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7:07 PM
I know I would be
this question has 3 close votes
that has to be the youngest Dean ever flatironschool.com/faculty.html
@iStimple :o (close votes) gone
dammit, I missed my chance to reopen.
@bjb568 CV'd.
7:22 PM
Why would you want to close it?
Never mind, haven't read the comments yet. One sec...
@AnnaLear Duplicate.
Diversity in tech has become an increasingly urgent issue, both on- and offline. Says who? The media?
@bjb568 I was responding to Unihedron.
@iStimple ...
@AnnaLear What do you think the reply button is for?
7:23 PM
@bjb568 shrug It made more sense before Uni deleted their message.
Look up "context" in the dictionary. That should help.
@AnnaLear WAIT, you want us to use context in The Tavern :o?
Why does it have to be opened? It's going to show up in the Featured sidebar regardless, and no one's going to add an answer anyway...
I agree that a blog post is more appropiate, but eh.
@Unihedron Well, the ideal plan is for people to post questions in answers... So far we are having a massive comment thread, though.
@iStimple I'm sorry, but that's laughable.
7:26 PM
how so?
@iStimple get over it
@iStimple don't feel discouraged, go sign up! I support you!
Whether you realize it or not, you enjoy just about every privilege on the planet. The one time suddenly someone else is given preference, you get uncomfortable. I encourage you to think about why that is.
@bluefeet As a kitten I also feel discriminated.
Lol, I don't really care much about this. Just find it funny how the Media makes a problem out of nothing and people trust the media for some reason.
7:27 PM
@bjb568 Well I'm a booby so I don't know how I feel about it
Like I watch the news very little now a days, but I hear them saying the same exact stuff they were saying back in 2002-2008 about Iraq, etc. The economy will continue to decline until we stop wasting money on blowing things up and rebuilding them.
This whole devloper diversity things is like how they made up that their was a "shortage of truckers" a few years ago. There wasn't a shortage. It was made up so the companies could get benefits form the gov't. ALL IT DID was decrease the average wage of truckers.
Which is all these initiatives ever seem to do.
/me hits the "I'm confused!" button
@AnnaLear Good thinking. Hope it works out.
7:47 PM
if the nsa is listening, I would like to take this time to prove that I am all about gender equality
Can you please include a gif of a woman blasting fire too? It's not all males on SO :p — Stilly.stack Feb 28 at 3:00
@iStimple I upvoted that twice because account merge!
So... I think there is a combination of issues with that question, there.
Too much conversation for me to read. You all get coal this christmas.
Leonard Cohen has that "Everybody Knows" song... "Everybody knows that the dice are loaded...everybody rolls with their fingers crossed...everybody knows the war is over...everybody knows the good guys lost"
So I think it is somewhat known, that, there is a domain record for stackoverflow.com and whoever controls that pulls a plug or pushes a button and they call the shots, on what questions are and are not acceptable.
But one issue is, the trust that the people running the site--despite the fact that they CAN "post different"...reverse close votes etc... will not exercise that in a way that is different than how others with questions will be treated.
@HostileFork I don't think people were upset/angry/disappointed that the question in it's context was posted, but the fact that they overtly said preference would be given to women mentors, and there were also no options to mentor a male.
7:54 PM
I said "there is a combination of issues"
I was describing the one that guided my close vote, which was reversed unilaterally, further emphasizing that issue.
I wasn't finished.
I am more interested in the "we can do things you can't" part actually, than the gender issue
@HostileFork I think it's fine for SE to post whatever it wants anywhere they want. They own the sites. They make the rules. They are open to hear suggestions on what the rules should be, but that doesn't mean the community makes them.
Well that is your opinion.
One could make the argument that SE should be a common carrier and not display ads and not have control over their own thing and be operated off of government funds. I'm not making the argument.
7:58 PM
"Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry." (attributed to Thomas Jefferson, looking it up shows no direct tie proven, still a good quote)
Well, the thing about ads is that they say "AD"
@HostileFork Wait...did you just equate this to tyranny?
