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12:00 AM
Oh yeah, I agree that the website UI sucks, but they can just change that.
^ finally back to normal
@hichris123 still open?
@Braiam 2 more
@Braiam My vote expired, probably others did too.
1:06 AM
@hichris123 one more
1:16 AM
Hmm... who to poke, who to poke...
Has the poke of the day expired yet? @Doorknob?
@hichris123 skeet
... hey, that actually worked. :D
@Doorknob me too ;-)
1:28 AM
@JanDvorak where was the discussion about why was added the auto-welcome since the description of the room and the star wall didn't help guiding new users?
1:42 AM
"A JSFiddle would be greatly appreciated!" stackoverflow.com/questions/25539453/…
what would be more appropriated? facepalm, palmface, headdesk, screenpunch, or any other variant?
I'll go with a double facepalm
But frankly, I'm not all that surprised by that question... and I'm not OK with that.
1:58 AM
Welcome to StackOverflow. Don't mind the downvotes, it's just a sign that the question needs to be improved. There is an "edit" button if you haven't noticed it; you can add more information, and votes may be reversed. (It is always better to show your work up to the point where you got blocked, vs. asking others to do an unknown amount of work for you!) — HostileFork 47 secs ago
C'mon people.
Please include a minimal example that reproduces the problem, a clear problem statement, and any error messages or other information to help identify the problem. Without this information, it is hard to answer the question. — bjb568 18 secs ago
C'mon people.
Only 2 auto comments?
@HostileFork do you think he will improve the question?
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.
But the human factor in a system is supposed to be corrective for what the mechanics don't provide. Do they see the edit button? Do they understand what a downvote means, can they process it?
It's as easy to write a helpful comment as a negative one.
@JanDvorak chances are very low. Most bad questions stay bad.
some OPs come back and redeem themselves, but they are a minority
The minority would be less a minority if the first experience wasn't unfriendly. That aside, even if the proportion stayed low, is it good to jump to conclusions about someone you don't know anything about yet, if you don't give the opportunity?
Q: Pre-flight screening checklist for first/early posts--adaptively pick three items, tune with metrics

HostileForkMy idea is a kind of "pre-flight checklist", where new users are given some boxes to tick consciously.. It would be designed to help make sure the first interactive way in which people engage moderation is simple--hopefully at least somewhat lighthearted--and clearly automated. You might object...

I still think this ^^ would be a good move.
2:06 AM
@HostileFork Yes. You can't leave a helpful comment on every post. You must do things that are efficient and productive.
Hence why I say adapt the system, but the system isn't adapting so much of late.
@bjb568 is scared of @HostileFork
@HostileFork that's why we don't ban people from asking for one bad question. No one was rude on that user's post that I saw. Downvotes aren't rude, their just a sorting/categorization method.
I am a force to be reckoned with.
"Not actually hostile (just a bit irate)" (disapproving glares, where applicable)
@JanDvorak some stats to support @Ben's statement meta.stackoverflow.com/a/266844/792066
2:10 AM
@iStimple Well it's just if people react with facepalms and such, where a question is considered bad enough to be notable, when it's not really notable.
In fact, if one has been a reader of StackOverflow but never asked a question, some answers may set up a precedent or expectation that people will do large amounts of work on a whim for you
If you searched Google and top ranked answers were a bunch of closed angry volumes instead of helpful bend-over-backwards answers, it might set a different expectation.
@HostileFork how can we change that precedent?
@HostileFork ಠ_ಠ
I suppose you can ask Google to start putting low ranked answers in searches where people get schooled on how not to use the site or get the mallet
I like my idea above, a bit better.
This was an interesting one, when I found it, it was -1 and I upvoted it back to zero, and I would call this a case of "Internet Making A Difference By Showing Students Their Teachers Are Wrong". It's good to have an eye on this. I consider it a win:
Q: What is the output of the following code snippet? What does it mean?

