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2:42 AM
4 hours? Don't die on me, meta!
2:57 AM
good morning!... or maybe I should say, good evening!
Or night.
BTW, @AndrewT. your website link in your MSE profile is broken because of the MSO-MSE split.
@bjb568 Ah, thanks for reminding me. I already forgot that I put link to meta xP
Hello! If I have a question about the law and legality, where can I ask it? specifically, do we have an SE site for Law?
stuff like, consumer rights, taxes, and the like
no site for law. but you can maybe ask questions about taxes on money.SE
3:07 AM
There's an MSE post on that. Can't find it. Probably deleted or something.
@Malky.Kid There's a proposal on Area51 if you're interested and want to realize it into a real site.
@SmokeDetector Huh. I can do self-evalulation thereā€¦
@hichris123 I want a roomba style lawn mower.
@rlemon Did you try putting a large mirror on the floor, so it thinks the room is huge?
3:23 AM
Roombas are cool.
@bjb568 Goodnight
@bjb568 Goodnight.
3:39 AM
@AndrewT. Thank you Andrew
@J.Musser They exist
Ooooh...amazon oneboxes. Nice
@Andy That's cool.
Through sometimes they take over...
What do they think of mirrors? :)
3:47 AM
Q: The Amazon is huge, but that doesn't mean the oneboxes need to be

UndoRecently, animuson was dissatisfied with his clock. Therefore, one of our illustrious members sought out an Amazon link to a clock that would solve all of animuson's needs. And this happened: It's huge. Like, screen-shatteringly huge. It even prompted this message: Why are Amazon one-boxes...

very true.
Hey! Shog9 isn't on chat right now. Unusual.
4:06 AM
@ChrisForrence it's closed now
4:18 AM
@JonChan Ola!
I wish I had a blue name.
tries to make his name blue
doesn't work
@JonChan How's it goin'?
morning / afternoon / evening / night ( Single choice : Select anyone) ;) @J.Musser
doing alright - I'm looking at this SO.tv thread on meta
@SilentKiller Depending on where you are located, morning.
@JonChan cool.
4:21 AM
I'm very split about it
@JonChan Which thread?
@SilentKiller 12:21 am, here
have a Healthy night then. while here 9.52 am
@JonChan It is different... do you think a lot of people will contribute?
4:24 AM
well that's the thing - on the one hand I do want high quality content
@JonChan I'd be all for it if once a month they have a fight night, where 1 employee and 1 user get in a cage and fight till Jon Skeet gets another great answer badge
but that would mean a lot of work for videos, which means less of them
@SilentKiller Ahh, yeah. I'll try!
@J.Musser :)
what I would love to see is something a la Computerphile or Numberphile with devs
4:25 AM
@JonChan Will it be reviewed by the community?
added more dots due to stupid restriction by stackoverflow — AZ_ 56 mins ago
what a comment. :P
@J.Musser I don't know, but I don't see how that would work yet
@JonChan Because if every video has to pass inspection by even the mods, it will be quite different than what SE has done so far, because it won't be community-based, and will rely on either mods, or employees.
@SilentKiller That is pretty dumb.
that q/a should be deleted right? off topic where can i find link self answer post, burninate plse
4:29 AM
@lostsock flag it.
@J.Musser ejjactly ( exactly )
@J.Musser something like that - it's certainly different from what SE has done so far
reading it over, there some other interesting alternative ideas
@JonChan And the purpose is...?
Making SO users better?
I think it's expanding how we think about SO
4:31 AM
@Jon go to sleep dammit
hey @KasraRahjerdi!
I can't the SO.tv thread is bothering me
and I just got to Ann Arbor
I think it could be a different whole thing, not part of SO, but that's just me.
Also I think of SOTV more as a "ad hoc Dev conference about any topic on the planet" (which sounds awesome) and less of a "here's a way other than Q&A to learn" (what the meta post seems to think it's about)
4:32 AM
@lostsock gone
KasraRahjerdi except Area51 you're moderator at each site. claps
@KasraRahjerdi def
I understand the want to say it shouldn't be part of SO, but I don't think we're planning on making it THAT official, it's more like a 20% project
@lostsock Spam gone. Where are smokey and @Jan?
@Silent heh yeah I'm technically on the core team
Or was, I guess.
4:34 AM
mobile isn't considered technically part of core?
