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12:03 AM
> And a lot of the questions can be closed/deleted.
^^ My favorite part of @bjb568 proposal. I like it when a lot of questions get closed/deleted.
@justabrickinthewall How many upvotes/downvotes does this question have? math.stackexchange.com/questions/1002627/…
@hichris123 Used to be 3:0, now it's 3:1.
People on Math... just. do. not. downvote. enough.
@justabrickinthewall If I had 12 more rep. ;P
12:06 AM
Wait, the OP actually tried to improve the Q a bit.
I reverted my DV, but will leave the closed status for others to consider.
Oh well. Edited and voted to reopen.
> Don't be a slave to asker effort. That's just a recipe for frustration. And this is supposed to be fun.
^^ From this answer by Shog9... I think it's not that simple in math, it's too easy to drown a site in copy-pasted homework to the point where it defines what the site is about.
Q: Sanction for answering a homework question

John RennieOne of the problems with homework questions is that they often get an answer before the question can be closed. So the vile perpetrator gets the answer they want, and the subsequent downvotes don't hurt them because their rep is probably already just 1 and they may not be planning to come back an...

12:27 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MATH PROBABILITY QUESTIONS! by Jay on math.stackexchange.com
> Shog: Why you answer questions
me: for the money
12:55 AM
My SNES emulator skips frames when I press tab. I need that for the laundromat.
I did kinda use turbo to add 8 minute chunks to the dryer.
Mostly I'm sad I can't play the den word game on my phone.
@justabrickinthewall I'm confused on the line for homework questions on Math.SE. So 5 little words makes a question ok vs closed?
@hichris123 Probably. That's how SE works. For example, s/home/job site/g on network engineering and boom! On topic.
@hichris123 Not only that, but the OP was in fact communicating via comments and asking how the question should be improved. It may be a little, but I wanted to give some positive reinforcement.
1:02 AM
@justabrickinthewall Right, which I think is a main source of frustration for people. I think Shog is right, but in a little different way: you get tired of doing other people's work for them. If you know it's not homework, and/or they did some work with it, you feel more inclined to help because hey, they're confused. But when they copy & paste a problem... that's when you aren't as motivated to help as why should you do what people are supposed to to, day after day after day?
Huh. Five users think that Stack Overflow is the only site that has a homework problem.
Q: Should Stack Overflow be awarding "A"s for Effort?

Shog9This just came up again: homework is not acceptable if the asker has made no effort whatsoever I'm developing a bit of an involuntary twitch that manifests itself when I encounter the word "effort" on Stack Overflow these days. Don't get me wrong — effort is good. At least, productive eff...

^^ closed as "This question pertains only to a specific site in the Stack Exchange Network."
A: Improving "demonstrate a minimal understanding" close reason

jmacAnalogy Time A good question-answer pair is like collaborative puzzle solving. The asker has a big puzzle they are trying to solve, and is stuck on some part of it. A good question will identify the specific part they are stuck on, share what pieces they are aware of, and ask for guidance to ...