user3850431I'm studying for a C++/OOP exam and am a little confused with this question on my practice test. What is the output of the following code snippet? int *list = new int[5]; int *ptr; for (int i = 0; i < 5; i ++) list [ i] = i+ 1; ptr = list; delete [ ] list; cout << *ptr 1 Address of list Addr...

@hichris123 what you expected?
@Braiam not sure what Chris expected, but it mostly looks like close fodder to me
Please post here:


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
@JanDvorak really? I only saw one question and through I would downvote it any time, it doesn't look like I should close it
just peeking at the titles
2:50 AM
@bjb568 Isn't there a queue for this?
@GnomeSlice with +10k items ;)
How will this help?
the questions are closed organically, the votes don't expire, the question gets closed faster, etc.
Besides, nobody here has anything better to do, right?
btw, I think this would be of your liking @GnomeSlice soundcloud.com/extandnb
2:53 AM
@Braiam will check it out later, thanks. gotta go to bed
@Braiam Listened to the newest track. Damn this is really good.
Definitely gonna listen to more, thanks.
• this is an artificial bullet that I'm testing
Ahh soundcloud. Don't know anyone using it besides Tom Cosm, Ableton instructor. soundcloud.com/tomcosm
1 hour later…
Spam gone too fast, I couldn't flag it :(
Am reading the gender posts on MSO now...
@InfiniteRecursion yet, nobody has noticed that there's no hot discussions in the community bulletin :(
true... the gender post is probably the hottest now
4:16 AM
actually that doesn't matter, the CB should show at least one hot non-featured post, and also the fill the CB until we reach 4 posts isn't kicking in either
@Qantas94Heavy Gah, too fast for me.
Anyway, goodnight!
morning folks
(this time not gone within seconds)
@Braiam Yes, no hot discussions :( . MSO is very boring, gender discussions, and something equally boring about high rep users being rude, I just posted a comment on one post.
I was a new user a few months ago, and no one was rude to me. Am pretty active on MSO too, but haven't faced any rudeness yet. I contribute answers in same posts as hig rep users, still no rudeness. So I don't identify with your question. — Infinite Recursion 3 mins ago
Good nite @bjb568 Good morning @SilentKiller
4:29 AM
@InfiniteRecursion: so long as you post a question which is clear and easily understood, it's very rare to see people being rude to you. IIRC even as a new user this was the case.
goes to MSO to check what's hot
(only way right now)
@Qantas94Heavy Yes, very true.
@Braiam thanks :)
5:19 AM
@InfiniteRecursion it's b.c people interpret downvotes as rude
morning, this channel here is full of flags can you guys make stop that?
5:48 AM
@rekire that are flags because they are chatting in hindi so...
@SilentKiller I know I reviewed that flag I saw... that is annoying
@rekire i know that buddy.
@iStimple Yes, but if downvotes are rude, why do the infer it's high rep users who are downvoting them? I gave examples in my comment too. In one, Skeet answered along with me, in another, Bohemian and Elliott Frisch answered, but my answers didn't get downvoted just because high rep users are answering too.
@InfiniteRecursion not saying their rude, that's just how some people interpret/understand them to be. Voting is primarily just a sorting mechanism to get the good posts to appear more and bad posts to appear less.
@iStimple Ok, Understood :)
6:03 AM
people hates when someone tells them they are doing it wrong
lols ejjactly(exactly) @Braiam but at last people are wrong. ;)
in Ask Ubuntu General Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 17 hours ago, by Braiam
I vote first, ask question later, if I comment after downvoting people just start nagging about the downvote instead of improving
the truth has been spoken
6:12 AM
lols.. xD
@DroidDev i had asked you about ImageEffects remember.?
@SilentKiller one with glSurfaceView, right?
