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12:17 AM
@bjb568 story of my life
12:37 AM
oh look, the one of the answer trying to be edited
12:56 AM
already voted :(
1:12 AM
And the random poke of the day goes to... @Doorknob!
@hichris123 done
@hichris123 Yaaaaaaay! :D
1:27 AM
is this about programming? stackoverflow.com/q/25515576/792066
@Doorknob That was a poke for you to cv the question. :P
Well, no matter. You lost out on that one.
Here's another:
@hichris123 already voted on that one too. March 4th :P
pokes @SantaClaus
@hichris123 if someone downvotes it we can improve the situation
@Undo dafuq? It didn't expire?
1:44 AM
probably a well-timed vote or two afterwards.
@Braiam Improved the situation for you. ;)
So, uhhhh, stuff happened
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO CONVERT LAS FILE TO ASC? on gis.stackexchange.com
Question! If someone requests , should I flag the question since I still cannot cv it?
1:51 AM
@hichris123 I already voted on the most recent one
@AndrewT. yup.
Use the specific flag-to-close reasons.
@AndrewT. if I'm not mistaken the more flags the more priority gets in the queue
Thanks, got it :)
@Shog9 you are right, too minor reject reason is broken stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5632261
Who pinged me and why
2:02 AM
@SantaClaus Me!!!!
@hichris123 done
... nvm then. :P
I'm leaving then, if I'm not wanted.
@SantaClaus Santa's always wanted! :P
:2348636 no.
Only for mods.
And it posts as yourself.
2:04 AM
@hichris123 Thats unfortunate.
(we're not blue here though :P)
I guess it's kinda my fault...
24 hours ago, by Feeds
Stop fucking playing with me
23 hours ago, by Santa Claus
Oh goodness, what have I started?
... not my fault doesn't work here either... :(
Well, I guess I'll leave you to your translation-free chat hell.
2:46 AM
Q: Position child in bottom right corner of parent without removing it from normal flow

bjb568I want to position a signature at the end of every message. Hello -bjb568 It has to work with multiple lines: Line 1 Line 2 -bjb568 And overflowed lines: L...

^that question really begs Stack Snippets...
3:02 AM
complains about dup-finding algorithms
Anyway, Goodnight!
3:22 AM
1 hour later…
4:30 AM
Good Morning Guysss.....!!! Have a great day ahead...!!!!
to board this train I'll need to see your exclamation points
There's no point to our exclamations
@JanDvorak y won't you let me see your exclamations? got something to hide?
Now that the train is borked I can ask my question...
Where do questions about an .ldif script that I have trouble with go?
Is that on-topic for serverfault?
Isn't that for Stack Overflow? "Getting your code to work"
6:02 AM
Would their be many ldap system engineers around?
I don't think SO is the right place
SU spam gone
@rene do you mean iPad :p ? do you need to know how to install an app?
@iStimple No, how to add two attributes to inetorgPerson in a running openLDAP instance
@rene unclear what you're asking :(
6:05 AM
Exactly, this would go down fast on SO...
This question appears to be unclear what you're asking because it's about what the close-voters do not understand!
Just include an irrelevant code block to confuse them
Q: Can I ask about openLDAP and an LDIF script here?

reneI have a seemingly simple problem with adding two attributes to an objectClass in an running/live ldap instance. Expecting it to be off-topic for SO, can I ask this question on SF or would Unix and/or SU be more appropiate? If it can go on SF, do I need to add any extra information beyond the ...

Is there any stats about the spam distribution in SE? Seems like Drupal is mostly the spammer target?
6:17 AM
the muscle spam seems to solely target MSE and Drupal
others are way less picky
IIRC, Baba had liked mostly staying in ELU for a while
why are you asking?
huh... they forgot to include a link or keyword this time
still clearly the same kin
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HP G3 SERVER BOOT DEVICE on serverfault.com
@JanDvorak This one time the spammer had the question posted as a questions, and in the "about me" in his profile. In the profile it had a link at the end but not on question. So I thought maybe that SE did implement something to strip the url at end of post in some cases?
well, just curious, since I've joined this chat recently... helping flagging
6:24 AM
@iStimple Tim Post has mentioned about holding a grudge longer and being faster to block, but not about link stripping. He also said that the "ends with a link -> spam" only worked for a while, then spammers learned to bypass it.
Any suggestion for 2 identical-duplicate, unanswered questions posted by 2 different users? stackoverflow.com/questions/25520002/… and stackoverflow.com/questions/25520243/…
If you suspect sockpuppetry, a custom flag will do
I doubt those are sock-puppets
Isn't there a dup-target that has an upvoted answer?
@rene Everyone is a sock-puppet until Shog verifies otherwis
Not sure if I can find the dup-target, I'll leave it for now.
6:41 AM
anyone else having issues with quantserve.com
@iStimple never used that
A logo, and a link to quantcast.com
@JanDvorak SE reuqests their /quant.js , and it isn't loading , just browser tab keeps spinning indefinitely till i stop it..
just blocked that site for good now, take that SE
7:16 AM
Without links inserted, yes
@JanDvorak do you have a bot running or are you just good at noticing spam?
A: SPAM deluge over at WebApps (and pretty much all over SE)

Jan Dvorakaug 19 - tex.se is under attack. Yes, this is a call to arms. Keep flagging the spam posts while you can, anywhere they go. As this seems much heavier than the initial attack, I will try to notify the tex mods as well. I have written a userscript for the network-wide real-time feed - just copy/p...