@justabrickinthewall ^
> This question needs more help than we can provide. We like helping people, but sometimes the person needs to help themselves first by reading a book on the language, the online documentation, or asking someone they know who can help them. Once you understand the topic a little better, we invite you to edit this question, fix the obvious mistakes, and get it re-opened.
@justabrickinthewall come on people....
1:17 AM
@justabrickinthewall Yes, and I'm in good company with @nicael and @ShadowWizard
Old questions that are SO specific, already have many comments, many answers, should not be edited to be SE focused, in most cases, in my opinion. You'd have to edit the question, all the answers, and the comments will be SO specific still.
@cVplZ What is SO-specific about no-effort questions?
> Please don't close questions just because they happen to have been written in the context of Stack Overflow. -- Shog9
obviously bugs and feature requests that are network wide but only mention SO , can easily be edited... but like discussions about SO and questions that are allowed and stuff, are too narrowly focused to be on MSE
There's many different close reasons between sites.
if you remove/replace Stack Overflow with anything else and the post still make sense, just remove/replace it, and don't close it
@cVplZ I can read Shog9's question oneboxed above, replace SO with Math at every instance, and it makes perfect sense. Not saying I agree with it, but it makes sense. That post was even discussed on meta.Math at some point.
1:24 AM
Ok, I see your all's point. I don't go looking to close questions on Meta.SE , but if I see them in the close queue, I will keep your points in mind, but may still vote to close some of them that are too far leaning.
stuff I don't mind closing are tag burnination request that are already done, things that a) are not relevant anywhere and b) are not relevant anymore
@SmokeDetector code formating: mega fail!
2:08 AM
just finished reading that on Shadow's Den...
Too harsh? He'll probably claim I'm being a bully.
It should also be pointed out there is a history here. The OP has been around much longer than 2 months. He previously had his account deleted here after encountering a question ban. Several of his questions on a previous account (now seen as user129679 for those who can see deleted questions) were closed as too broad. The OP is not a new user who is confused, but rather someone who has been around for at least two accounts and continues to ask broad questions after it has been explained several times the nature of too broad and the expectations for a good question on Programmers.SE. — MichaelT yesterday
So probably been around there for the full 5 months then...
> And to be perfectly honest, everything you've written here in your question and comments seems to support that theory.
^ FWIW I also cast a close vote on his question because of that.
Let them complain that I answered a question I also voted to close.
3:06 AM
Ha, I do that all the time. @animuson
… I don't.
@animuson "First off, let's your your age on this network."?
^ that's the first thing I got in my mind when reading the answer: huh?
It's a good thing I have someone to proofread my emails at the Election Commission before I send them. :P
Typos aside, I would remove the age-ism. Who knows how long the user was really on the site. (This is my ... double-digit something profile, don't even know myself.)
cv-pls another recommendation stackoverflow.com/q/14232352/189134
cv-pls last recommendation for a bit stackoverflow.com/q/26357391/189134
3:29 AM
Me like when animuson is here.
@Andy gone
Me auto carrot no like.
@user245167 Not sure that spam. S/he is asking what CMS that site uses.
@user245167 honest question with veeeery bad presentation. flagged
flagged as what? VLQ? It's already closed.
@justabrickinthewall Then mod's edit made the question invalid. Abuse of edit privilege
Honestly smells like spam to me...
3:44 AM
Mod did not improve the post with the edit, right now the question is invalid
Looks like it wasn't valid to begin with
Okay, I didn't get to flag that question though.
Yeah, I don't know what bybe was thinking there. Removing URL while keeping the rest of question is just totally pointless. Either URL should stay or the whole question should go.
^I agree
I joined the site. It is about smartphone vendor in Indonesia. The site itself looks legit...
3:48 AM
Well, before it's going off-topic, noone comment bybe on that post?
Spam is something that is blatantly promotional. That question looks like a legitimately bad attempt at asking what they used for that site. That user has also had several legitimately bad attempts at asking questions on Stack Overflow, none of which were promotional in any way.
But then a very very bad edit by the mod, the question is now meaningless
The problem is on the mod then, not the post itself asker's intention
3:54 AM
Does it have to be blatant, @animuson? Some spam is covertly promotional, like planting questions with answers: "use this nice tool"... (going further OT)
@bybe Removing the URL but keeping the rest of question resulted in something meaningless. Either URL should stay or the whole question should go, imo. — just a brick in the wall 17 secs ago
4:07 AM
Looks like spam to me.
One of the comments on that deleted answer is rather telling, heh.
> Your sarcastic answer is now the first thing I find when I search java json parser.
I'm curious now about the deleted answer :/
It basically just said to search for libraries.
4:18 AM
At least the deleted answer in the first link actually linked to something specific, although that was all it did.
Not really sure why the original was deleted.
Probably because it was flagged as NAA and starts with "I cannot comment but..."
In the depths of the flag queue that probably didn't paint a good picture. :P
4:25 AM
@user245167 come to think of it, how about the other answer on that question? Doesn't seem like an answer to me...
@MichaelT Also check both accounts' other answers on other sites
@AndrewT. Just noticed that too... lots of flags out there!
@AndrewT. Can't, because I closed that window and now don't have a link to profile...
4:36 AM
A: BigQuery Job State stuck in "RUNNING"

user991686I have had the same issue with a small extract job that took 2.5 hours to run. Big Query may be having a capacity issue. I posted my question here: Is extract down? I am glad I am not the only one having issues with job runs today.