I said that, there is a framework in which, you say "rules are for other people", it starts to challenge one's benevolence in leadership. If you are a leader and above the rules, I think it would lead one to trust less.
As per "everybody knows" it's hard to blame anyone who is using a browser and trusting the domain name system and dealing with x.stackoverflow.com in the first place; so it's a balance. There's no coercion in the sense anyone can leave at any time.
I often get sidebar things in the "hot on the network" which are D&D questions where people are discussing gaming campaigns and how to deal with players who do X or Y or the dungeonmaster is doing this and I disagree, and it's funny in a sense to see it as being very parallel.
"Life is a game" in that sense, I guess.
I think meta.stackoverflow.com, as defined or understood as it is used today, is better if having a diamond next to your name doesn't mean you can post different content than if you don't. If this is the frontier of that argument - "we own this house so we will treat the Q&A feed as if it were ad space, and un-close things the community closes, even though we wouldn't let others do it" then one either makes a statement of "I think that is ok" or "I think that is not okay"
I'd actually think that ad space, stackoverflow careers, or other places that have already been condoned as recruiting locations is fine. Because people have said "that is the tax we pay, we will do your information work for you, and may you all become very rich through your benevolence and hard work"
But that is based on a common understanding of what the lines are. And "in-band" communication--the posts we ostensibly curate and vote on and where there are rules--that's kind of the deal.
This post isn't going to make or break anything, let's not make a mountain out of a molehill, but I think often precedent becomes the rules.
As for the gender thing, that's an afterthought here for me.
I'm an open minded person, and very liberal in a kind of extremist way. So it might seem strange I get in weird experiences with people who are very advocacy minded. I lived in California when there was the gay marriage law passed, and then something called proposition 8 to reverse it, it was a big deal. A girl was trying to get signatures for defeating the gay marriage reversal ban outside a grocery store, and I wouldn't sign it, and she kept trying to argue for why I should.
I said "I'm single and never going to be married at all, why should the government be involved in a personal decision like this at all in the first place?" And we went through it and she said "Okay well I agree, but this is just a first step." And I said "So you are trying to destroy the institution of marriage, as a government construct?" And she said yes, and I said "but that's not what you're asking me to sign, rewrite it and I'll sign it."
So yeah, I'm always going to say we need to redefine the rules so it doesn't play favorites, everyone is a minority of one in a way
8:15 PM
"(especially coming from an organization that specifically states that they aren't biased against age, gender, religion or location, such as Stack Exchange)" - meta.stackoverflow.com/a/270014/3041194
And regarding:
me: Not anger, but joined the vote to close based on--as others have said--it's a test of one's consistency to take who asks a question out of the question and evaluate it impartially. That's what being fair is about. On the same note, I'll remark that I've always thought a better way to look at things is gender neutrality vs trying to "fight fire with fire"...the point should be "it doesn't matter" vs "we pick women", that just is creating the same problem again.
@AnnaLear *@HostileFork "It shouldn't be mentioned" is an easy thing to say when you're a part of the majority and your status quo isn't affected. We have a long way to go before gender, race, etc actually truly don't matter. *
me I don't know why you are using quote marks around something I did not say. It is all right to talk about disparities and make observations. But if tomorrow I started the HostileFork Eskimos In Computing Initiative, and posted a recruiting message on meta.stackoverflow.com regarding how few Inuits are programming, I think it would (and should) be closed. If I posted about less beheadings, more unicorns, then that is a good cause but not on topic.
@AnnaLear I wasn't trying to attribute words to you, merely mark up that part of my sentence as a thing spoken by somebody. Those words also happened to be a summary of what your comment read like to me.
Well sorry if it sounded like that to you but it really is not what I said.
@HostileFork Fair enough. I'm sorry if I misread.
Is there a way to open a certain post in the app?
I'm on mobile and I'm on a question and want to open it in the mobile app without having to search for it
8:34 PM
@ColeJohnson sorry, but no. It (or something like it) is on our roadmap
@BenCollins nice, so might be a good idea to mark this as :-)
Q: Add "Smart App Banners" for mobile users on iOS

Cole JohnsonCan we add Smart App Banners to the mobile website for iOS users?

