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12:07 AM
@GnomeSlice Lemme guess: some random buzzword?
It appears to be a type of music.
I just downloaded a bunch of it to check out.
Ergh, wikiwand y u steal links
Vaporwave is a musical genre that emerged in the early 2010s from indie dance genres such as seapunk or chillwave, and, more broadly, electronic dance music. Although there is much diversity and ambiguity in its attitude and message, vaporwave often serves as both a critique and parody of consumerist society, '80s yuppie culture, and New Age music, while sonically and aesthetically showcasing a curious fascination with their nostalgic artifacts. == Style and origins == Vaporwave was first characterized by its heavy use of samples from '80s and '90s music, typically lounge, smooth jazz or Muzak...
12:23 AM
Yeah, thanks, that's all I need to know. So, I will rather not answer questions if the first google hit would answer it. — Braiam 8 secs ago
^ AU is dead, who killed it? the highest reputation user
oh so melodramatic
dusts off the Hammond organ
meh, research is part of the quality of any site, if we don't ask people for effort trying to solve their problems you will tire out the experts that answers questions (or worse, bore them to tears)
and is more worrying that SE users seems to reward that behavior
btw @Shog9, when does the SE team intervene in how sites fare about? only egregious matters?
1:13 AM
69 votes...
@bjb568 just... wow
1:35 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CONVERSE OF AN EASY EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE PROOF on math.stackexchange.com
Be quiet, headless chat-bot. Everyones trying to sleep.
@bjb568 now that I realized, that question is terrible...
Funny how little people vote on SO.
1:53 AM
@hichris123 I'm a tree...
@J.Musser Trees sleep too!
@hichris123 Not in bed.
@J.Musser meh, who says that a bed isn't where you're... planted? Living?
(what noun describes where you are, anyway?)
@hichris123 earth
@hichris123 Weren't you on here before I went to work this morning?
1:58 AM
... maybe?
I was on before I went to school.
@hichris123 So you should be tired.
What are you studying for?
@J.Musser I'm in high school.
Right now, I'm studying for... absolutely nothing.
All my homework for tomorrow is done.
@hichris123 Oh wow. I assumed you were older.
@hichris123 Awesome.
@J.Musser Thanks. :)
I like to think I'm mature for my age... but who knows. I'm still a teen. ;P
@J.Musser Yup. Which included world history reading + reading in Julius Casear.
2:03 AM
@AndrewT. CV!
@hichris123 Definitely mature... Chatting with a tree. I'll bet you only do that online.
@hichris123 World history is important.
@J.Musser Yep. Only on the internet... do I get to talk with trees.
@J.Musser Important, sure. Annoying to read... that too. :P (it's incredibly verbose... so it's like anything you ever needed and will never need to know about some civilization)
@hichris123 You can chat with trees whenever you want, but you will only get responses online.
Intertubes are the only things that work with trees.
@hichris123 I like knowing things.
@bjb568 Chainsaws... OOPS! did I just say that out loud?!
2:06 AM
@bjb568 don't have rep for that, but flagged already
@hichris123 If you can call it civilization...
@J.Musser hehe. We're talking about Greece and Rome right now.
Greece drips from Turkey onto China, while the Hungary people watch.
I'm... not quite sure how to interpret that. ;)
Pick up a roast turkey, and grease drips out onto the china platter, while the hungry people watch.
Very childish, therefore "sorry".
@hichris123 If you want to impress people, just reverse the digits of your age.
2:17 AM
@J.Musser Well, that would kinda work, though I'd probably be around the age of people in here...
@hichris123 91 is the best.
@J.Musser uh, I'm having a 'duh' moment. I don't know how I didn't get that.
@hichris123 Yeah it's pretty dumb. Oh look, someone tired who wasn't thinking straight starred my dumb ... thing.
throws stars at people
catches them all
2:21 AM
stars things just for the irony
irons Braiam flat just for the irony
saw some chains hanging on the porch
burns Braiam on the iron
fills the chainsaw gas tanks with explosives
wonders if he had to obfuscate his last line more
throws a ninja throwing star at @hichris123 when his back is turned
wonders whu Braiam mentions seeing chains
I'm off, cya!
I was kidding, ... back
2:34 AM
just go away!
@Braiam But I'm nice.
