162922AATB4Ko Y!A is all we need.
6:45 PM
@JonChan You've all done a very nice job. I wish there was a way to link to more private ventures. There's a lot of focus on open source, which is awesome, but I have other (closed-source projects) that I spent code time with.
@Bart all hail our question and answer overlords
@Bart The requirement is for glasses, please dispatch a pair for each one of us!
@Haney Yup; I was fortunate enough to have some government subcontracting gigs when everything went down in the late 2000's, otherwise who knows what I'd be doing right now.
@LynnCrumbling you mean a way to convey your projects on your Careers profile?
@InfiniteRecursion hehe
6:46 PM
@InfiniteRecursion as soon as Pekka has the store up and running, you'll get sent a pair.
OK I really do need to get back to teh codez; thanks for the chat all. Remember to flag every little thing that could possibly be interpreted as offensive so that our time is spent well and not superfluously. kthx.
@JonChan Possibly. To be fair, I haven't looked at the interface in the last year.
@Bart Deal
and yes, that was RIDDLED WITH SARCASM.
@LynnCrumbling it hasn't changed drastically
6:47 PM
peace out for now
@Haney I will happily quote you out of context then some day. Later.
I'm out too bye all. \o
@JonChan I have a side company that I devote a lot of time to, and I'm not really involved in any open source projects. I feel like that is a bit of a black mark, when compared to other candidates.
I see - I do the same thing actually
@JonChan And perhaps that's the very point - that the system is designed to prefer those individuals.
@LynnCrumbling I run a side company while working at Stack as well, you can see how I did it on my profile: careers.stackoverflow.com/jonhmchan
I actually just put it under my experience
6:49 PM
@JonChan Ok; perhaps I'll structure my profile in the same way.
@JonChan off-topic, a bit: if you were on an arbitrary SO question -- and wanted to get to careers, what's the fewest number of clicks to get there?
@LynnCrumbling way too many :(
we've been talking a lot about how we want to get Careers closer to SO - integration basically
huge portion of the time there'll be an ad in the sidebar, so... 1-click.
right now it's a cluster to get to Careers from SO - the most direct is from the multicollider on top left
But that only works if you aren't banner-blind
which you are
@JonChan I had hoped for : "Stack Exchange" dropdown -> search text box -> "careers" -> click .....
@JonChan but that doesn't come back as a search result.
6:51 PM
@LynnCrumbling yeah, basically - if you're on SO, the Careers piece is right underneath as a sub site along with Meta
@Shog9 Right, and as a user with >200, I don't see the inline ads anymore
@LynnCrumbling we've thought about putting a "careers" tab in the top nav
it's a somewhat controversial move though
I like the mobile app for this. Nearly always a job listing or two in the feed when I wake up.
Don't know if this is true for everyone or if someone's trying to give me a subtle hint, but it's pretty cool either way.
All ads to come work at SE?
The opposite of that
6:55 PM
^ along the lines of something like that
As long as the recommendations are better than those of LinkedIn ...
Hard to be worse than LinkedIn
@Shog9 aye
Apparently all my recommendations are based on a match with "Senior" in my current job title.
6:57 PM
@JonChan I think Shog's comment is correct; I have become blind to the sidebar.
@LynnCrumbling I 100% agree
we can do better to get people from SO -> Careers and vice-versa
Hey @Bart! There's an opening for Senior Dishwasher at Señor Manuel's House of Chiles - twice the Señor, half the responsibility!
@Bart And we all know what having "senior" in your job title means.
@jadarnel27 something something bag something
Jan 17 at 20:47, by jadarnel27
Josh recalls the day he found out he, too, was a Senior Douchebag
7:04 PM
> Incoming lesson in 3... 2... 1
God I love imgur
I suppose people here usually don't say Hi on arrive and Bye on exit
people say this on arrive & bye :)
Bro do you even greet
@TGMCians everything here is strange
@SterlingArcher are you with me? Also the language barrier is a problem for me
Oh, we're being serious
Depends on the person. Basically, on the internet, don't expect anything from anybody. You'll be ok
7:42 PM
@SterlingArcher I learned it tonight badly, I still am thinking What means "Bro do you even greet"
@Ahmad Totally unrelated to whatever you are talking about now, just read this and thought of you; re: an earlier comment you had about westerners: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/38177/… Top 2 answers are both great.
@Ahmad it's kind of like slang, making fun of the phrase "I can't even"
Which is stupidly short for the feeling of "I can not handle this situation or thing right now"
Actually by the looks of it maybe not totally unrelated.
@SterlingArcher You mean it's said when one is very occupied? sorry being ...
No worries. It's basically a joke
7:48 PM
@JasonC I see that article, in Iran the situations is much worse. Actually you can't find one who not say it on leaving
@SterlingArcher :) because yes I even can greet, I am the only one who prawls here
@JasonC actually here you never will find what they genuanliy mean form any sentence
done whatever i could
@JasonC But actually I expected they be different I mean being direct, however sometimes is bitter, like what happened tonight, but its what I expected
If you all never hear from me again, it's because this merge I'm about to try was as painful as I thought it would be.
And stop editing my post I didn't ask you to, my exact point about smart arses, go away. — Finn 23 secs ago
offensive ^ ?
7:57 PM
comment? Kinda. Question? I... guess so, actually
i did already question
github.com/bjb568/Markdown-HTML Done with my md parser.
Flagged comment
i also
Request to edit my posts ok? Or offer an answer then edit, no need to try and start a bleeding argument for fk sake. — Finn 22 secs ago
7:59 PM
its interesting the problems you faced with in this site, I am watching ....
We don't want to argue. We want to clean up the mess you keep throwing around. — Jan Dvorak 23 secs ago
@bjb568 flagged, gone
Low Quality A (39.1%): The word is woman~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, by Jeff, on english.stackexchange.com.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CHANGING AUTOUMATIC IMAGE by user3646157 on stackoverflow.com
8:04 PM
BTW it's cool how he censored "fuck" but still managed to trip up my script by saying "smart ass"
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CHANGING AUTOMATIC IMAGE by user3646157 on stackoverflow.com
@JanDvorak You offered the comment but where is the link to it?
@Ahmad if you mean the oneboxed comment, the timestamp links to the comment
I don't think you understand the definition of bigotry. — Sterling Archer 10 secs ago
We're bigots :(
@JanDvorak thank you and I found the link in above too
8:12 PM
This guy is a tough cookie
@JanDvorak I see the argument and his answer is ambigues and he is not polite, but is it OFF-TOPIC?
his question I meant
"my code is [here]" - not OK
Most questions about exceptions, syntax errors, etc are off topic because it's under the category 'why isn't my code working'
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: Ubuntu 14.04 + Lenovo Mice N700 by Somi Baba on askubuntu.com
He isn't helping by refusing to listen to advice, and being rude about it
8:14 PM
thanks sterling, now I understand you guys
Is SE down again?
And also understand how suddenly my questoins are closed with many supporteers ;)
@justabrickinthewall Are you with me?
@justabrickinthewall not for me
@Ahmad but you do realize that a closed question doesn't mean we hate you, right? The asker of the linked question thinks edits and votes are personal attacks on him :(
8:17 PM
@SterlingArcher Yes he is very rude, I agree he should learn somethings, he is not like every other site, in long term its beneficial to him, but you know?
Okay, was just a hiccup, back to normal performance.
@SterlingArcher You know maybe him or me don't know there are such a place where you cooperate on moderation, and he wonders why suddenly downvotes and closed votes falls down (sorry for my english)
@jadarnel27 It was bad, but not as bad as I expected.
@ShadowWizard speaking to yourself?
8:25 PM
\o @ShadowWizard
@ShadowWizard Sometimes =)
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: What is packages.magento.com? by Alan Storm on magento.stackexchange.com
o/ @Ahmad
\o @ShadowWizard I learnt it today guys use instead of "Hi"
@ShadowWizard just I don;t know it was \o or o/
@ShadowWizard It was nice if I could have some help here, but maybe in future, also I found this is a working and serious place for some mods, initially I mistook it with a usual chat room!!! and somethings happened that I realized I mistook
Night and good like, I appreciate your job
good luck I meant
8:43 PM
@Ahmad yup, crawling with SO mods and SE employees
Just be careful when you're talking about the anatomy of certain delicious birds.
Aug 31 '10 at 16:18, by Shog9
@Diago There are no memes on MetaChat. Just chaos. And banishment.
@JasonC yeah, I think we can now put it safely behind us.
@ShadowWizard I beg your pardon. I have walked, shuffled, and occasionally sashayed, but I have never crawled.
/me going to @Anna's parents to ask for photos of her as a baby
Anyway @Anna while you're shuffling and sashaying here, can you please have a quick look on this? I'm out of ideas...
8:59 PM
I don't know much about how that sync works. I will look later and/or pass on to whoever's doing bug duty this week
@AnnaLear OK, thanks!
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Playing “craps” for the win v0.2 by qed on codereview.stackexchange.com
Q: Buggy character length limit when pasting in SEDE