@DroidDev yup.
resolved that one.. :) :]
@SilentKiller wow, that's good. How did you solve that?
and do you know, if there is a table level lock in SQLite for Android? @SilentKiller
two threads are writing a single table at same time and it is giving me lock exception on database
A: Lock a database or table in sqlite (Android)

Doug CurrieLet's say SYNCHRONICED is 0 when the record is inserted or updated, 1 when the record is sent to the server, and 2 when the server has acknowledged the sync. The T1 thread should do: BEGIN; SELECT ID, VALUE FROM TAB WHERE SYNCHRONICED = 0; UPDATE TAB SET SYNCHRONICED = 1 WHERE SYNCHRONICED = 0;...

@SilentKiller thanks for that :)
6:18 AM
@DroidDev just make glSurfaceView to draw my image fully and get Bitmap from whole screen and created different types of effects also.
@DroidDev don't say thanks else help 3 people and tell them to help 3 more. :D
@SilentKiller oh! now that's out of box thinking. But, we were never able to solve the background issue with that :(
@SilentKiller that's ejjactly why I am here :)
@DroidDev yup that's why i change to surfaceview to draw full image and it resolved my issue, will pass you App link please check it and comment too. ;)
I guess asking for out-of-site resources will do @InfiniteRecursion
6:23 AM
@SilentKiller I don't have an Android device, but will check it on testing device that I have, you can pass the link :)
@DroidDev you have safarjan(apple). :D
@SilentKiller Sorry, but I don't know what safarjan is, but we do have testing devices of apple in here ;)
6:45 AM
Morning! You're in 4th place!
29 mins ago, by Jamal
@rene had a meeting already?
No, I just managed to cancel one :)
I'm heading out later today on my epic train journey once more though. I'll update my progress here....
6:54 AM
@rene will wait for it :)
A: Volunteer to help mentor one of 16 women starting a career in programming

Josh CaswellThree cheers for women who want to be smart geeks! Hope this works out well for them. To accusations of "sexism", I would reply with "liberty". We are all allowed to support or advocate the causes we think are important. If some mentors find personal value in helping women and women only, on the...

^Nice answer, got many downvotes :(
Don't do the liberty thing on me....
@rene Enjoy your journey rene :)
@InfiniteRecursion If the wifi works all will be good....
but then again, I am not able to get it, why only women?
6:56 AM
IT needs them!
and also, women to teach women, why that?
Because of the on-line perverts we men are....
I think they don't want the risk that one of those coaching classes turns into some kind of sexual harresment case. Which I understand.
why is IT in so grave need of women empowerment and is there discrimination going-on on women somewhere in some company?
@DroidDev Yes
@DroidDev A woman on a dev team makes it fly....
The atomosphere changes in a positive way...
7:03 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I've never seen it. In India, we have more female HR managers in companies then men are and they manage all the programmers teams. I am not speaking with hard statistics here, but only on the base of experience.
was away for sometime, never was able to read those removed messages :(
:2352178 it is their personal choice. I have never seen anyone not hiring a female, because of their gender and as you said, females are HR mostly, then why won't a female hire a female?
@DroidDev I wrote that users on SO also discriminate when it comes to female SO users. I often get a strange responses on mentioning my gender - ranging from outright shock to entire sexist ones.
@DroidDev I doubt the HR staff is not the same in europe and the states and where I live HR only signs the contract, the organizatinal unit decides who they want to hire.
@InfiniteRecursion so, is that a reason we should try to hire and empower women? I doubt it'll change by more number of females.
7:14 AM
@DroidDev Have you "actually seen" a female dev in a role other than BSA, HR, or tester?
@rene In India, we have technical round, where some senior developer takes interview and if that is passed then HR.
@InfiniteRecursion one is sitting two positions left to me and there are three more. php team head in our company is female.
@InfiniteRecursion Well our company has quite a lot of female devs.
but the HR department and "Central Services" is almost fully female staff
and the technichal department is fully male staff.
my direct superior is female, and I must say I didn't make the best experiences with her :(
@DroidDev No one should hire based on gender. About mentoring females, yes, I think female mentors can guide a new female entering the IT industry better. They can provide insights/perspectives on certain aspects which might be useful for the mentees.
