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12:07 AM
> Can you clarify when I can use this knowledge in my life?
12:32 AM
@SantaClaus what elves?
1 hour later…
1:51 AM
@J.Musser I just did a 250 bounty too, on SO. I got the green check mark, bounty will come after 4 days :)
@SantaClaus Ha
1 hour later…
3:06 AM
This question appears to be off-topic because it is asking about a code review which is off-topic. This should be on codereview. It is also too broad, opinion based and 'code without a problem`. — Jarrod Roberson 2 mins ago
... twitch
@Doorknob cv-pls [code-inneficiency]
Hm. My flag for this answer was handled, but the answer still remains. Moar delete votes?
@bjb568 Flagged
3:54 AM
Not a Question(?)
Q: Adding a guideline to the editor in Visual Studio

xslIntroduction I've always been searching for a way to make Visual Studio draw a line after a certain amount of characters: Below is a guide to enable these so called guidelines for various versions of Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2013 Install Paul Harrington's Editor Guidelines extension for...

Flagged all seven posts.
on meta two down, one almost dead
meta all gone
druple #3 and #4 remains
6:33 AM
@JanDvorak boom
@JanDvorak -4 now...
SO 4CV : drupal -5
drupal gone
First one is gone.
the last one is still sitting at mere -3, though
linking in room 17 gained it a whooping -0 extra score
@JanDvorak flagged
7:53 AM
thanks. More needed
Morning everyone
Thanks @Inf :)
> Thank you for reviewing 20 first posts today; come back in 16 hours to continue reviewing.
@Unihedron #achievementComplete
> Thank you for reviewing 20 suggested edits today; come back in 16 hours to continue reviewing.
Oh? Enlighten me?
8:01 AM
Sports, hobbies, friends...life...
Stop making up words @InfiniteRecursion
Paint, sing, dance, play, cook, shop....
avoid @Bart....etc....
@Bart Ha
> Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 15 hours to continue reviewing.
8:04 AM
@InfiniteRecursion :)
cv-pls stackoverflow.com/q/25691861 how to use json in a command
@Bart Ha :)
Is Ha the new Morning?
Morning @rene :)
8:10 AM
Morning @InfiniteRecursion ;)
@Bart Ha
8:21 AM
Anybody willing to edit? This needs editing: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/270763/2982225
@Unihedron :D
HI! :D
9:14 AM
any diamonds around?
@TimPost can you put the status-completed on this question
@mehow "this question" links to the on-topic help center page.
is atom.io good?
While we wait for the gravatar to be un-animated can we stackoverflow.com/questions/25698489/…
OMG it's animated
there is an open bug report here
See you!
@Unihedron man, that's Harsh
Hiya, I'm curious about this issue related to bounty and comment...
So, there is this OP put a bounty to his question
because of that, he said that he couldn't comment to answers to this question...
@AndrewT. Making the bounty dropped me below REP to post comments to other posts... — arayray 14 hours ago
I know that privileges will be taken regarding to the final rep after the bounty as this post: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/266925/…
But in this case, he's the OP, he should be able to comment to any posts in his question anyway?
Should I post this on MSO/MSE?
10:13 AM
@AndrewT. Reading this Please note that you can always comment on your own posts, and any part of your questions. However, commenting on other people's posts is a privilege. I would think he should be able to do so. Maybe he didn't try and only assumes he can't comment on answers under his own question?
10:32 AM
@rene I think that's the possibility. I will tell him to try commenting first (I should have done that actually). Thanks!
10:52 AM
@ProgramFOX @TimPost omg you're right I have pasted the wrong link - THIS is the question i was talking about
Someone is trying to close your question @mehow :D
"I believe stackoverflow, programmers, superuser, and serverfault should be merged into one" - chaos would ensue. — Jan Dvorak 5 hours ago
11:18 AM
We have Yahoo Answers for that...
@JanDvorak bam
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected,Phone number detected: all problem solution molvi ji+91-9799144164 on english.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected,Phone number detected: black magic+09799144164 specialist molvi ji on english.stackexchange.com
12:21 PM
Also, Lisp code detected
> here is My code ! !?
^ That deserves a -50...
@Unihedron create 25 accounts...
Heya @J.M :P
@Unihedron Hey!
Saturday = half the people gone, and silence in the Tavern.
1:23 PM
:2379675 Not enough for ya?
Oh, removed, of course.
All the queues are locked... I'm bored now
@Unihedron Why are they all locked?
@Unihedron Then post some questions on Moderators.SE! :D
@J.Musser There is a limited number of reviews/day.
I removed it to re-post with freehand lines. :)
1:26 PM
On GL, we get maybe 1 review per day...
@ProgramFOX But I'm not a moderator!
@Unihedron You could... go review on another site?
@Unihedron Matt S. isn't either, and he's on Moderators.
@Unihedron The scope is broader than just "moderation", for example, you can also ask community building questions there.
And I'm also not a moderator, though I'm active there.
I am a moderator on another forum, but I doubt my questions would belong on Mod.SE.
@Unihedron Moderators.se isn't only for se mods...
1:29 PM
Why not? It is not limited to SE moderators, certainly not.
I'll give it a try then! :D
Yay! :D
Wow... tons of people I know on that site.
Top user has less than 2k
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GPG ERROR NO_PUBKEY on askubuntu.com
Totally didn't mean to star that.
1:50 PM
GL has 3,123 questions, 3,695 users, and 3,888 visitors/day.
all starts with 3.
2:04 PM
@Unihedron Looks like you did good in the robo-room.
Thanks, just adding my time while I have some.
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started at rev 8df6bfb (@Undo)
Today's Listening | Chillout / DnB
Q: Can we get an official stance on link-only answers in the LQP review queue?