SamtheBrandAt first I thought it was my clipboard. Then I thought it was my browser. Now I know there's something going on in the SEDE editor... Hi, I'm Sam, and I sometimes string together long comma separated lists of user IDs and plug them into our data explorer to identify user engagement patterns and ...

@TimStone ^
For a Wizard you're really not doing all that much wizarding @ShadowWizard. You fix those.
@Bart can't touch SEDE, @Tim will stone me
@SmokeDetector fp
9:06 PM
Can't have that. I prefer the Tim who posts. The places I've been to ... good memories.
Low Quality Q (85.7%): What is best scrum tool?, by Tudor, on programmers.stackexchange.com.
@SmokeDetector false
@rene Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
hey! not fair :(
I'm the better wizard
9:07 PM
you're welcome
@Bart you mean Tiny Tim?
I'm unaware of his stature.
I'm sure @Bart would be looking down on all of us from his unnatural vantage point. We're all tiny to him.
Or as an old lady once told me "Oooh, you're tall enough to climb" ...
9:19 PM
Haha, that's such a strange and creepy thing to say.
I hope you said something equally awkward in response.
"You're old enough to talk"?
I'm not sure I had a quick response to that one. :) But it isn't nearly as creepy as people sliding their foot next to mine in the tram to compare sizes ... yeah, that's apparently a thing.
has been summoned
oh, it's working!
famous last words
9:28 PM
/me grabs popcorn to see live wizardry
@Bart Wow! I've never heard of that. Hilariously strange.
Ok, I can see the problem with answer, but can the Q be considered spam too? By itself, looks legit.
@justabrickinthewall Yeah, it's a spam seed. social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/…
Aha. The correct answer is that being unable to launch OneNote is a feature, not a bug.
^^ Haha, I love how we're better at handling spam than Microsoft. :D
10:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WEBFOLIO THEME ABOUT AEAKKUS WEBSITE by Alp Eren AKKUS on wordpress.stackexchange.com
10:51 PM
A: Delayed flow of information in notifications

J. MusserThat orange notification shows everyone the same number, which is the total amount of reviews. That's why when you reviewed, the numbers didn't match up. If you are the final reviewer on a certain item, the total number will drop by one. The notification does not show when there are less than 2 t...

Me right?

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