@KasraRahjerdi ohhh... :) but it's tough job to be a moderator.
@KasraRahjerdi And then all the other sites will want it...
@KasraRahjerdi AIGHT AIGHT
I'm half sad and half relieved that I'm not a mod on anywhere except meta se
probably more sad
Yeah I can definitely understand that issue with it, specially since it's called "SOTV" -- that's a recurrent thing we deal with a lot (e.g. snippets are currently only made with SO in mind)
Eh I'm terrified to use mod tools on most sites
4:35 AM
I just like the pretty diamond
if it were a unicorn, that'd make me want it even more
I don't think Unicode has a unicorn
unicorns waste is diamonds
@JonChan I want to be a mod on GL, but we're still in beta. There are 3 pro tems, and one hasn't done anything in months, the other hangs out sometimes, and the last does everything himself.
stop crushing my dreams
@KasraRahjerdi have you seen this before? youtube.com/channel/UC9-y-6csu5WGm29I7JiwpnA
@lostsock gross - I'll never touch another diamond.
4:37 AM
@Jon negatory
I spend hours on this thing
I keep thinking we could do this better
yeah I subscribed so I check it out when im not in an Uber
field questions from the comm, pick some good ones, answer on vid (even if we do it + guests)
I think of the SOTV idea less as us expanding on new things and more as "we frequently host meet ups and small talks at the office, why not share that?"
yeah, similar - I'm thinking of it as "we have these great talks about tech amongst ourselves, why don't we share it"
+ get the community in the conversation too
4:40 AM
How does it get funded?
We normally just offer our space and food / etc to people who talk at meetups, for no benefit for us other than seeing it
hmm.. jon chan seems to be causing ~16px white space padding bettween first and second row of avatars
SOTV would be funded out of the same pool I think.
@SilentKiller Looks like a valid question to me
4:43 AM
@InfiniteRecursion didn't get this. I'm not sure what minimum required SDK for L Preview is.
it depends on its requirement what kind of views and controls he/she is using in app.
@KasraRahjerdi Why not just start an entirely new separate organization for it? Why connect to SO?
@SilentKiller Then comments should be used to ask OP for more clarification. That is not a valid ground for CV IMO. Comments are the right tool in this case.
@J.Musser part of the motivation is to see if we can expand the scope SO has beyond Q&A
as some have mentioned, SO does do a lot to teach, in a particular medium
as an experiment, could we do that in other forms?
@JonChan Okay, makes sense.
I think it's uncontroversial to say that we contribute to devs learning
4:47 AM
@InfiniteRecursion hmm. thanks.
I think what we're wrestling with is what other forms that might take other than Q&A
@JonChan Yeah if that's the goal, videos should work; they don't take effort from the listeners. :)
I don't think an 'encyclopedia article' sort of thing would catch on.
I think Q&A is good for the sort of thing an encyclopedia article would do anyways
it's funny, in many ways, I think of SO very similarly to Wikipedia
I use that analogy all the time
@JonChan Wikipedia isn't expanding as fast in certain topics. :)
that's certainly true
4:54 AM
@JonChan I'm from Gardening & Landscaping, and that site is far from being like wikipedia.
G&L videos could be extremely helpful, though; demonstrative.
@J.Musser this is my favorite one
@lostsock Hahahaha, yeah, that ones not a great example.
@J.Musser that guy must be on GLTV if there is going to be one !
@lostsock Ha
@lostsock You have to watch this: wimp.com/fishingbloopers
5:09 AM
Hello hello!
hola hws ya
Hiya @Uni
Hiya @Inf :)
My router was timing out constantly last night.
@Unihedron About every 23 minutes for me.
5:12 AM
haha, vtc'd
Hi @MattS.
@Unihedron You are a contributer dev for smokey right? Smokey was discussed and updated, check ProgramFOX and Jan's conversation.
@J.Musser Hi, I clicked a link and it brought me here. I should really be more careful.
@MattS. Why?
Oh, you mean from The Garden Shed?
And now we have multiple conversations going again.
5:21 AM
I know.
@MattS. But that's not a bad thing.
Jun 14 at 23:32, by user0000000
58 posts in the LQRQ
People are abusing close votes, I will go and write a post on MSO
5:34 AM
probably band-wagon effect
@AndrewT. That's exactly what it is.
People are like, "oh, look at all those close votes! I think I'll join in!"