A: Symfony2 Ajax Call to Multiple Controllers in one Bundle

Mario LegendaI've been giving the wrong url to ajax. Someone ban for 30 day on Stack Overflow for being an idiot

@user245167 flagged the question: not-repro
need to cool down my head...
6:08 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: How to resolve this Hashe 1317998709 by user1996 on stackoverflow.com
ot? ^
@SmokeDetector true
@user245167 Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
6:24 AM
@DroidDev y u no vote?
@JanDvorak but, I already flagged it. I don't have voting privileges
answer more
@JanDvorak actually, I don't find time to write complete answers these days and then, I only know about where people mostly just ask for code, which I don't just like to answer
@DroidDev rather which i don't like to spoon-feed ;)
@SilentKiller thanks, Learned a new word and its use :D
At 70, he's probably hard of hearing and got used to speaking loudly himself. Excusable.
@SmokeDetector fp
@JanDvorak Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
7:35 AM
@TimPost 45 spam edits on this poor answer and still counting. Nothing you can do to stop it? Maybe just disable anonymous edits on MSE?
w3schools.com doesn't work anymore?..
@nicael FINALLY
@nicael YAY!
so it doesn't :D
7:38 AM
finally dead!
@JanDvorak spam. Flagged.
if they code like they suggest people to code, I wouldn't be surprised if they got taken down completely by an SQL injection attack.
@JanDvorak well, it says "The website is currently under maintenance", hopefully it will take 6-8 weeks.
7:58 AM
@ShadowWizard Uhm, when am I supposed to have said that?
yesterday, by Shadow Wizard
whooops. He didn't
Sorry about that!
yeah, one step of make-mobile-chat-less-awful at a time
@balpha if there will be a per-message actions menu it would make it perfect, no way to add a small arrow next to each message to achieve this?
@ShadowWizard for android, we already have a hardware menu button on device :D
@ShadowWizard I mocked this up a loooooong time ago
user image
8:11 AM
@balpha what's the current stance on supporting Symbian / Opera Mobile, BTW? I've noticed a bug or two
@balpha perfect! So what's the show stopper preventing it from becoming alive?
@ShadowWizard You have an interesting definition of perfect...
perfect for me is something that will render the mobile chat useful
@DroidDev uhh, not really. In fact, Google tends to ride away hardware buttons...
But to answer your question, prioritization. Chat has been pretty low in that area for a long time. Luckily it has gotten better recently
8:15 AM
@AndrewT. yes, on some new devices, I saw there are no hardware buttons, but those devices have other three buttons, for home, back and listing of running apps on bottom of screen.
@balpha so, you aren't even willing to add a white border around some of your sprites for my crappy phone / OCD combo?
@ShadowWizard just blocked about 15 different ranges that have been naughty regarding that post
@TimPost so we shouldn't see any further spam edits on that post?
Manual IP bans? I'm not complaining, but I thought IP bans were ineffective with too much collateral damage?
@balpha namely, the 1px border on the hollow up-arrow gets cut off, creating an open up-arrow but a closed down-arrow.
8:25 AM
@JanDvorak screenshot?
I don't have a screenshot app currently installed, unfortunately
not sure I understand the description correctly
I'll emulate the issue on desktop, hold on...
@balpha this is how the mobile arrows look like on my phone
reproduced on all sites
that's not even a sprite, that's a data URI with an SVG in it
in which case I'm quite surprised it did render at all, actually
8:36 AM
Are the image boundaries specified explicitly?
Note that you don't have to base64 a SVG
@JanDvorak yeah, I'm looking at the SVG XML now. I see no reason why a working SVG renderer would cut that thing off at the bottom
Thanks. I guess it's a bug with OM, then? Another incentive for me to upgrade, I guess
Desktop Opera renders that just fine
8:57 AM
flagged abusive
yup me too
interestingly, posted as community-wiki :O
9:02 AM
@AndrewT. because the Q is CW already
This turns any new answer to CW automagically
I see... just knew that.
still there.