@ShadowWizard the dup finder really needs to be added to the mobile "Ask" page. I tried searching, but couldn't find that.
@ShadowWizard more likely close as duplicate
@BenCollins duplicate of what?
8:46 PM
@ShadowWizard there are several posts asking for some kind of "bookmarking".
@BenCollins bookmark is different than reaching a specific question... unless I miss some key point here.
oic, OP wants to put in an Id somehow?
@BenCollins indeed, that's the goal as far as I could understand the request
or open a post in the app from within the mobile site as @Cole suggested
entering an Id in the search field might be reasonable, especially since that's how the site works. I'll see if anyone wants it (I don't have time for it ATM, sadly, or I would just do it myself)
smart banner thing has come up before and just hasn't been prioritized. i'll mention that one as well
@BenCollins doesn't have to be ATM, when you'll have the time it would be great if you can do it :)
I can keep reminding you from time to time if you want
9:02 PM
@ShadowWizard naturally ;-)
9:16 PM
@BenCollins OK, will do!
Who knows why it was closed... :/
pokes the @Doorknob
@hichris123 mm... that close reason is boggus...
darn people, if you are going to close a question do it The Right Way™ at least
@hichris123 b.c the answer was deleted. Someone with 10k should post an image so it can stay open. But that might not work, since I think the answer was edited... not a very good question without being able to read the question either.
Should we bother a animuson a moderator so a screenshot is added and the question reopened?
9:32 PM
@hichris123 ok odne
I'm godo at tyipng
@iStimple Meh. There's a billion questions on meta with 10k only links. But does it make it closeable? I think not. Sure, it would be nice to have it, but a discussion shouldn't be closed just because something got deleted.
Please post this on politics or somewhere else then here. you just started the debate again :( — iStimple 28 secs ago
Personally I'm sad to see so many people fighting something that is done for good cause. Oh well, no time or mental power to take any part in fighting back, hopefully they won't affect the team or those willing to join.
@ShadowWizard it all goes back to people's definition of equality. Which is a very divisive issue in politics.
some people think equality = outcomes, while others think equality = same opportunity
Jul 10 at 18:08, by Braiam
this is why I hate dealing with humans...
9:44 PM
but if anyone wants to blame anyone for this, it should be this guy since he was the first comment
@iStimple no, I'm talking about those closing the question and claiming it's off topic for MSO. (what you say is a different matter)
the meta's have been pretty slow for the last few days. Glad to see some drama ( i mean action) again - honesty
@ShadowWizard remember: MSO could aptly be named Pedantic Overflow
@BenCollins yeah, tell me about it! :/
At least we have MSE, clean and shiny and cozy :D
I really like MSE a lot. More than I thought I would.
9:58 PM
@BenCollins I think it got somewhat better after the split, when the more "Pedantic" people went happily to MSO :)
source code pro is my new favorite (as of a few weeks ago)
@GnomeSlice I have to log in to edit something!?!?!
@SecondRikudo There's a pretty big difference between providing selective assistance to a group that has serious, demonstrable challenges in getting into this industry, versus providing selective assistance to the group that dominates it. To frame this another way; what we're doing is akin to "let's provide financial aid to people who can't afford college" and you're arguing that we need to provide equal financial aid to the rich. If your opinion is that voluntary assistance should never be provided to a disadvantaged group, then.. I suppose I disagree. — Shane Madden 23 mins ago
10:12 PM
Is this guy a sock of yours, @Bart?
1 hour later…
11:41 PM
A: Launch iOS app from sites

bjb568Not only are mobile banners extremely annoying and of no value to both the user and SE, mobile apps are too. I'm going my merry way along on the website, using all the features provided, then blame! SE rolls out a stupid banner and it takes up half my screen with irrelevant information advertisi...

@bjb568 I can't even begin to write a comment on that, I disagree so much
The fact that the app is native to the phone is just so much better
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