I keep hearing these stories about men in IT being creeps towards women. Only having worked with one woman so far in my short career, I have no idea how big of a problem it really is. Is it something specific to the US? Or does it happen all over the world?
@Stijn I get the feeling, that those who shouldn't be in IT are those that shout the loudest...
but yes I have seen competent and nice-to-work-with females in my "career" in Germany.
not that my superior were either...
@SilentKiller duplicate without answer by self..
@InfiniteRecursion Its not what I am saying and I don't know which certain aspects you are talking about, where female mentor can provide better insight, but, what I really am talking about is, why SO is trying to empower only and only women?
@Vogel612 yup suggested not to post new instead that Update your old one. yet no luck
@SilentKiller it should be downvoted and deleted then..
@DroidDev that's not the case...
You read too much into that question IMO...
@Vogel612 let others to think on that. :)
7:26 AM
But I think the question was not suited well for meta.
It somehow does not really allow input on the core problem of the question itself, as "subscriptions" are done via Link.
@SilentKiller soz. IMO (you can always assume IMO ;))
@DroidDev Because SO is free to have an opinion just like all of us are free to have our opinions :)
okay, I think I'll finish it here. This discussion will not get us anywhere.
@AndrewT. cv'ed
7:43 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: anomalously Bred 11s on tex.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Infrared 23 11s energy on ux.stackexchange.com
morning all
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: nearly circular Aqua 11s on mathematica.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Bred 11s Technology on webapps.stackexchange.com
7:45 AM
same account..
now THAT should have been posted on here, on SE not on MSO ... besides it has been only opened for about 12 hours which means no Europeans (those who don't stay up all night) got a chance to discuss anyways
@mehow indeed, I diagonally read it last night but it's been locked now so we have no chance to discuss it.
@Stijn you do.. here.
I think it's good that post is under lockdown.
It was an utter trainwreck from the beginning anyways. Should have just been a blog post.
@Vogel612 well yeah, but nobody except the few people here will notice what we say, while the existing answers there are in a spotlight and don't represent a big part of the community.
7:50 AM
@Stijn we recently had quite the heavy-handed meta-discussion on CR
I expect it'll get unlocked in the US morning, @Stijn, and it's featured so it'll have eyes on it for a few days yet.
and if the meta-post wouldn't have been locked, I doubt we'd have reached a consensus.
@JoshCaswell I doubt that the post can become constructive anymore..
It should get a full comment purge and then you're maybe lucky.
Also here's some food for thought: would it have been locked if the response was overall positive instead of negative?
Yeah, @Vogel612, the back-and-forth could go on for quite a while still and no-one will convince anyone of anything.
@JoshCaswell I liked and upvoted your answer for this - "I just wish they wouldn't do it on Meta.SO."
7:53 AM
@Stijn then there wouldn't have been so many comments...
which in return would have meant less arguing --> nope probably not.
I voted to close it, too @InfiniteRecursion, mostly as a gesture since I knew it would get mod-reopened.
@InfiniteRecursion I doubt this would have gone well on MSE either..
I shouldn't have even bothered flagging my answer to be undeleted.
It makes sense to me that it's on MSO as opposed to MSE, since it's about programming stuff, rather than the network.
It was a call for programmers, not SE-heads.
Hello @balpha wht is the purpose of all other rooms ??? like secret..discussions ??
can you please tell me ??
@SweetWisherツ You need a Stack Exchange Gold Membership to see those.
7:58 AM
@Stijn now now.
@SweetWisherツ It's whatever's the topic..
@Stijn I dont wanna seee that..I just wanna know the purpose
some rooms are for moderators only (sensible internal stuff)
... did the font here change?
all others are topic-bound
@Vogel612 can the topic be technical??
7:59 AM
@Bart not that I've noticed
s/sensible/sensitive/, @Vogel612?