1 hour later…
9:26 AM
--Broken-- Link only answers... should be just downvoted or deleted altogether? (assuming the original linked content is NOT salvageable)
all link-only answers should be deleted or fixed
I never bother fixing them, though
@SPArchaeologist usually I just go ahead and flag them with a LQ-Flag.
@SPArchaeologist but don't flag them for moderator attention. declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention
If I'm feeling lucky I'll leave a comment, but..
Apparently instead we should ask people to downvote a given answer and then find more people who have delete permissions.
9:30 AM
@Stijn so the final target is to delete the answer right?
@SPArchaeologist ultimately if there's no edit, yes
@Vogel612 thanks
10:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: UART COMMUNICATION STM32F0 on electronics.stackexchange.com
11:02 AM
Today's Listening | Dubstep / Electro / Breaks (Mixsets day 27)
11:15 AM
@GnomeSlice Thanks!
That gives energy for the afternoon...
11:34 AM
Best spam ever...
@Unihedron audit?
That user also created an SO account. I hope they don't try to post there as well...
12:41 PM
:2349672 Can't you give them a call?
@rene I don't think they'll listen to me and moreover, I don't have any good convincing skills. Persons like this won't listen to me.
You could ask Bart for his Smiting Stick to help you convincing?
You rang?
12:47 PM
You can go help DroidDev in stopping the spammers, assuming you have nothing else to do...
Not sure if I need to duck now....
@Sumurai8 looking at the question and answers there, gives me a reminder of why is the one tag I have in my ignore list.
22 hours ago, by Bart
Ha, suckers. No more Uni for me. I have a real job, where I really work 7 days a week for more hours than I care to count and .... wait, that sounds less positive than I expected ...
@rene ^^
@DroidDev replies also get oneboxed if it's only :messageId {linkey}
12:50 PM
@DroidDev I noticed that earlier....
@Vogel612 oh! will take care from now on :)
That's no way to talk about the OP
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW COMPUTER DRAWS AN PIXEL on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
1:04 PM
can someone check this Q and tell me if it was migrated? or this one meta.stackexchange.com/posts/28884/revisions
@Braiam You can actually put an answer ID in a question URL. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/28884 redirects to meta.stackexchange.com/questions/28882/…
@Stijn meh, deleted
Seems a bit harsh at first glance? Is there a big problem with the answer?
@Bart agree.
jQuery is still JavaScript, it just happens to be a library. Would you downvote answers that tell OP to make use of another selector engine? Cause jQuery isn't the only library with a selector engine.
@Bart it uses jQuery on a non-jQuery question
So @JanDvorak? It's an alternative answer perfectly suitable for those who happen to use JQuery anyway?
@Stijn he didn't even tell the asker to use the library; he just assumed it
@Bart maybe if it stated it used jQuery
should I edit?
1:49 PM
@JanDvorak it does
> Use jquery to set class on span:-
That would be my route, yes @JanDvorak. State that "should you be using JQuery, an alternative solution would be ..."
@Stijn may I edit in "if you ..."?
@JanDvorak sounds good, go for it.
does what I did look good?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DETERMINISTIC FINITE STATE MACHINE on programmers.stackexchange.com
1:51 PM
Seems reasonable @JanDvorak.
Ha, we had similar ideas @Stijn
@Stijn Of course!
It's a bad answer to the question that uses a bad library (all libraries are bad libraries).
@bjb568 ok, hypothetical situation. I ask how I can draw a bunch of things on a <canvas>. I get an answer that says "use this library and this piece of code, instead of doing the hard work yourself". Imho, downvoting that answer would be stupid.
@bjb568 sounds like not-invented-here syndrome.
Not invented here (NIH) is the philosophy of social, corporate, or institutional cultures that avoid using or buying already existing products, research, standards, or knowledge because of their external origins and costs. The reasons for not wanting to use the work of others are varied, but can include fear through lack of understanding, an unwillingness to value the work of others, or forming part of a wider "turf war". As a social phenomenon, this philosophy manifests as an unwillingness to adopt an idea or product because it originates from another culture, a form of tribalism. The term is...
... geez, stop it @Stijn
@Stijn I once saw a question related to how to replace with regular expression in Notepad++. An answer advised using Microsoft Word's %PARAM% token. I downvoted.
@Bart :D
2:01 PM
@Stijn That question is probably too broad.
@bjb568 "a bunch of things" being undefined for this example, a real question would of course properly define it. For example, "a sphere".
@Stijn I'll use other people's code. If it's good and after I update it to my coding style and fix it's inevitable bugs
@Unihedron with that example a downvote would be warranted if the user explicitly excluded jQuery for an answer.
@bjb568 yeah, I honestly would never want to work with you on a web project.
@Stijn Never asked...
2:03 PM
@bjb568 It sounds like you waste a lot of time.
I still would @bjb568. I mean, working with a kitten == awesomeness
@Stijn Too broad! A sphere is complicated.
@Andy I believe creating good code is more important.
@bjb568 you should try coding in Android
@bjb568 Out of curiosity, are you a student or do you have a job?
totally open source
2:05 PM
@Stijn Can I guess?
@DroidDev Oh noes. Not android. iz allergic
@Stijn Whom's the question targeted at?
@Stijn Not mutually exclusive.
@bjb568 it has life destroying traits ;) :P
@bjb568 Of course it's not. But it does help shape your philosophy.
2:09 PM
Developing for Android is wonderful with all the different devices and graphics processors and compression formats and display qualities and ....
@Andy Fine. Define "work".
(Ugh, mobile)
@bjb568 Are you paid to do professional coding and responsible for reporting your status to someone who is responsible for ensuring you get a paycheck? Are you held to timelines, code quality and budget estimates?
@Andy Not currently. Yes.
@Bart ...and documentation less classes and buggy IDEs and lot of customization and ...
2:41 PM
is there a way that I can block someone from viewing my profile? like my dad??
@AmitJoki nope
@Vogel612 at least some fields??
You could edit them to be empty.
the email is always kept private
@AmitJoki "last visited"?
your birthdate is only used for showing your age
and the display name, as well as visitor stats are public
2:44 PM
@AmitJoki You could create an account that isn't tied to you in any way visibly
you can cleanse about everything else.
@Stijn well that but more importantly website field
Nothing personally identifiable is displayed unless you want it to be
The thing is I'm blogging and I want viewers so I've put that in my website field, but I don't want him to see that..
@AmitJoki you will have to remove it then :(
2:47 PM
@Vogel612 that's the only way I suppose but I will be missing out on potential users.. :|
@AmitJoki or you get your father to accept what you are doing, so you don't have to hide it from him #justsaying
3:03 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: OPENCART PERMISSION DENIED on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector solved
@JanDvorak I again went two clicks farther :)
3:56 PM
"DroidDev: Always two clicks ahead of you"
@Bart highfive
Jon Skeet posted an answer pretty similar to mine (which was posted a minute earlier), his got upvoted and mine remains at 0 :(
@Stijn we can compensate by starring your message here :P
@DroidDev that makes me feel a bit better :)
4:04 PM
4:11 PM
O       O
°\ (°.°) /°
4:14 PM
(O) - (O)
4:17 PM
What happened here?
Did the room explode?
@rene c-c-c-combo breaker
@Braiam No, that isn't obvious, sorry ;)
@JanDvorak Yes!
@rene :(
has there been a longer train of smilies in history of tavern?
or should I bookmark this one?
4:29 PM
@DroidDev Whatever you do, don't bookmark my comment....
@rene lol, but won't that leave bookmark uncomplete?