I don't have enough rep for vtc on meta or SO, so I'm not as helpful as I could be.
Me too, the best thing that I can do is to flag it, and let the voters decide...
@J.Musser You are helping keep GL clean, which is great. We can't cast CV on GL.
@lostsock No, don't flag
5:39 AM
@lostsock uhh... somehow I'm not sure... it's maybe related to SOTV's video, but..
I wonder if sotv becomes successful, if it will transfer to the smaller sites.
@MattS. Yeah, demonstrative GL videos would be awesome.
it already sounds like that google help hangouts that never really got popular.
@MattS. I personally wouldn't have time.
5:46 AM
the google hangouts one, people pay you to do it. it's basically tutoring.
@MattS. Pay how much? ;)
@lostsock I think the robo-reviewers must have received bans, else posts in that queue get reviewed very quickly
@J.Musser I think it's pretty cheap per person. Because you have to be competitive. But you can also get multiple people in a session, so it's better to price it cheaper for more viewers.
@MattS. Ok... I still doubt that SOTV is gonna be entirely successful.
Yeah, I'm not seeing it so much, but it's an interesting concept.
5:52 AM
I didn't vote on the post, I'll wait until I see good results.
But then, what would I know, I'm only a tree.
waves branch
@InfiniteRecursion Why not?
@J.Musser No account, no rep, and no knowledge about gardening.
@InfiniteRecursion You said 'we'.
@J.Musser We = those who can't cv on GL
@InfiniteRecursion Ah, yeah.
Why do close vote requests from SO get on meta chat, not SO chat?
@J.Musser We are here to flag spam across the network on all sites, we can't see smokey and Jan's messages in SO chat. And while we are here, we close bad questions on SO too
6:06 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Oh. I like flagging spam. Don't get enough of it at GL. Maybe two so far this year? :D
So far, I only flagged 4 spam on SO :/
@J.Musser If you hang here long enough, someone might convince you to open 120 accounts for flagging spam. Ask @lostsock about it :D
@InfiniteRecursion I have like 10 SO flags, only a couple on GL.
@J.Musser You focus on answering, I focus on flagging and cleaning up the site. I don't answer much. So you have lots of rep and I have lots of flags.
@InfiniteRecursion I have 101 rep on SO...
J. Musser, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
101 2
6:12 AM
@J.Musser I meant on GL, you have lots of rep, and only a couple of flags. On the site where I am active (SO), I have lots of flags and very less rep (3k rep, 100 flags per day, almost 2k helpful flags till now).
@InfiniteRecursion I have only 14.8k there. Wow, you have a lot of flags.
Most of my flags are obsolete comments on GL. I'm very strict with proper use of comments, also proper tagging, and making titles more descriptive and turning them into questions. And I can't stand misspelled q's or a's.
somebody called me?
I'm just a little too picky.
@JanDvorak Not that I know of.
Unless you mean
12 mins ago, by Infinite Recursion
@J.Musser We are here to flag spam across the network on all sites, we can't see smokey and Jan's messages in SO chat. And while we are here, we close bad questions on SO too
there are so many users with same DP
and they just signed up and came to chatrooms and even all Main Rooms.
@SilentKiller That's the same one I posted.
6:23 AM
what this guys want to do..??
@JanDvorak Morning Jan
@lostsock was actively monitoring spam, so I was wondering where you and smokey vanished.
that swastika guy is still awake???
6:24 AM
see this too
@SilentKiller: please stop oneboxing
@SilentKiller Are you obsessed with posting swastica-profiles on here?
@J.Musser Don't know whats going on. whether its script or what.?
@SilentKiller Not sure.
6:26 AM
@J.Musser yesterday was in blue now in red. hope for good.
I wrote the bandwagoning CV post on MSO - meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/270690/…
@SilentKiller We should track the ip.
MSO blocked. :/
@J.Musser only option i think
@SilentKiller How?
@InfiniteRecursion Looks like a good question...
6:28 AM
@InfiniteRecursion i mean its blocked at my office firewall
@SilentKiller That's just dumb.
It was probably your boss, thought you were spending too much time...
@J.Musser does it mean if my work completed before deadline and performance is about 85% to 90% .??
@SilentKiller Ha.
@J.Musser Thanks
@InfiniteRecursion +1
6:31 AM
It's 2:31 am here, expect sleep-deprived-ness to be greater than usual. ;P
@SilentKiller You asked us to cv this, as I told you, I thought it was a valid question and wrote an answer. But users closed it for an invalid reason, so I have written a post on MSO to ask how such kind of bandwagoning of CV can be discouraged.
