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10:38 PM
@Shog Are you testing the new one-reviewer-at-a-time feature on the edit queue?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MR JOHNSON MOORE LOAN FIRM on money.stackexchange.com
good old particulate (not wave-like) spam
have to admit though @hichris123, his profile picture does radiate a sense of "I'd accept a loan from this man"
@bjb568 I don't think @geoffdalgas has that done yet... but ya never know, he can be very quick and subtle when he wants to be.
are you being blocked from reviewing when the queue is well full?
@Shog9 No, I left a tab open and it didn't get robo approved.
10:53 PM
@bjb568 @shog9 yes, that part has been deployed
ooooh fancy
@GeoffDalgas Oh, so that's why the stats page for suggested edits takes so long to load, and why the review counts for suggested edits are incredibly inaccurate.
@hichris123 interesting - checking...
Q: "~19 suggested edits pending approval" -> "There are no items for you to review."

Vi.Why there are no items for you to review while the counter should 19 21 (never seen it that big)? Update: now it got though and showing me reviews.

10:56 PM
^ yeah, that.
Damn SO and its many eager reviewers
Anyone got suggestions for more weaselly "end of queue" copy?
> There are no more items for you to review. Or maybe there are, and they're just hiding. Be verwy vewy quiet, and try again...
I can decrease that count by the number of outstanding reviews in the queue
outstanding doesn't == AWESOME REVIEW, WAY TO GO for this conversaion
I guess that'd work too
I don't understand how my answer here got a downvote. All the other answers are just random information that's not even useful...
you said "no"
10:58 PM

Whining Room

This room is for whining in. All manner of QQ will be tolerated.
@animuson -1, so many characters and stuff


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I'll push a fix for that count -- give me a bit
@GeoffDalgas Great, thanks! :)
10:59 PM
Shouldn't caching scale with hits? Like for SO with its many reviewers all reviewing /review would update more often?
you might be misunderstanding the purpose of caching
like .. in REALTIME
without caching, we would have nothing to blame but ourselves
the number should just get all blurry when lots of folks are reviewing
11:01 PM
Well, at peak review times, it's really not useful at all.
Let's just always round it to the thousands place and always display "0k" there.
100% accurate.
@Shog9 Perfect, just change the font.
11:24 PM
Do I see a contradiction?
Do I see another?
Idiot buttons…
11:40 PM
in Unix and Linux on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 8 hours ago, by Faheem Mitha
When people start talking apparent gibberish here, it is often a RPG.
I haven't seen any RPG talk...
so, that doesn't apply to The Tavern

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