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12:12 AM
Barmar's at it with the code-only + no explanation answers again:
A: JavaScript get object property value when the name is in a string

Barmarvar nameArray = propertyname.split('.'); var propertyvalue = object; for (var i = 0; i < nameArray.length; i++) { propertyvalue = propertyvalue[nameArray[i]]; }

12:31 AM
If you hit a 30 day review ban... that means you've hit a 2 day and a 7 day review ban in the last 30 days alone. — hichris123 12 secs ago
@hichris123 'oy', as in annoying?
No it doesn't
I'm trying to burninate the [plants] tag on GL.
@hichris123 You guys are different, then.:)
12:53 AM
@Braiam Isn't Jon Ericson the mod in charge of GL?
"so after trying a second time I hit the "No action needed" button and am now not able to review any posts for a full month." sigh if you aren't sure of what the heck is going on, use the skip bottom. — Braiam 9 secs ago
skip button?
@J.Musser mm?
@J.Musser all queues has a "skip" bottom
@Braiam Oh, yeah.
@Braiam 'mm?' ?
@J.Musser "Isn't Jon Ericson the mod in charge of GL?" "mm?"
1:06 AM
@Braiam I thought he was.
I don't even know what GL is...
everything I think of is OpenGL and that stuff
@Braiam Gardening & Landscaping beta, where most of my rep is.
G&L seems more appropiated
@Braiam Well it's called GL, and I really can't change it, I'm not a mod. pouts
1:22 AM
@Braiam What does this mean?
in The Garden Shed on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Jun 13 at 4:20, by Niall C.
I believe @jonericson is the SE staffer with responsibility for gardening.se; he might be able to say more.
Implies he's responsible for GL, no?
And he's always hangin' out in chat.
@J.Musser CM's are responsible of several sites
just happen to be he is the one responsible for your site
@Braiam That's what I thought.
@Braiam You think he'd have any idea how long we'll be in beta over there?
lol, didn't even say the right date
@bjb568 From?
1:35 AM
5 mins ago, by bjb568
What's that from?
Sept 9 is the apple press conference.
@bjb568 Ah.
> "Sept. 4--- Well-know Stack Exchange moderator vanishes, police investigating reports of an attack by a WiFi router. Sources which have asked $SITE not to disclose their identity say Anonymous may be involved."
that would be an awesome news
I mean, awesome in the funny aspect, not so for the poor soul attacked by a WiFi router
Thinking who it will be...
Q: newbie to Computer Science

user3718905I am newbie to Computer science. I seriously want to change my career to it. Where should i begin with?. It is so confused to me what to start first. Someone recommend me to take C programming language, then data structure and discrete mathematics. My problem is i dont know what methods to study ...