AstroCBThis isn't really a complaint about this specific audit (although failing it did give me a review ban despite the fact that I've only failed two in almost three months). I thought that we had an official stance on link-only answers: we have a canonical question and even a delete reason in the qu...

@GnomeSlice Thanks :)
2:20 PM
Meanwhile, someone else who's idling in the room:
Inspect Element -> Delete Node
Maybe post some messages so it scrolls...
3:13 PM
star this if you hate animated gifs that don't self destruct after 10 seconds
star this if you love animated gifs that don't self destruct after 10 seconds
Star this if you think @lostsock is begging for stars.
star this if you're an awesome person
Wait. No. I'm not.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected, Phone number detected: vashKAran spECiaLIst((( 097997144164))) moLvi ji on english.stackexchange.com
3:16 PM
@hichris123 If you mean the chick's "ha", it's removed now.
:o (gasp)
@JanDvorak heh
star this if you indifferent about animated gifs that don't self destruct after 10 seconds
3:22 PM
star this if you want me to post another random gif
Fine. c: But I'm still bored.
star this if you want this "star this if" thing to stop
starred ^
please just vote on the current star this ifs , it's the poll of the day
give him 48 hours to remove it or network ban till 2040 — lostsock 3 mins ago
3:25 PM
I haven't starred anything, so don't ask for stars
Try saying "Ha" if you are bored, it's super fun. I am totally addicted to it.
@Uni: Talk to us if you are bored, but no gifs please.
I still fail to see why 3 people think that my Meta.SO question is a duplicate of this one. Not only are they asking different things, but the answers on mine show a much wider array of opinions than the other one.
So, if anything, it should be the other way around.
Jan, am your sock. I don't spam.
@InfiniteRecursion Lies. Also, lies
Fine. I will stop flagging spam and start posting spam. Sock goes rogue :P
3:41 PM
Won't. Be assured. J/k
@InfiniteRecursion I remember yesterday or two days ago when @bart's sock went rogue. It was not good.
Yes, but I am Jan's sock. Jan is more tolerable than Bart.
I'm not
3:46 PM
But I thought we were all socks of Bart.
Which means @Infinite is a sock of Jan, which is a sock of Bart.
No, Bart can't handle both of us, his glasses will crack.
@hichris123 That's what Jeff wants make you think
*wants to
@Braiam correct. Jeff is planning on rebuying the company back with an offer of 4.2 trillion rep
@InfiniteRecursion engrish!
3:49 PM
Jan's grammar bot posted that...serry
my... what?
I might try to build one, though
What annoys you most @Jan - spam, grammar, or chick?
your lies about me annoy me, though I guess they do a bit less than spam does.
Cool, good to know bad grammar doesn't annoy you :)
it does
*grammar, *doesn't
3:56 PM
Sorry, I had no intention to annoy you @Jan. announces she is an individual account, no affiliation with Jan
Lies. I never actually got annoyed ;-)
Liar! Grammar, spam, I - all annoy you.
annoys @Jan for points sake
4:01 PM
supports @Braiam's blaf
@Braiam: Let me know if you need any tips to annoy Jan.
@InfiniteRecursion annoying people is a national sport in my country, so thanks, but I don't need 'em
@ian no, it is 100 views period; we don't track views over time, views is literally an i++ counter. — Jeff Atwood ♦ Jul 6 '11 at 11:37
Nice, I will take tips from you then, the next time I feel like annoying someone @Braiam ;)
feels like he got a young disciple
feels like she got an old teacher
@hichris123: Since I am no longer Jan's sock, your logic is broken. Fix it!
4:13 PM
Aug 26 at 5:06, by Tim Post
FYI - The last of the swag backlog we've been hammering at goes out today, so if you're owed something, it's out of the warehouse this week. Apologies, technical difficulties and such, I think we've got it back to normal.
^ When is this going to be unpinned?
Never. It has reached the status of historical significance.
There is nothing important on the star wall @Astro, so it can stay till something important comes
@AstroCB hopefully soon, it's taking up valuable real estate
@AstroCB 14 days? 21 days? 28 days?
There's a logic to it.
I think it was 14 days.
4:18 PM
Note that pinned messages get auto-unpinned after two weeks. — balpha ♦ Jun 7 '12 at 6:25
> Room owners can also pin messages, which permanently affixes them to the top of the room sidebar for up to 14 days.
(from the chat FAQ)
A few days later our messages can occupy the entire star wall again. Yay!
4:34 PM
4:37 PM
Ugh, caching.
huh you always remove your comment before I read it..
if it so then @Bart is teaching wrong skill to you...make it confirm from him whether he is teaching same skill which you are were looking :p :D
You missed pearls of wisdom @TGMC
so this's great..
> Build Up Stack Overflow reputation
I wawnt reputation!!!!
4:44 PM
read it then you will get an idea..how people are trying to get a reputation on so
That shiny profile you just payed $1500 to polish? Yeah, it's not so shiny when there's a big fat notice of being suspended for rule violations on the top of it.
A: Is it legitimate to "buy" Stack Overflow reputation?

