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7:00 PM
Hmm, maybe my browser is caching you too.
7:12 PM
@Sam Check edits counter
@InfiniteRecursion Still nothing.
Yes, I saw 16 in queue and no counter.
@JanDvorak closed
7:23 PM
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by TGMCians
@Unihedron are you around here ?
I am, I forgot to reply
oh ok np
@InfiniteRecursion thanks I saw you also joined us to review cv queue :). you can find us here chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/41570/so-close-vote-reviewers
Guys HELP to migrate this question to meta stackoverflow.com/questions/25566447/…
@TGMCians If it appears there I'm sure there is a dup...
7:38 PM
hmm may be.
but it is off-topic on stackoverflow.
Yeah that is correct
@TGMCians so do we still vtc as migration?
or off-topic?
@Unihedron I think it is more better to migrate it instead of to keep it on so
7:47 PM
@Unihedron thanks
@Unihedron let's close it on meta
find a dup rene
Closing it again on Meta will only send the question back to SO as a failed migration
in case of dup also ?
7:49 PM
Think so, yes.
@Bart Really?
Give it a try and see?
I just cv-ed it
still need 2 more votes
@Bart Does it migrate if it has an answer
7:51 PM
marked as duplicate by rene, Unihedron, TGMCians, ChrisF♦ just now
A mod ruled...
@rene I'm only interested in whether or not it blends
Not sure about the exact mechanics of it though.
Hmm, seems I was wrong
@hichris123 welcome!
Nobody said welcome when I came in :(
7:53 PM
Thanks @TGMCians, I prefer avoiding other chatrooms due to certain reasons. I CV from the general review queue and sometimes from here.
@Bart only for non-dupes. i.e. Off-topic, too broad, unclear, and pob.
@InfiniteRecursion ok still good :)
@hichris123 you people really have to stop listening to me.
@SantaClaus Welcome.
7:55 PM
@SantaClaus Welcome @SantaClaus , a little bit early this yeat...
That was so sane @Bart, I can't believe you said it !
@SantaClaus oh sorry probably I missed that welcome!
@SantaClaus Welcome, but santa is creepy, change your name
@hichris123 Subscribed
7:57 PM
No one welcomes me, and yet I do not complain! Not once.
You have to greet people to be welcomed...
I'll demonstrate
This room stars the wrong messages....
Hiya @Inf!
@J.Musser Welcome.
@rene either I say it or it's about me. What's the problem?
7:58 PM
Hiya @Uni :)
@J.Musser Damn, I already have 2,147,483,647 kids on my naughty list, I guess I'll have to start a new one just for you.
@Sam welcome to you
@Unihedron Lies. You have to silently stare them down, until they're shivering in their shoes.
@Bart Okay, now I figured it out. You're on mobile chat, right?
1 min ago, by Unihedron
Hiya @Inf!
1 min ago, by Infinite Recursion
Hiya @Uni :)
Mobile chats the worst.
8:00 PM
How so @hichris123?
It's four in the morning, I'm going to sleep, keep up the good work everyone!
Night, don't let the bytes bite.
@Unihedron No, it's 4 pm. dumbell...
8:01 PM
I don't get time zones
@Bart ... you're not replying to messages, which you usually do.
@J.Musser Speaking from HKSAR
You're simply pinging, not replying.
I like how I always get to read your messages before you delete them @Inf :D
8:01 PM
@Unihedron I know, I was in PA
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started (@Undo)
lol thanks @rene @TGMCians @SmokeDetector @InfiniteRecursion!
8:02 PM
@hichris123 I'm not on mobile. Just focused on other things atm.
@SmokeDetector Did you fix that bug?
Q: Is the history META so biased as to be useless?

Cbaker510It seems like people vote based on what they "like" similar to a five year old's worldview, rather than factual, objective history. Is this because it is peopled by non-academics?

@Bart oh, k.
@rene /s/bug/feature.
18 secs ago, by hichris123
Q: Is the history META so biased as to be useless?

Cbaker510It seems like people vote based on what they "like" similar to a five year old's worldview, rather than factual, objective history. Is this because it is peopled by non-academics?

18 secs ago, by J. Musser
18 secs ago, by hichris123
Q: Is the history META so biased as to be useless?

Cbaker510It seems like people vote based on what they "like" similar to a five year old's worldview, rather than factual, objective history. Is this because it is peopled by non-academics?