.... something is off. Or maybe it's just my Chrome ...
@SweetWisherツ define technical??
@JoshCaswell that
@Bart ctrl +
8:00 AM
@Vogel612 any programming question or non-programming
No zoom @rene
@Vogel612 seems like you are a non-tech person
@Bart Did you clean your glasses?
(click for full size)
8:01 AM
That goes nicely in between...
@SweetWisherツ I am a maybe quarterly-fledged programmer..
@Vogel612 that doesn't matter for me
but back to your question, this is the sx-meta chat area..
@rene nah, no need. Force field and such.
@Vogel612 define sx-meta chat area..
8:02 AM
so you maybe want to roughly stick to "chit chat, if there's nothing to discuss about the sx-network in general"
sx = stackexchange
there's also so-chat area (including so-meta)
and the sx-network chat area
these are different T.T
@SweetWisherツ the rooms on chat.meta.stackexchange.com are generally not about programming, but about the network itself. Sometimes programming is discussed but it's not the main topic. Rooms on chat.stackoverflow.com (and other programming-related network sites) are mainly about programming (or well, they're supposed to be).
so is for "chit chat and programming"
@Vogel612 sure na ???
@Bart No difference on chrome for me
we can do any chit-chat right ?????
8:04 AM
keep it SFW and underage-acceptable
the network is PG-13 ;)
(our mod in german purges swearwords from chat)
@InfiniteRecursion Probably just me imagining things then ...
in Talk Talk, 14 mins ago, by balpha
> This site is an extension of Meta Stack Exchange, so discussion should more or less revolve around the same topics you'd find at Meta Stack Exchange
@Vogel612 That pretty much includes all German words
OTOH, there's A&M, where you are bombarded with borderline SFW Moe images
@Bart nah... It's just that we germans curse more often than you prude english-speaking fellows.
cough Dutch cough
@Vogel612 Ah, that's it!!
8:06 AM
lol @InfiniteRecursion why remove that..
@Bart stop making fun of Dutch, we need more Dutch programmers!
@Bart it's all over Super User right now.
Good to know I'm only 95% as insane as I thought I was @Vogel612
@Vogel612 Didn't want to interject your conversation with Sweet
@InfiniteRecursion lol I was kinda finished...
and that's the difference. women are often more held-back
@Vogel612 No fun in interrupting guys who are chatting about how to chat
> How to chat for (yankee doodle) dummies:
1. write something into that cool box
2. press enter
@Stijn So it means @Bart's glasses are fine.
@Vogel612 And the something should follow the criteria mentioned in the sweet chat above
8:14 AM
@InfiniteRecursion but if it doesn't it's not even problematic...
anyone know where @cupcake's been?
@Bart you get starred for practically everything you say, don't you
It's a gift @Stijn
@Bart Took back my gift :)
takes mental note...
8:19 AM
RIP @InfiniteRecursion
@Bart turned out to be his termination condition
takes mental note to never comment about stars
something about these numbers makes me happy, like seeing 100000 kilometres in your car
> visited 1200 days, 12 consecutive
@Stijn hmmm... short career you said?
I found SO while still in school :)
8:33 AM
I'm somehow glad this wasn't around when I was still at Uni
@iStimple How did you make that leap?
@Bart conditioned by the WAG in the Den
@Bart what else could've been more important than meta/SO?
8:40 AM
@iStimple you know there was a "before SO" at one point, right?
@Bart I don't remember much since the help center reeducation tutorial.
Bart is very old, @iStimple
Like, I make noises when I get up from my chair and everything
@Bart do you wear suspenders?
No need for those if you're too out of shape to get up
8:44 AM
This is really good advice to young guys - Wear suspenders. It makes women think you are confident since you wear suspenders.
... I'm sure it makes them think something
they make me think of Steve Urkel
@Stijn he was a stud in real life, unlike screech
A guy approved... ^
with 3k repo.. :O
flag time?