even the beauty can be tiresome
I can be very tiresome.
@Braiam Not sure what you're asking.
We're aware of what's going on on Ask Ubuntu; we have plans.
What matters right now is that y'all are able to respect each others' opinions and work together to find solutions - using the tools you have, and eventually the tools that are under development.
Without that, it doesn't much matter what we do.
@Shog9 under what circumstances does the SE team intervene an already graduated site? (is just something that I meant to ask since long ago, but never found the correct timing to do it)
I already saw that SE had to intervene in a Beta, but never have seen something about graduated sites
2:49 AM
@Undo <slightly-long-anecdote> For an LA project, we're creating a website / blog thingy about the main character of a book. The teacher recommends this awful... thing called "Wix." (Icky WYSIWYG-only "HTML5 web design tool" with way too much Flash.)
The example websites that she said were "good" were terrifying. The colors were terrible: bright red on orange text, neon colored backgrounds, etc. An actual quote was "I like how this one has animations," referring to these extremely annoying and distracting shiny star thingies that one student had everywhere.
So I'm hand-coding mine and putting it on my website (I already have a prototype-ish thing uploaded to my site), and I showed her the home page that I worked on for about 10 minutes and she was amazed. :P </slightly-long-anecdote>
@Braiam again, you're being kinda vague. We "intervene" on graduated sites all the time - the scope of said intervention runs the gamut from comments here and there to posts on meta to flag handling and other routine forms of moderation to dropping in unannounced and deleting dozens of questions just for the hell of it.
But... If everything's going well, you really shouldn't notice us.
@Doorknob Look on the bright side. You could be using this WIX.
"to dropping in unannounced and deleting dozens of questions just for the hell of it." heh, just what I was thinking we should do
How does one know when a beta site will graduate?
@Braiam as you're aware, I'm working on something along those lines, tying into a larger project. Feel free to throw suggestions under the relevant meta post on MSE as well.
@Shog9 well, with "intervention" I meant something akin to sitting everyone in a couch, then everyone saying to the 'sorry guy' that if he doesn't change they will hit him with a big trout (you know, some life changing change to the essence of the site or their users behavior)
@Shog9 yeah, maybe I should trow my hat in the main one
3:02 AM
oh, that kind of intervention
Braiam, sit down buddy - we're your friends here, and we need to talk...
Not as good as earning the tag badge, but...
mm.... what happened here
@Shog9 you just need to answer 19 questions... you already have the points
SO hiccupping again...
@lostsock Poor guy
3:09 AM
@Doorknob stappit, you're giving me flashbacks to "internet safety" class.
@J.Musser ok done hiccuping
@lostsock Someone gave you a gut-punch?
Or splashed ice-water in your face?
@bluefeet Thanks, then I will share it
Random poll: Has anyone here accepted the ice-bucket challenge?
Aug 31 at 18:38, by Jan Dvorak
tmb;dr (too much bold; didn't read) — Jan Dvorak 10 secs ago
3:18 AM
@InfiniteRecursion meh
8 hours ago, by bluefeet
@InfiniteRecursion your history is very respectable for a duck
@InfiniteRecursion meh
@J.Musser I got nominated
I don't really know enough about the cause to act on it though
@InfiniteRecursion meh
3:20 AM
@InfiniteRecursion It's not a contest.
@GnomeSlice I heard that George bush accepted the challenge, and then nominated Bill Clinton. :P
@GnomeSlice We all are sharing our flagging histories just for fun
Can we share our flagged histories instead?
3:23 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Mines embarrassing.
Only three flags.
@GnomeSlice We can't see our flagged histories, can we? Not sure.
Only mods, I think.
@lostsock No off-site stalking please ;)
Bunny is my best friend
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Aug 4 at 17:13, by KitFox
@GnomeSlice I love checking your flags. You get busted for the best stuff.
3:27 AM
I'm tempted to scroll through your flag history now.
It's mostly cursing and tits.
... you got flagged for posting '4'?
You can see my flagged history?
3:30 AM
Remember, I'm a mod on chat. I'm a pro-tem on Earth Science.
Q: Is a steak OK to eat if it fell down, but I cooked it afterwards?