1:45 AM
@AstroCB cv'd dv'd
Yeah that was an interesting post.
No wonder it was starred,
2:05 AM
@Braiam Ahh, Gilles.
2:28 AM
@JanDvorak Why is that starred?
@JanDvorak Details?
Motorola already introduced the new Moto X, so September 5th was a good day.
@hichris123 exactly.
@hichris123 I have to get one.
I love Motorola.
@J.Musser I'm hoping I'll get one. My parents might hold off on me getting a smartphone for a year or so... we'll see.
@J.Musser Same.
Not saying I hate all other companies, but Motorola has (in the past two years), been producing insanely great phones.
@hichris123 razr maxx is awesome.
@hichris123 smashes some iphones
I actually am using an LG Extravert 2. :(
slider phone. A least it gets 3g
2:43 AM
^ Someone was not happy about being banned for a month.
is there a sede query to see who's cast the most votes in a week time period?
@lostsock I'd be interesting; not sure.
@lostsock I have only 2 sede queries
they both have less than 20 views, they're pretty localized. They're for socratic, inquisitive and curious badge progress on GL and Bio.
I lied, 1 has 21 views.
Random poll: Which active user in the tavern is the most likely to crash their car on the commute from worK?
3:05 AM
@bjb568 maybe
@J.Musser Yes.
@bjb568 How fast?
@J.Musser Faster than you can think.
@bjb568 I've never been over 140 on a public road.
wonders if he just said that out loud
in a '94 Buick LeSabre, no less.
3:13 AM
@J.Musser marks incorrect because no units
@bjb568 thinks bjb is wrong to mark incorrect
speedometers max at 100, above that use gps.
"programmersexchange" gigglesbjb568 15 secs ago
@J.Musser 100 in what units?
@bjb568 Hillarious.
@bjb568 mph
Of course I meant gallons!
I've seen ones that go above 100.
140 and 160 are common.
@bjb568 Not on an old Buick.
3:19 AM
"Speedometers" pluralized ambiguous.
Anyway, goodnight!
@bjb568 night.
@animuson pandas!
user image
@animuson GF?
3:44 AM
Ran a query. No one said Hallelujah on SO, ever,
The word wild was used only once.
4:17 AM
Stack Overflow: Your place to consult for test advices
What did that code even have to do with his problem? Did he really just post a random piece of code just to have code in the question?
No, he didn't know how to code, so he glued some lines he could find from the internet and expected it to work, because code is magic right?
5:19 AM
@Uni: That looks like another "I don't understand me" kind of person.
Ohh, I recognize it now. It was the post spam canary found last night, the one that smokey missed, right?
Yep, it posted after several revisions, which led us to believe that the ellipses caused the trouble.
11 hours ago, by SmokeDetector
Yep, but the problem is that I can't reproduce it.
@AstroCB Looks really upset.
Did you try using other unicode characters which look like ellipse but have different unicode?
Yes, all negative. The regexs' supposed to match if there's at least a capital letter (range ascii A-Z) and no lowercases (range ascii a-z).
5:43 AM
interesting question...
Submit that, it's a gem @uni
@SmokeDetector SPAM and a picture of an old man
^ and a 101% guarantee
7:14 AM
Not me, the other reviewer.
OMG - I failed a suggested audits review because I wanted to Reject and Edit to remove "Thanks in advance".
@Unihedron not anymore
in Shadow's Den, Aug 30 at 13:43, by iStimple
>>link robo Unihedron
in Shadow's Den, Aug 30 at 13:43, by FOX 9000
@iStimple Link added.
7:29 AM
I shall place a curse on you via the bot then :P
It's a clickable link on "in this review task".
Wait, it's not.
that doesn't appear to be the same one
Since there's nothing being discussed here, check out how I got banned from review :P meta.stackoverflow.com/q/270848/3622940
Is there a query for recommendation questions or something?
8:01 AM
@Uni: Congrats for the ban.
How many days have you been banned for?
Just a week.
I should go work on something else now.
You are the third person hitting the ban this week here, earlier I was flag banned and mehow was review banned. I wonder who is next....
(glares at @lostsock)
8:07 AM
(glares at @lostsock too)
I'll take bets that I won't.
I'll bet 50 reputation that you'll get banned in the future.
(The upside is that I'll practically never lose the bet.)
You can never be sure @lostsock. I was fairly confident about my flagging skills and I think @uni was fairly confident about his/her reviewing skills, but we hit the bans.
8:11 AM
^^ flagging
Advertising GTA V downloads on MSE? Well played...
@Jan are you asleep?
There's spam on MSE
8:14 AM
@lostsock flagged, gone
@TGMC did you get any bans till now?
@JanDvorak flagged
@InfiniteRecursion I always try to follow the rules.
@JanDvorak I don't have an account on that site. ...but I should flag it..let me create it...
@lostsock I too bet 50 rep like @uni, you will get banned in the future :)
8:22 AM
@JanDvorak so finally flagged..
8:33 AM
If any of you are male, you might find this interesting:
Q: Do the mother's genes almost exclusively determine the sons' intelligence?

user69715According to this paper: Intelligence and the X chromosome[1] by Gillian Turner, published by The Lancet (a highly regarded medical journal) in 1996, the X chromosome is dominantly responsible for coding "intelligence" and "intellectual function". Since a son inherits the X chromosome only from h...

8:44 AM
Just to be sure: I assume you are asking if it is possible to increase height permanently? Most people increase their height each day, by means of sleeping. — Suma Jul 15 '11 at 19:09
@rene Wb.
@InfiniteRecursion no comment...
@Sam I see I missed the morning train...
There's always the "Afternoon" train...
@hichris123 It didn't post at first? Then it might have been a small glitch with the websockets, rather than a problem with the regex.
Wb @Pro
8:54 AM
9:23 AM
I'm sure this comma issue is a dupe of a recent question but I can't find it anymore :(
@rene Ostrich :)
After some time I remembered that this place is predominantly male, but by that time it was to late to delete my message. In my mind, all of the users are 'it' by default.
Unspecified gender unless specified.
It's "we" for me. Gender is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
The tooltip for Reject and Edit says reject this suggested edit and provide a new edit... which appears to be a perfectly valid response and reads to me as reject the edit, then let me edit the original post (else if I was happy with the edit minus a slight tweak - then I'd have clicked improve - which I'd expect to fail me in this case). I expect if you'd just rejected it (it is after all automated vandalism), you'd have passed and been able to edit it afterwards. I'd say that either the button is broken, or it's just misleading as to what it actually does vs implies it does... — Jon Clements 1 min ago
> "This is to test the edit function of stackoverflow,"
Well, test complete?
@Unihedron flag please all answers there...
also flagged all answers
9:40 AM
I have done
I did
One user retracted his post, wise decision
9:59 AM
Bot started
Because the translate bot has been shutted down, here is an alternative!
>>translate auto en Bonjour!
@ProgramFOX Hello there !

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