Annoying, yet?
@hichris123 features don't get fixed, they creep up on you
@hichris123 Finding where in the horrible entity that is a collision detection pipeline an error occurs takes some concentration.
8:04 PM
@J.Musser I think I heard an echo...
21 secs ago, by Sam
@J.Musser I think I heard an echo...
@Bart ... all I can gather from that is it's something to do with animation... and that's about it. :P
@Bart You did try jQuery, right?
"Particle, y u no stay outside" basically @hichris123
@rene absolutely
8:05 PM
Good, good
@rene Well, here's why it's a feature: for some reason, the websockets close the connection after ~24 hours, and as such the script stops. So then @Undo made a script to auto-start it after it stops.
@SantaClaus so not funny
@Bart ah
@J.Musser I didn't say it was funny?
Are you doing that and chatting @Bart? Concentrate on work, close the tavern tab!!
8:06 PM
@rene you look like a blurry flower, no use listening to anything a blurry flower has to say...
Quote this message if you're a troll...
@SantaClaus neither did I?
23 secs ago, by Sam
Quote this message if you're a troll...
@J.Musser You just seemed to have the preconception that it was meant to be funny, but it doesn't matter anymore.
@InfiniteRecursion meh, it's 10pm. I deserve some lapse in my concentration.
8:07 PM
@hichris123 Ew, windows.
@SantaClaus I'm just being dumb... tryin to get on thy nevs
@SantaClaus Windows is the best
@SantaClaus :(
I hate to say that you are right @Bart
Not sure if troll or gen-u-ine asshole. And I'm both, so it's quite a feat. — Won't 16 secs ago
Oh Will.
Got to love Will
8:10 PM
@hichris123 Hey, I'm neither, and that's n even worse feat.
I just pretend I am
@Sam Now what? Your troll test was successful.
@InfiniteRecursion I... I don't know.
5 mins ago, by J. Musser
23 secs ago, by Sam
Quote this message if you're a troll...
Quote this message if you are a troll with a girlfriend and shades.
The relationship status is overrated.
8:13 PM
Hey @Uni. Woke up?
Quote this message if you have no life and troll every SE site.
@Inf: Someone is WRONG on the Internet.
@Unihedron No way!
@Unihedron Everyone is wrong on the internet.
@Sam Way!
8:14 PM
@Sam True. That renders my concerns useless. Bye again!
@Unihedron Bye again. ;)
No Sam, that's a reference to an xkcd.
bye @uni
@InfiniteRecursion I know, I've seen it a million times.
@Unihedron Farewell, long lost man
8:16 PM
I should've said: Everyone is wrong on the internet. (Except Jon Skeet).
@AstroCB Yeah I've only seen it 500 times before...
@Sam And (Except J. Musser)
Anyway, I need to have dinner. See you laters..
If anyone uses the tavern as a distraction now, they will fall asleep.
bye @sam
If anyone else plays ultimate frisbee, raise your hand
What? I see no hands!
(/j-musser raises hand)
8:21 PM
What's "frisbee"?
@bjb568 Hmm, plastic disk you throw very fast at peoples faces.
A bee with frizzy hair
@J.Musser Is plastic disk a new insult?
@J.Musser throw 'very fast at peoples faces'; // This?
@bjb568 :)
The one I use
Ah, so return new Image('http://i.stack.imgur.com/IjufU.png') && throw 'very fast at peoples faces';?
8:26 PM
I see hobbs lurking in the room. Look out
@J.Musser Instead of a "close hammer", we'll have a "high-velocity close frisbee"
@SantaClaus Yes, to slam 'em with.
@bjb568 correct
Nice Java humor @bjb
Why I'm sore:
eep landing on my ribcage.
thats not me, just acts like me.
@Bart a free with busy hair?
...1-2-3 .. Hi, Chris!
er, hichris123...
8:41 PM
@J.Musser Yeah, wha?
@hichris123 Were you bored when coming up with your username?
Hey @Doorknob
@J.Musser not really, it's just something I use for most websites.
Not sure why I use it, but...
@J.Musser Hello
@Doorknob What's up?
@J.Musser The direction opposite from the center of gravity of a planetary body
8:44 PM
@Doorknob I see nothing but paint. Are you sure?
Yeah, people ask me what's up, and I say, "Kind a hard to tell; the ceiling's in the way."
@Doorknob how about a solar body?
A vague question on GL:
@J.Musser Sure, that too
Q: What is this white substance growing on a kumquat tree?

EyalI've had a kumquat tree on two different balconies for about three years. It's put out a few kumquats over the years, and lately started to again. Recently I noticed this white substance growing on some leaves, something I've never seen before. What is it? Is it dangerous - the tree has been look...

A: Hosted Continuous Integration for iOS Apps?

Jeff HarrHey just an update about the aforementioned cisimple.com! We didn't shut down, we actually were purchased and rebranded as Ship.io - come check us out, we're in free beta at the moment and are continuing to grow and add team members and features.