Longest smiley train!!!

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Bookmarked 9 secs ago by DroidDev

4:36 PM
4:37 PM
4:38 PM
4:39 PM
4:43 PM
     _____                    _____
    /     \                  /     \
   /       \                /       \
  /         \              /         \
 /           \            /           \
 |            |          |            |
 \           /            \           /
  \         /              \         /
   \       /                \       /
    \_____/    __________    \_____/
   V  (°w°)  V
    \_/ \_/
    /    \
(\/) (°,,,°) (\/)
(c °)\
4:52 PM
       ,MMM8&&&.              `'MMM88&&&,
      MMMMM88&&&&                'MMM88&&&,
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                 'MMM88&&&,
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                   'MMM88&&&
     MMMMM88&&&&&&                    'MMM88&&&
      MMMMM88&&&&                       MMM88&&&
       'MMM8&&&'     MMMM888&&&&         'MM88&&&
                     MMMM88&&&&&          MM88&&&
                     MMMM88&&&&&          MM88&&&
       ,MMM8&&&.                          MM88&&&
4:57 PM
5:08 PM
(yawns) -_-
5:30 PM
(waiting for CV event) ._.
(one hour) :(
(30 mins...) :o
(almost falling sleep on the keyboard) D:
5:48 PM
Q: Volunteer to help mentor one of 16 women starting a career in programming

LauraDiversity in tech has become an increasingly urgent issue, both on- and offline. We have always tried to make Stack Exchange an inclusive environment, but we know we can and should do more. One thing that we're excited about doing is participating in a new fellowship at the Flatiron School, an...

[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ABCDE + BCDE + CDE + DE + E = AAAAA on math.stackexchange.com
so... we should consider entering the Guinness book, right?
> I don't know if this math.stackexchange community is the right place.
It's not, GTFO
@Unihedron 101 rep...
5:53 PM

No, this is the longest one

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Bookmarked 15 secs ago by Braiam

@Braiam you got it..! :)
6:41 PM
(trying hard not to blame caching)
6:55 PM
@Stijn stop complaining, you should be glad that your answer is worthy to appear on the same page as a answer.
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