@J.Musser advises the talking tree to sleep
I didn't flag anything, but the 'thanks, we'll take a look at it' notification bar appeared. weird...
@InfiniteRecursion thanks and sorry for that.
@InfiniteRecursion doesn't take advice from chicks
6:35 AM
@J.Musser discrimination!!
@SilentKiller no issues, it takes time to learn what's on topic and what's off topic :)
@InfiniteRecursion :)
@InfiniteRecursion discriminates some more...
Are you a duck or a chicken?
@J.Musser Duck
@InfiniteRecursion That was a test... I've raised ducks, they don't look like that. You must be a mutant.
he he
6:38 AM
+1 for the MSO post, but it reminds me of this issue meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/253473/…
x-men. :D
Q: Please ban that users

rekireI just found in our chat (and other) that users: http://chat.stackoverflow.com/users/4010560/user4010560 http://chat.stackoverflow.com/users/4010573/user4010573 http://chat.stackoverflow.com/users/4010549/user4010549 http://chat.stackoverflow.com/users/4010592/user4010592 http://chat.stackoverfl...

sorry for dumping a link but please handle that :) If this is a dub please link it I will continue there to collect them
@rekire *Those users or that user
good point I'll edit it
@rekire They're being taken care of.
6:41 AM
@SilentKiller good use to test my initial implementation of kickbanning
@rekire Too late, I edited
I was still editing it :D
@rekire Too slow :D
@balpha :)
@rekire you are late in this. ;)
6:43 AM
just another one
Stop oneboxing @rekire...please
Must have been mad when creating that one...
btw it is being handled since past 10 hours or so - chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2375329#2375329
Stop oneboxing
now star this. ^^
4 messages deleted
6:46 AM
@AndrewT. We should answer, closing as "not in scope of programming" is incorrect. In the post you linked, I agree with this - it might be a basic question, but that in itself is no reason to prevent having it asked and answered on Stack Overflow. Subsequent questions about the same thing should be duplicate linked to the original question/answer.
@SilentKiller ;P
@balpha Thanks :)
For that senario can room owners please get an option to ban users from a chat?
@InfiniteRecursion Yes, I really agree with you. In fact, I didn't find any duplicate for that question. It just reminded me with that hot-debatable feature-request.
@rekire i dont think this is available.
6:47 AM
@rekire Yep, that's where this kickbanning will eventually end up.
OK, gotta run off. Don't be evil!
@balpha that would be great... also for users which don't accept room rules
@balpha can't we block user to chat in room except making room as gallery.?
[cv-plz] dupe of his own question stackoverflow.com/questions/25680035/…
@SilentKiller see above
6:52 AM
@balpha kickbanning is for moderator or owners can use that.?
5 mins ago, by rekire
For that senario can room owners please get an option to ban users from a chat?
5 mins ago, by balpha
@rekire Yep, that's where this kickbanning will eventually end up.
thanks. :)
7:08 AM
@JanDvorak flagged, flagged
@InfiniteRecursion just two of them?
@JanDvorak GONE
@JanDvorak All of them
#2 gone, #1 and #3 to go
7:13 AM
@JanDvorak Do I want to know what that means?
@InfiniteRecursion that means it's egligible for closure, right?
@JanDvorak I am editing it to make it readable, too many typos. Then I will read it and decide if it deserves a close vote :)
#1 gone, #3 to go
@InfiniteRecursion not worth it
#3 gone
7:19 AM
@JanDvorak While editing, I realized what OP wants, what the OP has done from their side, and also the issue they encountered. So, I won't VTC. I don't know php, so I can't decide if the issue can be reproduced with that code or not.
@InfiniteRecursion the code is still by far not minimal
@JanDvorak I agree, it isn't minimal. But I can't verify if the "can't be reproduced" cv reason applies, so I withhold my vote on that post.
Similar to what you did here. Each cv should be cast after individual evaluation.
7:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ACCESS DATA FROM RADGRIDVIEW (TELERIK) on stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ANY SIMPLE WAY TO FIND THE ROOTS THAT LIE ON LEFT OF S+1? on electronics.stackexchange.com
1st is a dupe of the 2nd?
(which needs to be closed in its own right)

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