^ Kind of NAA / spam?
okay I'm going to stop now
@Doorknob =)
@Doorknob You could make an NAA room…
We just need a "general trash dump" room. :P
Wasn't there an Area 51 proposal for that? SOA?
9:04 PM
@Doorknob start one!
@bjb568 ... or maybe my eyes are going bad. As Bart says, you keep licking yourself. You also eat homogeneous feed from a bag, and go to the bathroom under some shrubs. You purr with satisfaction, and annoy us dogs!
A: Best Way to Learn Java

NonSecwitter For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them, e.g. men become builders by building and lyreplayers by playing the lyre; so too we become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts. ~~Aristotle

... okay, who upvoted that?!
@Doorknob Not me!
Was it you?
9:20 PM
No, of course not :P
@Doorknob Well, some people blame others for stuff...
Just kidding.
I doubt the upvoter is going to come on here and say, "I was the evil weirdo there."
47 mins ago, by Doorknob
^ Kind of NAA / spam?
10:08 PM
I think more of a NAA that should be a comment
Hmm... who to poke, who to poke. (for stackoverflow.com/questions/10002774/…)
preemptively votes to close to avoid being poked
@ColeJohnson Why?
@bjb568 asking for code
No effort provided
@ColeJohnson Looks fine to me
@ColeJohnson Not a close reason.
Before the close reasons were changed a while ago, questions like that wouldn't last
10:49 PM
And that was a bad thing. Which is why the close reasons were changed.
@bjb568 I think it could be closed as too broad, but I'm not going to vote on it.
IIRC, questions need to show effort
That question says, "I have data like this and I want it to look like this". There's no effort (research) in taht
If it were written poorly, we'd call it a homework question
See accepted answer:
Q: How much research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users?

Anderson GreenI'm well aware that a certain amount of research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users before they post any new questions, but I'm not sure just how much research effort is considered adequate. Recently, I've noticed that there's been some controversy about the issue of how much research ef...

Closevotes are not super-downvotes.
11:03 PM
That question's answer should be a required read before asking your first question
11:18 PM
@ColeJohnson which calls for a down-vote, not a close vote.
It looks okay to me. 'too broad' is for homework problem dumps (can i has codes for python barcode decoder).
[This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful]
The problem is that people are upvoting it because it is well written (not because it is an acceptable question)
Upvotes != acceptable
Where's @SmokeDetector?
11:26 PM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by hichris123
@Undo is SmokeDetecctor alive?
Guess not
Did it died?
@ColeJohnson Read this. If you think there should be another off-topic reason listed, such as 'shows a lack in research effort', bring it up in meta. For now, only vote to close the questions that are off-topic as defined by the help center.
@Undo ping
11:30 PM
@hichris123 That is completely valid formatting. I don't see anything wrong with it.
> code-snippet formatting, Task Solution Focus
What is with this guy and his strange love for bolding all the things?
I totally ❤ this new suggested edit review system.
heh look at his profile
maybe it's the only way he can manage to get rep.
11:34 PM
Please avoid suggesting very minor edits, or edits that introduce excessive formatting. Not every post has to contain bold or italics. Thanks! — Doorknob just now
^ Quick! Reject that! It has 2 approve votes
> user3666197 had 44 edit suggestions approved, and 25 edit suggestions rejected
I feel like helping.
He also has 4 pages of answers, only 3 of them are voted <1
11:38 PM
> seen 6 mins ago
I guess he's done?
@Doorknob Last seen times only update every 15 minutes.
I'm going to go eat, then
Hmm, I spun the wheel of blame for a while, it was C#'s fault three times in a row, shog9's fault only once.
Ah, okay. Well, if he responds to my comment, scold him for me please. :P
pokes @iStimple
11:40 PM
? i already voted to close it and rejected teh edits
Oh, then @Doorknob!!!!
pokes @Doorknob
> let me rather bear & build on a full respect to Customer, who asks and how asks, not the Moderator, who shows me nothing else but his/her power to delete any text here.
> Have not seen so far a single constructive input from those, who have just executed their right to silently delete any text and penalise somebody else, be it in a name of whatever high, which thus remains JUST destructive as opposed to his/her MISSED opportunity to spend their time (if they wished to intervene ) and re-think, create and write an improved, better and a more descriptive answer to the Customer.
> If anybody would act as Moderators have shown me here so far, no GitHub source-code Projects would ever fly if just this right to delete was used without an obligation to present a better piece in exchange of the moderated one.
> Moderation simply is not delete & dehonest [whoever the opponent is]
From the about me of the guy with random bolding and italics.
Hola @Andy
hows it goin'?
It's Friday on a three day weekend. Life is good
11:44 PM
@Andy Relaxing? Or having fun?:)
@hichris123 That is awful. At least he's honest.
^ no cat pic?
@J.Musser lol
11:47 PM
cats can be dumb.
@J.Musser "can"?
Though, to be fair...so are dogs
ANNOUNCEMENT : if you have any close votes left, head to the CV review queue and use them up. Only 12 minutes remaining.
Just have a look at bjb568
I noticed he left when I made my comment:
1 min ago, by J. Musser
cats can be dumb.
@Andy Dogs are dumb sometimes as well, they eat horse poop.
@J.Musser among other things, yes.
11:50 PM
@Andy Then they throw up, and eat it again.
and repeat that lovely process.
back later everyone
@Andy see ya
^^^^ all done
11:57 PM
^ not sure about that one, someone else can
^done , and all out of votes now... what will I do for 3 minutes?

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