I'm not flagging it, too lazy
9:16 AM
then I am
Someone deserves a review suspension ...
lols. @Bart
hahahaha :P
terrible even robo. :D
9:18 AM
He "Looks OK" on things that should be closed, and closes things that looks OK...
and approved everything... he deserves a ban
no warning.? @Unihedron
@Unihedron dat about me section...
@JanDvorak makes me cry
I'm trying to solve Stackoverflow questions, because I want to improve my skills. No matter how good is my knowledge.
someone please kill me. :D
@SilentKiller BOOM
9:22 AM
On my spare time
@Vogel612 lols
installs a parental filter on SK's machine, blocking Stack Overflow
this person proves some time reputation doesn't show your knowledge. :P
@JanDvorak lols.. i said kill me not block me. :P
9:24 AM
@SilentKiller it looks the same from our perspective ;-)
Too many backticks in that about me.
that profile and our chat force me to do this
who's that? ^
He is a Bollywood actor SalmanKhan and his Brother SohelKhan
9:37 AM
Pff, that "opt me out" post and the discussion it talks about make me realize there are far too many asses in the world.
I just opted out haha
by clicking the X
@Bart that's what happens when you mix politics and programming. Sad that SE not only allowed this to happen, but were the ones that started it.
"were the ones that started it" ... they didn't start shit ... you know what, I'm not going to get into this discussion right now.
@Bart the discussion isn't about "opt me out" to begin with, OP just got unreasonably angry about the "females preferred" thing.
and he disguised it as a "feature request"
9:53 AM
Myeah, the whole which may or may not imply discrimination line implies as much. Which is a broad leap to take from the title alone ("Volunteer to help mentor one of 16 women starting a career in programming") anyway.
I could easily edit that post into something that isn't controversial. But too bad it's locked again.
I was thinking the same @iStimple, to edit it and make it non-controversial. But it was locked by the time I saw it.
cause - controversy/attention needed
Where exactly is the controversy in that post?
@Bart the first line is a talking point that liberal politicians have been saying. Also, they said that preference would be given to females. They then later edited in the reason being they already had 15 male mentors.
9:57 AM
Really? That's the controversy?
That's what gets people riled up?
@Bart SE is suppose to be unbiased based on race and gender, like most businesses are. Think if it was the other way around, that they wanted 16 male mentors and females can apply if they want, but won't be given preference.
it's became controversial so it got locked - it was misinterpreted from the start because of one sentence
@iStimple that example is cute, but it's based on the dismissal of the existence of an actual issue. If it were the case that men were are a serious disadvantage or the subject to continued mistreatment, your example would work just fine.
I thought it was a great post maybe in the wrong place but what the heck... So users not the moderators caused this mess... it's the users fault
it seems that these days you mention gender in any post it will be most likely misunderstood so better to stay off these topics and just say one, everyone, all etc
11:10 AM
Is there an unminified version of cdn.sstatic.net/Js/full.en.js available somewhere?
@Stijn maybe on dev?
I had some succes with notepad++ and the jstools...
@rene that's what I was looking for but I couldn't find the URL at first. cdn-dev.sstatic.net/Js/full.en.js
Looks like you only get a stub: cdn-dev.sstatic.net/Js/stub.en.js?v=34d99c629114
Today's Listening | Electronic / Trap / Beats (Mixsets day 28)
@GnomeSlice Thanks!
11:17 AM
:( that has to wait till tonight...
@Stijn This is as close as I can get it to unminify: gist.github.com/rschrieken/10522b425691b203f245
@rene did you miss my earlier message? :)
12 mins ago, by Stijn
@rene that's what I was looking for but I couldn't find the URL at first. https://cdn-dev.sstatic.net/Js/full.en.js
thanks anyway :p
@rene this was helpful though, looks like full.en.js does not include (part of?) stub.en.js
11:54 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CC2500 WITH PIC on electronics.stackexchange.com

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