ShevliaskovicIf I am cooking steaks at a grill and one of them accidentally falls down on the floor/ground, is it safe for me to wipe it and cook it for a certain amount of time (till it is pretty well done) and then eat it? Or should I throw it away?

@hichris123 short for "4-letter word". Also, if you squint, it looks like a...
TIL: 4 is a swear word number
^Should I flag? It has 4 stars :P
@SmokeDetector What the 4
3:44 AM
@SmokeDetector pokes @Braiam to fix the shouting
Work... Common sense... Repetition... Stack... Time... Brain... Develop... NotATurnip... Goodnight!
@bjb568 Good night
@bjb568 Bad Night! Sleep in fright! See you in the morning when the cat-bugs bite!
4:40 AM
^User had already posted the same question twice, this was the third attempt
Q: Recursive function in counting words

Joshua Dominic SibugHello can someone show me a java code on how to use recursive function in counting words in a sentence? It's kinda hard for me to understand recursion maybe a code will help me understand thanks

Q: How to see if an input is a sentence or a word?

Joshua Dominic Sibughow can a recursive function see if an input is only a word or a sentence? for example a user enters only one word the program should say that it is a word if the word is more than 1 the program should say sentence

@InfiniteRecursion he's using recursion!
5:25 AM
Hiya @lpapp
@JanDvorak what would be reason?
@DroidDev rec-tool
@InfiniteRecursion closed
6:04 AM
@JanDvorak cv'ed, flagged, flagged
both spam gone
@Qantas94Heavy also voted the original as too broad
^^^I voted that one too
duplicate of own question
downvoted downvoted flagged
what happens if I edit a question that is already flagged/close-voted? is it going to remove the flag? I'm tempted to fix the table formatting on that question
Hi @rene, please cv the above posts if you have cv's left for the day.
I've picked the last 10 and the ones that were still open I voted on @InfiniteRecursion
@rene Thanks :)
Oh, and good morning by the way :)
@rene Good morning
@rene @Bart @Unihedron please cv these too - post1 post2, post3, post4, post5
@JanDvorak I've always been that girlie girl...
@JanDvorak They are promoting different things today, lots of varieties. Generally all of them sell the same stuff which is boring
@InfiniteRecursion still spam
@InfiniteRecursion first two already voted on, rest done...
7:13 AM
@rene Thanks, you are the best!
@JanDvorak spam gone
@JanDvorak persistent user....
and he received 2 upvotes on his comment... what.
@AndrewT. Yeah, that is strange indeed...
7:29 AM
morning all
morning @mehow
has anyone got a spare delete vote?
It's actually discussed here (meta)
@mehow one from me
cheers @rene
@JanDvorak closed
and answered with two upvotes
delv-pls the question
@JanDvorak give me 20K...
@JanDvorak me too..
I open up a new question tab for php and regexp questions....easy rep...
8:06 AM
Please don't answer questions that don't belong to Stack Overflow — Jan Dvorak 3 mins ago
@Jan: You should see this one then:
A: How to change password of mysql user on cpanel?

KermaniThis is an off topic question, first I suggest you to visit meta stack overflow. Your Anwer: 1-What is this error? This error is for your database user privilege, to check this first you should see your users or privileges by typing this query in MySQL: SELECT USER(),CURRENT_USER(); and ch...

Please don't answer questions that don't belong to Stack Overflow. Flag for closure instead. — Jan Dvorak 56 secs ago
also, flagged as VLQ (link-only)
Hiya @Bart
What's wrong, no one replies to my greetings :(
3 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
Hiya @Kermani
3 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
Hiya @lpapp
1 min ago, by Infinite Recursion
Hiya @Bart
Hiya @InfiniteRecursion
lpapp probably can't reply to you @InfiniteRecursion. I think he still has a one year chat ban?
And kermani doesn't even reply to me nor to Martijn Pieters, so you're not alone there.
8:16 AM
One year chat ban!! What did he talk about? o_O
It's what he didn't stop talking about I guess @InfiniteRecursion.
(very curious now)
If you're really curious, just go through the transcripts.
lol it's says: Room for me how and lpapp
8:19 AM
Be careful @mehow ... you might not want to create it. ;)
@Bart Ok, I recognized that name. He used to talk to you and got banned, I have to be very very very careful....
Myeah, I don't think that's the real story
He was banned from the entire network for 2 months as well, I think the ban recently expired
Yeah, he has this wonderful little blog now about how bad SO/SE is @Stijn
what for
8:21 AM
@mehow being rude to CMs over and over again, I think
@mehow unexplained downvotes started it all....
oh I see so it wasn't a one off
oh yeah i have just seen his about me
his an anti-SO
I wouldn't say he's anti-SO. He just has a radically different view on where it's bad and what would improve it. He's too significant a contributor (or was) to say he's anti-SO.
Being smart as he is and gaining rep that easy made me wonder why he woud even bother about virtual lost Fake Internet Points....
@rene it's surprising to see how worked up some of them get about that.
8:27 AM
um ok
@Bart It is frustrating if you don't understand why you're being downvoted but with all his quality and rep don't be bothered by the few that doesn't understand the merits of your answer.
@rene And to top it off, he had to endure @Bart as well
but there are multiple users I know with around 20K reputation who are regularly being downvotes on their good answers to good questions... that my friends can really piss people off...
@mehow you get a lot of downvotes too
This was put on hold:
Q: An experiment: Stack Overflow TV

Matt ShermanStack Overflow is beginning an experiment called Stack Overflow TV, or SOTV for short. It will be a series of fast, smart videos for experienced programmers who want to learn a new thing. The videos will serve as a complement to Stack’s Q&A, and intended for that community. Of course, they will ...

8:37 AM
@mehow Don't get pissed off, just laugh when you answer another question which gets an upvote and/or is accepted...that is enough to compensate that few weirdo's
hiya @Unihedron!
@InfiniteRecursion so we only recently had the whole "this should be a blog!" thing and now they're doing it again?
Hiya @Inf!
@Stijn yes, but personally I think it's better on MSO compared to a blog. And the failed attempt to migrate it has locked the post now.
@Unihedron Back from school?
8:48 AM
@Inf Yes indeed!
@Unihedron then please cv these :)
2 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
@rene @Bart @Unihedron please cv these too - post1 post2, post3, post4, post5
@InfiniteRecursion yeah I am not really worried about an occasional downvote... :)
@Stijn Those self-moderated communities are just a lost case....wait....
linkedin seems to be down, so I go to isup.me/linkedin.com
but isup.me is down too -_-
8:55 AM
@InfiniteRecursion One of them still needs another CV, but I voted on them
@Unihedron Thank you :)
cv this -> stackoverflow.com/q/25647971 it's asking about how to do something impossible (trust me, i'm a minecraft dev)

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