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6:00 PM
Though I kept a different text in the hover text on my signature :)
That means you are not paying enough attention @uni :P
uni never pays attention @inf, he just pay...
Gah, the new suggested edit buttons are messing with my muscle memory.
At least now it's easier to reject as too minor: FF
I know @Door, I keep hitting "Reject and Edit" when I meant to use Approve..
shouting, crappy title, missing code stackoverflow.com/questions/25703290/…
6:10 PM
Door and Doorknob are different @uni. Pay attention ;)
@JanDvorak lets close it
@InfiniteRecursion Got it! I'll pay attention from now on. :)
also dv-pls
Rej & Edit instead, if you can..
@JanDvorak closed
*{, @jan,}
y u link to smokey?
6:16 PM
why it didn't post that link here ? -> stackoverflow.com/questions/25703290/…
@Bart: Silence isn't always so golden :(
Maybe he's... on a stack overflow :))
No I can't now..time out
@Unihedron Hmm, so can you check the regex to make sure it catches all all-caps titles?
I'll look into fixing that tomorrow!
that's great. thanks!
It's the ....!
6:25 PM
is it a smart ellipsis?
Yep, it was the ellipsis.
@ProgramFOX @Unihedron ^
I've seen questions, even queries, but this guy has a quarry travel.stackexchange.com/questions/36203/…
6:44 PM
@Sam Nice post, I will put a bounty on that post too, once @uni's 200 bounty expires.
@hichris123 mmmm.... that's baffling
Really? You're too kind :) @Inf
Not kind, you wrote a very good answer @Sam :)
That's the only reason @uni put the 200 bounty, and I will put a 200 bounty.
@InfiniteRecursion ?
not just title...
Just because cobol code is written in all-caps doesn't mean questions about it have to be... — Jan Dvorak 10 secs ago
Still. Thanks :) @Inf
Welcome @Sam :)
Goes to get some eats...
glares at @Bart for editing before I could and locking out my edit
Though yours was better...
6:51 PM
@rene done
Is this clever SPAM?
@rene best case: utter crap. dv-ps cv-pls
OK, done both
6:55 PM
regisitered with no other visible activity, no about, gravatar face
@Bart You went silent after the ':(', so I thought my joke was too rude
@InfiniteRecursion rofl. You have to do better than that to upset me. I had dinner and I was involved in a tricky bit of redstone circuitry.
@InfiniteRecursion I thought you were referring to Smokey's silence
@Bart Sure, I will keep trying.
@JanDvorak No, as long as the spam canary is there, the tavern doesn't get a chance to notice smokey's silence
spam canary reports to me, and I'm not always awake
7:01 PM
doesn't reply to prevent annoyance
Don't be shy...
@InfiniteRecursion don't worry
shies away
Someone might know, but in the help center pages you can read that asking for library recommendations is off-topic on SO. Answering off-topic question is sometimes greeted with downvotes which might explain why nobody touches your question. — rene 1 min ago
@rene here comes one. More downvotes will be appreciated.
That's a horrible question.
read twice, then voted unclear
Need still one close vote..
@TGMCians I asked the Android room for one, nicely. They gave one. :P
ok great
I should have been there...
7:28 PM
Ahmad even gave it a delete vote. :D
How weird that I'm not already logged in
Weirder still that my avatar is a metroid..
welcome @nil!
Why is chat so much less ugly on meta?
7:47 PM
Angela, London, United Kingdom
1 2
Joe Humphries on September 25, 2013

We’ve been busy! So busy, in fact, that this post only takes us through the hires we made in June and July. More announcements are coming soon … in the meantime, get to know these 13 wonderful people who now call Stack Exchange home.

Jon Ericson, Community Manager, Burbank, CA

As an Air Force brat, Jon grew up all over the world but has lived in the Los Angeles area since attending UCLA, marrying his college sweetheart, and starting a family. He taught himself GW-BASIC on the family Tandy 1000, learned Pascal and FORTRAN in the classroom, C on the job, Perl on Usenet, and a bunch of  …

[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: AUTOMORPHISM OF AN ABELIAN GROUP on mathoverflow.net
good night
7:55 PM
@bjb568 all employees have a diamond...
8:01 PM
@rene: all employees? Or only devs? Blog post has non-dev employees such as pastry chefs as well..do they get a diamond too?
@rene no, employees only have a "pinkish 'goo' sort of substance"
Hmm, OK....
@JanDvorak no
Smokey's last post - it still needs editing.
Hi @nil
@InfiniteRecursion edit in the queue
Thanks @rene
@nil: On SO, your picture is diseased teeth and on chat, it's a diseased eyeball. Unique choice of images.
8:15 PM
I don't see an eyeball.
Actually, looks like the meta chat for some reason switched from a metroid to an older avatar
Ok, I see an eyeball with some white cyst-like granular formations on the lower edge
Not sure what the others can see, though.
mutters something about the new profile page
I suspect the profile syncing stuff between exchanges is still really iffy.
8:20 PM
see, rotten teeth and decaying eyeball
Aside from that, they're just things I painted.
The eye is part of a much larger painting, though.
Your paintings! Both?
Not sure what you're asking.
Are both the profile images painted by you? If yes, then you are talented :)
8:24 PM
But... couldn't you find something nicer to paint?
I mean digital painting, so I get to undo mistakes unlike traditional painters, but otherwise it's painting.
2% - that's much higher than I expected
I'm out of CV...
9:48 PM
@InfiniteRecursion 2.8% ≠ 2%
All kind of jokes spring to mind...
In other news:
For codegolf see this site: codegolf.stackexchange.comrene 2 mins ago
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