@balpha even more surprisingly, the Opera Mobile emulator doesn't reproduce that issue...
9:05 AM
@JanDvorak Tavern is sleepy
spam gone
crap still there
9:12 AM
both required 1 cv more
@SilentKiller Both closed now. Please add one dv to stackoverflow.com/questions/26703975/… so it can be deleted.
@Sam hi
@PatrickHofman I downvoted
9:19 AM
@PatrickHofman done now waiting to be deleted.
Low Quality Q (93.2%): Using ByteArrayRepresentation to serve files in RESTLET, by RUTILA, on stackoverflow.com.
@inf fixing crappy questions again?
10:01 AM
@user245167 Hi! We are glad to have you here.
Sep 7 at 16:59, by Infinite Recursion
I am leaving, don't want to be in the room with rude users.
^ gimmeh deh codez
10:15 AM
@cVplZ Am I a rude user? @user245167
@PatrickHofman No, not at all
@user245167 and me?
@ShadowWizard No
@user245167 and me?
great, you scared her off :(
10:23 AM
suddenly too many self-evaluation being done here
2 done 1 in process
I like how everyone was upset but no-one bothered apologizing.
@Unihedron where? when? why?
1 more flag and I get a fake internet silver
10:28 AM
@Unihedron apologize for what exactly?
@cVplZ For breaking the dishwasher?
Sep 13 at 5:51, by Infinite Recursion
lostsock is one of my favorite users in this chat room, why would anyone chat ban it? It is never rude or annoying.
@user245167 want me to put glasses on your new avatar as well? :)
Sep 14 at 1:03, by Infinite Recursion
New guy is still here. I like the image they used for hidden avatars, looks like a matryoshka doll
so both @bart and @Inf have retired from tavern? Don't know whether to cry or be thankful that I can finally start saving some stars for retirement.
hmmmm i think i have become invisible.... oh, the possibilities!!
10:34 AM
@cVplZ :(
@Shog9 , think you could answer this
11:47 AM
@SmokeDetector false
@Unihedron Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@ShadowWizard I think it will be like superheros in movies. No face, but only glasses ;D
12:02 PM
@cVplZ my nemesis has gone? What happened?
@DroidDev yeah, now I'm really tempted!
12:15 PM
why can't user upload pictures on to SE from a mobile? or it's just that I did not find that secret little button?
@chmod711telkitty use full site from mobile
@ShadowWizard me waiting for your artwork to complete
@chmod711telkitty mobile theme doesn't have the full editor as far as I remember
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: How do I login to this site bitsum.com/forum with OpenID by user2896127 on meta.stackexchange.com
How come @inf gets such a warm welcome when posting something while poor @Bart is getting a cold shoulder? The Tavern is so cruel! :D
12:19 PM
/me ragequits
/me watching
/me can't seem to delete all posts, nor does there seem to be a downvote button in chat ...
Hi @Bart!
now he'll feel "welcome" D:
Too late @Unihedron. TEH RAGE. TEH ANGER!!
12:22 PM
@Bart: Why?
I don't know why people make you the villain. I think you're a good person. You just need to control your temper and enjoy the humor sometimes.
So, @Bart, if you ragequit might I take your glasses and give to @Inf? She really needs it, I think
Soon you can go to shop.bartisawesome.com to get yourself whatever you like @ShadowWizard. But I have Pekka handle that. He assures me all is genuine.
@ShadowWizard but a lot of people use their phones as cameras. maybe SE doesn't want people to upload a lot of pictures ... dunno
@Bart -1 not enuf jquery
12:26 PM
@Unihedron is there ever enough ...
@chmod711telkitty nah, they just keep the design minimalistic to not clutter the pages
@Bart Pekka? Isn't he just a myth?
Whatever he is @ShadowWizard, he did accept my 50% down payment.
@Bart oh, so that's how he opened his Gucci Bags shop!
That's spelled Guchi @ShadowWizard. At least it says so on his store ...
I got a better idea! SE can impose a ban on certain users, it is not a question or answer ban, it is a picture ban! Every picture that banned user posts would be automatically shrinked to some thing less than 50px by 50px
12:30 PM
Guchi is a typo. @Bart, most likely originating here: alibaba.com/showroom/guchi-bags.html
@Bart like this one?
or maybe this one :/
I want this bag!
@DroidDev alibaba 40 chor ?
@ShadowWizard and then gift me. ;)
@ShadowWizard // cc @SPA
12:33 PM