Tim PostI always thought rep would become more of a commodity than simply 'unicorn points' ever since the time I applied for a job and they remarked about the score that I had on the site. This was long before I worked for Stack Exchange, I was doing mostly freelance consulting work and it amazed me tha...

@InfiniteRecursion :(
oy welcome @Bart
Why are you sad @Bart?
Make money selling glasses!
Hiya @TGMCians
4:47 PM
@Bart Ha
I totally love saying ha, it's so much fun. I want to stop...but...it's too much fun.
Welcome to my world.
@Uni: For rep, contact @Bart's team. They are there 24/7 for you :)
@Inf: :D
wonders if a mod should look at @Bart's voting stats
@InfiniteRecursion will you stop if I say it annoys me?
4:58 PM
@JanDvorak ha!
@hichris123 haha
@hichris123 As long as they don't look at my sockp.... ehm ... sure ... they can look at my account.
Sep 3 at 9:37, by Bart
My team and I are here for you 24/7 @InfiniteRecursion
A question never answers a question @Jan. But yes, I will stop. I have no intention to annoy anyone knowingly or unknowingly.
If I didn't care, would I have asked?
@Bart speaking of socks, one of yours has left quite a bit of mess behind during their last visit in Room 17,
@JanDvorak ?
5:05 PM


Topic: Anything JavaScript, ECMAScript including Node, React, ...
two mods had to come to clean up
Unfortunately you sometimes have to let go of your socks @JanDvorak. Set them free. While I do regret their behaviour, it's their responsibility now.
this parenting strategy is a significant part of why this world sucks
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected, Phone number detected: vashKARan spEciAliST 09799144164//MOlVi ji on english.stackexchange.com
5:10 PM
3 flags left on eng.SE..
@JanDvorak s/sucks/socks/
@Unihedron It is good for your flagweight...
The number of flags you can cast. Every 5 net flags you cast correctly (helpful - declined), you get +1 flag, up to 100!
I figured it out :)
@Unihedron Well, that's the new definition of flag weight.
5:15 PM
:2379969 what for?
A: Is there a "Flag weight" balance that should be maintained?

ManishearthYou start with flag weight 100. You get +10 per helpful flag, -10 per declined flag [1]. +0 for disputed flags. If you go above 500, it increases nonlinearly[2]. The higher your flag weight, the higher position you get in the flag queue (and thus your flag is reviewed faster). If it reaches 0, yo...

It's time to say ha again....so waiting to know if it annoys you @Jan.
WTH is Feeds doing in the SO trash?
@JanDvorak ?
it's building a quote pyramid. Why?
5:18 PM
... I don't see it.
check the flags
link pls
I don't has 10k @Jan.
@hichris123 Thanks for the info on flag weight.
@JanDvorak It is not doing well for IE11...
5:19 PM
@InfiniteRecursion welcome. Though that system is gone now, and it's the one Uni explained above.
Grats on the two upvotes @rene :)
I didn't want to show off...
5:22 PM
but tnx anyway
If I try to scroll that page IE11 brings down the complete session...
Poor IE.
Poor rene
Tnx @Braiam
5:24 PM
Poor feeds
Poor flags.
Nice pyramid
Poor Tavern
Poor users.
Poor stars
@uni: are you less bored now, or do you still want to post a random gif?
5:28 PM
Actually, I'll go sleep. Bye!
Good night :)
Why did you write so many numbers?
Because nooo one will ever get that much rep.
5:37 PM
@Bart Please don't be glass-broken. You aren't too bad.
@uni: woke up?
Hiya @Sam :)
5:47 PM
Today I remembered why I can't stand going to the shops, it's filled with... shudders people.
@Unihedron :D
I will receive a 250 bounty in 3 days on this stackoverflow.com/questions/25395773/…
@InfiniteRecursion Congrats! Hopefully he actually awards it instead of walking away.
Nice answer @Inf
5:51 PM
@Unihedron It will get auto-awarded if he doesn't (I think).
The system auto awards it to the accepted answer @Uni. Thanks @Sam, @Uni
No, full in case of accepted
Wow, I really like the drawing. xD
@InfiniteRecursion wow long answer..great
Or the highest scoring answer if there isn't an accepted one IIRC.
I'd upvote if I could, but I'm out of u/dvs (again).
5:53 PM
system auto awards only half reputation score whatever of bounty was.
Thanks @TGMC
@Bart: ?
It was a joke
@Uni: You shouldn't upvote it. It wasn't useful to you.
Figures. :P
My profile says "I love colors" for a reason @uni :D
I tend to forget that upvotes on questions and answers has different tooltips.
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