@chmod711telkitty but that would render all interesting pictures useless! :(
@SilentKiller hehe, not the 40 chor only alibaba
@ShadowWizard I flag that. The horn is too small :P
so the unicorns are just horny horses? ... I mean horses with horns @_@
@chmod711telkitty @SPArchaeologist can describe better
@chmod711telkitty you nailed it!
@chmod711telkitty maybe horses are really just disabled unicorns ...
12:35 PM
@chmod711telkitty Unihorn
@chmod711telkitty lol
@DroidDev well, it just means he's young. :D
@ShadowWizard oh! I always thought there were only adult unicorns :/
@DroidDev you thought.. :D
Is it just me, or does this somewhat read like "How to fake yourself into an IT career"?
12:39 PM
I'm really good at making people ragequit!
in Shadow's Den, 58 secs ago, by DroidDev
ragequit procedures initiated
In the end it will be just you talking to your shadow @ShadowWizard
@Bart oh, but I got many shadows
@ShadowWizard there are no shadows in the dark. Loneliness is like darkness :P
@Bart yup, not just you
me wonders whether writing @inf still pings @user245167 ? :/
12:42 PM
... inf changed her username? What did I miss?
@DroidDev @rene asked me about it and I don't know... @rene did you find answer by now?
@Bart yeah, she went into Witness Protection Program
@ShadowWizard I think @rene is sleeping
@DroidDev can't be!!! O:
Next you'll tell me that @Bart is sleeping!
@DroidDev around this time of the year the Dutch all hibernate.
@ShadowWizard ?taht si yhw
@Bart ROFL, when do they wake up again? I'll store a reminder in my cellphone
12:44 PM
@Bart Without her nemesis, she wasn't happy about the recent events in the tavern :(
@DroidDev after winter or when there is an Elfstedentocht.
@DroidDev in Nokia one.? ;)
@SilentKiller you don't have any idea what it is capable of :P
@DroidDev i still have one Nokia at home. :P
@SilentKiller I have around 5-6
12:45 PM
@Unihedron you know what nemesis means, right? ;)
@DroidDev wholesale business ?
@Bart me goes googling Elfsted.......
@ShadowWizard yes
ok, first I'll look for its pronunciation
I'm probably using the word wrong.
12:46 PM
@DroidDev have you pronounce it.? :D
@DroidDev don't try this at home kids
hahahah @Bart
@SilentKiller I tried, but two of my teeth fell out of my mouth. Then I just tried to remember the word and my head exploded in middle of office.
@DroidDev what a mess! Who cleaned the mess then?
@ShadowWizard he himself only.. ;)
12:48 PM
@ShadowWizard I am trying to gather all the broken pieces of my brain and trying to not look at the word again
or my eyesight might also be gone forever
@DroidDev you mean Elfstedentocht?
@ShadowWizard have you copy paste or write it down? ;) :D
@ShadowWizard It pings you by name, so if you change your name the websocket sends updates out, so no @inf doesn't ping the anonymous user
@ShadowWizard oh! my eyeballs. They are burning like hell. Somebody call some angel to save me
@inf you're being summoned to save @DroidDev!
oh wait....
12:52 PM
@ShadowWizard see here and here
@rene thanks!
@ShadowWizard looks like angel changed name :P
@ShadowWizard rare Friezen...
oh wait! I can't look
@DroidDev you want @Bart's glasses ?
12:54 PM
@SilentKiller ewwww.... I hate glasses :P
@Bart today would be possible but you would have to love kluunen
@rene with the weather as it is, I'm not hopeful that will change.
A mod declined 3 NAA flags from me. They all look like NAA to me... hmm one , two, three
@rene even google is showing me that last word as spelling mistake and no results for this one either :/
12:59 PM
@cVplZ Agreed. Took my chances and flagged too.
This article is about the modern Frisians, for the ancient Germanic tribe also called Frisians see Frisii. The Frisians are a Germanic ethnic group native to the coastal parts of the Netherlands and Germany. They are concentrated in the Dutch provinces of Friesland and Groningen and, in Germany, East Frisia and North Frisia, that was a part of Denmark until 1864. They inhabit an area known as Frisia. The Frisian languages are still used by 500,000 speakers; dialects of Frisian are recognized as official languages in both the Netherlands and Germany. == History == The ancient Frisii enter recorded...

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